Love Honour and Obey

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  • Sir Clive Calculator
    Sir Clive Calculator 5 years ago

    Oim daahn two parcels o' fakkin percy. No bastard coppers' takin me alive.

  • MrYoufuckinfuck
    MrYoufuckinfuck 6 years ago

    shut up

  • Ryan Olding
    Ryan Olding 6 years ago

    as a taff, I always get the cockneys telling me to "enter the f**king dragon"

  • Ryan Olding
    Ryan Olding 6 years ago

    @Djdt123ify I thought he said 2 parcels or Persil ! as in the washing powder.

  • ammorreztristar
    ammorreztristar 8 years ago

    ''Dont Mug me off '' !

  • Kristnt
    Kristnt 8 years ago


  • yidarmy84
    yidarmy84 8 years ago

    Perry Benson cracks me up in this film!
    "Go on stab me ya si."
    Final cut's a pretty good effort from these lot too.

  • Lee
    Lee 9 years ago

    Im only the Driver lol

  • yidarmy84
    yidarmy84 9 years ago

    buy it from hmv for 3 quid you fuckin skinflint!

  • Ian Munro
    Ian Munro 9 years ago

    Anyone know where I can see the whole film online?