ARE THESE $1 Electric Scooters GOOD or DANGEROUS?

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
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  • Lionel Juarez
    Lionel Juarez 2 days ago

    Worst video. Get to the point.

  • MR. Darknight
    MR. Darknight 3 days ago

    Here in sweden there are 2 companies that I am aware of, one of them is lime and the other one is called voi. All u have to do is download the app and put ur credit card info and ur done. To unlock a scooter it'll charge u 1.2$ which is 10 swedish crown and then lime charges 3 crown which is like 40 cents per minute and voi charges 1.2$ upfront fee and then like 20 cent or 1.5 swedish crowns. And yes lime is faster they go up to 30km/h while voi goes up to 22-25 max km/h.

  • majorxdf
    majorxdf 11 days ago

    ''Someone is going to lose an eye.''

  • Vidit Khandelwal
    Vidit Khandelwal 13 days ago

    Casey shoving all the snacks in his bag is basically all of us.

  • Jak3
    Jak3 13 days ago +1

    2:10 oooooh he stealin

  • jeridene nengas
    jeridene nengas 17 days ago

    HAY Casey U am a Juicer I charge the Lime s Scooters everynight . Out by 7 am paid by 8 am . shit.. too easy .. The money you make is great this is the greatest side gig around. You get paid everyday. As long as you follow the quide lines set. They are easy to meet of course better during the good weather. But the bad weather in salt lake city has only let to even better money. check the money out. Its incredible. up to and easily made 150 everyday .. on 10 scooters. ten thats it ten. and up to 350.00 each day. plus your 150 thats an incredible amount of money doesnt stop there. lovin life and lovin the the money from these scooters. check it out. just call me juice.. jeri in utah

  • Nixon Mirandilla
    Nixon Mirandilla 21 day ago

    What brand is your white shirt? Very nice as well as the video

  • Samsun O.O
    Samsun O.O 23 days ago

    They are great , Free parts to build your own👍

  • PAUL
    PAUL 24 days ago

    5:17 We Can't Be Beat

  • abidamn
    abidamn 27 days ago

    06:00 The hot girl tried hard making sure that her shirt didn't fit properly.

    WILL GATES Month ago

    Someone is going to lose an eye lol

  • Daniel Vázquez Guevara

    I have a feeling this is endorsed by Boosted Boards

  • Jaden Gill
    Jaden Gill Month ago +1

    Audi r8 at 7:04

  • Lance Love
    Lance Love Month ago

    Still not a real person.

  • DoubleDuck
    DoubleDuck Month ago


  • Buddy Huggins
    Buddy Huggins Month ago

    Learn to Kitesurf Casey. I can help you.

  • Pro Player
    Pro Player Month ago


  • itssugarfree
    itssugarfree Month ago

    are you like...driving and holding a camera at the same time????

  • The VlogBuzz
    The VlogBuzz Month ago

    Great video!👌👌👌
    It particularly inspired me because I also want to be a youtuber.😊😊😊

  • Alfons Anonim
    Alfons Anonim Month ago

    Código de 3 USD de descuento 🤑----> RAVTAIJ

  • Simpprada
    Simpprada Month ago

    stay tf in new york and leave cali shit alone

  • Charlie G
    Charlie G Month ago

    Tell your editing guy to get rid of that annoying background music .

  • Rhys Edwards
    Rhys Edwards Month ago

    They should add these scooters into GTA 5 :D

  • Bob Lewis
    Bob Lewis Month ago

    Irrelevant in the UK ... Whether considered safe or not, hey are 100% illegal! Also, I believe, in many other European countries!

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez Month ago

    Kevin Hart ain't in the thumbnail simply because neistats already big so he can afford the decisions

  • Juan Benites
    Juan Benites Month ago

    Yooooooo, the world is slowly turning into walle LMAO smh everyone is soon going to be fat asf 😭😂😂😂😂

  • Emily
    Emily Month ago

    The scooters r everywhere n it’s so annoying

  • Robert killian
    Robert killian Month ago

    I love how ur like such good people AND SUCH GOOD SNACKS!!!!

  • Gabe Lasry
    Gabe Lasry Month ago

    "not as good of a ride as a boosted board"

  • Jacob Schultz
    Jacob Schultz Month ago

    How fast do the scooters go?

  • Billy Doane
    Billy Doane 2 months ago

    I was thinking the same thing with the snacks, in the bag they go

  • em marie
    em marie 2 months ago

    they are testing those lime scooters in Waterloo Ontario, Canada too!

  • L Sallum
    L Sallum 2 months ago

    This mans literally meets and talks to thee Kevin heart doesn't go with THAT as the title

  • Mirco - random stuff
    Mirco - random stuff 2 months ago

    And now this shitty scooters made it into the South Park halloween episode 😂😂😂

  • Zurkster
    Zurkster 2 months ago

    Scooters are inanimate objects only made dangerous by incompetence and/or complacency.

  • Asheville Trainman
    Asheville Trainman 2 months ago

    These things came to my city but got banned due to laws. Dang

  • Liz
    Liz 2 months ago

    those scooters are like everywhere!!! well i live in SoCal soo

  • GermanFighterLP
    GermanFighterLP 2 months ago

    hahaha the candy and the snacks I would do the same :D :D hahah

  • backyspring101
    backyspring101 2 months ago

    They are Awesome if you need to get somewhere faster. But the thing is finding one that is not dead or almost dead. Oh yeah and the app that’s shows you when they are near by is not always accurate

  • pik nick
    pik nick 2 months ago

    Those scooters were littered all over venice and santa monica. . . locals get paid to collect them and charge them. I'm indifferent of them, people abuse the hell out of them.

  • Xd Bugsbunny
    Xd Bugsbunny 2 months ago

    2:37 I love Kevin hart

  • Damonatar
    Damonatar 2 months ago

    The people that met him were more excited than he was about meeting Kevin

  • Destroyer of Civilization

    "I got to go. I got to go back to NY now."

  • Andrew Cole
    Andrew Cole 2 months ago

    O max!

  • Anthony Puailoa
    Anthony Puailoa 2 months ago

    Ur suppose to wear a helmet no? Smh showing kids bad

  • caiden farrington
    caiden farrington 2 months ago

    That’s why us bird/lime chargers need to place them out of peoples ways

  • Nikhil Deenadayalu
    Nikhil Deenadayalu 2 months ago

    “Have a good time”... 3:09

  • Izham Umar
    Izham Umar 2 months ago

    Casey you should check out Dualtron escooter

    PR DEACON 2 months ago

    What happens if a blind person trips over one of these and sues? Hmmm

  • jenomsedivam
    jenomsedivam 2 months ago

    get off the walkway

  • kaleb keppell
    kaleb keppell 2 months ago

    Please do an australia vlog, i guarentee snacks

  • Josh Greenburgstien
    Josh Greenburgstien 2 months ago

    To max. Watch were your going and put your dog on a leash. What ever you think about scooters some people probably think the same about your dog. I love dogs myself, as a long time owner, be considerate yourself. You sound like an inconsiderate douchè.

  • Jesus Meza
    Jesus Meza 2 months ago

    I'm sorry who the fuck are these people?

  • Simon Bryant
    Simon Bryant 2 months ago

    The snacks lol

  • Eliot Glassier
    Eliot Glassier 2 months ago

    Best vidéo !!!!

  • dajok
    dajok 2 months ago

    Hi Max :)

  • Mario 2000
    Mario 2000 2 months ago


  • Mario 2000
    Mario 2000 2 months ago


  • Mario 2000
    Mario 2000 2 months ago


  • Mario 2000
    Mario 2000 2 months ago


  • brandoge
    brandoge 2 months ago

    boosted board, it’s okay because i’m the only one who can ride it. lime scooters, bad because everyone can do what i’ve been doing on my boosted board.

  • CanadianParadox
    CanadianParadox 3 months ago

    um.. did you say 1 dollar?

  • Martijn Wismeijer
    Martijn Wismeijer 3 months ago

    I use those LIME scooters in Prague but found that out of 10 you try, at least 2 have problems that make it a dangerous ride. (most noticeably, bottom metal plate lose, braking issues) I mark these scooters as broken but never received a refund. I no longer try them, waste of money and a nuisance as they are parked everywhere.

  • Noah Ninnemann
    Noah Ninnemann 3 months ago

    Literally those scooters are the same brand of scooter the company that uses them for scooter Uber is just branding their company

  • Melle Wingender
    Melle Wingender 3 months ago

    Hey it’s the guy from cathfish

  • jbn951
    jbn951 3 months ago

    Make "cages" for the birds. Legit, designated stations where people can pickup and return/charge birds where they can be serviced, rented and space rent can be paid to the city for providing a location and power (or they have solar panels to charge) and have them obey rules as if they were bikes. They city and bird can work together....the city just wants it's piece.

  • iTzKaiBUD
    iTzKaiBUD 3 months ago

    Bird is better.

  • Daniel Kang
    Daniel Kang 3 months ago

    Lmao Kevin saying “get your shot together” or something sorrry I didn’t exactly hear it, lmao so funny 😂

  • Diogo Paulico
    Diogo Paulico 3 months ago

    In Portugal if you park this scooters incorrectly you are fined ~30 dollars. That would absolutely solve the problem over there. People litterally only care about money.

  • JuicePharaoh_ 1217
    JuicePharaoh_ 1217 3 months ago

    Good I'm a juicer and hacker lmao

  • Cameron Erasmus
    Cameron Erasmus 3 months ago

    “Get that shit straight!” Dead 😂

  • Carolyn Poston
    Carolyn Poston 3 months ago

    Yo. Slu uses them on campus. Amazing.

  • David Lango
    David Lango 3 months ago

    The BIRD is plenty far enough. I think they're great!

  • todd schmidt
    todd schmidt 3 months ago

    They are both

    WESTIE 3 months ago

    As a person who works in the scooter green industry I can vouch we place them in safe locations all across america but consumers are the problem. Aka= leave scooters that cover sidewalks, tipped over. Either way cheers from l.a

  • Dallas Ray
    Dallas Ray 3 months ago

    10 bucks an hour? Not even

  • Vic Vinegar
    Vic Vinegar 3 months ago

    I wanted to hit that guy who said that Lime scooters are for "intellectuals".

  • mike collins
    mike collins 3 months ago

    Bagging all the snacks.....reminds me of growing up in CT!

  • Ship 758
    Ship 758 3 months ago

    What is 368 mean

  • Rinku Christian
    Rinku Christian 3 months ago

    Love ur videos very inspiring going through alot and u make me happy :) my request is if u can do a video showing how u ride ur skate board love ur style of riding ur skate board

    RC_JAYGRIZZ 3 months ago

    We have these scooter in downtown Detroit

  • spencereng
    spencereng 4 months ago

    The main problem with the electric scooters is they need designated drop off and pick up points instead of being littered all over the city randomly. Lots of them get vandalized and destroyed as well.

  • Stijn Walsh
    Stijn Walsh 4 months ago

    Did casey meet with will smit?

  • Stephanie Aldaz
    Stephanie Aldaz 4 months ago

    Yeah. A lot of people around here are just so done with them. They're useful, but dangerous.

  • Yummylife by Ines
    Yummylife by Ines 4 months ago +1

    Is the episode of what the fit out yet ??

  • Arcade Hollywood
    Arcade Hollywood 4 months ago

    I dig the Jeep Wrangler!!! For this episode "Jeep Wave"!!!! Jeep owners know what this is!!

    EDDIE JETTY 4 months ago

    Lime and bird scooters are like gremlins..

  • Shane G
    Shane G 4 months ago

    3:08 Kevin is a gem

  • Maximilian Wihlborg
    Maximilian Wihlborg 4 months ago

    In my city we have the EXACT same scoter model, it's only called Voi instead of Lime.

  • Professor Buttons
    Professor Buttons 4 months ago

    lol Max chillin in the back

  • southwest productions
    southwest productions 4 months ago

    you remind me of my dad lol

  • Kevstar
    Kevstar 4 months ago +1

    In my last video I teach u how to get these for free!!! In LA
    Thanks for the support

  • Angel erik Vizcarra
    Angel erik Vizcarra 4 months ago

    To bad I dont have DL ☹

  • Smithsgold
    Smithsgold 4 months ago

    Snacks !!!!!!

  • Partumiter
    Partumiter 4 months ago

    It’s not even about not idolising, this guy treats everyone the same. Fame or fortune aside, he’ll treat you exactly as he would anyone else. And that level of honesty is what keeps me interested in this guy

  • Anna the creative individual

    Poor Shawn Mendes is a living proof that electric scooter may cause some harm. Sooo do not use it if you are not sure how it works, folks 😂😂

  • Di Cuteness
    Di Cuteness 4 months ago

    I love max.

  • Sarah T
    Sarah T 4 months ago

    i work for lime but we have bikes in my city instead of scooters

  • k_froggy
    k_froggy 4 months ago

    Man this is why i hate youtube. Kevin Hart gets all those people and production and the small time creators that need it get demonitization and no support.

  • okcrc
    okcrc 4 months ago

    Good and fun!