FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back (Official Movie)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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  • Jacob Garcia
    Jacob Garcia 8 hours ago

    The only people who disliked this video are Flat-Earthers, people who prematurely misjudged the production, and people who did not finish it.

  • Jay S
    Jay S 8 hours ago

    This is almost as funny as when he pretended to get shot in the head in his hotel room. Hysterical.

  • Oscar Rosas
    Oscar Rosas 9 hours ago

    The earth is round. Mike did have a good point tho the reason we dont drive off of it is because what were driving on is flat like the road but that dosent mean the earth is flat it means there's flat things in the earth

  • ni aja
    ni aja 9 hours ago

    I have something to say if the earth is flat where the fuck is china damn it where is the core wouldn't the water be falling I have been around the world and back again I have not fell off yet soooo

  • Roblox Dominatr
    Roblox Dominatr 10 hours ago +1

    Me BrAiN

  • Adam Saleh
    Adam Saleh 11 hours ago

    How many globes does Logan have in his house

  • *TEST*
    *TEST* 11 hours ago

    OK I’m not that stupid the earth is not flat obviously it’s Square

  • Jacob Morga
    Jacob Morga 12 hours ago


  • Zuriel Rodríguez
    Zuriel Rodríguez 13 hours ago

    Bro if the earth if flat go to the end of the far right and prove it but you'll find out that you'll be back in America

  • sean_sxcks
    sean_sxcks 14 hours ago

    Do flat Earthers not know what gravity is😂😂

  • frstenpz
    frstenpz 17 hours ago

    The earth isn't real

  • Malikai Wright
    Malikai Wright 17 hours ago

    The earth is not flat bitches

  • Malikai Wright
    Malikai Wright 17 hours ago

    We're not flying off bc there is something called gravity. Gravity is here bc the cores energy is so fucking strong that we stay here

  • Soda
    Soda 18 hours ago

    Lmao nah

  • Tina Schunk
    Tina Schunk 20 hours ago

    Everyone knows you’re just doing this for scribers

  • Liam Ryan
    Liam Ryan 21 hour ago

    mike is the worst actor ever, ''the last thing he said is AAAAAHHHHH,and he was gone.''

  • chris 18
    chris 18 23 hours ago +1

    The earth is round because the north Paul is being replaced by maldives this is a big LIE

  • musaad mohd
    musaad mohd Day ago

    wow ksi really hit you that hard man

  • Sage Deeley
    Sage Deeley Day ago

    Wait if it’s flat does that mean if we keep digging down we’d just kinda fall into an abyss also are flat earthers brain dead or just doing it for the lols

  • Ben T.
    Ben T. Day ago +1


  • Cody the Bug
    Cody the Bug Day ago

    In remembrance of Petey

  • Big Mart09
    Big Mart09 Day ago

    "People around THE GLOB" WHAT

  • Walker Jackson
    Walker Jackson Day ago

    I think it’s just funny as hell how everyone takes you so seriously, but it’s so damn obviously you’re joking and and making fun of them at the same time

  • Conner Melton
    Conner Melton Day ago

    Robby looks like a crackhead who got beat with a hammer

  • César Belo
    César Belo Day ago

    Posso morrer! Ja vi de tudo! XDDD

  • Lunar
    Lunar Day ago +1

    12:36 is the stupidest explanation I've ever heard of

  • mick is awsome
    mick is awsome Day ago

    25:24. have you ever considered not loving him? hahahahahahahah (:

  • Niels De Vreugd
    Niels De Vreugd Day ago +1

    Why are there no pictures of 'the egde' ???
    Because its round

  • Justin Deemy
    Justin Deemy Day ago +1

    Mike- I’m not goin to be a kangaroo with my head stuck in the ground.
    Lol its a ostrich.

  • marley smith
    marley smith Day ago +1


  • luanna higgins
    luanna higgins Day ago

    am the car cannot fall off the earth because gravity exist and it holds things. Take for example Its like a magnet n if u pass it over a set of iron filing the filing would hold on to it no matter what size or what shape it is.

  • Val
    Val Day ago

    These people sound batshit crazy.

  • Camilo Vazquez
    Camilo Vazquez Day ago

    The guy that said about NASA and Disney.... Im done with people bro hahaha

  • Tracie Young
    Tracie Young Day ago +2

    “All I heard him say was aaaaahhhhhh” 😂😂😂

  • Pranay Jain
    Pranay Jain Day ago

    I thought you dropped out of engineering did'nt you thought about "universal law of gravitation"

  • Lee Chauke
    Lee Chauke Day ago

    I 'legit' am impressed by how he got the whole world to believe he was a flat-earther..... I bet youtubers around the "globe" feel like idiots..... Thank you Logan :)

  • Tyler Andaluz
    Tyler Andaluz 2 days ago

    Man 35:40 logan looked so uncomfortable

  • Jin Lin
    Jin Lin 2 days ago

    How is the asteroid able to make a flat planet if all of the planets are round. And also the core is the center of the earth and core is the gravity. So, the the gravity is pushing us to the core. But, there is a reaction force pushing us up and probably your friend died from the a cliff that was a deep.

  • Stephen Paddock
    Stephen Paddock 2 days ago +1

    I never followed Logan Paul until I saw this movie. This is fucking genius.

  • lordnever1
    lordnever1 2 days ago

    You are a piece of human garbage, a stain on humanity.

  • Chris Pham
    Chris Pham 2 days ago

    "you're a fucking idiot, Mike!"
    I died

  • Supreme Mo
    Supreme Mo 2 days ago +1

    Anyone watching after the fight?

  • Gavin Belk
    Gavin Belk 2 days ago +1

    Gravity helps cars stay on the road and if it was flat then why don't you just us all your money to go out in space and look at the earth what will you see think about it

  • Fred Cave
    Fred Cave 2 days ago

    i unsubscribed becuz logan is brianwash

    • Saucy London
      Saucy London 2 days ago

      I subbed after reading this comment

  • Ant O
    Ant O 2 days ago +2

    Dressed up just to take her to apple b's. True player 😂

  • Kristin Hawkins
    Kristin Hawkins 2 days ago

    is logan joking that hes a flat earther or am i just stupid

  • Meada
    Meada 2 days ago

    Flat feet Pete

  • Handsome Rizwan
    Handsome Rizwan 2 days ago

    The earth is round we dont fall off because theres a fucking core

  • Andrew Andrade
    Andrew Andrade 2 days ago

    who tf cares about the shape of our home

  • Tyler McDowell
    Tyler McDowell 2 days ago +1

    You’re stupid if you think the earth is flat and less it’s a joke

  • santos quintana
    santos quintana 2 days ago

    True or Falls it’s true

  • TP_ghost 24
    TP_ghost 24 2 days ago

    Me when I get exposed 33:10

  • Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler 2 days ago +3

    "Con"vention Center takes on a strange new meaning.

    • eim gei
      eim gei 8 hours ago

      @klerebuss how the hell is that ironic?

    • klerebuss
      klerebuss 9 hours ago +1

      @eim gei ironic

    • eim gei
      eim gei Day ago

      You're a fucking attention hog

  • Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler 2 days ago

    How many times have you seen a haunted/mystery movie where there a switch rigged to a book on a shelf and you pull on the book and the shelf moves aside to reveal a secret lair. So here he pulls of a book like its a switch except he just pulls the shelf over to reveal his secret shrine to flat earth. Its a tribute.

  • Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler 2 days ago +2

    Was that Pete or was that Del's "noooooooo"

  • Life Of Katelyn
    Life Of Katelyn 2 days ago

    There is gravity idiots! The earth is round! Look at the solar system🙄 go back to school

  • Ely Matteson
    Ely Matteson 2 days ago


  • EEKKK heheh
    EEKKK heheh 2 days ago +1

    Me now thinking the earth is flat🌎

  • Zek
    Zek 2 days ago


  • Ian Hammock
    Ian Hammock 2 days ago

    At 10:19, mike going "..ahhh..."😂😂😂