FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back (Official Movie)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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    What if I told you it was all a lie...
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Comments • 92 453

  • rgb1968 1968
    rgb1968 1968 Day ago

    Poor pete fell from the border.

  • Lucy Kirkham
    Lucy Kirkham Day ago

    The reason Y the car doesn’t fall off coz the world spins

  • Lucy Kirkham
    Lucy Kirkham Day ago +1

    The earth isn’t flat

  • hf jf
    hf jf Day ago

    Rip pete

  • Block
    Block Day ago

    i just farted and it stinks.

  • ThesuperGamer boy
    ThesuperGamer boy Day ago +2

    When people don’t know that gravity exist and there is something that is pulling as down

  • all music
    all music Day ago +1

    14:30 there is something called gravity

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani Day ago

      and there's something called "please watch the entire video before you assume something"~

  • Addison Gacha
    Addison Gacha Day ago

    Its true australia is a lie! (i am aussie dont come at me)

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani Day ago

      shut up faker~
      you are only an AI, stop pretending to be human~

  • Bugs Bunny
    Bugs Bunny Day ago


  • Bugs Bunny
    Bugs Bunny Day ago

    I love how he coincidentally records this stuff

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani Day ago

      do know that's documentary usually always record stuff 24/7 right?~

  • Andrew Ogonji
    Andrew Ogonji Day ago

    32:00 Jesus?

  • Martin Goff
    Martin Goff Day ago +1

    *Shane Dawson is shook*

  • The Spiderman team

    Is this real☹☹☹☹☹😦😦😦😦

  • Rose Carrière
    Rose Carrière Day ago

    And I thought he couldn't get dumber

  • CockSprocket
    CockSprocket Day ago

    Magic Happens at Applebees.

  • Erum Fatima
    Erum Fatima Day ago +1

    actually, all my minecraft bros know the Earth is a square so all u nonminecrafters are stupid

  • Moten Aaron
    Moten Aaron Day ago


  • Moten Aaron
    Moten Aaron Day ago


  • yolosolo ravioly

    Gets some help

  • El Loco
    El Loco Day ago

    74099 flat Earthers

  • Chrisogs
    Chrisogs Day ago

    Past : i hope there will be someone in the future will make a beautiful documentary about our wonderful earth.
    Now :
    Logan Paul : *hold my beer*

  • Christian Wenzel

    Then tell me why in tf, when you fly in an airplane... that you can fly over each side of the continent, leaving from east to west, in the same order? Over and over again. Instead of flying into outer space?

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani Day ago

      i don't know, you tell me~
      why are you even asking an obvious question in the first place~

  • Erez Porat
    Erez Porat Day ago

    Gravity draws objects toward the earth's liking, so when we travel, we are drawn to the core and so do not fall

  • Rainbow unicorn S

    I watched 1 video and lost 1000000000000 brain cells

  • mr croc films
    mr croc films Day ago

    If I was Logan I would say to mike have you ever heard of gravity

  • sub to PewDiePie

    It's called gravity idiot
    Do You even research
    K so a woman say
    ''why is the water is not falling down if it's not flat " idont know if this is what she say exactly but that's a stupid reason this is the reason

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani Day ago

      if you're trying to be hypocrit, i suggest don't, cause you'll look absolutely stupid

  • 0tel
    0tel Day ago


  • Squidgamer123
    Squidgamer123 Day ago

    The gravity pulls you down so it can be rounded

  • Jess Lewis
    Jess Lewis Day ago

    I fucking love this !! Brilliant work 👌😜

  • MrComfyAustralia

    what a dick

  • MoistyyMemez Ok
    MoistyyMemez Ok Day ago

    Imagine how stupid you would have to be to actually believe this

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani Day ago

      i would believe it~
      i mean, hypotetically if it's real, i can understand why paul think the earth doesn't exist~
      it's more of a psychology problem than science problem~

  • Mushroom Castle
    Mushroom Castle Day ago

    @13:00 NASA already got them

  • Mushroom Castle
    Mushroom Castle Day ago

    I was a rounder before 🤚

  • Charizarder
    Charizarder Day ago

    The end is Logan Paul that’s rabid

  • Charizarder
    Charizarder Day ago

    Mikes head looks like a flat earth

  • Harito anims
    Harito anims Day ago

    Is this a joke

  • Isaac Yeo
    Isaac Yeo Day ago


  • P&B Style
    P&B Style Day ago

    This dude is like Shane uncovering conspiracies!

  • cadence angelo
    cadence angelo Day ago

    two things first, if the earth is flat why is their bumps in it. second, is this suppose to be a skit and to be funny like is he going down in views or something.

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani Day ago

      two thing, first, why are you trying to sound like scorpius from HP:The cursed child?~
      second, watch the entire video and you'll understand~

  • Will Garvey
    Will Garvey 2 days ago

    I think I got cancer watching this

  • Mark, 109's
    Mark, 109's 2 days ago +1

    This guy is a moron !

  • martin James
    martin James 2 days ago

    This shit is so fake😂😂

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani Day ago

      by all mean, please explain~
      i would love to hear your concpiracy~

  • scrunchielover 238
    scrunchielover 238 2 days ago

    who cares

  • Ocean 44
    Ocean 44 2 days ago


  • Freddy
    Freddy 2 days ago

    oy flatearthers explain the timelapse at 33:12

  • Loozer Froot
    Loozer Froot 2 days ago

    bruh just appreciate the earth for what it is so what if it might be flat.i

  • Callum Young
    Callum Young 2 days ago

    I just love the fact that Logan puts on an accent for the whole last half of the documentary

  • Loozer Froot
    Loozer Froot 2 days ago

    mikes theory is wrong because the earth is so large that it may seem as if it is flat. though a car can drive on the earth because gravity pulls the car towards the street and a basketball bounces because also gravity pulls it down and it bounces back up. I am only 10 and I know this. if you still don't believe me ask google, Alexa, and Siri they will all say it is round

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani Day ago

      you ARE wrong, mike is never wrong~
      watch the entire video, mike proved it he isn't wrong~

  • What The Folgers
    What The Folgers 2 days ago +1

    Logan Paul can eat a dick in 1.6 seconds

  • Kallie May
    Kallie May 2 days ago

    soo...was this real, because i now accually yhink thet the earth is flat *.*

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani Day ago

      +sub to PewDiePie if you're trying to be smart, at least watch the entire video first~

    • sub to PewDiePie
      sub to PewDiePie Day ago

      No it's not this is a poor researchers trying to be stupid

  • Gus Decker
    Gus Decker 2 days ago

    The Earth is the round mike s a jerk and a bitch

  • lazyrmc
    lazyrmc 2 days ago

    I'm really impressed, great mockumentary

  • Mathis Laurent
    Mathis Laurent 2 days ago +1

    All of the setup is fake

  • SovietCookie [•-•]

    I tinck te erf iz a do nut....

  • GIGI Cat
    GIGI Cat 2 days ago +5

    wtf am i considering becoming a flat earther. lol

  • Colonel_Sanders 43
    Colonel_Sanders 43 2 days ago

    *sponsored by Applebee's*

  • ツPœms
    ツPœms 2 days ago

    14:27 fucking idiot ass kid

  • ツPœms
    ツPœms 2 days ago

    This is the biggest troll on the planet 😂

  • JammyMonkey
    JammyMonkey 2 days ago +8

    Being the smartest flat-earther is like being the tallest midget

  • Radio Operator Portable

    Flat earthers are in it for the money

  • Paige Harris
    Paige Harris 2 days ago

    Logan: "what shape is the earth?"
    Kid: "Flat"

  • Teemo Blast
    Teemo Blast 2 days ago

    Watch Lil Dicky “Earth” to see lol

  • Ewan Sexton
    Ewan Sexton 2 days ago

    It’s click bait

  • Ewan Sexton
    Ewan Sexton 2 days ago

    That’s why Isaac Nutrion came up with gravity

    • Re-Think
      Re-Think Day ago

      Ewan Sexton Newton didn’t come up with gravity. He discovered gravity.

  • Joseph barnes
    Joseph barnes 2 days ago

    Why is everything out in the solar system round but the earth is flat doesn’t make sense because the actors are crazy

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani Day ago

      +Joseph barnes good question, but do you know what's even better question?~
      why are you already assuming that before you watch the entire video?~

    • Joseph barnes
      Joseph barnes 2 days ago

      I meant flat earth

  • Joseph barnes
    Joseph barnes 2 days ago +1

    It’s called fucking gravity that keeps the water and us down

  • XmacyX 07
    XmacyX 07 2 days ago

    41:43 WHYYYYYY

  • XmacyX 07
    XmacyX 07 2 days ago

    Illuminati confirmed logan dont leave us stick with ur inner belief

  • Real World
    Real World 2 days ago

    9:04 I heard edge of the earth as engineers and was like wtf!!

  • siddharth kamuni
    siddharth kamuni 2 days ago +1

    If the earth is flat, then every country should get sunlight at the same time whereas we (as in the people of earth) have different sunrising time (eg: when in India there is morning at the same time America is having evening),according the flat earth theory the earth is flat and if so then the sun rise of each country should be the same which basically is not. So to all the people who believed that the earth is flat (including me before I did some research) Don't get confused, the earth is not flat. It is sphere in shape. And also I feel that many of u would believe the teacher's (who passed u) rather than Logan. I am a huge fan of Logan and I'm not disrespecting his movie, it's just facts that I'm talking about. Ok bye , please upload daily 🦜( hope that bird looks like maverick). Peace

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani Day ago

      i don't believe you are logan huge fan~
      if you are then you will watch the entire video~

  • Ibrahim Mirza
    Ibrahim Mirza 2 days ago

    So Logan u have a girlfriend

  • Flaming _Gaming
    Flaming _Gaming 2 days ago

    I have a question
    How can the earth be flat if the sun and the moon are in the same angle same size but what about the solar eclipse they would crash

  • Cult Leader
    Cult Leader 2 days ago

    Im so sory but i dont think any of these were funny

  • playerslayer91
    playerslayer91 2 days ago

    Lemars are native to the Island of Madagascar you idiot! This was funny though. I never thought I would watch 50 minutes of the logan paul and enjoy it.

  • Kraken 910
    Kraken 910 2 days ago

    You are literally using technology that the scientists who talk about gravity invented so do you believe in the flat earth or not

  • Kraken 910
    Kraken 910 2 days ago

    What would keep us down on the flat earth e.g. there must be a force to keep us down and what defines down on the flat earth if gravity doesn't exist.

  • Luke Power
    Luke Power 2 days ago

    At it again smash 👉👌

  • Melvin Yap
    Melvin Yap 2 days ago

    Definitely Concave, not flat!

  • JXgamer
    JXgamer 2 days ago


  • Audrey Echols
    Audrey Echols 2 days ago

    This is very cringey wtf

  • Katarina Popović
    Katarina Popović 2 days ago

    why do you have so many globes in your house lol

  • Britton Wooten
    Britton Wooten 2 days ago

    It's called artificial gravity when something spins so fast it starts pulling in like a blackhole but it goes fast like if u believe the same as me

  • Doctor Adam
    Doctor Adam 2 days ago

    Dayum, Ksi really hit him that hard huh.

  • Noel Mesfin
    Noel Mesfin 2 days ago

    Ksi punched you too hard

  • nathalia Araujo
    nathalia Araujo 2 days ago

    A terra é redonda sim se acha que não pq não entra para nasa e vai descobrir

  • Cody Renfroe
    Cody Renfroe 2 days ago

    37:23 best part

  • Cody Renfroe
    Cody Renfroe 2 days ago

    We shouldn't worry about if the Earth is flat or round we should say God is not real and if he is how was the milky way and all the other planets and stars was made 😒😒😒🙄

  • J.R. Productions
    J.R. Productions 2 days ago +1

    LP is a satanic puppet. All I know is: God will not be mocked. The Earth indeed is FLAT.

  • Peta Nomeata
    Peta Nomeata 2 days ago

    This made me mostly confused... so the girlfriend was an actress right and not a flat earther?

  • Dara Chhay
    Dara Chhay 2 days ago

    Who feel this is just an act

  • Deacon1411
    Deacon1411 2 days ago

    Man... Logan was a 10 out of 10 now he’s a 3 out of ten cause he thinks the earth is flat.
    We have photos of the earth that it is round and if a plane flys around the earth why dose it not go off this so called edge
    And dude I’m with Evan

  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter 2 days ago

    Anyone who thinks this is serious are as stupid as the flat earthers

  • Codswallop
    Codswallop 2 days ago

    I say the earth is a cube.

  • Mr. MSH MSH
    Mr. MSH MSH 2 days ago +1

    Who else is here after kong died

  • Durb Pizza
    Durb Pizza 2 days ago

    Tell you freind it is called gravitation...........

  • Paula Gower
    Paula Gower 2 days ago +1

    logan if you reach out to me please tell me if you think the earth is round or if it is flat

  • ceazar evangelista
    ceazar evangelista 2 days ago

    i felt an earthquaje while watching ths beacause my bed started swaying back and forth

  • Thanh Nguyenhuu
    Thanh Nguyenhuu 2 days ago


  • Maria O.
    Maria O. 2 days ago


  • Bader Abu Hajaj
    Bader Abu Hajaj 2 days ago

    The earth is a triangle like illuminate idiots so obviossss omfggg