CHASED by CULT at Enchanted Forest | Cobb Estate

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Matt's Video With Us:
    Tonight we explored the haunted enchanted forest trail called Cobb Estate... TFIL and Dangmattsmith got chased out but wanted to return to investigate the paranormal side.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 36 834

  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby  3 months ago +7228

    Can we get this video to 70,000 LIKES?!?!
    Also, comment below if you saw matt's video with us! (link in description)

  • Oof_
    Oof_ 34 minutes ago +1

    is no one gonna talk about the end?
    Sam: Hopefully the sam and Colby 2.0 keeps coming!
    Colby: Oh ima keep coming
    me: -drools-

  • CousinsCJ
    CousinsCJ Hour ago +1

    No one:

    Absolutley no-one:

    Not a single soul on this earth:

    Me: Replays cute ass moments on Colby, and just '' crepply'' making me smile just of how adorable Colby is.

    (Me crying on the inside cuz u know u will never in 100 years have a chance with Colby)

  • Thatguyoverthere
    Thatguyoverthere Hour ago

    I really wanted Elton to say “winter is coming”

  • Alysia Juarez
    Alysia Juarez Hour ago

    Them: *they stand there*
    They get jumped

  • Kessu Maasikas
    Kessu Maasikas Hour ago

    Sam: “BOBBY HAIR”
    Me: “oh sammmm.....and then u say orchids are roses”

  • Gack Jeen
    Gack Jeen Hour ago

    why wouldnt you call police if something happening to people

  • Jessica Eubanks
    Jessica Eubanks Hour ago

    You just got chased why would u go back

  • Kessu Maasikas
    Kessu Maasikas Hour ago

    Pause the video and go to 12:22 and look at matts face
    Matt: “BOI IF U DONT-“

  • A B
    A B Hour ago

    ya Sam and Colby 3.0 sounds good

  • Kessu Maasikas
    Kessu Maasikas Hour ago

    Sam :”focus problems”
    Also Sam: *aggressively waves hand in front of the camera*
    Me: “smart”

  • Oakami the furry
    Oakami the furry Hour ago

    Sam: Are you ready for the scariest night of your life.
    Me:Oh you wait just wait!

  • Monkeyman is me
    Monkeyman is me Hour ago

    Guys keep making scary vids

  • Monkeyman is me
    Monkeyman is me Hour ago

    When you guys were running it was like forest gum

  • Swift
    Swift Hour ago

    Sounds like goofy from Mickey mouse when it says help me

  • Monkeyman is me
    Monkeyman is me Hour ago

    Yo the laughing was killer clowns 🤡

  • PetRockStudios
    PetRockStudios 2 hours ago

    I would of called the po-po after I left the first time

  • midnight_ wolf49565
    midnight_ wolf49565 2 hours ago

    Is it wierd that whenever I watch these types of videos, wierd stuff happen to me?

  • Maya Vu
    Maya Vu 2 hours ago

    Elton is my spirit animal lol

  • Average Anna
    Average Anna 2 hours ago

    We were house shopping and we went to this one house and i had a legit panic attack like i was crying my eyes out and couldn't breathe and it was scary af like the doors had locks on the outside but not on the inside of the door and there was holes in the floor and like blood on the floors and walls like i swear someone or people were tortured in there and it was in a rly nice neighborhood like it still creeps me tf out 😬😰😱 i had to go outside and i still couldn't stop freaking out like it was the worst feeling i have ever felt i haven't felt that scared/uncomfortable in my life like god it was actually horrifying. I could never do stuff like this like i would have a major panic attack and would prob be frozen with fear like ahhh

  • AlphaWolf
    AlphaWolf 2 hours ago

    I'm glad that you do this so I don't have to have a tombstone that says Chased by a cult and killed.

  • Rene Sanchez
    Rene Sanchez 2 hours ago

    I’m here from top 5s

  • #katsuki Bakugo
    #katsuki Bakugo 2 hours ago

    Camras have a tendency to go out of focus if there is a spirit near or on camera thats there so when your at places like that and the camera wont focus there might be a spirit near you guys

  • icxnic bae
    icxnic bae 2 hours ago


  • Jacob Poore
    Jacob Poore 3 hours ago

    When Jon snow and the boys hear white walkers 9:38

  • Maritina
    Maritina 3 hours ago +1

    (Tik Tok Gang +1)

  • Stexx
    Stexx 4 hours ago

    I would literally call 911 and help somebody probably

  • Addy Lols
    Addy Lols 4 hours ago

    Me when Sam said the obb estate: ITS FREE REAL ESTATE
    But poor matt
    ( T ~ T )

  • James Lian
    James Lian 4 hours ago

    Sam:there's a boby pin
    Me: 'runs' "you can die I wanna live!"

  • KSF FLow
    KSF FLow 5 hours ago

    Matt's face in 20:27😂😂

  • KSF FLow
    KSF FLow 5 hours ago +1

    You should get a pistol license and a carry license or what ever it is (I'm Irish) because you could actually get stabbed or something worse

  • Moro The Galaxy Fox
    Moro The Galaxy Fox 5 hours ago

    Dudes that was some scary stuff man qwq feels bad for y’all guys

  • Oliver
    Oliver 6 hours ago

    Elton looks like Jon Snow

  • Anna Trevino
    Anna Trevino 6 hours ago +1

    Maybe kkk means kool kids klub? Maybe they wanted to invite you in that group

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez 6 hours ago +1

    Top 5 anybody?

  • Gaven Delaney
    Gaven Delaney 6 hours ago

    This has incuraged my friend from the marine corps and explore this

  • Bloxburg Vlogs
    Bloxburg Vlogs 6 hours ago

    Dang Matt smith on his channel “white people always explore” Matt on this video exploring

  • JoonJinSugaHobiChimTaeKook

    I have a video idea: Find scary phone numbers, buy a burner phone and go somewhere far from your house, Like the woods or something and record yourselves calling them. I feel like it'd be cool and scary.

  • Ohsaint p
    Ohsaint p 7 hours ago

    This is the Haunted Forest in Altadena. Been there. Pretty creepy place. A few friends of ours, they saw a group of men dragging another man into the forest. And yes, many people say the kkk do rituals up there. One time, deep at night, we went in there and saw a bunch of lights shinning on the trees deep in the forest. First it was one, then another and another. And it’s said that those lights are from people that were killed.

  • Anna best huger Flores’s

    Bring a weapon and mask please it helps. Be safe

  • Gang Gang
    Gang Gang 7 hours ago

    Top 5 brought me here

  • Margarita Pena
    Margarita Pena 8 hours ago

    Me scarred

  • ツYUXMIE ツ
    ツYUXMIE ツ 8 hours ago

    At 7:57 and 7:58 did anyone hear that scream

  • MeatySmirk
    MeatySmirk 8 hours ago

    You're trespassing, that's why there's people yelling and chasing you with FLASHLIGHTS. Is everyone fucking brain dead these days?

    • Arctic Wolf
      Arctic Wolf 5 hours ago

      ok and why/who is there a person screaming "help me?" are YOU brain dead? I think so...

  • Nicole Banks
    Nicole Banks 9 hours ago

    Is it just me or Colby look piss when he felt that ( don't know his name ) guy messing with his ear

  • The mobile player
    The mobile player 9 hours ago

    Boy you better get tha outta hear

  • Steven Sandoval
    Steven Sandoval 9 hours ago

    So scary

  • Mr Gh0st m8
    Mr Gh0st m8 10 hours ago +1

    I thought Colby was gonna say "I'ma bang a fairy tonight, brother." since it's the Enchanted Forest ;)

  • legendary-_-26 0
    legendary-_-26 0 13 hours ago

    7:55 theres a scream

  • NinjaAssassin
    NinjaAssassin 13 hours ago +1

    Hey Sam
    You can’t be friends with Matt if u dunno his channels name
    It’s DangMattSmith
    You said MattDangSmith
    Unless it was a joke 😇😂😂

  • EmilyTurner
    EmilyTurner 14 hours ago

    0:58 the way sam said that was so cute and innocent 😂😘

  • Auagu lo
    Auagu lo 17 hours ago

    2:00 our uncle Elton just sitting there casually

  • Dylan Jackson
    Dylan Jackson 18 hours ago

    I bet in matt head see its true white people always be investigating

  • Xtina Kathryn Marquet
    Xtina Kathryn Marquet 18 hours ago

    I'm Such A Big Fan Of Yous Guys ..
    I'm a 100% a subscriber ..
    You dudes are soo awesome man. Keep it up ..

  • Alan Parks
    Alan Parks 18 hours ago

    This is how scary movies are made

  • Assasin flash
    Assasin flash 18 hours ago

    Idk about you but at the fork in the road i would of shut the light off and chose a path in order to loose them

  • Mark Frank lin
    Mark Frank lin 20 hours ago

    7:34 UMMMM DID anyone else heard the scream? If you cant put on headphones then turn it to full volume
    When you hear it its so scary
    Also to people who didint hear the noise in 9:10 it was distorted moaning then it screamed in a distorted voice “i see you”

  • Gacha Wilma
    Gacha Wilma 21 hour ago

    I wish it was called the enchanted Forest because legend had it there were unicorns and fairies there but a person can dream though....

    And there was Narnia....

  • chloe topp
    chloe topp 21 hour ago +2

    164k likes at the moment plus 1.
    Awesome videos guys

  • chloe topp
    chloe topp 21 hour ago +1

    You guys need to make more videos with Elton

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson 22 hours ago +2

    I wanted Matt to yell “Hey yo baby let me get yo numba!” 😂

  • Itz._.jermz !!
    Itz._.jermz !! 23 hours ago +2

    Matt-I got a baaaaad feeling about this
    Sam-Damn that was sexy

  • Marley OwO
    Marley OwO Day ago

    4:46 after listening to it like 10 times, I heard it.

    • MeatySmirk
      MeatySmirk 8 hours ago

      So you heard something after trying to hear something? K

  • Davaisha Lias
    Davaisha Lias Day ago

    They give me such bad anxiety but I love them 💞🤧

  • Marley OwO
    Marley OwO Day ago

    OMFG I watched the video, read the comments, went back and watched parts of it, took screenshots of it, and then I stood up and stretched and when I looked in the mirror on my wall 😂 my hair was a frizzy mess, my glasses were foggy and I was laying on my left hand 😂😂😂 it was so sweaty it looked like it had been underwater for like an hour 😂😂😂

  • Summer Patterson
    Summer Patterson Day ago +1

    You know like if they were trying to be found by cults and other bad people at night in a place like this it would be easy cause of the light on their camera and how much terrain it covers and also they all except elton look like teenagers so they look like easy targets

  • Susie Glasgow
    Susie Glasgow Day ago

    1:57 elton looks like the creepy gnome your grandma has in her backyard

  • Aidan Bastillo
    Aidan Bastillo Day ago

    i have some great ideas for merch, xplr cars, car stickers,and laptops

  • fortnite epic games

    What are KK

  • Angel Escobar
    Angel Escobar Day ago


  • Peachy moo
    Peachy moo Day ago

    uncle elton looks like a viking leader or a king

  • Anibal Roblero
    Anibal Roblero Day ago

    Sam not trying to die
    Colby LeTs KeEp WaLkiNg

  • Linett Vér
    Linett Vér Day ago

    When I saw the bobby pin and the glasses, I instantly thought a girl got raped or killed and I got really scared and I had a bad feeling.

  • julian edwards
    julian edwards Day ago

    yall put all your body wight in you running

  • Gacha Time!
    Gacha Time! Day ago

    ( --___-- ) YEET

  • Gacha Time!
    Gacha Time! Day ago


  • That was not funny, I did not like it. Lomeli

    I think that chanted forest sounds better

  • Tiger Daisy8
    Tiger Daisy8 Day ago

    “I had to carry your ass out of here”
    “No you didn’t! I was wearing skinny jeans “ -Matt 😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂

  • Na uen Kim
    Na uen Kim Day ago

    7:55 no one heard that scream? Even though I'm coming back here after they lost colby in thw forest

    • Na uen Kim
      Na uen Kim Day ago

      @Marley OwO to me I heard a field screaming like the one thats a bit farther into the video

    • Marley OwO
      Marley OwO Day ago

      No, but I heard a groan

  • Noah
    Noah Day ago

    Elton looks like he’s from game of thrones

  • Anastasia Karmishina

    He looks like John Snow

  • Slime&More 62
    Slime&More 62 Day ago

    Ummm a park near me is called cobb memorial park.... Is there a connection???? Plz halp!!!!

  • Ryan X
    Ryan X Day ago

    I heard the scream in the beginning

  • Yokasta Cedeno
    Yokasta Cedeno Day ago +2

    No i love colby

  • Yokasta Cedeno
    Yokasta Cedeno Day ago

    Colby sounds bettee

  • Ayshea Johnson
    Ayshea Johnson Day ago +5

    Matt:Who's gonna go down that scary alleyway first?

    Everyone:*Points at Matt* 😎😋

  • Kei Kei
    Kei Kei Day ago +1

    dang matt smith sent meh!can i have a shout out for matt?

  • Dante Hellsing
    Dante Hellsing Day ago

    Elton looks like a combination of batman and jon snow

  • mexicanrdumb
    mexicanrdumb Day ago

    That dude look like Jon snow

  • Darna Hayden
    Darna Hayden Day ago

    that's so scaryhats at

  • Thenewcohenforbes22 Forbes

    I love watching these videos there the best

  • Terri White
    Terri White Day ago


  • eddie fuifui
    eddie fuifui Day ago

    Man ya’ll talk too much and talk too damn loud, you can hardly hear shit. No wonder you guys were chased lol

  • Ashton Hitchens
    Ashton Hitchens Day ago

    the moment I hear someone yell "help me, or call 911" I'm calling the cops. Doesn't matter if someone is just possibly messing around. They should have tried calling the cops immediately on the first scream saying help me.

  • braden knox
    braden knox Day ago

    Get a gun next time


    0:55 okay when Sam was looking at Colby like that and making paws with his hoodie I UwU'd so hard 😭😚😚🤧

  • Luman
    Luman Day ago +1

    I’m not scared and it’s night

    KOTAGOCRZY Day ago


    KOTAGOCRZY Day ago

    Is anyone watching this at 9:00 pm in your room

    KOTAGOCRZY Day ago

    1 like can save these boys lives