My Netflix Stand Up Comedy Routine

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • This is the greatest stand up comedy of All Time
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  • EvanStickman
    EvanStickman Day ago

    They let anyone have their own stand up comedy on Netflix

  • Lilith Hatchett
    Lilith Hatchett 9 days ago

    Mitch hedberg is my absolute favorite all time!

  • mrfartypantsuk
    mrfartypantsuk 11 days ago

    This man has a voice that’s putting his face to sleep

  • rockaway0beach
    rockaway0beach 14 days ago

    355 people are paedophiles

  • Waddle Pikins
    Waddle Pikins 17 days ago

    He looks more and more like Charles Manson

  • donkey King
    donkey King 17 days ago

    Nic eone

  • the gaming horizon
    the gaming horizon 17 days ago

    what about kevin hart

  • Dont Visit My Channel
    Dont Visit My Channel 17 days ago +1

    You didn't mention Kevin Heart and that Makes me Upset

  • Heber Deeber
    Heber Deeber 20 days ago

    I'd pay premium x1000 to see Charlie live

  • Big White Duck
    Big White Duck 26 days ago +1

    Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Burr are legends

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 26 days ago +1

    *Philling holes*

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose 26 days ago

    What stream was this one from I wanna watch critikal react to movies

  • SpookySkulll
    SpookySkulll 26 days ago

    No mention of tom segura :'(

  • Nathan Is op
    Nathan Is op 27 days ago


  • episode_iv
    episode_iv 27 days ago

    lee evans = the beatles of comedians

  • pharro kane
    pharro kane 27 days ago

    Buzz your fucking beard bro it looks weird its too thick

  • Spartan S027
    Spartan S027 27 days ago

    The delivery was fantastic, really gut busting stuff, but it didn't have as big an impact as your boardwalk burgers joke. I know, that one is a tough act to follow but I bet if you really double down, you can create the next evolution of comedy.

  • John Randall
    John Randall 28 days ago

    Big hit or miss . More a miss bro

  • BigBoyNugget
    BigBoyNugget 28 days ago

    Pedophiles will launch my career

  • Rainy Day Daydream
    Rainy Day Daydream 28 days ago

    I hope you're joking about Amy, she's such a copout dummy

  • rxssizn anxmate
    rxssizn anxmate 29 days ago

    These aren't your videos tho lol

  • AuTisM LeVEL99
    AuTisM LeVEL99 29 days ago

    Love you Cr1tikal stop drinking pls

  • Sapphie
    Sapphie 29 days ago

    Oh hey, his hair is finally long enough to look great

  • Evade Chaos
    Evade Chaos 29 days ago

    22 seconds ago

  • tweeotch
    tweeotch 29 days ago

    Mitch Hedberg! Miss that guy! Gone too soon!

  • Botledfart the 2nd
    Botledfart the 2nd Month ago

    Michael Che had a pretty good Netflix special it was hella funny and different

  • Mar W
    Mar W Month ago

    "Put to paper since Homer's Odyssey"
    The spoken epic poem that was never put to paper by its author.

  • azr79
    azr79 Month ago

    "Crowd goes wild" should be then name of your netflix special

  • pepka pepkowski
    pepka pepkowski Month ago +1

    Wait how tall is he

  • Gordon Slamsay
    Gordon Slamsay Month ago

    "How about LA? I fuckin hate it. I can't wait for it to sink!"

  • Tysnacks
    Tysnacks Month ago

    Woah I didn’t know John wicks little brother had a TVclip/twitch.

  • Sean Rowell
    Sean Rowell Month ago

    King of the one liners watch out Rodney Dangerfield

  • Hawk_ish
    Hawk_ish Month ago +1

    He looked very concerned in the thumbnail.
    I felt that 🙏

  • Johnny Fash
    Johnny Fash Month ago

    Do you ever stfu?

  • zodasofuzah
    zodasofuzah Month ago


  • Spreehox
    Spreehox Month ago

    I'm glad john mulaney got a standup on Netflix

  • Justin Meech
    Justin Meech Month ago

    Saw this live and I actually got hiccups

  • RecessiveGen3
    RecessiveGen3 Month ago

    We just not gonna talk about him watching alpha and omega?

  • Whos wondering
    Whos wondering Month ago

    Theo von? Andrew Shulz? They're funny... Amy Schumer is fucking cancer.

  • Right-Wing Knight
    Right-Wing Knight Month ago +4

    Don't be afraid of stand up because you're short, Kevin Hart is shorter then you and he's black. XD

  • Nitsua Noslohcin
    Nitsua Noslohcin Month ago

    R.I.P. Mitch Hedberg dude was a legend

  • SawsAll
    SawsAll Month ago

    sounds good but needs more burguer jokes

  • LochBess Monsta
    LochBess Monsta Month ago

    You are a cute man.

  • phillabusta
    phillabusta Month ago

    As a guy named Phill I'm literally going to go into stand up comedy so I can get a Netflix special called Philling Holes. Thank you Charlie for inspiring me to follow my dreams that I didn't even know I had

  • The Chikage
    The Chikage Month ago

    but the question still remains, does Tiana peg your asshole? I have the suspicion we'll get that answer when he cuts his hair

  • Samuel Roy
    Samuel Roy Month ago

    Alright, I get that, but Bo Burnham's one is an exception, especially the end

  • ??
    ?? Month ago

    why are u short

  • Jonathan Shirley
    Jonathan Shirley Month ago

    Okay okay. I agree with you, but. Daniel Sloss is fucking funny I don't care about the rest of 'em but he is funny as hell.

  • DeepSp4ce23
    DeepSp4ce23 Month ago

    Jim Gaffigan is a good one

  • Jonah Smith
    Jonah Smith Month ago

    I've been growing my hair out with ya. I wont cut till you do!

  • Apptor
    Apptor Month ago +3

    Everyone knows Amy Schumer is a top class Redditor that steals comments and releases them on the main stage

  • Father
    Father Month ago

    cut your hair. now.

  • Honey Bee Talks
    Honey Bee Talks Month ago

    I love shorter guys. Your gf is lucky

  • Hi Im Janna
    Hi Im Janna Month ago

    Why were you watching that movie?

  • Jake Parkinson
    Jake Parkinson Month ago

    ghengis swan more like belongs in the trash. ghengis swan more like belongs in my ass.

  • Sean LaMontagne
    Sean LaMontagne Month ago +2

    Would still work if only one drunk guy is whooing in the crowd. If anything it's funnier.

  • J BAIN
    J BAIN Month ago +5

    Dave Chapelle *I nod in agreement*
    Norm McDonald *I grin in agreement*
    Amy Schumer "BLUUUUUUUUGH"

  • Chin gasos
    Chin gasos Month ago

    I had such high anticipation for the bored burgers joke

    SPEED WEED Month ago

    That was a joke that could bring together nations

  • JBgaming
    JBgaming Month ago +1

    Delirious by Eddie Murphy is still (IN MY OPINION) the best standup comedy routine ever

    • um what
      um what Month ago

      Underrated comment. Yeah Delirious is some funny shit lol