CHASED by CULT at Enchanted Forest | Cobb Estate

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Matt's Video With Us:
    Tonight we explored the haunted enchanted forest trail called Cobb Estate... TFIL and Dangmattsmith got chased out but wanted to return to investigate the paranormal side.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 34 989

  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby  Month ago +6319

    Can we get this video to 70,000 LIKES?!?!
    Also, comment below if you saw matt's video with us! (link in description)

    • Christopher Farrington
      Christopher Farrington 3 days ago

      Sam and Colby my heats beating so hard

    • Audrey Franklin
      Audrey Franklin 13 days ago

      The fact that you guys did call 911 when that person screamed help me really pissed me off...

    • Poop Doody
      Poop Doody 27 days ago

      Ohh NOO......oh.....hi i'm new here 😅😅😅

    • Jasmine Morton
      Jasmine Morton 28 days ago +1

      +imbord sorry I don't on December 3rd I'll turn 13 and then I can have instergram but if your a pedo don't even try it!😈

    • wo lf
      wo lf 28 days ago +2

      O.m.g I was half way thru the video and my headphones started making static and creepy spirit like voices i tested it on another video and it did the same thing then I watched your video again without the head phones and it didnt make static I'm so creeped out right now because they were working perfectly before I watched this..😨
      I legit just threw my heads across the room...

  • Abigail Lent
    Abigail Lent 6 minutes ago +1

    I heard crying and now I'm dying


  • Brittany Miller
    Brittany Miller 34 minutes ago

    7:34 I heard that scream

  • Kelsey shreve
    Kelsey shreve 43 minutes ago

    Hey Sam and Colby this is Kelsey I was looking through top 5 and this video was on top 5 of you want to see the video look up top 5 video scary: scary people. Look that up please and thank ☺️ love you guys so much you guys make me smile every day ☺️

  • Bunny Cute fur
    Bunny Cute fur Hour ago

    The "woman" That screamed sounded like a immature boy mimicking a woman. As the boys were acting like high bamboos😂. Great video all together.

  • Dylan Rogers
    Dylan Rogers Hour ago

    woah so u like touching little boys??

  • hawksley norlander

    3:46 leads to everythin☠☠☠☠💀💀💀💀🎈

  • Nicole Briant
    Nicole Briant 4 hours ago

    no thanks!

  • Ok Bye
    Ok Bye 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Colby look like jughead..?

  • Yoshi Plus sushi
    Yoshi Plus sushi 4 hours ago


  • Catheryn 505
    Catheryn 505 4 hours ago

    DoNt Go aT NiGhT

  • Flash Assassin
    Flash Assassin 9 hours ago


    I know I'm free 5 hours a day lol

  • zombie gamer 27
    zombie gamer 27 10 hours ago

    Am i the only one who would bring a 44. Magnum

  • SL1CK 310
    SL1CK 310 10 hours ago

    Shit I would had scared them instead of letting them scare me 😇

  • A-rod88
    A-rod88 10 hours ago

    Who else is here from Nuke's Top 5?

  • Seong Cheonsa
    Seong Cheonsa 11 hours ago

    Theres something important that Elton didnt do with that robe,
    He didnt say the magic word.

    "I AM BATMAN!"

  • Gabbie Edits
    Gabbie Edits 11 hours ago

    Sam: Hopefully we find him

    Me: *OH HELL NAW*

  • Jonathan Ortiz
    Jonathan Ortiz 11 hours ago

    This feel fake specially that John snow looking guy

  • Lauren Lees
    Lauren Lees 11 hours ago

    Someone in there shouted "Bust down thotiana" 😂😂

  • Maura Harrisss
    Maura Harrisss 15 hours ago

    The guy with the big black cape looks like John snow from game of thrones

  • Shadow Mage
    Shadow Mage 15 hours ago

    I almost get the feeling that it was a bunch of drunk thrill seekers chasing you guys.

  • Alondra V
    Alondra V 15 hours ago +1


  • Kiara Lewis
    Kiara Lewis 15 hours ago

    Always gotta bring a black guy for comedic relief

  • Em_xo xo
    Em_xo xo 16 hours ago

    It's John Snowwwww

  • Alana Ewing
    Alana Ewing 16 hours ago +1

    the only thing scary in this video is elton's outfit

  • Jeremiah Morris
    Jeremiah Morris 16 hours ago

    Elton looks like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.

  • Anthony Toler
    Anthony Toler 16 hours ago

    Call the po po

  • Aliezah Juarez
    Aliezah Juarez 18 hours ago

    Not all stereotypes are for good information.

  • AgustD Empire
    AgustD Empire 18 hours ago

    Omg I love dangmattsmith 💜💜💜

  • Lani Vee
    Lani Vee 18 hours ago

    them: "ohhh no this is a really bad idea"
    also them: continues to go deeper into the forest

  • Mallory Kirkland
    Mallory Kirkland 18 hours ago

    guy laughs normally
    sam and colby editing: *dark laughter*

  • Kylie Whittle
    Kylie Whittle 18 hours ago

    Did anybody else hear faint screaming around 20:16?!?

  • Rex Gaming
    Rex Gaming 19 hours ago

    Why does the cult sound like there about to say we smell penny’s

  • Jeff Lynch
    Jeff Lynch 19 hours ago

    I blame the nargles

    If ur a potterhead u get it

  • Abbie Dawn
    Abbie Dawn 19 hours ago

    It didn’t even show the people even when he said “THEY ARE RIGHT THERE LOOK!” Now I could be wrong, but the way they acted through the video Is not that of a terrified person. Something bout this video is hella sketch

  • Megan Duval
    Megan Duval 19 hours ago

    13:46 bust down thotiana

  • sasuke uchiha
    sasuke uchiha 20 hours ago


  • Layla Kurdi
    Layla Kurdi 20 hours ago

    I give props to you guys

  • XxkierraxX Queenz
    XxkierraxX Queenz 20 hours ago

    Nigga y'all were 2 loud

  • JelizaRose H
    JelizaRose H 20 hours ago

    I think it was the people who has a house near the forest, who are known to chase people out the forest.

  • Sparky
    Sparky 20 hours ago

    get military grade night vision goggles for this shit

  • Kuro Kagamine
    Kuro Kagamine 20 hours ago

    I have the information for you I knew this story how the man died in the house and i no what was in the house before he died

  • Sparky
    Sparky 20 hours ago

    bro matts black why is he even running all he gotta do is just walk to the darkest part

  • Hailey McFall
    Hailey McFall 20 hours ago

    I meani don’t blame Elton bc if the girl sat Matt Sam and Cobby Elton could just squat down

  • itsjustpaipai 21
    itsjustpaipai 21 21 hour ago

    Get that outta here:Matt's quote

  • Zekroツ
    Zekroツ 21 hour ago

    Why do ghost stay in the forest when they want to leave?

  • Black Colonel Sanders
    Black Colonel Sanders 21 hour ago

    its that nigga tim tim and his girl Josefina I go their to smoke and I always see them kill people but I'm like whatever if they dont snitch on me smoking cause I'm under 21 then I wont snitch on them

  • Aaliyah Costa
    Aaliyah Costa 22 hours ago +2

    The only reason I know they survive is if they didn’t this vid wouldn’t be uploaded
    Is that how anyone else gets through the video?

  • GOJIFAN 64
    GOJIFAN 64 23 hours ago

    Whos here from Nukes Top 5?

  • Karlyn Meek
    Karlyn Meek 23 hours ago

    Why does Elton look like Jon Snow 😂😂😂
    20:03 listen close and you will hear a scream

  • datboii$avage666
    datboii$avage666 23 hours ago

    8:50 dangmattsmith is so traumatized lol

  • Jack boy boss
    Jack boy boss 23 hours ago

    Prank you friend saying meat them in the back and yell stuff

  • first love
    first love Day ago

    11:06. Knowing there is a cult chasing them n doing some funny random shit.

  • Nathanael Reynolds

    damn thats scary

  • keepinit shashel

    did we do what the viewers wanted thats my question, *do they want us to die?*

  • james bessinas
    james bessinas Day ago

    Going back are you kidding me wow you’re gonna die if you do I’m not telling my brother because he will be brokenhearted😔😔😔

  • wiredcheese17
    wiredcheese17 Day ago

    Why the fuck would you go BACK

  • james bessinas
    james bessinas Day ago

    It’s your chance to turn your ass around or just keep going if you keep going that that’s very dumb😅☹️🙁😕😐😔

  • Derrek Hixson
    Derrek Hixson Day ago

    He is bud wiser man

  • james bessinas
    james bessinas Day ago

    You gonna gonna die if I were there I would run for my life or I would probably die because I’m running alone☹️🙁😐😑

  • james bessinas
    james bessinas Day ago

    I don’t get it Black people always die first messed up😭😭😭😐😐😐

  • Sigurd. K
    Sigurd. K Day ago

    bust down thotiana

  • Katelynn Allen
    Katelynn Allen Day ago

    No don't who cares what people say

  • Flowing with Flo

    I’ve already watched this video lyk 17 times love you boys 💗💗💗

    RABINA AKTRE Day ago

    OMG 😨😨😱😱😱😱

  • Maria Jones
    Maria Jones Day ago

    When they are all silent and serious they turn the camera to the dude in the Cape and you just have to laugh.

  • Marlene González-Ruiz

    Ayyyy its Dang Matt Smith

  • Milla Leibbrandt
    Milla Leibbrandt Day ago +2

    Next time bring stuff what will protect you guys like a gun idk just bring something😵

  • Solaris Kasper
    Solaris Kasper Day ago +1

    dose any won know more about the screaming and stuff ?

  • heron man
    heron man Day ago

    I ferl like the dude who shouted "call 911" is from a different group to the crazy people.

  • Aliezah Juarez
    Aliezah Juarez Day ago

    Listen if y'all bring a weapon yes it would help you but it cannot save you forever. Your choices are to either run, hide, or die. Reality can be a horror game; though the ending is not too pretty.

  • angela goodbar
    angela goodbar Day ago +1

    I wanna see more of the black guy. Sorry to refer to him like that lol

  • tropics 33
    tropics 33 Day ago +1

    if I went to a place where it said CULTISTS and haunted shit I would bring a hatchet or a axe kitchen knife or something sharp......

  • Ur Dad
    Ur Dad Day ago

    I like that the thing that makes them run is some kid saying “bust down thotiana”

  • G Lo
    G Lo Day ago

    I'll be strap with a Machete lol Puerto Rican way 😆👍

  • Deimante Naudziute

    Like I don’t get it why r they ignoring her scream and are even going away??!

  • Storm CollecterXD
    Storm CollecterXD Day ago +1

    Me: Hi
    Person in black coat: ...
    Me: Bish this ain't Halloween
    Person in black coat: I'm Batman
    Me: ...
    Person in black coat: ...

  • Storm CollecterXD
    Storm CollecterXD Day ago +1

    At 2:05 NOOOO!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maya McCann
    Maya McCann Day ago

    okay but like what if that girl actually needed help ??? fr? who just leaves their glasses behind like that

    • Abbie Dawn
      Abbie Dawn 3 hours ago

      Right! They should’ve called the police. The guy even said “ CALL 911”

  • Ava universe
    Ava universe Day ago

    I think next time yall need to call the cops! Because if someone scream help me and maybe they did something satanic! The best thing would be TO F*CKING CALL THE COPS! So ur sure nothing happen! Dont wanna hate 👌👌🏼

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez Day ago

    12:19 me when I dont know what to do😂

  • Sasha715
    Sasha715 Day ago

    Did anyone else see the light orb things around 20:10 fly just above Colby's head?

    • Abbie Dawn
      Abbie Dawn 3 hours ago

      That was a flashlight idiot

  • corbin Ross
    corbin Ross Day ago

    its DangMattSmith not MattDangSmith

  • Ethan Morris
    Ethan Morris Day ago

    Is that Jon snow???

  • dj black cat
    dj black cat Day ago

    I am blind in my hearing is advanced I heard screams when you were silent also some gibberish that I could not understand

  • Olivia _moto
    Olivia _moto Day ago

    subscribe man if I was there with my friends n fam I bringing a gun, knives, salt, cross, iron anything really for self defense b/c they don't mess with mo like no way amigo

  • L Merrifield
    L Merrifield Day ago

    if yall are hearing bad sounding shit, and someone screams HELP ME and then CALL 911, CALL 911 YALL

  • Alexis Jaimes
    Alexis Jaimes Day ago +1

    8:00 min u here screams

  • Isaac ontiveros
    Isaac ontiveros Day ago

    Omg my fovorite you tuber 😄😀😃😊🤩😏

  • L Merrifield
    L Merrifield Day ago

    "Colby and Sam" sounds so cursed, uncle elton why

  • tayuyya uchiha
    tayuyya uchiha Day ago

    For everyone complaining about the sreams, put your self in their place at the yime im pretty sure you would have ran away to.

  • Eliza Kelley
    Eliza Kelley Day ago

    you guys are racest

  • Eliza Kelley
    Eliza Kelley Day ago

    inchanted sounds way more gooder.

  • CattLux
    CattLux Day ago

    Colby said in the second part, he watched this back and they're saying "Bust down Thotianna" and I'm trying to find it

  • Kaitlyn Horton
    Kaitlyn Horton Day ago

    i can’t take it seriously when elton looks like jon snow

  • Broken Heart
    Broken Heart Day ago

    How do you know if it sounds like someone's gitting killed

  • Broken Heart
    Broken Heart Day ago


  • Huntress Bolt
    Huntress Bolt Day ago

    I feel like all the ghost and shit are just like “fine they got arrested for us, let’s give em a show”

  • etref4200
    etref4200 Day ago

    On some real shit, if that was someone getting murdered... then how does this video stay on TVclip? I’m so confused with what TVclip allows on their platform like it’s completely random what they take down and leave up.

  • Geo
    Geo Day ago

    Half assed!!