• Published on Sep 16, 2018
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    Starting college can be a very scary experience... So to surprise a new student who’s been kind to others in the process... We went around a University’s campus to find an unsuspecting stranger... to pimp out that person’s dorm room... here’s what happened.
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  • Justin Jairam
    Justin Jairam 2 hours ago

    “Meeting starts at 10pm and ends at 1am”. Yea she’s getting pledged the fuck out of lol

  • Jeremy Simpson
    Jeremy Simpson 5 hours ago

    It amazes me how many people just flat out ignore you.

  • Kelsey Loughlin
    Kelsey Loughlin 6 hours ago

    She is SO lucky

  • motomax
    motomax 10 hours ago

    i have just found your channel. im in love

  • Crazy Monkey
    Crazy Monkey 18 hours ago

    LoL she wearing a shirt saying KIND.

  • Zainn Alahmad
    Zainn Alahmad 3 days ago +1

    the only transformation video where i havent skipped to the reveal.

  • Churkendoose
    Churkendoose 3 days ago

    They have so much good karma built up

  • Inferno
    Inferno 6 days ago

    and i am here with my mold free corner that i payd for 100$ to get a guy in the shitty moldy corner , oh and we don't know if we got bugs because the rats probably eat them.

  • Mackenzie McQueen
    Mackenzie McQueen 6 days ago

    it made me cringe when they drilled into the wall knowing that those girls are gonna get charged for that.

  • fluffy water
    fluffy water 7 days ago

    what happens when summer starts, she’ll have to get rid or remove everything, rip her

  • Kelty
    Kelty 7 days ago +1

    Someone else notice the 12pm

  • Devon Hesano
    Devon Hesano 8 days ago

    0:51 damn she hot

  • kashifa khan
    kashifa khan 9 days ago

    You are kindest people I know, giving so much to others.....

    VsG BALLER 9 days ago

    You know she got robbed after this

  • L L
    L L 10 days ago

    Moral: always be kind and good things may happen :)

  • Deepak P
    Deepak P 11 days ago

    What's the music name at 13:00 ?

  • ಅಶ್ವಿನ್ Ashwin K V ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ

    4:35 nice to see an Indian (that "yadav" girl)

  • Hallie Lucille
    Hallie Lucille 13 days ago

    Little did she know they placed hidden cameras around the apartment streaming to their computer 😂

  • Diaycel Gabriel
    Diaycel Gabriel 14 days ago

    The editing remind me of Jimmy Neutron. HAHAHA

  • Ino145
    Ino145 14 days ago

    That girl with the blue shirt and black pants has a gorgeous face, like damn.. She's sexy! :3

  • heidi peach
    heidi peach 14 days ago

    My names is Heidi and that one man in the white shirt 👚 say my roomies Heidi!!

  • yuperpeng
    yuperpeng 19 days ago

    please keep doing what is right. i love you guys for your positive impact

  • abdikadir adan
    abdikadir adan 20 days ago

    What's the kindest thing a person has ever done to you ...
    2:14 , someone complemented my shoes the other day 😁😂

  • Shreshth Sharma
    Shreshth Sharma 20 days ago

    She's literally wearing a shirt that says kind lmao😂😅

  • Prateek Bajpai
    Prateek Bajpai 21 day ago

    What about the electricity bill though ?
    A typical Indian mind lmao

  • DmK !!
    DmK !! 22 days ago +1

    YES.. They bought her an alexaaaaa
    Alexa: beeeeep..... beeeep

  • Richard Gaming
    Richard Gaming 22 days ago

    yes theory never get dislikes well deserved

  • Dovy Wenick
    Dovy Wenick 22 days ago

    I dare you to get a known star and convince them to let you fly with them to anywhere in the world on their money!! No way you could do that!!!

  • The Asian Beast
    The Asian Beast 26 days ago


  • Lior shem
    Lior shem 26 days ago

    Can I get the playlist of songs for this video please?

  • Aaron Baker
    Aaron Baker 27 days ago +3

    that's a wrap put every thing we rented for this Video back in the truck

  • Lauren
    Lauren 29 days ago +4

    This girl is gonna get fined for the holes drilled in the wall😂

  • Victoria TEH
    Victoria TEH Month ago

    12:00 pm?

  • Gatcha Kay
    Gatcha Kay Month ago

    He says
    It’s 6:15
    But the clock on his phone says

  • nibba boi
    nibba boi Month ago

    College drop outs
    More like
    Ikea drop outs

  • Maddie Mueller
    Maddie Mueller Month ago

    0:15 we love a theta sister! TLAM! 💛🖤

  • lily c
    lily c Month ago

    honestly if you ever need your house to look better, just get fairy lights

  • andre orceo
    andre orceo Month ago

    Guy:What kind of meeting lasts until 1 a.m?
    Me:Doctor meetings, Business meetings and eve-Wait..Shes not a doctor nor is she a business woman😓Woops

  • wolf gamer
    wolf gamer Month ago

    it all started with Gucci belt buckle

  • purple dank
    purple dank Month ago

    i felt so good last time when i gave a guy my lunch and my wallet
    it felt nice

    after he put the knife down

  • Siddhant Nandwani
    Siddhant Nandwani Month ago

    as a minimalist, I’d hang myself after they leave me with this

  • Nick Steve The Gamer

    2:09 someone complimented my shoes

    *ZOOMS IN*

  • The Off Worlder
    The Off Worlder Month ago

    Imma b honest, a meeting lasting until 1 am sounds like sex😂

  • Syon Mallempati
    Syon Mallempati Month ago +2

    Not all TVcliprs can turn basic TVclip ideas into something meaningful. Like for this, you chose the someone who showed great kindness. Only special TVcliprs can do that.

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    Am i the only person worried about the fees for drilling into the walls?

  • jamarus jackson
    jamarus jackson Month ago

    Courtney had a dick appointment

  • MrSurprize360
    MrSurprize360 Month ago

    Her: yeah this is my room
    Yes theory: goes to wrong room and designs that
    All of them:come back and she says...
    Her: that isn’t my room it’s the one bellow it
    People who own the room that got pumped: wtf yesssss!!!!

  • BeachHair Vlogs
    BeachHair Vlogs Month ago

    did anyone else realize at 12:09 is says pm instead of am. No? Just me? Cool Cool

  • Leo
    Leo Month ago

    What Uni is this?

  • Angelica Rogero
    Angelica Rogero Month ago

    TD IS SO CUTE 😭❤

  • Hamfists Man
    Hamfists Man 2 months ago

    If someone cooks and brings me food they have a place in my heart forever. I will remember it when I'm 90.

  • Bubble Breeze
    Bubble Breeze 2 months ago

    *Shes Wearing A Shirt That Says Kind*

  • DoubleAce Gaming
    DoubleAce Gaming 2 months ago

    Ayo she cute as hell let me get her @ lol

  • Mathilde M
    Mathilde M 2 months ago

    Only by her t-shirt you could tell she was the nicest person on campus!!

  • Brodie Kiely
    Brodie Kiely 2 months ago


  • Zzz
    Zzz 2 months ago

    Did more harm than good with the drilling in the walls...inconsiderate :(

  • Magdalene Duah
    Magdalene Duah 2 months ago

    The RA in me is cringing at all these violations 😖 but this is very cute

  • All for one Upgraded
    All for one Upgraded 2 months ago +1

    Plot twist: They were the reason for she being so late. So that they can do the job

  • seated change
    seated change 2 months ago

    idk how they spend thousands of dollars they spend every episode

  • Pink Peach
    Pink Peach 2 months ago

    lol come do this to mine. six people cramped into a two room apartment with no couch of anything lol

  • Dorothy Mulo
    Dorothy Mulo 2 months ago

    You guys are probably the most thoughtful people I've ever seen. Incredible.

  • Jonathan S
    Jonathan S 2 months ago +5

    Most dorms don't allow you to drill into the walls.

  • Flotorious
    Flotorious 2 months ago

    You guys were on a time constraint and you bought IKEA furniture...LOL

  • michael sanka
    michael sanka 2 months ago

    So touching

  • Phc Savage
    Phc Savage 2 months ago

    I dm”d you in insta if you can check

  • isha ms
    isha ms 2 months ago

    this is awesome..💓

  • Carissa Iszkula
    Carissa Iszkula 2 months ago


  • Pernille Spitz
    Pernille Spitz 2 months ago

    Her shirt literally says kind

  • Nathanael Finlayson
    Nathanael Finlayson 2 months ago

    I remember when they didn't even have 1 million subs. They have definitely grew. Well deserved👌

  • JZJuggler
    JZJuggler 2 months ago

    12:03 anyone else notice a typo

  • Connor Carrillo
    Connor Carrillo 2 months ago

    when did yes theory become mr beast

  • Vanessa Valentina
    Vanessa Valentina 2 months ago

  • Lileh Grace
    Lileh Grace 2 months ago +1

    I remember watching pimp my ride,

  • Zk Cat
    Zk Cat 3 months ago +1

    *Would you like my adress?*

  • Alejandro Quiñonez
    Alejandro Quiñonez 3 months ago

    Anybody know the song that plays at 4:00

  • Burned Waffles
    Burned Waffles 3 months ago

    it's great how her shirt said "kind"

  • Deeptalk Dosis
    Deeptalk Dosis 3 months ago +1

    this is how karma works.
    I love this channel

  • Ryan Rhodes
    Ryan Rhodes 3 months ago

    I guess she didn’t watch that Drake and Josh episode where all their stuff was stolen from the people who pitched this same idea lmao

  • JokeR
    JokeR 3 months ago +1

    In the the thumbnail I thought she was a man😅

  • feroza ghiasy
    feroza ghiasy 3 months ago

    you should’ve done olivia jades-

  • Louise Robinson
    Louise Robinson 3 months ago

    How tf do you do those TRANSITIONS?!!! Ahhh

  • Louise Robinson
    Louise Robinson 3 months ago

    There’s your answer. The chicken came first

  • Jessica Paruka
    Jessica Paruka 3 months ago

    I also have a challenge for you guys. What if you guys come here in the Philippines and help 500 street people who are in need and I guess you guys might ignore this challenge. #sayyestheory

  • sehara S
    sehara S 3 months ago

    That short haired girl is vary pretty💇😉

  • Anime N' Games
    Anime N' Games 3 months ago

    For you, not done to you.

  • Aaron Feinstein
    Aaron Feinstein 3 months ago

    What campus is this

    JUPITER DRAWS 3 months ago +5

    Yes Theory: The only channel that is not clickbait

  • Luke Kellough
    Luke Kellough 3 months ago

    I love your transitions!

  • Forofs
    Forofs 3 months ago

    You don't have meatballs in Ikea?
    Sweden bois?

  • Michaela K
    Michaela K 3 months ago +1

    I was FEELING that montage! :D

  • Samastic 400
    Samastic 400 3 months ago

    Low key you could do this and jack everyone’s stuff

  • K K
    K K 3 months ago


  • Peter Tedeski
    Peter Tedeski 3 months ago +1

    2019 anyone?

  • Hugo Nongbri
    Hugo Nongbri 3 months ago

    So yes theory paid for all that stuff ??? 😂😅😆

  • Tee hee
    Tee hee 3 months ago

    Dumb ass it's 12 am at night not Pm

  • It’s Konishi
    It’s Konishi 3 months ago

    some of em are pranked in daily dropout

  • John Reeves
    John Reeves 3 months ago

    ayyyyyy its LMU

  • emilynatanova
    emilynatanova 3 months ago

    It said 12 PM instead of 12 AM at 12:02 smh

  • gabriel armenta
    gabriel armenta 3 months ago

    Who ever filmed and edited this video deserves a million dollars

  • Tutmyname YT
    Tutmyname YT 3 months ago

    Do more like tis