• Published on Mar 23, 2019
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  • Cat_lover 123
    Cat_lover 123 33 minutes ago

    When I was a baby I just did baby stuff but oh my God when I was a toddler I rode an elephant with my parents it is beautiful and I wasn’t even scared it was beautiful until my shoe fell in the mud LOL

  • jose vargas
    jose vargas 39 minutes ago


  • James jr Santellan
    James jr Santellan 56 minutes ago +1

    When i was a baby
    I cryed
    I ate
    I pooped
    I peed
    I trew up
    I fusted
    I moaned
    Iike if u did all those things

  • LoL Cat
    LoL Cat Hour ago

    When i was baby i really loved to just run up to a stranger and start to talk to them (lol true)

  • Itz Gachamazing Kitty

    *It has been confirmed that the babies are dying inside*

  • gael soto
    gael soto Hour ago

    I love you SSSniper wolf so sexy

  • Morgan Macdonald
    Morgan Macdonald Hour ago

    im glad im not spoiled and a 8 year old cause I would be treating my parents like crap ordering them around and my mom would have slapped my so much I wouldn't have a face

  • Pink Lizard
    Pink Lizard 2 hours ago


  • kayla Wiese
    kayla Wiese 3 hours ago

    all the dis likes are from the spoiled babies

  • LBRO gaming
    LBRO gaming 4 hours ago

    I don’t want to roast sssniperwolf but thats not a private jet it’s a s35 Beechcraft

  • Deborah Hearn
    Deborah Hearn 5 hours ago


  • Deborah Hearn
    Deborah Hearn 5 hours ago +1

    When u was a baby I was sick so I don't know what I did when I was a a baby

  • Deborah Hearn
    Deborah Hearn 5 hours ago

    ^_^ when I was a aby I was sick so I do what I did when I was a baby

  • domynic mccarthy
    domynic mccarthy 6 hours ago

    I just realized that she is sitting in a wardrobe

  • Tom Fuller
    Tom Fuller 7 hours ago

    The 1st mom

  • Tom Fuller
    Tom Fuller 7 hours ago

    The mom is really stupid

  • ayjfr88
    ayjfr88 8 hours ago

    When I was a baby I
    Watch cartoons
    Hugged my dogs for too long
    Stare at the food on the table
    Barf/throw up
    Steal my dads pillows
    Eat shampoo I definitely still don't do that
    Try to spell supercalifragelisticaxpialidocious you know from MaryPoppins

  • Ling Shiu
    Ling Shiu 9 hours ago +1

    When I was a baby I was watching hi five and eating poop

  • Hi Butt
    Hi Butt 10 hours ago

    Well the thing I did as a baby was climing out of my criv and trying to clime on things like a chur a bed in the car

  • Jakayla Belle
    Jakayla Belle 10 hours ago

    As a baby I just tortured my siblings
    Got my butt beat
    And annoyed my parents and the rest of my fam

  • Charli Rector
    Charli Rector 10 hours ago

    Shhoiooooot I was outside eating dirt😂

  • Carsdaman D
    Carsdaman D 11 hours ago

    I don’t really like my rolls Royce

  • Super sonic Flame channel

    What about 76 and Reyes

  • Alicen Banton
    Alicen Banton 14 hours ago

    I was eating sleeping pooping crying

  • the one who declares swish gods

    When i was 1 i fell asleep with a sock in my mouth

  • Mercy Montenegro
    Mercy Montenegro 14 hours ago

    it was them omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lee Noah
    Lee Noah 15 hours ago

    My daily life when I was a baby was screaming and crying

  • Jermail Trammell
    Jermail Trammell 15 hours ago

    I was slapping my enemies U_U

  • Zoe Bevans
    Zoe Bevans 16 hours ago

    OMG!!!! I KNEW THE BABY WAS THE SCARLET IN THE OTHER VIDEO. Like if you knew the baby was the winning baby too. Like if you love sssniperwolf soooooo much

  • Shawna McClure
    Shawna McClure 16 hours ago

    I was watching Elmo's world 😝pls like

  • Snowflake Gamer
    Snowflake Gamer 16 hours ago

    I only subbed for this lil nine year old boi
    (I'm not a hater, Sssniperwolf's awesome!)

  • Anna Sophia De La Hoz Pugliese

    When you realize that baby twins have a better live then you

  • erielle ortiz
    erielle ortiz 19 hours ago

    When I was one I didn't like all the baby talk and,and I was a big baby and I was kicking and throwing mmy self crying I was a big baby

  • Ummulkheir Somo
    Ummulkheir Somo 20 hours ago

    I was modelling and im still doing it

  • serenity white
    serenity white 21 hour ago

    When I was a baby i cried pooped peed slept ate drank my milk I was not winning no damn pageant

  • sarah elkassas
    sarah elkassas 21 hour ago

    When I was one I was talking

  • Tillie Diperna
    Tillie Diperna 21 hour ago +1

    Girl don't talk threw the hole video just shut up were not here here to hear you talk 24 7

  • Estefany Miranda
    Estefany Miranda 23 hours ago +1

    What I did when I was a baby was
    Cry a lot
    And ate


  • sara brace
    sara brace 23 hours ago

    i sleped

  • Sara Duckett
    Sara Duckett Day ago +2

    When I was a baby actually I was in a pagent and I won but now I'm gonna be in cheer for the hornets plz shout out plus my name is laila

  • Aryana Krachinski

    And paisley is my sisters name and she’s two

  • Aryana Krachinski

    Threw up open my brother when I was baby

  • Chloe Walter
    Chloe Walter Day ago +1

    (>🏹 nobody: M3: I have created the mothers of pagent queens

  • shrimptoastees
    shrimptoastees Day ago

    I was crying,

  • Galaxy gacha girl YouTuber 1o1

    When I was 1 I was well idk

  • Minecraft Xboxone

    When I was 1 I was a pathetic little baby

  • hearts loving
    hearts loving Day ago

    Flips and all those other things baby's do

  • Samantha McClure

    If I had that kinda money I'd spend it on horses ....... Really really fancy horses and a nice arena

  • Tennille Evans
    Tennille Evans Day ago +1

    4:50 they probably payed them to win

  • Sophia Evans
    Sophia Evans Day ago

    I did sit ups when I was 18 mounthes

  • Wolfie Lover
    Wolfie Lover Day ago +1

    Year old**

  • Wolfie Lover
    Wolfie Lover Day ago +1

    But the 9 y

  • Wolfie Lover
    Wolfie Lover Day ago +1

    Yikes. These peeps are strict o.o

    ACK ACK Day ago +1


  • Deja Mirage
    Deja Mirage Day ago +1

    Best western banquet hall😂☠️😂

  • Myles Ramos
    Myles Ramos Day ago +2

    i wanna ask you ssniperwolf why are you in a empty closet?? its kinda wierd

  • Ari Murray
    Ari Murray Day ago +1

    At age 2 i could get the past word on the computer

  • Chris McLean
    Chris McLean Day ago +2

    When I was a baby all I did was eat spaghetti bolognese and I was CHUBBY.

    RAVEN 1971 EDWARDS Day ago +1

    Twin mom why the long face 😂😂😂😂

    MR HD GAMER Day ago +1

    Hello sniper wolf and yes your my favorite TVclipr 😁👍

  • Artz
    Artz Day ago +1

    When I was a baby I existed.

  • Jaime Raymond
    Jaime Raymond Day ago +1


  • Elizabeth Winkler
    Elizabeth Winkler Day ago +1

    Who I was 1 I was sleep training.

  • Kawaiipotato Im not

    My mom:what u watchinnn
    Me: uh nothin
    My mom:sureeee
    My mom:ok ok
    Me:thank you
    Also me: turns on computer and watches again
    My mom: what you watchinn again
    Me:please just shut up

  • Peeps Rock
    Peeps Rock Day ago +1

    I love cookies
    • •

  • Gaming with Drew
    Gaming with Drew Day ago +2

    Ok if you have that much buy me a computer 🖥

  • Queen B
    Queen B Day ago +1

    I was in only a 3 pageants when I was a baby my mother has the pictures but she won't tell me which one because she thinks I will start acting like an butt so yea if u ask I won't know. Now I know why😂😁

  • Converse All Star
    Converse All Star Day ago +2

    When I was a baby
    Poop 💩
    Pee 💛
    Sleep 😴
    Ummmm poop 💩

  • Dominique games
    Dominique games Day ago +1

    My mom said I would sleep all day and then wake up at three in the morning to poop and drink milk then I she said I would always talk about bananas

  • Karen K59
    Karen K59 Day ago

    The twins grow up there going to be fighting over who wins because one is going to win and one is gonna lose time I want to see that happen