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Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Reasons for Quitting Weed

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  • Magnum Dong Adventures

    Her iq is probably fucking 60 lmaoooooo

  • Kielbasa Glen
    Kielbasa Glen Day ago

    What a TOTAL loser! Stopped smoking weed? Yeah right!

  • Jesse Johan
    Jesse Johan Day ago

    I quit for my lungs...I make edibles and tinctures now and do way more cbd than thc...

  • Jade N
    Jade N Day ago

    You were doing a lot more than weed Miley. We all know. Please

  • The One
    The One 2 days ago +1

    "No one's ever smoked as much as I did" bullshit. You ever hear about somebody named Willie Nelson? Or maybe Snoop Dogg? Wiz Khalifa, Cheech, and Chong. They've all smoked more weed than you.

  • ell diavolo
    ell diavolo 2 days ago

    Well obviously she's on speed now LOLz

  • RStaR RaptoR
    RStaR RaptoR 3 days ago +1

    Lmao she has a deep voice like my grandmama now.

  • Koyuki Panda
    Koyuki Panda 3 days ago

    She’s a hot ass mess...and her fly is open 😭😭😭

  • lucid_delirium
    lucid_delirium 4 days ago

    What an annoying and hideous bitch. Shut the fuck up already. Good that you quit weed. Now quit music too and rid the world of your stupidity.

  • Joel
    Joel 4 days ago

    So why did she quit weed exactly?

  • Shiyann Russell
    Shiyann Russell 5 days ago

    take a shot every time she interrupts him

  • NoHope7
    NoHope7 5 days ago

    she still smokes this was for publicity

  • Drea T
    Drea T 7 days ago

    A$ap rocky always high and always knows how to explain his music and what it means. Just not meant to be a productive stoner

  • prudhomme julie
    prudhomme julie 7 days ago

    She's pure art !

  • MaGiiK WizDom
    MaGiiK WizDom 7 days ago

    She didnt quit shes high on the show saying i quit weed.

  • plutoplatters
    plutoplatters 7 days ago

    Maybe we can make her sex videos standard material for grade schools by voting it in like we did Marijuana ??

  • plutoplatters
    plutoplatters 7 days ago

    and now i'm the bad one for typing exactly what SHE'S done ! isn't that wonderful !

  • plutoplatters
    plutoplatters 7 days ago

    she wants to have a clear head in order to produce inflatable penis sex videos for all of our children to access !!

  • Amy Pearson
    Amy Pearson 8 days ago

    Being stoned - that explains why she always talks 100 miles per hour

  • Alex Joseph
    Alex Joseph 8 days ago

    2:38 she just realised her pants zipper was undone 😂

  • Iago Barbosa
    Iago Barbosa 8 days ago


  • Rabin Shetty
    Rabin Shetty 8 days ago

    2:36 someone at the set signals that her fly is open.

  • Kathleen Magley
    Kathleen Magley 9 days ago

    Girl u talk too much

  • Ichiko Villarreal
    Ichiko Villarreal 9 days ago

    I always liked Miley even when she was at her crazy phase and I enjoyed her music back then too. She’s smart she knows what she’s doing ♥️

  • Katie Poll
    Katie Poll 10 days ago

    I love miley Cyrus so much lol I've followed her since the auditions for Hannah Montana it would be so good to meet her

    MIJAWN 10 days ago +1

    No one has smoked as much weed as me..... AHHAHA ugh rawog420,customgrow

  • Julio Gio
    Julio Gio 10 days ago

    i hate her voice jesus

  • Amanda's Music
    Amanda's Music 10 days ago

    What is going on with her fly?!?

  • Aymina Kaya
    Aymina Kaya 10 days ago

    Why is she talking so fast gosh she must be on something to keep her away from weed lol

  • Nastia Stepanova
    Nastia Stepanova 11 days ago

    Fucking freak🤦‍♀️

  • Austin Campbell
    Austin Campbell 11 days ago

    Jimmy said "reshit"

  • Elise
    Elise 12 days ago

    she went from weed to cocaine lol never stops talking

  • Andy Sparks
    Andy Sparks 12 days ago

    Her manager probably arranged this conversation.

  • ns sp.
    ns sp. 13 days ago

    I wish jimmy would stop talking so much, and let her talk?

  • Dougie Quick
    Dougie Quick 13 days ago

    Pot truly does make some of us dumb as a stump ...i completely relate to her reasoning to not partake anymore. And nightmares? Back in the day I had nightmares all the time smoking pot...maybe it was psychological because I literally did NOT WANT TO smoke the amount of pot that felt pressured was over 30 years ago btw. I was selling the stuff and so every client that came over we had to smoke some of the latest bud ...and because I did not allow people to drop by and immediately leave again (suspicious as hell THAT) instead I insisted it was a long enough stay for appearance sake ...hence I smoked fricken all day long every day....granted the pot of that day was not as strong as today (well the thai sticks was pretty strong) still enough quantity makes fully up for THAT. I would dream that the pot was alive like worms or bugs and they were in my brain...I honestly was so negatively impacted after that that I hardly every smoked the stuff once I stopped selling it short time later ....the other nightmares all involved police and prison

  • Jared Baker
    Jared Baker 14 days ago

    2:35 bitch your zippers down lol

  • weallwantlove10
    weallwantlove10 15 days ago

    why is her fly open lol

  • rose yildiz
    rose yildiz 16 days ago

    Hannah Montana is that really you?

  • Nathan Webb
    Nathan Webb 17 days ago

    Bitch I'd smoke you into the ground in 1 sitting

    • The One
      The One 2 days ago

      Nathan Webb We all fucking would

  • Grace Caraan
    Grace Caraan 17 days ago

    Love her. She’s very real❤️

  • MyFootIsNumb
    MyFootIsNumb 17 days ago

    This gives me anxiety because I feel like she's rushing to fit everything in. Ehhhh.

  • Kelsey Pizzati
    Kelsey Pizzati 18 days ago

    She is high rn you can’t tell me 😂😂

  • randy cruz
    randy cruz 19 days ago

    She is on Adderall now... She is tweaking hard in this video

  • Dulce E.
    Dulce E. 19 days ago

    Is her pants button undone?

  • Randy Brady
    Randy Brady 20 days ago

    How can u quit if humans have dopamine receptors AND dopamine in our brain

  • marc x
    marc x 21 day ago

    So now she is on Coke

  • Anakhi
    Anakhi 21 day ago

    "I've never lived in Malibu"

    *remembers that her character lived in Malibu*

  • Jamie Ashley
    Jamie Ashley 21 day ago

    She’s such a Sagittarius.

  • Fullyraw1991
    Fullyraw1991 22 days ago

    Easily outsmoke her lol

  • Cinnamon Rouge
    Cinnamon Rouge 22 days ago

    That shirt is so cringe

  • Kim Reuel
    Kim Reuel 22 days ago

    I don’t think she met Snoop

  • baby gray
    baby gray 22 days ago

    She looks like a 12 year old

  • kempo685
    kempo685 23 days ago +8

    Is it me or his her voice deepened

    • RStaR RaptoR
      RStaR RaptoR 3 days ago

      Smokers voice. She sounds like my grandma!!!

    • Josephine D. Griffin
      Josephine D. Griffin 8 days ago

      kempo685 Disney made their female stars speak in a higher voice, so maybe now it’s just her normal voice?

  • Wag Wan
    Wag Wan 23 days ago

    "No ones ever smoked as much as I did"
    How the fuck can she say this when there's a 60% that Willy Nelson is her uncle

  • Avrilfan24 0
    Avrilfan24 0 24 days ago

    Miley is a hoe🖕

  • Munky Man
    Munky Man 25 days ago

    She sure is more Kratum!

  • Larissa Cole
    Larissa Cole 25 days ago

    Lol trust me Miley I smoke as much as you before , every damn day. It's sad really. I try to quit..

  • sh avigail
    sh avigail 26 days ago

    Hahaha love her

  • Hannah Montana
    Hannah Montana 26 days ago

    my cutipaaaii...u are so cute, I love u

  • Dilan Yalçın
    Dilan Yalçın 27 days ago

    i love country miley🌙

  • Chrissy Lakomy
    Chrissy Lakomy 27 days ago +19

    honestly her hair is like half miley and half hannah. i love her so much what.

  • kev kazandjian
    kev kazandjian 27 days ago

    this miley is so beautiful

  • Jacob Rogers
    Jacob Rogers 27 days ago +5

    Anyone notice her fly is down

  • Alex Marleau
    Alex Marleau 27 days ago

    Oh no my flys undone 2:34 😂😂 good save

  • Joseph B
    Joseph B 28 days ago +3

    This caption is off she didn't quit smoking she just said she's not high because she wants to share her passion for her album wtf

  • strawberry smith
    strawberry smith Month ago

    miley has nice hair ^-^

  • Feroxing12
    Feroxing12 Month ago

    she's crazy girl. I used to date girl like this and it was awesome. she said whatever was on her mind and whenever. and it was not just saying. it was really an Italian relationship with both good and bad going to extremes.

  • agentebobu
    agentebobu Month ago

    She is so dumb

  • Laure Evain
    Laure Evain Month ago

    I can’t help thinking her voice sounds like she has a constant cold, I have to stop the video:).

  • Tara Cox
    Tara Cox Month ago

    I love Miley. She's probably going on and on cause she isn't high. She's happy and I'm happy for her.

  • David Suárez
    David Suárez Month ago

    Speaks a lot lol

  • Talia Lewis
    Talia Lewis Month ago

    Love herrrrrr

  • Melissa Wright
    Melissa Wright Month ago

    I like how she is so honest. And Billy Ray sounds like the coolest dad x

  • Bernadette Dean33
    Bernadette Dean33 Month ago

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  • Ms. Silent Lopez
    Ms. Silent Lopez Month ago


  • Hearts Gaming
    Hearts Gaming Month ago

    I love how she finally realized her zipper was down😂😂

  • Natalie Ryan
    Natalie Ryan Month ago

    I hate her.

  • Jason Celli
    Jason Celli Month ago

    Is Miley a female?

  • Michael Stefani
    Michael Stefani Month ago

    Quit weed exactly 30 days ago. I can get over the withdrawal symptoms but the cravings omg they won't stop. I smoked all day everyday for a long time. Bud, dabs you name it...feeling like a void in my life now because I loved it so much. Anyone have really bad cravings for a joint? Any suggestions?

  • MoeGreensLeftEye
    MoeGreensLeftEye Month ago

    Her initials are M.C. Jimmy's initials are J.F.

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn Month ago

    good job miley :)

  • Zachary s
    Zachary s Month ago

    So much trash in one interview. Trash interviewing bigger trash in a trash city. Trashception fuck both these homos miley is one of those scene girls who thinks every time she follows a trend she is the person who does it the best and most original.
    Edit: she is obviously smoking something harder then pot wearing those kitchen drapes as a top.

  • Sherlyn's world Moran

    Miley the best

  • Bryan Awkwardson
    Bryan Awkwardson Month ago

    She´s a good girl and I like her new music style...BUT....I´m very sorry, I can´t stop thinking "skank" every time I see her :-(

  • Daniel Kuntman
    Daniel Kuntman Month ago

    Quit #Marijuana With Seb Grant

  • Lisa Rahman
    Lisa Rahman Month ago +2

    She looks a bit more like the old Miley

  • John A
    John A Month ago +2

    She voice sounds like a old lady who smoked to many cigarettes

  • Adriana Lomeli
    Adriana Lomeli Month ago

    Her Zipper

  • d.j Harden
    d.j Harden Month ago +1

    She has had her MK Ultra reprogramming redone like Amanda Bynes they are seeming more likeable these days what's happening to the world

  • d.j Harden
    d.j Harden Month ago

    Today I am myself and I am a picnic table . Who the hell is this girl fooling trying to act like she's never been anywhere or seen anything she's a fucking billionaire never been to the beach my ass GIRL BYE

  • 23 23
    23 23 Month ago

    If you smoke weed everyday a lot your brain can't recall your dreams during REM sleep so there' no way what she is saying is 100% accurate...

  • M Inactive
    M Inactive Month ago

    "No one's ever smoked as much as I did" Uhh you know who Kimmy Tan is? Ever see her 100 hits of weed? I'll wait...

  • Nisa
    Nisa Month ago +3

    Her voice is 🤔

  • RylieCollins
    RylieCollins Month ago

    I’m proud of Miley, I think she went a little ham on weed before and maybe she could try again in the future with moderation. But if not that’s still totally okay and it’s 100% her choice.

  • I'll take his head clean off.

    "No one has ever smoked as much as i did" LMFAO SIT DOWN BITCH.

  • cute lil animals
    cute lil animals Month ago

    It wasn't the weed ruining her life. But yeah blame the weed lmao.

  • mush modman
    mush modman Month ago +1

    Oh just your average girl from that tiny town of Nashville. Never really knew much about life off of the farm... smdh

  • Reese Bustanoby
    Reese Bustanoby Month ago

    I like old Miley

  • charlotte hulewicz
    charlotte hulewicz Month ago


  • Emizzle
    Emizzle Month ago

    I prefer to by fan of Miley than being a Fakelor Swift.
    BTW i love Miley's outfits recently.