ARE THESE $1 Electric Scooters GOOD or DANGEROUS?

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
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  • Juan Cas
    Juan Cas 10 hours ago

    6:03 Beautiful!

  • DT101677
    DT101677 14 hours ago

    I wonder if Casey's next business venture is rentable electric skateboards??

  • bluettr250
    bluettr250 14 hours ago

    "getting in the way"....ummmm anyone in a car is in everyone's way.

  • Robin Dyos-Smith
    Robin Dyos-Smith 15 hours ago

    It LA had a proper public transport system this sort of idea is short lived..

  • The Slav Studios
    The Slav Studios 17 hours ago

    Those scooters are so nice. Wish they had them in WV!!

  • Jump Crouch
    Jump Crouch 18 hours ago

    Welcome to California my man.

  • Nazir Robles
    Nazir Robles 19 hours ago

    He acted like he haven't had snacks in like 10 years like if you agree

  • JDOE Doe
    JDOE Doe 20 hours ago

    Was casey in mexico for some of this video?

  • Nibba Monogol
    Nibba Monogol 20 hours ago

    scooters cost 15 cents per minute

  • Janina Perez
    Janina Perez 20 hours ago

    shut up! Its a State Funded Program for two years, so they will go away . But in the meantime, Enjoy the ride, MAX.


    When is the new Tesla's review coming ??

  • Ed Solo
    Ed Solo Day ago

    I just started daily vlogging, only have 1 subscriber right now new on youtube but hopefully I get to collab with this Legend one day. Casey is the goat 🐐

  • Michael T.
    Michael T. Day ago

    Casey put Kevin in the thumbnail you would have got like 5m views😂

  • Jörgen Nilsson
    Jörgen Nilsson Day ago +1

    You can't find the price? That's really bad and don't feel serious

  • Rory Williams
    Rory Williams Day ago

    Anyone know if they have the in ny?

  • Bobbie Fisher
    Bobbie Fisher Day ago

    Oh yeah, I forgot how much I dislike Max.

  • Poker1989
    Poker1989 Day ago

    0:49 - Ocean lodge hotel and Chez Jay bar that Billy bob thornton goes to on the Amazon Goliath show. Def. want to hit that bar up someday.

  • Texno
    Texno Day ago

    1:49 movie trailer...

  • Leannord Francisca

    Im from Curaçao too!!

  • Gideon Daniel
    Gideon Daniel Day ago

    I'm usually horrible at paying attention to detail, but did the intro change a bit?

  • MadDanno
    MadDanno Day ago

    Those scooters will end up in rivers and just dumped in bushes. Get rid of them!

  • J Kane
    J Kane Day ago

    fuck off max

  • Maxwell Carano McClure

    Weird how the Lime scooters are different in LA then they are in San Francisco

  • 100k subs with no content

    Updoot this comment for no reason. Subscribe because I said so. Have a nice day :)

  • Triantalex
    Triantalex Day ago


  • khuram shazi
    khuram shazi Day ago

    Im from Pakistan
    I really like ur vlogs
    Its very cool i also wanna start vloging but still learning how to edit ... best of luck buddy

  • James Hoiby
    James Hoiby Day ago

    I love how that girl at 6:15 kept pulling her shirt open for Casey! :)

  • Martinez Ian
    Martinez Ian Day ago

    We have these out here in Denver Colorado. You can also rent bikes.

  • Mike Lunc.
    Mike Lunc. Day ago +1

    The moment he put all the snacks in the backpack. Haha, that's me 101.

  • Kawaii Arcade Masters!

    3:47 EPSODE 😂 I guess we all make mistakes.

  • Brad Szalach
    Brad Szalach Day ago

    I got a 190 dollar ticket for not wearing a helmet on a bird in santa monica a couple days ago.

    I WANT THAT 2 days ago

    Awesome vid, Casey.

  • Wesley Patterson
    Wesley Patterson 2 days ago

    "someone's gonna lose an eye, and its all gonna be over"-Max Joseph, 2018

  • Probably Casey Neistat


  • jaim haas
    jaim haas 2 days ago

    SO many SNAX ...we get it!

  • Anon Mason
    Anon Mason 2 days ago

    We got Limebikes here now. They are always in the way. Parked in front of our gates, in the way of sidewalks, then in our lawns when we try to mow because someone moved it off the sidewalk. It's bullshit.

  • Anthony Johnston
    Anthony Johnston 2 days ago

    You should see how the Share bikes in Shanghai look. They have share bike graveyards and people park them in the middle of the street.

  • ulrey productions
    ulrey productions 2 days ago

    No one cares about your time lapses

  • Elyssa Berney
    Elyssa Berney 2 days ago

    Casey: *meets Kevin Hart*
    Casey: "snACKS"

  • Nick W
    Nick W 2 days ago

    After 4:37 he’s shilling. Clever but 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Tegan Burns
    Tegan Burns 2 days ago

    Lol Casey, you're greedy asf with those snacks

  • Randy Abraham Life Of A Dj

    Love the new Intro Edit!

  • Meat Pie
    Meat Pie 2 days ago +1

    We have the same system on the Gold Coast, Australia, except instead of scooters, we have bikes, and its horrible, for starters I dont use them, and yet I see them dumped out the front of my house, at the beach outside of school... Ugh they're no good

  • NEMO 74
    NEMO 74 2 days ago

    Your little meth mouth creeps me out

  • FaithLove&Family
    FaithLove&Family 2 days ago

    So i wonder....Casey did you not put the "I" on purpose on "Epsode" to see who would catch it lol

  • matteo d
    matteo d 2 days ago +1

    S n a c k s

  • phatt180
    phatt180 2 days ago

    Hey Casey, would like to hear your thoughts on the Australian Girl that died in NY while riding the City Bikes. Would be good to see a follow-up to your "Bike lanes" video.

  • moonbase alpha 2020
    moonbase alpha 2020 2 days ago

    there going to get fined big time where am from then they will get there act together!

  • moonbase alpha 2020
    moonbase alpha 2020 2 days ago

    those scooters suck!!!! they leave they everywhere pick them up

  • Carlos Eduardo Zaldaña Lima

    Awesome! I hope the next Tech Review Tuesday is about the Galaxy Note 9!!!

  • Christof Damian
    Christof Damian 2 days ago

    I like how everyone complains about the scooters in a city which is basically a massive car park.

  • dua hary
    dua hary 2 days ago

    that realy"mouse finbar",,,,its so amazing,,

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores 2 days ago

    I was just there last night :')

  • marie sanchez
    marie sanchez 2 days ago

    These are all over downtown Denver! It’s crazy!!!!

  • ZebrainParadise
    ZebrainParadise 2 days ago

    Interesting take on the scooter issue. Lime came into Honolulu - just dumped the scooters off one night without permission from the City - and ultimately got kicked out. We have a bike share program in place and a lot of people think Lime got kicked out because the City has a stake with Biki bike share but the truth is that people left scooters in the road, in doorways, dumped in hedges. It was an utter mess.

  • Sirhatrick ____
    Sirhatrick ____ 2 days ago

    Nyjah doesn't approve these scooters

  • andrew cowden
    andrew cowden 3 days ago

    10:05 turns out that was his flight

  • Nicholas Gromowski
    Nicholas Gromowski 3 days ago

    It’s 15 cents per min in LA btw

  • Nicholas Gromowski
    Nicholas Gromowski 3 days ago

    I haven’t seen one in NY yet where I live but when I went to Cali they were full of them in San Diego and LA

  • Trap4Hunter
    Trap4Hunter 3 days ago

    you got me when max casually hopped into the frame out of nowhere and started ranting

  • Laoer He
    Laoer He 3 days ago

    This scooter is just like OFO and mobike

  • Johannes
    Johannes 3 days ago

    Those dockless things are hell. Search Chinese dockless bikes. They're piling up in the middle of cities...

  • Youtube Videos
    Youtube Videos 3 days ago

    he probably thinks he bigger than them?? dude probably thinking he bigger than half of hollywood

  • Kevin Coleman
    Kevin Coleman 3 days ago

    He's becoming CARsey Neistat.

  • HP Fact-Safari
    HP Fact-Safari 3 days ago +1

    Max! Long time no see! We missed those nice moments!

  • tenknics
    tenknics 3 days ago

    Stoked you made a video about these. Was wondering if they would ever cross your path and if they did, what you would think about them. They've taken over San Diego, it's crazy! Solid video, thanks man!

  • Naomi
    Naomi 3 days ago

    People from Korsou!! Awesome

  • Dipping up North 69
    Dipping up North 69 3 days ago

    Y'all hyped about Kevin Hart I'm hyped about max

  • Josine Craanberg
    Josine Craanberg 3 days ago


  • Ui Neil of 'Cidi Al-Masri' and Sandage

    Max, whatever the hell is going on with your hair. You should still marry and make babies. I don't buy into the Existance of SameGendered BlackHairDNA. Keep America Beautiful, someone needs an extra child. Or a full time husband.

  • WhatDoYaThink
    WhatDoYaThink 3 days ago

    Just rode these 17 miles today! I love these so much!

  • jimbo111589
    jimbo111589 3 days ago

    Max looks like Steve Martin.

  • Amit Sulakhe
    Amit Sulakhe 3 days ago

    Why didn’t I see you with Jesse in LA?

  • JC4
    JC4 3 days ago

    Credit card and Driver Licence photos?, I wouldn't be surprised if in some time they get "hacked" and there you go, identity theft of thousands of people, i guess that's when they will see the profit, because charging 1 dollar+ per use, seeing how people abuse them, i don't think is good business

  • Betelcrux
    Betelcrux 3 days ago +1


  • Philip Lucky
    Philip Lucky 3 days ago

    CASEY great vlog as always, Max such a good guy

  • Justin Javier
    Justin Javier 3 days ago

    Why do people dislike casey's videos lmao. His vlogs are amazing

  • Lukas Fruntke
    Lukas Fruntke 3 days ago

    Lime and Bird are not only in LA, but in nearly every big city on the westcoast (except San Francisco, where I just spotted a small amount.) And Lime does not require you to scan your drivers license. Interesting is that both scooter types are somehow related to Segway. But in LA on the beach they're quite strict with the law.

  • Drone -AZ.
    Drone -AZ. 3 days ago

    Snowboarding in NYC I think was my fav. so far.

  • MBFB
    MBFB 3 days ago

    Best part him dumpimg the snacks in his bag and they come open the door and he gets scared.

    SUFI XD 8BALL POOL 3 days ago


  • my | kuleshov
    my | kuleshov 3 days ago

    16 seconds more Dan in the intro :'(

  • Adam N
    Adam N 3 days ago

    8:59 Jersey Shore Ron! =)

  • amihay sarfaty
    amihay sarfaty 3 days ago

    I stopped the video to hit the like when he putted the snacks in the bag

  • fishfan28
    fishfan28 3 days ago

    I love Kevin Heart. One of the best comedians there is.

    SE7EN1NE7ES 3 days ago

    Im surprise nobody try to jack his shit when he's leaving the camera to record himself doing stuff lol

  • docalarm
    docalarm 3 days ago

    Southwest Airlines have pretty much become a Socal landscape too. Best low cost airline for Californians.

  • Castleman Vlogs
    Castleman Vlogs 3 days ago

    Kevin and Max in the same video?? This is some high end content

  • Amazon Unboxed
    Amazon Unboxed 3 days ago

    Epic INTRO! Thumbs up dude

  • Dreamthemoment
    Dreamthemoment 3 days ago

    Max is every citizen in Amsterdam talking about bikes and tourists 😂

  • jose campos
    jose campos 3 days ago

    I was a subscriber since you had less than 200k subs. Your video has been perfected to your style and I’m glad you didn’t conform to the celebrity status like other TVcliprs.

  • Evantures
    Evantures 3 days ago

    as if Limewire is a scooter company now....

  • Evantures
    Evantures 3 days ago

    bumps into casey neistat 6:04 ... forgets to take lens cap off

  • Evantures
    Evantures 3 days ago

    notice the Canadian key chain at 2:13 ... Casey knows the #1 travel hack . (coming from a true canadian)
    where are the Canadians at!??

  • zach e
    zach e 3 days ago

    at 5:20 those kids were wilding

  • Daniel Szuta
    Daniel Szuta 3 days ago

    In my city in Poland I have at least 3 similar services but one is for cars and the other two are for electric motor scooters :)

  • Mike B
    Mike B 3 days ago

    Seriously fuck these scooters and also the damned dockless bikes. Tourists rolling into SoCal and dumping these things everywhere.

  • letsgetlucky
    letsgetlucky 3 days ago +1

    Casey acting like he just robbed a bank 2:09 lol

  • Enrico Antonelli
    Enrico Antonelli 3 days ago

    Those just started popping up where I work downtown Detroit

  • pincheyuke
    pincheyuke 3 days ago

    The City of San Francisco banned the use of those scooters. Also, Lime and Bird are headquartered in San Francisco. Lols