ARE THESE $1 Electric Scooters GOOD or DANGEROUS?

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
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  • brandoge 420
    brandoge 420 12 hours ago

    boosted board, it’s okay because i’m the only one who can ride it. lime scooters, bad because everyone can do what i’ve been doing on my boosted board.

  • Nehan Khan
    Nehan Khan 2 days ago

    um.. did you say 1 dollar?

  • Martijn Wismeijer
    Martijn Wismeijer 5 days ago

    I use those LIME scooters in Prague but found that out of 10 you try, at least 2 have problems that make it a dangerous ride. (most noticeably, bottom metal plate lose, braking issues) I mark these scooters as broken but never received a refund. I no longer try them, waste of money and a nuisance as they are parked everywhere.

  • Noah Ninnemann
    Noah Ninnemann 5 days ago

    Literally those scooters are the same brand of scooter the company that uses them for scooter Uber is just branding their company

  • Melle Wingender
    Melle Wingender 8 days ago

    Hey it’s the guy from cathfish

  • jbn951
    jbn951 8 days ago

    Make "cages" for the birds. Legit, designated stations where people can pickup and return/charge birds where they can be serviced, rented and space rent can be paid to the city for providing a location and power (or they have solar panels to charge) and have them obey rules as if they were bikes. They city and bird can work together....the city just wants it's piece.

  • iTzKaiBUD
    iTzKaiBUD 9 days ago

    Bird is better.

  • Daniel Kang
    Daniel Kang 9 days ago

    Lmao Kevin saying “get your shot together” or something sorrry I didn’t exactly hear it, lmao so funny 😂

  • Diogo Paulico
    Diogo Paulico 9 days ago

    In Portugal if you park this scooters incorrectly you are fined ~30 dollars. That would absolutely solve the problem over there. People litterally only care about money.

  • JuicePharaoh_ 1217
    JuicePharaoh_ 1217 10 days ago

    Good I'm a juicer and hacker lmao

  • Cameron Erasmus
    Cameron Erasmus 11 days ago

    “Get that shit straight!” Dead 😂

  • Carolyn Poston
    Carolyn Poston 11 days ago

    Yo. Slu uses them on campus. Amazing.

  • David Lango
    David Lango 13 days ago

    The BIRD is plenty far enough. I think they're great!

  • Kyle
    Kyle 13 days ago


  • todd schmidt
    todd schmidt 15 days ago

    They are both

    WESTIE 16 days ago

    As a person who works in the scooter green industry I can vouch we place them in safe locations all across america but consumers are the problem. Aka= leave scooters that cover sidewalks, tipped over. Either way cheers from l.a

  • Dallas Ray
    Dallas Ray 17 days ago

    10 bucks an hour? Not even

  • Vic Vinegar
    Vic Vinegar 19 days ago

    I wanted to hit that guy who said that Lime scooters are for "intellectuals".

  • mike collins
    mike collins 26 days ago

    Bagging all the snacks.....reminds me of growing up in CT!

  • Ship 758
    Ship 758 26 days ago

    What is 368 mean

  • Rinku Christian
    Rinku Christian 27 days ago

    Love ur videos very inspiring going through alot and u make me happy :) my request is if u can do a video showing how u ride ur skate board love ur style of riding ur skate board

    RC_JAYGRIZZ Month ago

    We have these scooter in downtown Detroit

  • spencereng
    spencereng Month ago

    The main problem with the electric scooters is they need designated drop off and pick up points instead of being littered all over the city randomly. Lots of them get vandalized and destroyed as well.

  • Stijn Walsh
    Stijn Walsh Month ago

    Did casey meet with will smit?

  • Stephanie Aldaz
    Stephanie Aldaz Month ago

    Yeah. A lot of people around here are just so done with them. They're useful, but dangerous.

  • Yummylife by Ines
    Yummylife by Ines Month ago

    Is the episode of what the fit out yet ??

  • Arcade Hollywood
    Arcade Hollywood Month ago

    I dig the Jeep Wrangler!!! For this episode "Jeep Wave"!!!! Jeep owners know what this is!!

    EDDIE JETTY Month ago

    Lime and bird scooters are like gremlins..

  • Shane G
    Shane G Month ago

    3:08 Kevin is a gem

  • maximilian wihlborg

    In my city we have the EXACT same scoter model, it's only called Voi instead of Lime.

  • Professor Buttons
    Professor Buttons Month ago

    lol Max chillin in the back

  • southwest productions

    you remind me of my dad lol

  • Kevstar gaming
    Kevstar gaming Month ago +1

    In my last video I teach u how to get these for free!!! In LA
    Thanks for the support

  • Angel erik Vizcarra

    To bad I dont have DL ☹

  • Smithsgold
    Smithsgold Month ago

    Snacks !!!!!!

  • Partumiter
    Partumiter Month ago

    It’s not even about not idolising, this guy treats everyone the same. Fame or fortune aside, he’ll treat you exactly as he would anyone else. And that level of honesty is what keeps me interested in this guy

  • Anna the creative individual

    Poor Shawn Mendes is a living proof that electric scooter may cause some harm. Sooo do not use it if you are not sure how it works, folks 😂😂

  • Di Cuteness
    Di Cuteness Month ago

    I love max.

  • Sarah T
    Sarah T Month ago

    i work for lime but we have bikes in my city instead of scooters

  • k_froggy
    k_froggy Month ago

    Man this is why i hate youtube. Kevin Hart gets all those people and production and the small time creators that need it get demonitization and no support.

  • okcrc
    okcrc Month ago

    Good and fun!

  • Cameron Pope
    Cameron Pope Month ago

    Thought Max was Harrison Ford for a hot second

  • Lukas Jednacak
    Lukas Jednacak Month ago

    Lime uses a scooter from the segway company. Bird uses segway and a Xoami Mi 365

  • Son of a BITCH ! !
    Son of a BITCH ! ! Month ago

    The scooters are in San Antonio too. I don't see them lasting long though because San Antonio is not a progressive City. The locals would rather spend $40 to go 2 miles in a taxicab while being stuck behind a horse-drawn carriage then adapt to even the slightest change.

  • Oliver Grey
    Oliver Grey Month ago

    3:50 "And now a special Epsode of tech Tuesday". 'Espose'? lmao

  • Goblin Heli
    Goblin Heli Month ago

    Fuck your life story

  • letsif
    letsif Month ago

    Ego, snacks, scooters,

  • moony0205
    moony0205 Month ago

    I missed the tech in the review but it's nice to see that Americans are getting in to think more and more green, even if it has to be a ride or a car and so on to get them into it.

  • Jade Hurt
    Jade Hurt Month ago

    china had a similar concept with bikes and they got rid of them because it created a complete mess on the sidewalks and streets.

  • roxo166
    roxo166 Month ago +1

    I love max!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Christian Andrade
    Christian Andrade Month ago


  • Xueq
    Xueq Month ago

    Coming from the dude who I have never witnessed wearing a helmet

  • Jacky Bruno
    Jacky Bruno Month ago

    “So many snacks” - Casey

  • Lillian
    Lillian Month ago

    He’s not stealing the snacks. They’re a courtesy, so he’s helping himself to all of it at once to save for later.

  • Lillian
    Lillian Month ago

    I wish Segway PTs caught on like this in NYC and everywhere. Docking stations like Citibikes and all.

  • gopal suryawanshi
    gopal suryawanshi Month ago

    2:10 Hawrat

  • dimitrimoonlight
    dimitrimoonlight Month ago

    Where is the scooter?

  • DreamsComeTru
    DreamsComeTru Month ago

    Ther 15 cents a minute

  • Blood2Dump
    Blood2Dump Month ago

    I should of took a picture but i was to afraid idk why

  • Guy Smiley :-)
    Guy Smiley :-) Month ago

    I completely agree with max on the scooters and those stupid yellow ofo bikes. They are such an eyesore and I can't look anywhere without seeing one.

  • Matthew Sullens
    Matthew Sullens Month ago

    I just want you to know I liked today at 2:13sec hahaha

  • David Scott Bowles
    David Scott Bowles Month ago

    I was literally working on a video just like this... Minus Kevin Hart... Thanks Casey back to the drawing board...

  • Charles Wolf
    Charles Wolf Month ago


  • p williams
    p williams Month ago

    We have these two companies on my north Carolina campus the lime company is 1 dollar every 30 mins and they also have lime bikes they are great to use to get across campus

  • Adrian Purcell
    Adrian Purcell Month ago

    For someone that flys from the airport to the island in a helicopter, the fact he immediately fills his backpack with snacks made me laugh like a mf

  • Jose Ayala
    Jose Ayala Month ago

    What kind of wallet do you have???

  • Its Just Zach
    Its Just Zach Month ago

    I like lime bike lol cheap and easy

  • King205
    King205 Month ago

    I feel like the new intro makes the vlogs less personable and less like a vlog.

  • PB Hend
    PB Hend Month ago

    Max cheating on Nev... The fk

  • Funwithaball
    Funwithaball Month ago

    If tesla came out with a scooter everyone would be like this is the best thing ever. Tesla please make one itd be cool

  • Brian Schroeder
    Brian Schroeder Month ago


  • Youness Bourakkadi
    Youness Bourakkadi Month ago

    I’m living in South Korea (Seoul), and i can say the electric Scooters here ii’s a’s expensive here for sure ( like 300 dollars). And i think is not a mess here because first it’s expensive, and second, people usually use it for Seoul i think i enjoy to see it around :)

  • Truth
    Truth Month ago

    They all over Austin

  • Grant Moyes
    Grant Moyes Month ago


  • Charles Cook
    Charles Cook Month ago

    Casey, you're awesome, I'm sure you get told that a million times a day. The part where you dumped the snacks in your bag made me laugh, because I would have done the exact same thing! The bird scooters appeared overnight in my town, i'm in west Texas. I'm not brave enough to try one! I'm sticking to my car.

  • Khalid Mirbahar
    Khalid Mirbahar Month ago

    May you always be 🤘

  • Khalid Mirbahar
    Khalid Mirbahar Month ago

    Love you sit

  • Sumudu Maligaspe
    Sumudu Maligaspe Month ago

    It`s all about them Snacks.. yup.. you got the priorities just right mate :)

  • Davide Loria
    Davide Loria Month ago

    Pensavo che in Curacao fossero povere le persone, invece si fanno le vacanze a L.A.😂😂😂🔝

  • Bill Prater
    Bill Prater Month ago

    Those scooters are just a Segway ES1 Cheaper to just buy one lol

  • Jonathan Hornby
    Jonathan Hornby 2 months ago

    Dope music bro

  • duded B
    duded B 2 months ago

    Lime is in NY Casey.. look at Yonkers

  • Preston Lowery
    Preston Lowery 2 months ago

    Not as fun as a boosted board..but not everyone can ride a boosted board...I'd say most people can't jump on a boosted board and ride away..

  • Stephan S
    Stephan S 2 months ago


  • Castamere 1
    Castamere 1 2 months ago

    Denver has those scooters also and they are fucking awesome. I love them

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776 2 months ago

    These Scooter, Bike, and electric Vespa rentals in Atlanta have gotten out of control. No helmets and someone will be killed.

  • Brian Clark
    Brian Clark 2 months ago

    I really hate it when an @$$hole on an electric scooter weaves around me on a crowded city sidewalk. I really hate the idea that I could be walking to work and potentially be crashed into by a scooter user.

  • whizz1der
    whizz1der 2 months ago

    dude at 7:57 looks like Harrison Ford.

  • Gerald
    Gerald 2 months ago


  • Marco
    Marco 2 months ago

    I missed Max.

  • Samuel Obrovac
    Samuel Obrovac 2 months ago

    Casey with the Preme backpack! I see you!

  • Mikayla Ho
    Mikayla Ho 2 months ago


  • anthony tenorio
    anthony tenorio 2 months ago

    How do they charge?

  • John Sullivan
    John Sullivan 2 months ago

    Free ride with bird : ZZXROO

  • Nepomuk Roth
    Nepomuk Roth 2 months ago

    somewhere in this video, there is an "i" missing - have fun

  • Devtron
    Devtron 2 months ago

    I've seen some awesome slams on these scooters

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    I have an Idea, Depopulation of the old regular humans will make more room for the new electric scooter riding humans... I guess that's why we die... EVOLUTION

  • Malik Baker
    Malik Baker 2 months ago

    Coldest film maker for real

  • photoshopCAFE
    photoshopCAFE 2 months ago

    The brakes work better on bird. I had 2 limes with No brakes

  • Bunty Pradhan
    Bunty Pradhan 2 months ago

    Dushi hende di Curacao na California. Big thumps up.