Love Honour and Obey


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  • Cheeseandwhiskers 1998
    Cheeseandwhiskers 1998 7 months ago

    Yeah Alright Shush Quiet Enough Belt Up Bill Shut Up Pock A Sock in it Mate You Take Your Lips You're in My Gaff Now Alright So Behave Yourself Mind The Manners Now Quite Frankly I'm A Little Bit Pissed Off Do You Know What I Mean I Mean Coming With A Case Of Champagne Saying I'm Sorry Ray Wants Piece Bollocks I'm Down 2 Parcels Of Percy Yeah 2 Parcels Of My Own Cocaine Gone Bosh And I Know You Know How I Know You Done it Only Gone Signed Off You Signed Mug On The Side Of The Car You Doughnuts And That is Why I'm Gonna Have To Tie You Up Now

  • Sir Clive Calculator
    Sir Clive Calculator 6 years ago

    Oim daahn two parcels o' fakkin percy. No bastard coppers' takin me alive.

  • Ryan Olding
    Ryan Olding 7 years ago

    as a taff, I always get the cockneys telling me to "enter the f**king dragon"

  • Ryan Olding
    Ryan Olding 7 years ago

    @Djdt123ify I thought he said 2 parcels or Persil ! as in the washing powder.

  • ammorreztristar
    ammorreztristar 8 years ago

    ''Dont Mug me off '' !

  • Kristnt
    Kristnt 9 years ago


  • yidarmy84
    yidarmy84 9 years ago

    Perry Benson cracks me up in this film!
    "Go on stab me ya si."
    Final cut's a pretty good effort from these lot too.

  • Lee
    Lee 10 years ago

    Im only the Driver lol

  • yidarmy84
    yidarmy84 10 years ago

    buy it from hmv for 3 quid you fuckin skinflint!

  • Ian Munro
    Ian Munro 10 years ago

    Anyone know where I can see the whole film online?