Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Official Trailer [HD]

  • Published on Dec 8, 2017
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    In Theaters June 22, 2018
    It’s been four years since theme park and luxury resort Jurassic World was destroyed by dinosaurs out of containment. Isla Nublar now sits abandoned by humans while the surviving dinosaurs fend for themselves in the jungles.
    When the island’s dormant volcano begins roaring to life, Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) mount a campaign to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from this extinction-level event. Owen is driven to find Blue, his lead raptor who’s still missing in the wild, and Claire has grown a respect for these creatures she now makes her mission. Arriving on the unstable island as lava begins raining down, their expedition uncovers a conspiracy that could return our entire planet to a perilous order not seen since prehistoric times.
    With all of the wonder, adventure and thrills synonymous with one of the most popular and successful series in cinema history, this all-new motion-picture event sees the return of favorite characters and dinosaurs-along with new breeds more awe-inspiring and terrifying than ever before. Welcome to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
    Stars Pratt and Howard return alongside executive producers Steven Spielberg and Colin Trevorrow for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. They are joined by co-stars James Cromwell, Ted Levine, Justice Smith, Geraldine Chaplin, Daniella Pineda, Toby Jones, Rafe Spall and Isabella Sermon, while BD Wong and Jeff Goldblum reprise their roles.
    Directed by J.A. Bayona (The Impossible), the epic action-adventure is written by Jurassic World’s director, Trevorrow, and its co-writer, Derek Connolly. Producers Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley once again partner with Spielberg and Trevorrow in leading the filmmakers for this stunning installment. Belén Atienza joins the team as a producer.
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  • Luciak0
    Luciak0 13 hours ago

    why am i laughing so much

  • Lakhder Yassine
    Lakhder Yassine Day ago



    1:54 mate eso nunca paso

  • CarlZiplineFan TeamGaskIT’S#80

    In Fallen Kingdom the island was turned into a post apocalyptic island before volcano

  • Erik
    Erik 2 days ago


  • Deepak Mangtani
    Deepak Mangtani 2 days ago

    I dint know Guardian's of the galaxy nd Jurassic World serious were connected. I mean Chris Pratt has to be a non human to survive the pyroclastic flow lyk tht. Son of Ego after all

  • frankcastle57
    frankcastle57 2 days ago

    seems like one of those " I just watched the whole movie" kind of trailers.

  • Jurassic Anti Rex 3000 Fallen Kingdom

    I Love This Movie Because I Watched It When It Came Out In June 22 2018 Also I Love These Dinosaurs Also T-Rex Blue And Stygimoloch And Carnotaurus And Indoraptor Is My Favorite Also 10/10 This Is The Best Film Ever

  • Valentin Barré
    Valentin Barré 4 days ago

    If you are a big fan of JP, please don't go to watch this and go to restaurant or something else. SERIOUSLY THIS MOVIE IS A BIG S**** , I don't know why Hollywood studio try to destroy everything but please do not make another movie, please STOP !

    • Little Goat Child
      Little Goat Child 2 days ago +1

      I don't know why people talk shit about the movie, kill yourself, maybe help humanity, yes I know, this movie isn't perfect, but at least took the franchise more far than the other movies together!

    • Little Goat Child
      Little Goat Child 2 days ago +1

      Delete your comment before been too late

  • MohammaD KaLaM UddiN

    tonight had watch it. it was funny ending.. lol

  • Yajaira Hernandez
    Yajaira Hernandez 4 days ago

    at 1:57 there's a carnotaurus to the left

    CEMEFE 4 days ago +1


  • deztroyer76
    deztroyer76 4 days ago

    There’s 2 hours I’m never getting back.

  • Some asshole on the internet

    This is without a doubt the worst movie of 2018. 0/10

  • Bas Waaijer
    Bas Waaijer 7 days ago

    Watched it today. It felt like a very forgettable movie. When Jurassic Park was originally created it felt like it was made out of respect and admiration of dinosaurs. Out of the child-like fantasy what it would look like if dinosaurs could exist in the modern day and age. The action scenes had a few tremors and moving trees, but nothing too exaggerated. There were a lot of scenes portraying the natural habbits of dinosaurs. There was something 'real' about it. Some kind of magic and wonder.
    Now they've gone as far as to turn it into some kind of Michael Bay movie franchise. Non-stop avoiding monster bites, barely making jumps, lots of explosions, adrenaline and giving animals human characteristics. They even went as far as to create the idea of 'weaponized' dinosaurs'. The CGI is more advanced than ever, and yet dinosaurs feel more unreal than they did 25 years ago. I don't know... everything just feels so wrong.
    I feel such a strong difference between movies created by people who want to express original ideas that have not been done before... or movies that abuse and monetize already existing franchises to milk it for money or something. 'Hey it worked in the past so...' For me this franchise has lost its magic.
    The only thing I did find interesting was the ending, if even if I wonder how thats going to work out when there was mostly only one of each animal. Gues we'll see...

  • What is good
    What is good 7 days ago

    Why the world fell out of love with Hollywood films: what-is-good.com/press/why-the-world-fell-out-of-love-with-hollywood-films/

  • Sudipa Barik
    Sudipa Barik 7 days ago


  • Vinaybogi Bogivinay
    Vinaybogi Bogivinay 8 days ago +2

    1:38 👌👌👌

  • James_Games124
    James_Games124 8 days ago +1

    Love the background music of the Isla sorna scene. But I hate how they removed this carnotaurus roar from the film 1:28

  • salah rapie
    salah rapie 9 days ago

    i have been watched this movie in my country i pushed my legs to cinema because the directeur last one drawing the shoots bayona shadows dinasourse as some thing to say i paid about 100 bugs to lost some seconds any more mr spilperge here in egypt where indyana jones and out of africa dinasoure it is new in egypt why he did not know that if he use trefour for some thing can be able to use us to bayuona our eyesonly for our eyes to get dinasourse 3d movie i have to be a profet not syamie cat

  • E Dur Art
    E Dur Art 9 days ago

    who will play the old young Wisdom MoFo ? 😎😂

  • Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.
    Kaiser Schnitsel Sr. 10 days ago

    basically... you're all jewish cocklicking cunts if you buy or rent this crap.

    • Little Goat Child
      Little Goat Child 6 days ago


  • Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.
    Kaiser Schnitsel Sr. 10 days ago +1


    • Little Goat Child
      Little Goat Child 6 days ago


  • Carter The Carnotaurus

    I can't wait for the next one TT.TT

  • Gamer Abou
    Gamer Abou 10 days ago +1

    is jurassic park 1 they showed the park. In that movie, a dino was released, making it chaotic and the park went bankrupt. in jurassic world they also showed the park and a dino was released. the indominus rex. and the park went bankrupt there too. in jurassic park 2. the dino's came to the city. in jurassic world fallen kingdom the dinos also came to the city. and in jurassic park 3 they went to another island where dinosaurs were. so let me guess. jurassic world 3 also becomes exactly like that

  • Sam ER
    Sam ER 10 days ago +1

    just finished it and i can say its better than the previous one :)

  • Hi There
    Hi There 10 days ago


  • Hi There
    Hi There 10 days ago


  • Orange Dude
    Orange Dude 11 days ago

    The Brachiosaurus🦕 was too big to be on the ship :(
    Rest in peace.

  • Shadow Reflex
    Shadow Reflex 11 days ago

    This trailer sucks. Movie was okay

  • Rebel Alliance
    Rebel Alliance 12 days ago

    I don't care what the critics and reviewers say, this movie was amazing. It's my second favorite Jurassic Park film.

  • Jess
    Jess 12 days ago

    As much as I thought how sad and awful when they left that poor 🦕 behind. The rest of the movie was ridiculous. Let's coexist with the dinosaurs, yea it's one thing to see a Lion in your swimming pool it's completely different seeing a T-Rex mowing down your neighbourhood, insurance will love you!. I thought that little girl was stupid to let them free (bit more creepy she is a clone) But infact they shouldn't of been let off the island. Let nature take it's course. You didn't learn from lost world?
    But I'm glade everyone enjoy it 😊

  • Vincent Martinez
    Vincent Martinez 12 days ago +2

    We are Venom!

  • Vex the Knight
    Vex the Knight 13 days ago

    It's so unsatsfying that they didn't finish the theme song

  • Shahbaz Khan
    Shahbaz Khan 13 days ago

    Fuck up

  • Soft Place
    Soft Place 14 days ago

    blu ray qualité streaming her : bit.ly/2C0SBuU

  • shubh Patel
    shubh Patel 15 days ago

    i feel like just watch the whole movie

  • H. Sauvage
    H. Sauvage 15 days ago +1

    33K of Disliking Dickheads

  • Karishma Nirmal
    Karishma Nirmal 15 days ago

    I love this movie 😘😘😘

  • Tristan Houle
    Tristan Houle 15 days ago

    I knew I heard that black mirror song somewhere

  • caleb hagan
    caleb hagan 15 days ago

    Blue 2-0 hahah

  • James Fisherkeller
    James Fisherkeller 16 days ago

    That plot twist with Maise tho...

  • Catherine Fowler
    Catherine Fowler 16 days ago

    Jurassic world fallen kingdom is an infomercial for feminism.

    M.D SHAZAD 17 days ago

    No thanks

  • zabari -
    zabari - 17 days ago

    watch tis tvclip.biz/video/RbhUf85tffA/video.html

  • اا اا
    اا اا 18 days ago


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    Movie Download 18 days ago

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  • Arshad Sk
    Arshad Sk 18 days ago


  • Nick2703
    Nick2703 19 days ago

    These Jurrasic World movies can't hold a candle to the original or the second movie. Even the 3rd one that is mediocre shits all over these movies.

  • Kristin Burns
    Kristin Burns 19 days ago

    After seeing this movie, I have decided to give it a thumbs down.👎

  • Agarmovies!
    Agarmovies! 20 days ago


  • Valdime Almeida
    Valdime Almeida 20 days ago

    Eu quero assistir eu amo to esperando ate agora o filme

  • Celeste Faustino
    Celeste Faustino 21 day ago

    me encanto

  • Celeste Faustino
    Celeste Faustino 21 day ago

    me encanto

  • white sugart
    white sugart 21 day ago

    Thanks to this trailer, I don't have to watch the movie anymore since they already covered everything here.

  • Julien Bouthors
    Julien Bouthors 21 day ago

    Le film

  • tómi dan
    tómi dan 23 days ago


  • Nobal Trital
    Nobal Trital 23 days ago

    The Fanbase of such franchises like Star Wars and JP are just cancer... Pure cancer
    They don't want any change...

  • p-Qah AJ
    p-Qah AJ 23 days ago

    T-rex is the visual/legend.. Brachiosaurus is the starter where people will see them first and amazed.. BLUE is a cutie~

  • odiamo tutti
    odiamo tutti 23 days ago

    I only watched both films because of Bryce Dallas Howard 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • WildBeret
    WildBeret 24 days ago

    it's time to stop

  • The one the Dragon King 360

    Lol noo more Jw RIP

  • JD K5HH
    JD K5HH 25 days ago

    No need to watch it, we just saw all the good bits.

  • Sugary Heaven
    Sugary Heaven 25 days ago

    This is the worst trailer

  • Quetzal00358
    Quetzal00358 25 days ago

    I don't think I've ever seen a movie that contains so many stupid decisions made by the characters...but I really actually can't wait for the next one

  • The Sinornithoraptor
    The Sinornithoraptor 27 days ago +1

    1:50 Pause it quickly! Anyone saw the sinoceratops at the right side?!

  • Tom Nolan
    Tom Nolan 28 days ago +1

    I just bought this movie on DVD today . Also the movie Solo is out on DVD .

  • philonetic
    philonetic 28 days ago +1

    The movie was trash

  • Alex Delgado
    Alex Delgado 28 days ago

    It wont happen since Colin Trevorrow has major success with the Jurassic world saga (he wrote fallen kingdom) but they should give the keys to Bayona who directed the best he could on what was given to him...I feel like with complete control he would deliver the final jurassic world movie with severe justification

  • MoeGreensLeftEye
    MoeGreensLeftEye 28 days ago

    If you liked this movie you are an idiot

    • Little Goat Child
      Little Goat Child 6 days ago

      more idiot is say that people who like the film are idiot, so you are dumber

  • Madison Waters
    Madison Waters 29 days ago

    why do all show/movie series turn so dark? Why? WHY?????????

  • Ville Lepoaho
    Ville Lepoaho 29 days ago

    What's the song in the beginning?

  • Sky Cloudd
    Sky Cloudd 29 days ago

    1:37 typical white girls when they hear a typical middle school kid say “sex”

  • Chris Barone
    Chris Barone 29 days ago

    I never really liked any of the Jurassic World Series. They look nothing like the original score or even the script. I miss the original cast. The effects are not even close to realism and I miss the old animatronic stuff. You don’t make a Jurassic Film of recreating an original shut down park and then decide to blow up full of innocent Brachiosaurus and not only that but a damaged park worth probably several $billion. That is bad story development Hollywood.

  • OrazioPlayer YT
    OrazioPlayer YT 29 days ago +1

    Welcome to Jurassic World

  • Derek Byerly
    Derek Byerly Month ago +1

    1:15 RUNNNN!!! So repetitive!

  • Noah K
    Noah K Month ago +1

    THERES A LITTLE SPOILER IN THIS COMMENT:I hope next they do JURASSIC UNIVERSE cause all the Dino’s got realist in to the world

  • zino gaming dz
    zino gaming dz Month ago

    I like that movie

  • Erwin Franco
    Erwin Franco Month ago

    I love Dino s

  • Erwin Franco
    Erwin Franco Month ago


  • Bigr0b
    Bigr0b Month ago


  • Indominus Rex Life
    Indominus Rex Life Month ago +7

    Director:hey we’re making a new Jurassic world movie!

    Everyone: 1:17

  • Luis Granados
    Luis Granados Month ago

    My favorite dinosaur is trex

  • Norwich City Central

    Black mirror

  • edu Santos
    edu Santos Month ago

    60 millions🔥♥️

  • jaciara e alinne alves batista

    Nossa muito legal

  • Greson Villaluz
    Greson Villaluz Month ago

    Hey Universal, I hope sometime you can make The Land Before Time XV which has the dinosaur animation crew of Jurrasic World:Fallen Kingdom(NOTE:This year is The Land Before Time's 30th Year, The Land Before Time's 30th Anniversary November 18, 2018)

  • Shannon Flett
    Shannon Flett Month ago

    I already watched the second one ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😏😏😏

  • San Arturo
    San Arturo Month ago +1


    • Little Goat Child
      Little Goat Child 6 days ago +1

      nobody is giving a fuck for you

    • MoeGreensLeftEye
      MoeGreensLeftEye 28 days ago

      Movie was awful. Was hoping the whole cast and the dinosaurs would die at the end

  • All Might
    All Might Month ago

    So pissed off by all the unnecessary deaths in this movie

  • Jonathan Brady
    Jonathan Brady Month ago +2

    How to milk it.... I didn't even bother watching this trash.


    i cant help but cry on that scene where the gand barely made it to the ship as they watch a very big dinasaur was.. i dont know crying for help.. and it made my heart crush and... im crying like hell huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuh

  • alexander Harshaw
    alexander Harshaw Month ago +1

    “We must save the dinosaurs” this entire movie was predictable and stupid.
    And it’s not like the plot is original.

    • alexander Harshaw
      alexander Harshaw 24 days ago

      Carlton Dry "you stupid" literally the entire movie was predictable. "idiots think we need to save the dinosaurs" *stuff goes wrong* and reasons for how its like the others, jurassic park the lost world, things with capturing dinosaurs goes wrong, dinosaurs go onto main land then, Jurassic world. mutating dinosaurs goes wrong. they literally just mixed the 2 plots and then slightly altered it. i mean how was fallen kingdom "fresh and exciting" like i said before they basically recycled old plots and you could see everything happening before it even happened.

    • Carlton Dry
      Carlton Dry 27 days ago +1

      You stupid? Did we watch the same movie? How is this movie like any of the others? Jurassic world/fallen kingdom is fresh and exciting for the JP trilogy. I for one loved the originals and am so far loving this new JW trilogy. I’m excited for the third film and can’t wait to see where it takes the franchise.

  • Seren Davies
    Seren Davies Month ago

    My favourite actress from this movie is the British/American child actress Isabella Stermon who plays Maisie Lockwood!
    She’s so cute, but i do feel sorry for her when she got scared by that dinosaur and she was being sent to her bedroom
    When I was a baby, I remember I watched Maisie mouse franchise!
    In the end of the movie, Claire (name of my friend Claire Tweedie from London) and Owen (name of my older cousin Owen Baudonnel from Paris) adopted Maisie to become her new adoptive parents!
    I have a 15-year-old cousin who has been adopted since she was only 3 and her name is Adrianne Davies! We went to have lunch with the family last month just my dad, and my brother and me because my mom was with her friends during our road trip!
    Lunch: pasta, meat selection, salads, potatoes, bread and mayonnaise!
    Drink: orange squash and water
    Pudding: grapes and strawberries and blueberries, vanilla ice cream, dessert yogurts and some lovely cookies
    BEST ROAD TRIP EVER! 4/8/2018-7/8/2018 SUMMER 2018

  • Seren Davies
    Seren Davies Month ago

    When we went to watch JW2:FK on 8/6/2018, there was a 4-year-old screaming in front of everybody because his family didn’t know that the film was appropriate for him so had to take him home! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
    Poor boy only 4 years old.
    I was eating egg and mayonnaise sandwich, grapes and Diet Coke from Tesco at the cinema. Best night ever!!!!!

    • S J
      S J Month ago

      Seren Davies wow poor kid he probably loved dinosaurs

  • iloveyou1434ever
    iloveyou1434ever Month ago +1

    What a shity movie ... f**kin waste of time

  • Miguel Torres Muñoz
    Miguel Torres Muñoz Month ago +1

    1:14 To me this is the most exciting part of the trailer.

  • Honey bee lps
    Honey bee lps Month ago

  • wade wilson
    wade wilson Month ago


  • BlackBullPistol
    BlackBullPistol Month ago

    End of Jurassic a fresh start to Terra Nova. I mean seriously this part was like a mix between Jurasic and Terra Nova -.-" this one is like 6/10 at the most because first three movies were perfect, World 2015 was... yea... and now this one... I don't know why they aren't going for the roots :-( but ok, movie is a movie it was watchable :-)