Everything Wrong With My Tesla Model S (Part 2): More service and addressing the criticism

  • Published on Dec 9, 2017
  • It’s been a little over a month since I first uploaded part 1 which detailed my 6 service visits in 10 months and highlighted Tesla's build quality problems. So where are we now? I’ve had 2 more service appointments and have read thousands of comments about my prior video.
    I will go over my most recent service visits and outline all of the remaining problems with my Tesla. Are things going well? Stay tuned to find out! I will also make some corrections to the previous video and address some of the criticism I’ve received.
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  • Dan R
    Dan R 8 hours ago

    My 4 1/2 year old Honda Accord, 125,000 miles. Non scheduled repairs, one set of tires, one sun visor. Perfect paint and alignment, no squeaks or rattles.
    I think you wheel alignment issue is the body was made out of alignment and that would explain your trim alignment issue.
    Dude, I like your glasses!

  • badpizzadays
    badpizzadays 13 hours ago

    You live in Arizona so you probably haven't experienced the new H2O vs.1 feature, the Hyperleak, I'm sure you will find it refreshing during rainy season.

  • dosetti
    dosetti Day ago

    Liked this and part 1 too. Thanks for shearing! Would have done/demanded exactly the same.

  • Daniel Shara
    Daniel Shara 3 days ago

    Hey Elon are you Listening? Or are you too busy playing with your little rocket? Get your shit together on Earth first and only then play with space X after you resolve your problems in your car company. You're trying to do too many things at once

  • Daniel Shara
    Daniel Shara 3 days ago

    You are not too Picky ! You paid a lot of money for that car and it should be free of rattles free of squeaks free of trim pieces that don't fit properly and you shouldn't spend 20 trips to the dealer to get this sorted out all of this should've been done at the factory! I probably would've built a 10 foot high Lemon out of chicken wire and covered it in papier-mâché and placed it on top of a surf rack on my tesla S. And parked it in front of a different dealer each weekend until they gave me a new Tesla. You are weak and do not know how to protest Piss Poor workmanship! I expect it from your generation of "Girly Men" thank you for the informative video I will be purchasing a Tesla as soon as they get their shit together. I love 90% of everything tesla does it's the 10% that keeps me from buying a Tesla. I do not enjoy buying fossil fuel. But Tesla is forcing me into keeping my Mercedes 550 CLS until they can put out a decent product! If you factor in the high cost of insurance for owning an all aluminum car it's much cheaper to drive a Toyota Prius. Or a Lexus hybrid the offset of using fuel is still cheaper than paying high insurance.

  • Zar TheMad
    Zar TheMad 6 days ago

    Once federal and state law updates to tax EV's per milage.. EV owners are fucked.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 days ago

      Nearly all EV drivers I know are willing to pay road taxes in some form. We should probably raise the gas tax while we're at it too. It hasn't been raised here since 1991.

  • Adi -
    Adi - 6 days ago

    And OCD personality with flaky car, the nightmare combination! :)

  • Nikola Jovanovic
    Nikola Jovanovic 8 days ago

    Why both videos have so many dislikes like the guy was honest and those were real issues that should not appear on a new car and expensive one.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 days ago

      I somehow managed to anger Tesla fans and haters with these videos! At least they can bond over their mutual dislike of me.

  • Adrian Smith
    Adrian Smith 8 days ago +1

    Are those... Zoids??? You get mad props just for that

  • Shiner3lima
    Shiner3lima 11 days ago

    Dude, think I would avoid buying a Tesla, new or used. Anything mr musk is involved in ( sending cars into space ) is BS.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 6 days ago

      +Gur814 recreation of a 1940's experiment.. Hazah!!? O o

    • Gur814
      Gur814  10 days ago

      How was a successful rocket test BS?

  • Pete Miller
    Pete Miller 11 days ago

    Dude, this is not a negative video, it's truthful and objective. Kudos to you for having so much patience. Cheers.

  • Tofan
    Tofan 13 days ago

    I know this video is old but your feedback to me is flawed and unfair to Tesla for a variety of reasons. I understand the car costs a significant amount of money, but that is relatively unimportant as any new vehicle is going to have certain expectations regardless of cost. Most of your concerns seem to be "superficial" in that it is mostly latent rattles and sounds that not everybody can hear. I think the important thing that everybody needs to realize is that if this was a ICE vehicle, you just wouldn't hear these sounds unless they were very pronounced. A common comparison is when Ford released their new 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel engine back in 2011, it was much quieter than anything previously and there were numerous complaints about "new" sounds that were always there, but because of the loudness of previous engines, you just didn't hear it.
    It's awesome that you highlight certain issues that you faced and documented them for the general public, but I don't think your fair to Tesla in the fact that probably the majority of viewers DO NOT own a Tesla or never have rode in one and are watching with a ICE vehicle in mind. While these things CAN be problematic person to person, I just think we all should keep perspective especially when NOBODY has ever created all electric before on this scale and not have some strange factor to it. Thank you for the feedback.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  10 days ago

      My wife's Accord is quieter than the Tesla. My new Volt I bought is quieter than the Tesla even when the gas engine is running. The noises would still be a problem if this were an ICE. Most modern ICE vehicles are well insulated. Road noise is a far bigger factor than engine noise and the Tesla has more road noise than my other cars.

  • reynaldo perez
    reynaldo perez 13 days ago

    lol bro u gonna make people start noticing all these small flaws and imperfections in the gasoline cars... If you really wanted to spend that much on a vehicle you may as well have purchased a Bentley or rolls royce

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 days ago +1

      None of my recent gasoline cars had these sorts of problems and they were less than half the price. This is sadly a Tesla problem.

  • d B
    d B 14 days ago

    pro tip: use head phones when you drive or sit in any car or vehicle

    • d B
      d B 4 days ago

      +Gur814 the headphone for noise soo cant hear that noise in doors..... alsos post this on r/mildlyinfuriating

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 days ago


  • Paulius  Nekrasas
    Paulius Nekrasas 14 days ago

    Thank you for honest review

  • Kamil Tamiola
    Kamil Tamiola 21 day ago +1

    Awesome video. Thank you so much for your effort and time. I have watched both parts and in fact put on hold a purchase of Model S.

  • Godspeeds Spacebender
    Godspeeds Spacebender 24 days ago

    Totally agreed, your video provided a lot of answers to questions that I had. Quality control is a key component to providing assurance that the car is consumer worthy prior to finally sale and delivery to Tesla customers. I will give Tesla another two years prior to purchasing their Model S P100D to improve upon their Quality Assurance practices. I think also that some service centers are better than others. However, Customers who purchase new cars should not be burdened by issues this early after buying these problems.

  • Keith Adams
    Keith Adams 25 days ago

    No offense...but Tesla doesnt need you.. Its a shit car and your picky..not a good match

    • Keith Adams
      Keith Adams 25 days ago +1

      +Gur814 i think your right..their long term goals and solutions are very flawed..short term losses are covered by loans and stock sales. Robbing peter to pay pal is going to catch them..
      You looked at this as a customer buying a car.., thus held them accountable....thus caused them to lose money..i applaud you...Elon, not so much...haha

    • Gur814
      Gur814  25 days ago

      I gotcha. I was just being obnoxious. You're definitely right that they've lost money on me. I can see why getting rid of me might be the best short term strategy, but they should fix the problems at the source so they don't have to worry about this sort of thing in the future.
      They ended up buying the car back from me too so they lost even more money.

    • Keith Adams
      Keith Adams 25 days ago +1

      +Gur814 i wasnt bagging on you, but your 1 customer...in business sense...you have cost them way more then they made off you...so they would be happy if youd go away..

    • Gur814
      Gur814  25 days ago

      Tesla doesn't need a paying customer. I doubt that's a winning strategy.

  • AD T
    AD T 26 days ago +1

    This is a butthurt lesbian rant

    • AD T
      AD T 25 days ago

      +Gur814 ❤

    • Gur814
      Gur814  25 days ago +1

      Thanks, girl. You da best.

    • AD T
      AD T 25 days ago +1

      +Gur814 anything for you sister

    • Gur814
      Gur814  25 days ago

      This comment made me laugh. Thanks.

  • Lars Tony Hafner
    Lars Tony Hafner 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for sharing and well done humble video of your personal experience with the ownership of your car

    • Gur814
      Gur814  2 months ago

      Thanks for watching.

  • g naka
    g naka 2 months ago

    Are you driving this car off road? You would be much happier in a truck.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  2 months ago

      No, nearly all of my driving happens on regular roads.

  • neogator26
    neogator26 2 months ago

    Very well put together videos (1 and 2), I feel that you were being more informative than "bashing Tesla". I also got the impression that you have more of a concern for the companies quality you hope to help improve instead of a poor pitiful me attitude. I was a heavy diesel tech for the better part of a decade and I work on everything I own from my '49 to my '07 Chryslers to my lawn mower and my kids' go karts. I am also currently an aerospace engineering major so you could say I am mechanically inclined as well as have a minimum of a moderate level of intelligence. That being said the steering wheel issue, the rattles and fan squeak would drive me crazy. The dust in the interior was a grievous oversight in my opinion. Yes, all cars have issues but if a Chevy costs upwards close to six figures it would either be able to tow a house or be a Z06 Vette and I would bet a Corvette owner would not be nearly as calm as you. If I had to guess the issues not documented could be to preserve resale value should you later decide to trade the vehicle in. I can only assume when Tesla resells a vehicle a potential buyer can have access to all service records and six months of squeaks being addressed is not a selling point. I enjoyed your videos and they have not swayed me away from wanting to get a Tesla. When I get one I will take a closer look at the car on delivery however. I get the impression that Tesla is happily willing to address and attempt to fix every little thing you could find with the vehicle and that is a very good sign. I would like to point out that while squeaks and fitment issues are obviously a problem that needs to be addressed you don't sound like you have had any mechanical issues such as parts breaking or drive-train components coming loose and most importantly no software issues. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with you Model S. Don't worry about the overly critical nay-sayers, most of them don't look like they do or ever will own a Tesla. (I paused the video and read them) I very rarely subscribe to pages but I plan to watch more of your videos in the near future and if I see more of the same I likely will. Thanks again!

  • Ido Kerpel
    Ido Kerpel 2 months ago +1

    Good Video! I was very impressed with your well spokenness (if that is a word?) and laughed when i saw your funny bloopers at the end and concluded: Here's a normal man sharing real things about a good car to make it better! Well done! Still impressed :)

  • bionikball75
    bionikball75 2 months ago

    After hearing that thudding I’d pull over and check to see if Billy Batts was still alive.

  • MOWO
    MOWO 2 months ago +2

    Well, I can only say that I'm very impressed with your way of handling these problems. It's impossible to please the internet! You're doing great sir. "Thumps up emoji"

  • dalton knox
    dalton knox 2 months ago +1

    You have my sympathy. My old Supra developed a passenger B pillar rattle at 200,000m which couldn't be fixed, so I sold it. My partner's 328i developed a rattle in the headliner at 5,000m which was eventually fixed under warranty by removing the headliner and replacing a wire clip that had broken. Personally a rattle in a car drives me round the bend.

  • Calmer573
    Calmer573 2 months ago

    the tapping part was un bearable

  • Rambler Andy
    Rambler Andy 2 months ago +1

    You are a great customer for Tesla. Other manufacturers would have long lost interest and started to cut you adrift. But Tesla want to make their cars as great as possible, so you finding faults is all good.

  • DIOSpeedDemon
    DIOSpeedDemon 2 months ago

    Drive change in the company- no truer words ever said.

  • Terje Oseberg
    Terje Oseberg 2 months ago

    I definitely agree that they're wasting a ton of money on issues like yours. They need to focus on improving the quality. It's now been nearly a year since your video was released, so I'm wondering if they've made any progress?
    Most likely the Model 3 still has a lot of problems. It's still relatively new and they're still trying to improve the production rate. They're currently at around 27 to 28% gross margins for the Model S and X and around 24% gross margins on the Model 3. So if they could eliminate the costs of warranty repairs, they'll be making massive profits.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  2 months ago

      Sadly things didn't improve much. More and more small problems kept piling up. I ended up selling the car back to Tesla. They were generous with their offer and did so out of good will since my car didn't qualify for the lemon law. I almost bought a Model 3 but I borrowed one from a friend for a week and was unimpressed with the quality. It had many of the same issues that were present in my Model S.

      I ended up buying a Chevy Volt. It was fairly inexpensive and can handle road trips. 99% of my driving is electric only. Quality is decent but not great. It does have a few small problems but so far hasn't been nearly as troublesome as the Tesla. I would still like to own a Tesla at some point. I might check back in about 5 years to see where they're at.

  • Thomas Nyborg
    Thomas Nyborg 2 months ago +1

    Keep up the good work...I would like to buy a Model S,but its so many problems with them..I can,t take it in for service 3-4 times a year..And a Tesla without warrenty,is like Russian ruolette..Drive Unit 12.000$...door handle 1200$.windshield glass roof.3200$..Can be very expensive maintenance...

    • Gur814
      Gur814  2 months ago +1

      I agree with your trepidation. I do not want to own this car out of warranty. Hopefully they'll be more reliable in a few years.

  • Christian Libertarian
    Christian Libertarian 2 months ago

    I think you have found two categories of problem. One, of course, is the build quality. I have no doubt Tesla will improve, but for right now, it is an issue. Two, the more local service guys were clearly not as competent as the guys 1.5 hrs away. That is characteristic of a fast growing company, but it still needs to be addressed. Once you get sub-par people in place, it is the devil to get rid of them. Meanwhile, they make the company look bad, even though it is a local, not systemic, problem.

  • Peter Kingston
    Peter Kingston 2 months ago +1

    They should let you take the Roadster for a year before release, just so they get it right. ;)

  • War Angel
    War Angel 2 months ago

    you're very meticulous

  • Dr. Dunken
    Dr. Dunken 2 months ago

    I now know why they have postponed the space capsule manned trials now... You go first !!! No you go first !!! lol

  • Scrublord
    Scrublord 2 months ago +2

    complaining about rattles in $ 100,000 car is not being whiney... lol

  • svetlioi72
    svetlioi72 2 months ago

    I thing you Americans iPhone and tesla zombies to much overreacted about quality . That's way Chinas will whip your asses

    • Gur814
      Gur814  2 months ago

      So it's a bad thing to expect a high level of quality from expensive items? Weird take.

  • gmcjetpilot
    gmcjetpilot 2 months ago +1

    My used Nissan Leaf I bought is rock-solid with not one rattle. I paid 12 grand for a 2015 with 20 K miles on it a year ago. It runs perfect. Never buying Tesla.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  2 months ago

      I test drove the new Leaf and really liked it. They're great cars!

  • gmcjetpilot
    gmcjetpilot 2 months ago

    The problem With $75,000 cars is people expect perfection. Hyundai owner would not notice. Rich peoples problems.

    • gmcjetpilot
      gmcjetpilot 2 months ago

      Gur814 Yes Tesla are hand made and have QC issues, not just yours. I am sure you are justified. It would bother me. To be fair electric cars are quiet and any interior noise is obvious. with no engine or transmission noise. However Mercedes, Porsche and BMW also have poor consumer ratings and high warranty claims. Again pay $70K you expect perfection. I would. People who can buy a $70K car are more likely perfectionist? Maybe. German cars suffer from poor customer satisfaction and high maintenance cost as well. Like a Tesla when a Der Vonder German Auto is working well, it is a thing of beauty. When it rattles and breaks down, with $5K repair bill, it's despair (thinking of their Toyota Corolla they had in College was rattle and trouble free for 200K before they traded it in). I do think Tesla is over rated and so are German cars.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  2 months ago

      Or maybe Tesla just has bad build quality in general. My Honda didn't have these problems. I would have noticed.

  • imGlobL
    imGlobL 2 months ago

    What a lemon of a vehicle

  • costi mosti
    costi mosti 2 months ago

    Good job! You helped me decide. Thank you!

  • fat catt 39
    fat catt 39 2 months ago

    Omg is this common on all Tesla's?

  • DayInTheLife_ 70
    DayInTheLife_ 70 2 months ago

    While a new car like that shouldn't have those issues, to me they are extremely small and petty to be nagging them about aside from the panels lining up.

  • john hewitt
    john hewitt 3 months ago

    I had the same noise with my vauxhall insignia sounded like it was in the same area it turned out it was the front interior light assembly ratling but it sounded like it came from the side window area

  • Marc De Cock
    Marc De Cock 3 months ago

    Tesla will be bankrupt in 2019. You'll have a haunted car without anywhere to go with it... no more spare parts…

    • Marc De Cock
      Marc De Cock 2 months ago

      +Gur814 you can later blame me for jinxing it.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago

      I doubt it.

  • Wesley Groth
    Wesley Groth 3 months ago

    Chevy has the Bolt and volt.

  • Wesley Groth
    Wesley Groth 3 months ago

    Seeing the area around you brings back warm memories. I travel through Arizona yearly.

  • justCRAMeverything
    justCRAMeverything 3 months ago

    Your videos made me think twice from getting a CPO model S.. it scares me that you have all those problems in a brand new car..

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago +1

      They're not all as bad at this one. I know many happy owners. That said, almost everyone has some minor problems.
      I don't blame you for thinking twice though. I wouldn't buy another Tesla at the moment even if money wasn't a concern.

  • verve92
    verve92 3 months ago

    Anyone ever see movie The Gremlins? Not a hater when I say this is unacceptable for a $75k plus vehicle. What do they have a team of monkeys over there at the service spot? Poor f**k has to drive to Tempe?? This is like an MTV gag show. If Tesla were smart they'd give him a new Model S. The money the company has spent on this car would pay for it and then some. Tesla is still new and not in the position NOT to replace the car. For guys like me toying with giving up his 3 Series for a model S, this is not helping. Have there been recalls on this stuff?!!

  • franz stockmann
    franz stockmann 3 months ago

    For the price and with all the competition out there- it is unacceptable. I can only imagine the glitches the Power wall has.!

  • Doreen Spillman
    Doreen Spillman 3 months ago

    Put some music on as you drive!!! Imagine what noises the normal engine covers up . . . . .all of those components rubbing, vibrating etc!!

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago

      I usually do listen to music or podcasts. These rattles louder than the road noise and music.
      A normal engine in a comparable car wouldn't cover up anything. We also own an Accord and its engine is silent when not accelerating hard. The Accord is quieter inside than the Tesla because it has less road noise.

  • Dennis Fetters
    Dennis Fetters 3 months ago

    I think you did a good job! Sure, they are a new company and need time to make final adjustments for these small details. Look at Kia or Jap cars, first came out they were junk, but they learned from their mistakes and now some of the most reliable in the world. Tesla will survive and get their stuff together in time.

  • CLP
    CLP 3 months ago

    Well at least? if you decide to dump that car, the next person will have no idea how bad that is because Tesla will never let them see the service records for it.

  • Ihavenoidea
    Ihavenoidea 3 months ago

    Why the hell do u always notice somethingisnt fixed on the way back, and never drive straight back there and ask for a fix. I dont get that. You need to be a demanding customer and not a quiet email complaint guy who acts nice in person, if u want things done. Especially referring to the original video where this was the case repeatedly.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago

      It typically took them all day to work on my car. By the time I got the car back it was 6 or 7pm and they were done for the day.

  • Hellbent332
    Hellbent332 3 months ago

    Yes, I do find you picky in the beginning. But I'm sure other people would've have the same issue if it's not taken care of for the future models. I'm the type of guy that likes to wait for the next gen models so all the major issues are taken care of.

  • Tom
    Tom 3 months ago

    Thank you for such detailed information.

  • mike Wrangler
    mike Wrangler 3 months ago

    time to trade that car in and get a regular car

  • syngle playerrr
    syngle playerrr 3 months ago +1


  • Dave Pitsch
    Dave Pitsch 3 months ago

    What I will say is probably been said by thousands of other people... When people restore their older muscle cars... With new paint jobs and detailing will spend days weeks even months hell even years making it absolutely perfect... Why shouldn't your brand new car have the same standards? I would love to own a Tesla, I don't think I will ever have the money to do so as I'm just a poor Minnesotan living on disability.

    • Dave Pitsch
      Dave Pitsch 3 months ago +1

      I couldn't agree more :)

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago +1

      Same. They already make incredible cars now they just need to focus on perfecting them. I think they'll get there eventually.

    • Dave Pitsch
      Dave Pitsch 3 months ago +1

      +Gur814 I will always be a fan of Tesla... The idea behind the car, the engineering, the performance, The Styling... all they've got to do is get their quality control under check and they'll have a product everybody will want, even those with range anxiety.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago +1

      Agreed. I've had minor issues on every new car I've owned. Unfortunately the Tesla has more issue and all my other new cars combined by a factor of 5. I'm not sure how this is acceptable to some people.
      I'm a big fan of Tesla but they need to get this under control.

  • My Ohana
    My Ohana 3 months ago

    He comes across as an Apple user so he probably has very similar problems with their products not working properly but this is the cost you pay for wanting to be different .

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago

      Brand fanboys are weird...

  • cokeisbetter123
    cokeisbetter123 3 months ago

    You make intriguing videos.

  • Josif Vissarionovich
    Josif Vissarionovich 3 months ago

    Electric car problem. They are so quiet you can hear all sorts of stuff inside you would newer hear in combustion engine car. Play loud music while driving :-D

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago

      My apologies for missing the joke. I get so many comments from people who think covering up the noises with the radio is a legitimate solution that it's very hard to tell when someone is making a joke about it.

    • Josif Vissarionovich
      Josif Vissarionovich 3 months ago

      Yes ehm... That was obviously meant as a joke. Covering an issue is not a solution, i know that. I enjoyed the video. I wanted to be funny a bit. Well, mission failed.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago

      That's just not true. Our Accord is quieter than the Tesla when driving around. The engine is only audible when accelerating. Road noise plays a bigger role than engine noise.

  • Paul Niles
    Paul Niles 3 months ago

    Does anyone remember the great cars they built in the 1960s. If you took it back to the dealer for chicken shit complaints they would take off a fender, remove the muffler and spare tire. Pile the parts in the corner. Then tell you they found nothing wrong and you can have the car back in 3 or 4 weeks.

  • John Young
    John Young 3 months ago

    Model X for 6 months. Love and enjoy it. Forget about the quality. There are too many advantages on this car. With life time free super chargers around the world, 120K is really cheap.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago

      I hope you're being sarcastic.

  • Irate Beau
    Irate Beau 3 months ago

    the captions have fun with your outtakes at the end lol

  • ron rapuano
    ron rapuano 3 months ago +1

    I have a P100D for 9 months and have had my share of problems, but am not anxious to dump it
    Good presentations, I watched both and share a few minor problems. Keep up the good work

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago

      Thank you. I hope you continue to enjoy your Tesla and all the problems are fixed.

  • Iyke Gbench
    Iyke Gbench 3 months ago +2

    Just watched your video and i think it is an honest video documentary of your experience owning a Tesla Model S, A true Tesla fan would appreciate it. I don't own a Tesla but that won't stop me buying one.

  • marco polo
    marco polo 3 months ago

    Dude...you are a royal pain in the ass.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago

      Nah, not really. Tesla should just build a better car.

  • Michæl Alan Baker
    Michæl Alan Baker 3 months ago

    Glad most of your issues have been resolved. I’m curious if you experience “misophonia” (auditory annoyances) or “symmetry concerns” in other aspects of life?

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago

      Not really, no. I'm pretty laid back. Maybe more than the average person but on the bell curve of people annoyed by noises I'm unlikely to be near the top end.
      This Tesla is just so far out of whack that it makes a big impact.

  • Kevin W. Clark
    Kevin W. Clark 3 months ago

    If you let some of these things go then it could become a bigger issue down the road.

  • Kevin W. Clark
    Kevin W. Clark 3 months ago

    It sounds like a problem with the quality of manufacturing and their attention to details. It's your car though and it should live up to your standards.

  • Julian Pereira
    Julian Pereira 4 months ago

    I would say that when someone is on top, people wanna see them fall. Probably why we follow tabloid stories of various celebrities. Look at Tech companies... currently Apple is a giant that everyone seems to enjoy bashing on.
    Sometimes it is due to a petty reason; other times over legitimate concerns. Whatever the reason, it is most likely the reason why any kind of video with a negative title gains a huge following on youtube.. Its the human condition. We wanna see the giants fall.
    You were extremely right in the first video and you proved that no matter how bold the claims of a charismatic Elon Musk, Tesla is pretty much like any other auto manufacturer. I'm pretty sure that Tesla do not want any form of serious bad publicity so they will work hard to resolve most of your issues; if they can.
    Making sure that everything is mentioned on the service invoices; even if the issues were fixed. That way they cannot deny that such issues existed and suppose your video caused a huge negative public image of Tesla, you could've put yourself up for a lawsuit, especially if you talk about issues that aren't mentioned in any form of official documentation.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago

      Thank you. I agree. Negative news seems to get much more traction than positive news. People look for the negative story to confirm their own beliefs instead of trying to take the good with the bad.
      Tesla has stood by their product. They ended up buying the car back from me at a very fair price because they couldn't fix everything after several more months. I continued to have problems and eventually just asked for a buy back. They paid more than what I would have been able to get in a private party sale and the process was extremely simple. They did their best to make it right and I applaud them for that. I'll be making a follow-up soon detailing all of this. Odds are it won't get many views since it's not really a negative story.

  • Jonas Hansson
    Jonas Hansson 4 months ago +2

    I myself want a model X, not that i think i would ever afford one but maybe by the time i do maybe they have their materials in order

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 months ago +1

      The good thing about waiting to buy a Tesla is that their quality is always improving. In a few years they'll likely be pretty solid.

  • CanadianLoveKnot
    CanadianLoveKnot 4 months ago

    Depending on how many people are sitting in the car it can effect the rattle noises you hear.

  • CanadianLoveKnot
    CanadianLoveKnot 4 months ago

    I just imagine you driving the car with no music on, holding your breath, listening for a rattle.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago

      That's a weird thing to imagine. Maybe you should try to get to know someone before imagining negative things about them to fit your narrative and quick judgments.

  • Robert Bromley
    Robert Bromley 4 months ago

    Yes maybe you were renting revealing too much but when you spend that amount of money on a car on a guy that should be having somebody checking out every car before it leaves a factory I'd be pissed too if I was spending $200,000 or more her car and it having issues after issues after issues and he did say he would buy another one they just need to fix the problems which does Primus live in done before they even left the factory that's ridiculous to me that summons issued have been able to have been here yet out something is just a piece could have been made poorly somewhere else and you know things do happen but and no video does not screws me from buying a Tesla if I ever had the money

  • Colin Murphy
    Colin Murphy 4 months ago

    Glad you got most worked out, second center only had 2 appointments, Tesla's are super quite, every sound is amplified, however, you are helping with quality control, nothing wrong with trying for perfection or as Elon, I think would say, shoot for the stars.

  • Brian Dean
    Brian Dean 4 months ago

    if you guys had a motor, like a 6.4L Supercharged HEMi -- you'd never hear little tiny rattles.. also turn the radio on =) LOL on a serious note, very thorough video(s)

  • murdy1975
    murdy1975 4 months ago

    I doubt this car is new, probably second hand! Probly a rental!

  • murdy1975
    murdy1975 4 months ago

    Man, I think your too fussy, and who is to say if you treat your car well when you drive.. It seems overall your just bitching and bringing your car back for minor things.. why not just change car! I hear a lot of amazing reviews on Tesla cars..

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago

      I'm to say since I drive it. I treat my things well and have owned several cars. The Tesla is by far the worst built one.
      Most reviews only talk about the driving experience and design. Very few talk about long term reliability and build quality. If I ignored build quality I'd rate the car high too.

  • Darryl Bradshaw
    Darryl Bradshaw 4 months ago

    Liking the objectivity. (EV fanboy here)

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago

      Thank you, I appreciate that. I'm also an EV fanboy. I will never buy another combustion engine vehicle even though I've had some issues with my Tesla.

  • boomerhgt
    boomerhgt 4 months ago

    For fuck sake I couldn't be bothered with all this rattle shit life's too short

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago

      Life's too short to buy products that fall apart quickly.

  • Matt van den Ham
    Matt van den Ham 4 months ago

    Well the thing I've noticed about pt 1 and 2 of this videos is that you keep referring to the rattles and little annoying sounds. I think that you are much more aware and sensitive to these little rattles because standard gas engines cover these little noises and Tesla is extremely quiet in comparison. If you were to dull the engine noise and stereos in any gas car, you'd be a lot more sensitive to annoying rattles. Your complaints about the cosmetics falling apart and the touch screen are completely valid however and unacceptable for the price of the vehicle.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago

      The noises I've noticed in my Tesla would be easily noticed in the Accord or a comparable gas car. The Tesla has more road noise on poor roads than the Accord we own. The Tesla is quieter on smooth roads and when accelerating but the Accord wins on rough roads. Funnily enough, the rough roads are where most of the rattles happen so the Accord is usually quieter in situations where more rattles are likely to occur.
      I've always been fairly sensitive to this stuff. I like quality products and dozens of squeaks rattles cause a car to feel cheap and poorly constructed. It's an unfortunate flaw of an otherwise perfect car.

    • Matt van den Ham
      Matt van den Ham 4 months ago

      I'll take your word for it, but you have to admit the point about Tesla being ultra quiet and thus making you more sensitive to annoyances. I fully agree that it shouldn't have any rattles or weird sounds though. A Tesla is very pricey and should be delivered perfect. The dust on the interior is unacceptable for instance.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago +1

      My wife's Accord is nearly silent when not accelerating hard. Decent modern combustion engine cars are fairly well insulated and the engine noise is almost imperceptible. Her car has 2 very minor rattles under the same driving conditions as my Model S. My Model S had over 25 in the 2 years I've owned it. We bought her Accord 1 month before we bought my Tesla so it's a pretty even comparison of age and mileage. I might be able to hear them a tiny bit better in my car, but the Tesla is unfortunately aweful when compared directly to the Accord. The difference is night and day.

  • Leonard Ell-Bon
    Leonard Ell-Bon 4 months ago

    Instead of taking your car to Tesla mechanics, I suggest you take your head examined by a psychologist.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago

      Wow, great suggestion. Who would have thought that a psychologist could fix my car.

  • Gabriel Brown
    Gabriel Brown 4 months ago +1

    Jesus, so many fucking idiots in these comments! Nothing you complained about was unreasonable for such an expensive car, especially when many cheap cars have fewer issues!

  • Art Makepeace
    Art Makepeace 4 months ago

    Damn you are complaining about rattles ... I have a 1989 Mustang GT Convertible, a 2009 Mustang, and a 1997 F-150 and guess what .. they rattle all the time, but I love it!

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago +1

      Wow, it's almost as if those cars are pretty old. Of course older cars are going to rattle. It's inevitable on any car after many miles. It shouldn't happen on a brand new car a few weeks into ownership. No other car I've owned has been this bad.

  • *
    * 4 months ago

    I am so glad you were the experimental rate. For the reason of your videos, I WILL NOT be purchasing a Tesla ...THSNK YOU!

  • mart van der zwan
    mart van der zwan 4 months ago

    that road was like a dirt track...rough, they should probably use more rubber seals on trim on the interior. looks like you get use too fixing yourself one day.

  • HilaKleiner
    HilaKleiner 4 months ago

    Jesus christ, don't let this guy drive any sports car from the 90's Soft little hands and ears wouldn't be able to handle it.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago

      That's completely missing the point... This isn't a sports car from the 90's. It's a brand new $83,000 "premium" sedan.

  • Stalin
    Stalin 4 months ago

    Is that a Nexus 6p? You bought a Tesla and you still use the 6p?

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago

      Samsung's software has come a long way in recent years. While I love stock Android, I prefer the Note 8's software in many ways.

    • Stalin
      Stalin 4 months ago

      +Gur814 The unfortunate loss of stock Android. I'd have taken the poor battery.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago

      No need to get rid of a working phone.
      I did eventually upgrade to a Note 8 several months after this video once the 6P's battery started to give out.

  • Mazn Kuldinow
    Mazn Kuldinow 4 months ago

    Gets from A to B, safe, wroks like a charm. I don't fret little rattles because I know moving objects tend to rattle. CAll me when the battery falls out or the roof blows off.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago

      Cool, but the rattles aren't the only issue. I had the AC die on me about 7 months after I made this video. In Tucson during the summer that's an actual safety issue.
      Totalling all the issues up, I've had 49 different problems. 26 of those are rattles. That's not acceptable on any car.

  • I Trust in Jesus
    I Trust in Jesus 4 months ago

    Bravo! Excellent video, 👍🏼

  • AJ C
    AJ C 4 months ago

    We buy those cars in California to give Musk a chance, but when people get fed up with that, they will go back to buying German cars.

  • Luiz Figueiredo
    Luiz Figueiredo 4 months ago +1

    Man, they sold you a nice electric lemon.

  • getrealplease
    getrealplease 4 months ago +1

    No matter how good service is, This is a new car! NO new car should have all these problems.. Sure they are good at service... they have tons of practice. My new 2017 Toyota IM that cost 20,000 dollars that now has 30,000 miles of driving of tough driving, Rattles- ZERO, alignment issues- ZERO, Parts replaced- ZERO, Services outside of oil change, ZERO.. Buy a Toyota, or Honda.. They will last for ever, and good on gas and have hybrids..

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago

      I can't wait for Toyota or Honda to make a decent EV.

  • Verne Fits
    Verne Fits 4 months ago +1

    Good for you not settling for mediocrity

  • Matthew Sharpe
    Matthew Sharpe 4 months ago +1

    Everything you say is very rational and well thought out. Also, your Zoids are awesome.

  • j Money
    j Money 4 months ago

    I think the world of mr musk but I’m sticking with my Subaru

  • Bottom text
    Bottom text 4 months ago

    Don't listen to these hyper fan boys these are a bunch of sheeple that probably haven't even seen one in real life

  • Micah theOkie
    Micah theOkie 4 months ago

    Tesla changed his tone after the first video. Hope you got paid and not strong armed

    • Micah theOkie
      Micah theOkie 4 months ago

      +Gur814 what a fast response! I applaud your patience given all of the service visits. It's hard to discount the time spent on all of the service. The warranty may cover repairs, but you still had to spend a lot of time dealing with these issues. I'm glad you still find joy in your car. Bless up!

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 months ago +1

      Neither. I was feeling pretty good because they were working hard to fix the remaining issues. At that time it seemed like everything would be worked out.
      Unfortunately that never came to pass. I'll be working on part 3 soon... I also am generally optimistic towards the company despite the bad quality. I didn't feel that came across well enough in the first video so I added a bit more of that to this one.