How to COUNTER Junglers Who Start BLUE BUFF

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • COUNTER The Enemy When They Start BLUE BUFF!
    Jungle Guide Description:
    Today we'll be showing you the best jungle path to counter the answer to the meta route we showed you in the previous video. These guides are designed to keep you up to date with the best jungle paths so you're always ahead of the meta in League of Legends.

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  • Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides

    YOU THUMBS'D UP AND WE DELIVERED! Now you can COUNTER THE COUNTER! Go slay those silly blue buff starting junglers my friends

    • council estate of mind
      council estate of mind 4 months ago +1

      what if the enemy start red ????

    • Alex Drache
      Alex Drache 5 months ago

      @Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides @ 9:30 you say u full cleared, kindred took ur Raptors tho did u overlook that or forgot to mention maybe?

    • Beo Deo^^
      Beo Deo^^ 5 months ago

      To Counter the Counter of the Counter would probably be. red, scuttle, midgank, otherscuttle, blueside clear???

    • Joshua Pineda
      Joshua Pineda 5 months ago

      Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides now I’m genuinely curious. How do we go about countering this route? Or what about people starting the same buff as you like red vs red and blue vs blue? It negates the cheese and also opens up either a stalemate or a fight for the other crabs.

    • Shrooblord
      Shrooblord 5 months ago +1

      The final cheese strat was hilarious, but I would've liked a comparison view of Evelyn or Kindred to see how they were doing in the meantime. Might really help sell just how must advantage you were starting to leverage against them.

  • Hermógenes Lúcio Borali

    This is not accurate anymore because of 2.25min respawn crab

  • kovo proxy
    kovo proxy 3 months ago

    Which Patch is This? :D

  • Kim Carlo Arrevado
    Kim Carlo Arrevado 4 months ago

    I think Tryndamere would do good in this route

  • Jean Ibrahim
    Jean Ibrahim 4 months ago

    is this video relevant in patch 9.10?

  • sasy
    sasy 4 months ago

    Just wanted to point out that you probably wouldn't have gone for Kindreds Krugs if Darius wasnt' pushed up and he could follow up on Vlad leaving lane easier.

  • nyimbo ya haki
    nyimbo ya haki 4 months ago

    How do you get wards in both those places ? The ramp and pixel brush bot side

    • Filip Mirjanic
      Filip Mirjanic 4 months ago +1

      People in high elo ward pixel brush bot and top for jungler,in low elo they don't understand the important of wards so you need to ask it or to ward yourself.

  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 4 months ago

    Never had a bot lane ward the blue buff before. How do you get them to do that? They always ward river and tribush.

  • Brennan Georges
    Brennan Georges 4 months ago

    What if they take red, and go straight to scuttle? And you both started on the same side?

  • Pablo Guimera
    Pablo Guimera 4 months ago

    I get all inspired by these videos but then when I want to apply the theory that you show us to the game some unspected variabilities appears into my games, like afks and trolls because they got ganked once and died and they wanna ff at 15... but still good videos, maybe someday we will have a community to actually enjoy this way to play league of legends.

  • Calm Sea
    Calm Sea 4 months ago

    If you're starting blue, how do you counter the red to red strat ?

    • zonkeymaker
      zonkeymaker 4 months ago

      Calm Sea ward and collapse with mid i think

  • Chaos Sorcerer
    Chaos Sorcerer 4 months ago

    If the enemy wards the top pixel brush, they will see you are level 2 invading their red. I guess it could work if you are stronger in the 1v1 and have lane priority, but it seems rather risky if you don't have those things.

  • Jimmy Dedeurwaerder
    Jimmy Dedeurwaerder 4 months ago

    Hi Guys! I love what you're doing. It helped me a lot to climb. I would like to share it with my friends but they don't speak english. Did you think about a partnership to translate your videos so you can have more views ? (like french, spanish, dutch, korean, chinese ...)

  • pisonet heroes
    pisonet heroes 4 months ago

    But here in philipine they start in blue then you direct go to the red buff

  • HHumbIe .H.
    HHumbIe .H. 5 months ago

    That was that strat ive been using ever since bronze

  • TyPhoon
    TyPhoon 5 months ago

    When you miss Garen off of the Junglers able to Raptors lvl 2.

  • Sogari
    Sogari 5 months ago

    this exp leech is absolute cancer in soloQ. Most of the time you end up with nothing but lv3 96% exp when the enemy laner is lv4. Stop cucking your assassins by running over their lane.

  • Rengar The Hunter
    Rengar The Hunter 5 months ago

    I prefer killing red and then 3 small raptors and then kill top side skuttle and then steal enemy's red

  • tuss oyat dyan
    tuss oyat dyan 5 months ago +1


  • Marin Shishkov
    Marin Shishkov 5 months ago

    Thanks man I think I'm getting up to this

  • Tamer
    Tamer 5 months ago

    I'm not a fan of this route. As a cheesy jungler I like doing my best to secure both scuttles in my route. That's why i prefer Red to early gank bot or top so they get the priority so they can help me get the first scuttle, to 2nd scuttle, to ennemy red with my lvl 3 lead. This is the best route to counter the Blue buff route in my opinion if u pick a jungler with cc.

  • LL Meliodas
    LL Meliodas 5 months ago

    Thx so much mate , hi and respect from Romania

  • Sir Red
    Sir Red 5 months ago

    I tent to start top side when on blue, invade Raptors, warding the Bush then stealing red into skuttle

  • EASY
    EASY 5 months ago +3

    I am curious, since their Jungler starts Blue, and is saving his smite, aka not smiting gromp, isn't it simpler to go straight to their jungle from your red and kill them or forcing them to flash while also smiting their gromp. it's a bit risky, but there was not a single time i didn't take at first blood of forced a flash. Not every jungler can do it, but junglers like Lee, Kha, Jarvan, Graves, Jax, even Xin if played properly can do that efficiently. Tell me what are you thinking about this, please, i'm curious.

    • byAvaaR
      byAvaaR 5 months ago

      if you start red you can only go straight to their gromp without getting vision on you towards bot tribush or dragon/baron pit. The thing is going around dragon/baron pit will slow you down to the point where you wont be able to steal gromp in time. You could try this only on champions that are able to go over dragonpit without being on cooldowns that would enable them the kill. Of course if you are the stronger duellist this can work. But considering that you are really deep in enemy jungle take care about enemy roams and your lanes priorities. Dont do it without any priority. Also i wouldnt recommend taking such risks. Always going for the smarter play is the go to rule.

  • Menhera Chan
    Menhera Chan 5 months ago +60

    After watching ten guides I feel like im playing chess now

  • in the internet som1
    in the internet som1 5 months ago

    im a fiddle jgl otp its kinda hard for me to do crabs without smite dunno how i should path

  • oNixsii
    oNixsii 5 months ago +1

    by the time i would reach the enemys red buff my top and bot would have died 2 times and my mid is asking for a gank

    • Dov
      Dov 5 months ago

      oNixsii Yes and they never ward.

  • KingStylish
    KingStylish 5 months ago +8

    But the Problem is If your Teammate not using the MAP
    and Wards

    • eduardo espinosa
      eduardo espinosa 4 months ago

      I think it will effectively done with high elo players

  • Neopabo
    Neopabo 5 months ago

    One other counter that hasn't been talked about is the infamous smite support trick (usually with spellbook). By having the support smite the buff during leasch, the clear becomes much faster, giving the advantage to the jungler

  • Deft Pla
    Deft Pla 5 months ago

    The thing is that the last route is very dangerous as usually top river pixel bush is warded, you will get collapse if your top and mid lack lane priority.

  • Fatur Rahman
    Fatur Rahman 5 months ago +3

    When you go red to red, the pixel bush ward will spot you. Ward time is a minute. The mid laner set ward on pixel bush in 1:20.

    • Jessé Monteiro
      Jessé Monteiro 4 months ago

      And that is the reason he said that red to red route can be used just in low mmr games. Do you think bronze-gold players wards pixel brush in 1:20? Even platinum players dont do that.

    • Neo
      Neo 5 months ago

      Another option is playing a jungler with a wall jump like kindred/kha to get over the pit

    • EASY
      EASY 5 months ago

      If your laner has a lane priority and has pushed the wave all the way, you can try to sneak through mid and avoid the pixel bush, but yeah, from what he was doing, he would be spotted.

  • LordHeskYT
    LordHeskYT 5 months ago

    Ofc you won"t see Evelynn coz she's invisible

  • Jan Shroogle
    Jan Shroogle 5 months ago

    Why does the third one work? It shouldnt... whenever you cross top scuttler you are seen by the pixelbush ward. Then the enemy jungler can counterjungle you and you are in trouble cause of the enemy laners moving to you? I am in gold in there is a pixelbush ward every single game if u think "oh in low elo there is no ward".. So please explain why this should work.

  • TJBeastboy
    TJBeastboy 5 months ago

    Yo guys, i cant visit ur site anymore. Theres a error message, that the backend is unavaible--

  • Kevin Surjanto
    Kevin Surjanto 5 months ago

    Vids like this is always questionable to follow in low elo like gold and silver cause people don't even know optimal ways of doing things. In this specific example most low elo junglers still just go buff to buff to scuttle or at least buff to far scuttle to buff. People still value early double buffs a lot in low elo so trying that cheese strat might just put you behind further if you're spotted out.

  • Furude Hanyuu LAS
    Furude Hanyuu LAS 5 months ago

    Please how to play Vayne vs Draven in bottom lane without getting carried by the support!

    • Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down
      Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down 4 months ago

      Draven early game, Vayne late game you know you can't do much against this lane other than play passively freezing and waiting for your jungler. There is no way a Vayne can beat Draven early game unless draven is mentally retarded.

  • Abhorrent Messenger
    Abhorrent Messenger 5 months ago

    This is actually so good for learning the JG role, I'm picking it up for kindred and nunu and this route is so useful for Kindred.

  • lil zero two
    lil zero two 5 months ago

    My fav rout is red to red it works alot since im a lee sin i can check the enemy red just by q so if the red isnt up i go for crab

  • Chibi Zazomy
    Chibi Zazomy 5 months ago

    Perfect video, one thing I need to note is that Blue, Gromp, Scuttle route is very common in the META so always ward the pixel brush on the Mid.

  • Bob Ster
    Bob Ster 5 months ago

    Hey guys, really love your videos, but could u make some support based videos please because I feel useless without good teammates. And as a support main I want to be able to carry even though my team is inting.

  • Jerome
    Jerome 5 months ago

    if i’m bot side map i always red -> wolves -> top scuttle -> blue buff and gank top, if i start top side i do blue buff -> wolves -> top scuttle -> red buff. anyone know whether this route is good ? i’m plat 2 and have always used this route when i play jungle

  • Szulca
    Szulca 5 months ago

    Kindred are a champion that contains lamb and wolf. Calling them as a woman is mistake.

  • FrYiLo 11-0-11
    FrYiLo 11-0-11 5 months ago

    3 months later : How to counter the counter counter route with the counter counter counter route of the counter counter counter counter route of the counter route of the counter counter counter counter countert34urh34uch34 route

  • Ice Wind
    Ice Wind 5 months ago

    For the route that steals their red, won't you be spotted most of the time by the pixel brush ward?

    • Joseph Burdin
      Joseph Burdin 5 months ago

      He's smurfing in low elo, they probably don't ward the pixel brush.

  • Benjamin McDonald
    Benjamin McDonald 5 months ago

    Step 1: Pros develop cheese route (red into krugs)
    Step 2: Pros develop counter to cheese route (blue->gromp->scuttle)
    Step 3: Pros "counter the counter" by just going back to the old school meta of hard clearing your own jungle.

  • Proxy Singed
    Proxy Singed 5 months ago

    Jungle video jungle video jungle video mid lane video jungle video jungle video jungle video ............................

  • Thom G
    Thom G 5 months ago

    Usually in my games, when I take 3 camps+ from the enemy jungler, my top/bot decides they need to give back some gold and dies to a gank. What do? ;)

  • A Rob
    A Rob 5 months ago

    My favorite route with Shyvana when playing from bottom base (reju bead and talisman): start at enemy red buff, take all but one raptor, take top scuttle. Start full clearing from my blue buff down to krugs. If situation is right take enemy krugs early too.

  • Seb16120
    Seb16120 5 months ago +2

    do red - red only against weak early jgl and weak early mid. (or your mid has the pressure)

  • ado7e
    ado7e 5 months ago +1

    well... they could always have warded upper pixel brush or entrance to their red from upper pixel brush :P

  • alexis gascon
    alexis gascon 5 months ago

    just wow.

  • Jh Hj
    Jh Hj 5 months ago

    stop uploading these vids

  • GameBros
    GameBros 5 months ago

    Idk what you mean at 5:57.Lee sin is a great char for early raptors. Even on worlds Lee sins solo started raptors back then as it was meta. With mechete and W start.

  • Austin Hoover
    Austin Hoover 5 months ago

    Please explain why you emphasize so much on a cheese route that is so easily countered by warding the pixel brush in river like you guys encourage in every video???

  • Korner555
    Korner555 5 months ago

    and how to counter this? Do the red into krugs.

  • Jose Brazil
    Jose Brazil 5 months ago

    Help! What if I play Lee, get W level 1 then E level 2 To raptors? Is that doable or is getting Q lvl2 straight to top scuttle much more worth?

  • Jaye Tan
    Jaye Tan 5 months ago

    I have a question, what if I'm a jungle that starts talismen and have AOE, is it still good if i use the 3rd route and steal their red?

    4THE SNACC 5 months ago

    Yup well you earned my sub

  • Huggify
    Huggify 5 months ago

    This was helpful thanks, i rely on my instinct when i play jungle so im not that good nor i suck the cheesy way is interesting since it puts the enemy junglers too much disadvantage but some junglers take one buff to another and not killing monsters camps then they gank lanes how to counter that

  • DoubleDi Gaming
    DoubleDi Gaming 5 months ago +1

    Dear Skill Capped. Thank you a lot for sharing such advanced techniques for free. I have used what I have learned from this video on my main account. It really helped me win my promos to Diamond I. I will post a video later today with my gameplay using the knowledge you offered here. Thank you a lot and keep up posting high-quality content!

    • DoubleDi Gaming
      DoubleDi Gaming 5 months ago +1

      @Sheeva They really do, but you need to also think like "do they have that bush warded?", "Can I fight him if we meet?" etc

    • Sheeva
      Sheeva 5 months ago +1

      I was really wondering if such methods work at platinum-diamond level. I am looking forward for your gameplay!