Racing Jake and Logan Paul for $100,000 | The Challenger Games

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • A lot of the TVclipr's are getting together and we are all racing each other! First day in training outside the gym. Will I be ready to take on the competition?
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  • NotoriousBAT
    NotoriousBAT 12 days ago

    bradley reminds me of jacked up rhys from malcom in the middle

  • Krazy Koree
    Krazy Koree 17 days ago

    Bradly is FREAKING HUGE,no wonder he lost.

  • Michael Griffin
    Michael Griffin 20 days ago

    U lost

  • John Paul
    John Paul 25 days ago


  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 26 days ago

    Let's do 400m repeats in Miami!!

  • Rax D
    Rax D 26 days ago

    Its just embarrassing watching doms little sister try so hard. I mean cmon.

  • Aiden Garcia
    Aiden Garcia 26 days ago

    Bro your sooo slow good luck

  • IB'S Production
    IB'S Production 26 days ago +1

    I think i run faster

  • The God
    The God 26 days ago

    fam, i think you should stick to body building. turns out sprinting ain’t for you. you a big man

  • kirdnek
    kirdnek 26 days ago

    Bro you ain't gon win your muscles too big

  • Oopa shaloopa
    Oopa shaloopa 26 days ago +1

    This is like a very powerful bear going against a very powerful gazzelle

  • Krazy Gyal
    Krazy Gyal 26 days ago

    Are you doing shotput as well?

  • Bandages-_- -
    Bandages-_- - 26 days ago

    You to heavy to come in first bruh

  • Satish Sharma
    Satish Sharma 26 days ago

    Nö demoralisation but you got nö chance

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 27 days ago

    Bradley Martyn without his hat looks like Thor without his hair

  • Christopher Buchan
    Christopher Buchan 27 days ago

    i love harry bro he my favorite receiver

  • DatBeastlyguy
    DatBeastlyguy 27 days ago

    Legit training at the same stadium as Nkeal harry😱

  • Adrien Rassat
    Adrien Rassat 27 days ago

    Bloke's got the center of gravity of a water tower...

  • Isabella Rose
    Isabella Rose 27 days ago

    i could beat you

  • Kaylee Anglen
    Kaylee Anglen 28 days ago

    No sorry your losing you a big strong guy and you will take in a lot of air and just get slow at the start you will be fast but at the end it’s a no sorrry

  • John Tkacs 48
    John Tkacs 48 28 days ago

    Hey slow as hell

  • Davezoid
    Davezoid 28 days ago

    Your too big the more muscles the heavier you become so your slower

  • Ethan Bouchard
    Ethan Bouchard 28 days ago

    Personally, as a sprinter, this dude is slow asf and has no form at all

  • bob
    bob 28 days ago +2

    Logan Paul: I'm the fastest TVclipr
    Usain Bolt: Creats a TVclip channel
    Also Usain Bolt: Hold my beer

  • Billy Goat Francis
    Billy Goat Francis 28 days ago

    You have too much you'll never really be fast cuz all that muscle weight will hold you back

  • Γιωργος Κρητη

    Too heavy for this event, but respect for joining, without honestly predictions for you to win

  • titan 101
    titan 101 28 days ago +1

    You have to much muscle I think you might lose

  • Mixed Princ3
    Mixed Princ3 28 days ago

    His body is far to small and Muscular to Run 100m

  • 311i0t
    311i0t 29 days ago

    Why does Bradley run like the grounds-keeper in Get Out?

  • TbX Clan
    TbX Clan 29 days ago

    He’s gonna win

  • Rice Jayyy
    Rice Jayyy 29 days ago

    watch brad actually go full speed during the race ,like he pprobally trolling in this vid

  • jameison smith
    jameison smith Month ago

    he is not going to beat deestroying

  • Blessing Taniah
    Blessing Taniah Month ago

    Ofn bro is about to give out free money bc his big ass ain't finna win

  • Panda Chong
    Panda Chong Month ago

    Usain Bolt be like, lemme post 50 videos in a day and then wipe the floor with these fools and get some money.

  • OLCtv
    OLCtv Month ago

    Those hills look great, great work to do there. I'm commenting early so maybe you did do hill sprints but if not, maybe you should tmar 😆

  • OLCtv
    OLCtv Month ago

    I a youtuber, small but I am 😆 and I want in😂😂😂😂

  • Li Banta
    Li Banta Month ago

    Fat fuck

    CHALK UP Month ago

    You actually look better with the headband man.

    CHALK UP Month ago

    Boi you need to chill on the press.

  • Nathan Diaz
    Nathan Diaz Month ago

    If only I was a TVclipr I would beat all of you😤

  • Hentai Salesman
    Hentai Salesman Month ago

    Deestroying is going to deeeeestroy all of you young bloods

  • Lbolting005
    Lbolting005 Month ago +1

    Yo Brad, this is Logan Paul, u suck dookie 💩 🥉
    -Logan Paul
    (Official channel)

  • RJizzle
    RJizzle Month ago +2

    wow. I am a Track and Field Runner for the Calabasas Team and I am honored to have run on the same field as Bradley.

  • pydro
    pydro Month ago

    Was he running cuz if so bach will definately win
    But no disrespect i think even if you did run fast i would still put my money on bach

    • STOP
      STOP Month ago

      voyd destroyah

  • jeovani mills
    jeovani mills Month ago +1

    Brad why are u saying u will beat usain bolt first u are not even close

  • Greg Matrecito
    Greg Matrecito Month ago

    I'm Inspired

  • Alessandro Gallinetti
    Alessandro Gallinetti Month ago +1

    Brad you gotta stop with the knife hands. Aim is to have your arms moving in a 90 degree motion like pumping your arms while running. Your hands must be in fists.

  • andythoomin
    andythoomin Month ago

    You already know this big nigga ain't winning stick to lifting...

  • ViiRaL Chaotic
    ViiRaL Chaotic Month ago

    Put that chin down a bit more and pump those arms

  • WildSnipez
    WildSnipez Month ago +2

    It’s dark and ur alone on the street seeing someone as big as Bradley coming at you like 3:54 what are you doing

  • Takiyah Anthony
    Takiyah Anthony Month ago

    He should do shotput I do shotput and it really depends on your technique of throwing the shot

  • Vezzy Mysy
    Vezzy Mysy Month ago +13

    0:56 that BOI is fast in the background damn

  • Devin Lothian
    Devin Lothian Month ago

    Bro like 6 years of watching your videos you've had me convinced you're the fastest man alive.... until now **facepalm**

  • Damanpreet Multani
    Damanpreet Multani Month ago

    Time your 100 meter sprint 👍

  • Ya
    Ya Month ago +1

    Out of all of the youtubers ive watched who are training for this bradley has one of the best form

  • Tony M.
    Tony M. Month ago

    Bradley!! Let's Go!!!

  • iiCookiezz
    iiCookiezz Month ago +1

    As much muscles he has I dont know if he will win, i feel like it will bring him down

    NOVA SAVAGE Month ago +1

    Jake is winning

  • Rémi Gallant
    Rémi Gallant Month ago +1

    He's really gonna have a tough time winning the race with his size lol. Lets be honest this man ain't beating deestroying😂

  • blury night
    blury night Month ago

    U need to do some like sled pulles or even car pushes and pulles the wait going as fast as possible will give u better strength to run

  • PorkiRN
    PorkiRN Month ago +1


  • DakiddKp
    DakiddKp Month ago

    He said that was tuff after one lap😂 our warmup is 4 laps

  • Jalen Ruffin
    Jalen Ruffin Month ago


  • Drake Josh
    Drake Josh Month ago

    How does he not know who nkeal Harry is

  • Barede Okes
    Barede Okes Month ago

    Who was the receiver at the start he looked familiar

  • Aidan Davis
    Aidan Davis Month ago

    Deestroying will win

  • erik hansson
    erik hansson Month ago

    The real question is. Is Dom racing?

  • Mező Szabolcs
    Mező Szabolcs Month ago

    10:10 ur welcome

  • Gerardo Huertas
    Gerardo Huertas Month ago

    My man is doing 80m or high knee

  • Sarrette A
    Sarrette A Month ago

    On the news nc they said don’t be exercising in this heat 🥵

  • JWP HD
    JWP HD Month ago

    I'm rapid bro I'd fucking dust Logan like jj dusted him in the diss track

  • Gyoツ
    Gyoツ Month ago

    damn this nigga slowwww

  • Keanu DaBoss
    Keanu DaBoss Month ago

    Destroying is gunna beat everyone

  • Sam Ibz
    Sam Ibz Month ago


  • Brenden minnich
    Brenden minnich Month ago

    Ur lying bc they are only racing then two for 300k