• Published on Aug 9, 2019
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Comments • 464

  • David D. Whis
    David D. Whis Day ago

    whats the song in the beginning

  • Mike Wake
    Mike Wake 3 days ago

    8:15 MAYBE SOME GIVEAWAYS????????????????????

  • Mike Wake
    Mike Wake 3 days ago

    6:08 i would cry if i could just get a pair

  • NRG Gurra
    NRG Gurra 4 days ago

    Off white jordans

  • Shrey Singhal
    Shrey Singhal 5 days ago

    did he inherit his family riches?

  • KRES 1
    KRES 1 11 days ago

    ...-purple lobsters alll day !!!

  • James Gonzalez
    James Gonzalez 11 days ago


  • zenexendary no
    zenexendary no 16 days ago

    فديو نار يا عمار!!!!

  • Brendan Rameriez
    Brendan Rameriez 17 days ago

    Nmds pherls

  • Brendan Rameriez
    Brendan Rameriez 17 days ago

    The thumb nail is just a bunch of yeezy box’s

  • My Memes Melt
    My Memes Melt 22 days ago

    What song is that dude? It’s fire

  • James Cook
    James Cook 26 days ago

    Sell the pw nods his dropping new ones in September

  • James Cook
    James Cook 26 days ago

    The dead stock turtle dove 😍

  • B
    B 26 days ago

    Clown shit

  • Dorian Kaminski
    Dorian Kaminski 26 days ago

    Hey 👋, I just came back to uploading vids and I’ve been wanting to expand my sneaker collection and I have no money and my parents won’t let me buy so much sneakers so I want to monetize my channel and get money but unfortunately I don’t have 1,000 subs so the person seeing this it would be amazing if you could sub to my channel or just even give me a single view! Anyways hope the beautiful person seeing this has a amazing day 👋

  • Austin Vandross
    Austin Vandross 27 days ago

    Damn I haven’t watch one of ur videos since 2016 or so .. can’t believe I forgot bout you. I see you been growing slow but shit at least you hit that 1 mil

  • Ricky Jr
    Ricky Jr 27 days ago

    Whats the name of the song shit 🔥

  • Ingrid Noppen
    Ingrid Noppen 27 days ago +1

    I wont the yellow human races

  • It’s me Juntao
    It’s me Juntao 29 days ago


  • sanjida alam
    sanjida alam Month ago

    nike air mags for the give away

  • Lit/Lit
    Lit/Lit Month ago +4

    Mf got into sneakers a year and a half ago 😂 there ain’t nothing in his collection from before 2018

  • James Deen
    James Deen Month ago

    giveaway blue air force off white please

  • SD 1905
    SD 1905 Month ago +2

    Dude said new sneaker heads. Both of these dudes are new sneaker heads.

  • Motivator 4U
    Motivator 4U Month ago +1

    I like to 0G prestos as giveaway 💯.
    .. Them Louis Vutton OffWhites fresh tooo

  • Oliver Twissup
    Oliver Twissup Month ago

    Rich kids really fucked up the shoegame and streetwear

  • Josh R
    Josh R Month ago

    Off white af1

  • Rolodex Propaganda
    Rolodex Propaganda Month ago +8

    Now looking back the original 350 turtle doves, etc has such a trash shape

  • Daniel Baldwin
    Daniel Baldwin Month ago

    Just the same shoes over and over, garbage

  • Reagan Berkenmeier
    Reagan Berkenmeier Month ago

    Qias’s shirt would look live af with the og off white prestos

  • Luis Soliz
    Luis Soliz Month ago

    I just lost 11 minutes of my life...I want em bak putos🤦‍♂️

  • Luis Soliz
    Luis Soliz Month ago


  • Sneaker Addict 98’

    Why r u middle eastern guys so freaking rich?

  • Vincent.
    Vincent. Month ago

    He should start a TVclip

  • anthony massé
    anthony massé Month ago

    Lv shades

  • Tameez Carrim
    Tameez Carrim Month ago

    what is the song called guys?

  • Aidan Delehanty
    Aidan Delehanty Month ago

    I say giveaway some Pharrell’s or keep em cause I bet they’re going up in value in 5 years

  • David Mata
    David Mata Month ago

    Hold on them

  • Kishan Sarvaiya
    Kishan Sarvaiya Month ago

    all daddy money what u do on ur own

  • Kishan Sarvaiya
    Kishan Sarvaiya Month ago

    lmao 100k likes not even close to 8k

  • cyclone The man
    cyclone The man Month ago +1

    Supreme portable charger

  • Soccerpro700 YT
    Soccerpro700 YT Month ago

    Song name

  • RazGoat Raza
    RazGoat Raza Month ago

    Yo what’s the song at the beginning?

  • joseph gomez
    joseph gomez Month ago

    Your boy got some rare FUNKOS in the containers ?

  • Silky Johnson
    Silky Johnson Month ago

    Collection video boring as fuck the same sneakers in everyone's video nobody has style they just wear what everyone's else does and wants

    JIWON LEE Month ago

    all his shoes kinda fye tho...

  • Mi-Jean Samuels
    Mi-Jean Samuels Month ago

    7:26 song name please and thank you

  • Charles Wilson
    Charles Wilson Month ago

    Anyone else thought that was j Balvin

  • Jermaine Johnson
    Jermaine Johnson Month ago

    Got all that money and won't put a $1 battery in your smoke detector. That fire situation is gonna be closer then you think SMDH 😂

  • Emilie Armstrong
    Emilie Armstrong Month ago

    a range rover

  • Ian marcel Luzon
    Ian marcel Luzon Month ago

    Man go to the Philippines to see BIG BOY CHENG collection's of shoes and supreme.

  • Akosi karlos_30
    Akosi karlos_30 Month ago

    Bigboycheng joined the group

  • Løu Renzø V. Cachø

    Boost over air

  • Løu Renzø V. Cachø

    Nice music

  • AFC 14
    AFC 14 Month ago

    Anyone know what the containers are that hold his sneakers ?

  • Mark Hernanadez
    Mark Hernanadez Month ago

    Damnnnn bro got everything

  • Chris Chua
    Chris Chua Month ago

    Go to the Philippines bro and visit Dj Big Boy Cheng’s collection

  • Gary E. Ko
    Gary E. Ko Month ago

    Yes the white ones are going to get dirty in a fire but they're also going to get burned in the fire if you leave them anyway so you might as well put them on

  • harvey pk
    harvey pk Month ago

    Just humanrace hahahaa

  • John J
    John J Month ago

    Try visiting big boy cheng if you want to go to hype haven

  • Max Price
    Max Price Month ago +1

    Idk why people say boost is “dying” when it’s so comfortable and everybody is wearing it now and they are still hyped..

    • Max Price
      Max Price Month ago

      Ninjan bro even some of the yeezys are still heat and everybody loves them and cherishes them. Yeezys are kinda like Jordan 1s only the dope ass color ways are the ones that aren’t dead. it’s just the weird ass cheap ones no one cares about and that are fucking dead

    • Ninjan
      Ninjan Month ago

      Max Price Not boost Yeezys because the new color ways are too cheap and everyone has them.