Hairdresser Reacts To Silk Press On 4C Hair

  • Published on Nov 3, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! I love watching hair go from extremely curly to extremely straight. It's soooo satisfying!
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  2 months ago +16273

    woah, therapy. am i right??

    • Lisa Abid
      Lisa Abid Day ago

      Hi brad I dyed my hair for the first time I had dark hair so they dyed it light color to give me a chocolate brown color but it turned out more of an orange brown color from the top and went on a little darker to the end, what can I do to change it and how long do I have to wait until I can change the color.
      P.s it's only been 2 weeks since I dyed my hair.
      Waiting for your reply 😊🌺

    • Roopam Ojha
      Roopam Ojha 11 days ago +1

      Absolutely love how he calls everyone Hi beautiful.. And sweetie❤️💜

    • Angel Denning
      Angel Denning 12 days ago

      Brad Mondo do my hair plz I have 4c hair

    • Huntress Snow
      Huntress Snow 17 days ago

      Brad help!...I'm like a MOP is STRESSED

    • butterflysenshi15
      butterflysenshi15 19 days ago

      Not gonna lie, that did feel a little satisfying. XD

  • Lauren Hillary
    Lauren Hillary Minute ago

    Super frustrated curly gal here...I don't do heat, but I cannot find an affordable stylist who can cut curly hair without damaging it. I'm losing so much hair from illness and I need to do a big chop to save what's left. Any advice?

    BTS ARMY 4 hours ago

    Mah black haired gang where ya guys at?

  • mary higgins
    mary higgins 5 hours ago

    Watching curly hair be straightened is SO SATISFYING 😍😍😍

  • Wendy Devereaux
    Wendy Devereaux 5 hours ago

    Just watching these stylists made my arms fall off

  • Rejesus
    Rejesus 8 hours ago

    Are you gay?

  • M
    M 9 hours ago

    Watching this video and reading these comments I've concluded black people are way too easily impressed and flattered, it's actually sad. Talking about inviting him to the cookout because he's oooohing and ahhhing over your hair. Come on!

  • KeepingUpWithNocie
    KeepingUpWithNocie 13 hours ago

    Okay now y’all are really exaggerating in the comments.

  • Morgan Lentsch
    Morgan Lentsch 14 hours ago

    I like how he says hi beautiful but I’m in my bed rn eating a whole thing of mega six’s family Oreos by my self sick af

  • Becky Wight
    Becky Wight 16 hours ago

    I'm so in love with 4c hair, if I could I'd just sit and admire it all day 😭

  • S A
    S A 18 hours ago

    And I need you
    And I miss u

  • Sonny Skye
    Sonny Skye Day ago

    They should embrace their beautiful curly hair. Not make it straight.

  • Maiyonna H.
    Maiyonna H. Day ago

    I would let him touch/style my hair or even practice because he’s already educated ❤️❤️ SUBSCRIBING

  • Lucci Doll
    Lucci Doll Day ago

    He looks so much like Damon Salvatore it’s crazy

  • Maria B
    Maria B Day ago +1

    Hello it's me bob/nab Veronicah bob/nab

  • Maria B
    Maria B Day ago +1

    1: 46Nooo don't touch ma hair in 9JA accent from me and my black girls and my curly hair's girls (but for you yes you can touch it 🤣

  • Melissa Grinner
    Melissa Grinner Day ago

    I love the respect and the fact 4c doesn’t scare you!!! Mad respect✊

  • Haneul Is Sky
    Haneul Is Sky Day ago

    Can these girls who have very curly hair get the japanese permanent hair straightening?

  • Crossed_Kiwis
    Crossed_Kiwis 2 days ago

    6:38 me trying to look cool in front of my crush.

  • Crossed_Kiwis
    Crossed_Kiwis 2 days ago

    No u r stunning ❤

  • Janay
    Janay 2 days ago


  • Johanna Zamora
    Johanna Zamora 2 days ago

    I love relaxing

  • daniela ramirez
    daniela ramirez 2 days ago

    Love the positive energy you give!

  • Peachii
    Peachii 2 days ago +1

    Woman with 4C hair: *exists*

    Brad: *_must touch it_*

  • Remrem007
    Remrem007 2 days ago

    This shit is so gay that it makes it 3 times more interesting like his reactions are so honest and gold

  • Namira Benbo
    Namira Benbo 2 days ago

    A professinal hairdresser calling kinky curls/hair wavy? No thanks.

  • Sterre X
    Sterre X 3 days ago

    I love this

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 3 days ago

    I like him he’s cool (so anyway y’all wanna invite him to a cookout?)

  • Arty Adam
    Arty Adam 3 days ago +21

    “Apparently we are straight all the sudden”-

    Not you brad, not you.

  • Melinda Mullins
    Melinda Mullins 3 days ago

    Love you!! Great video! Very entertaining!!

  • Kaetun Khlynnë
    Kaetun Khlynnë 3 days ago

    Brad losing his mind over curls is my aesthetic

  • Swank .
    Swank . 3 days ago

    lol!!! "hello its me veronica" i enjoyed this

  • KindnessAj AJ
    KindnessAj AJ 3 days ago

    Bro if I were to go to anyone to straighten my 4c hair I would go to him😂

  • Maxine Cox
    Maxine Cox 3 days ago

    You are so awesome!!!

  • Bluerose11
    Bluerose11 3 days ago

    The last girl's hair was so pretty before she straightened it. It was nice after, but prettier before. IMO

  • BunniKat
    BunniKat 3 days ago

    I still don't know WHY DOES SHE WANT STRAIGHT HAIR??? HER HAIR IS BEAUTYFULL and rare in the magnificent span of only wavy not so straight common hair?? If u have a ''rare'' hair u should be showing and being proud of that ha- u know i have no words

  • ashley davis
    ashley davis 3 days ago

    This girls a magician lol

  • not_here.for_tea
    not_here.for_tea 3 days ago

    I saw a comment that said “A hair stylist is educated in all hair types” I believe a true hair stylist is a hair stylist who takes time to LEARN about other hair type they don’t need to already know just knowing that they are trying to learn feels very wholesome me

  • Jasmine W.
    Jasmine W. 4 days ago

    🤔....😐...🤔... I love this guy. SUBSCRIBED! 😂😂😂❤️

  • L Mcmoney
    L Mcmoney 4 days ago

    How often do people with this hair wash it?

  • Kitty_Kat_Gacha
    Kitty_Kat_Gacha 4 days ago

    We've got it all folks! you heard of food porn and pimple porn...... but I bring you..... HAIR PORN!!!!!!!

  • woah shawty
    woah shawty 4 days ago

    i love him

  • alyisdead
    alyisdead 4 days ago

    I had beautiful super curly, like tight curls, golden brown almost blonde hair as a kid and around 10 or 11, my mom put a relaxer in it and my hair hasn’t been the same. I miss it sometimes

  • beautyinablink
    beautyinablink 4 days ago +1

    He is very educated on black hair!!! I love it❤️❤️❤️

  • Da Nax
    Da Nax 5 days ago

    It's smoking so bad when the lady use the flattener... Ugh

  • Da Nax
    Da Nax 5 days ago

    The first look like my mob to clean the Floor

  • Mariah Hook
    Mariah Hook 5 days ago

    For a well known hairstylist, he sure has some terribly cut and styled hair....

    • Kathrina
      Kathrina 3 days ago

      I mean, you can't *always* look amazing, can you? His hair looks pretty good in most of his video's but aight

  • Yaya Fantastic
    Yaya Fantastic 5 days ago

    He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Every word he speaks shows his ignorance of black hair. He’s a professional?????

  • Hannah Cotton
    Hannah Cotton 5 days ago +1

    I have curls and so does my daughter She also has fine hair. She's 4 what would you suggest in terms of care?

  • QuietQuilla W
    QuietQuilla W 5 days ago

    idk about the comment that not all kinky hair not be straight, but good video, and you do know your stuff

  • KAe
    KAe 5 days ago

    I have eczema on my scalp.. HaLp

  • L. Royal
    L. Royal 5 days ago

    I have NO idea had I came upon this video, but I can appreciate his knowledge base and commentary on African-American hair. ❤

  • Widdekuu91
    Widdekuu91 5 days ago +11

    We had two black girls in our classroom, both had extensions.
    For a while one of the girls was the only black girl in our class (not in school) but she got véry pissed if we politely asked questions about her hair and whether she'd worn it naturally before.
    One time someone (without asking, it was her friend though, she thought it was okay) petted her extention on her shoulder and said; 'Wow, it's very smooth!' and the girl jumped up and sat somewhere else.
    We were unaware of anything for a month or so, untill the new black girl came in and enthusiastically started sharing info about her own hair and her own extensions.
    The first girl was angry for a while, saying she was 'sharing secrets' and she réálly didn't want us to know the full ins and outs about any extensions, because appareantely she didn't like her own natural hair. That friendship never healed bytheway, she kept angry for 4 years.
    _Either way_ the second girl told us that she was wearing a weave. I thought that was a 'wave', like wavey-hair. It's a style that's called waffle-iron in Dutch, little waves in your hair.
    She said; 'No, you silly, look!' and she showed her weave and how it had to do with sewing and having your hair put onto your own hair, in a way.
    She explained it all with pictures and video's, showing how it was done. And we were allowed to feel (politely) and ask questions.
    She would come in with a different hairstyle (red, blue, purple) every other month or so and we were interested in the stories every time. And one time we encouraged her to put gold-thread in and she looked like some sortof goddess, it was great.
    We then said; 'We really want you to show us your own, natural hair one day. Please do!' and she said; 'Youknow what, I will!'
    And then one day, she surprised us without her usual extensions but with a large ponytail with golden gemstones on the clip. She got a compliment from every teacher and eventually started experimenting with her natural hair, putting golden little clips in (like gemstones randomly in her frizzy hair, again, rocking the "goddess look") and encouraging us to come up with new ideas or pictures.
    If she liked an idea, she'd do it. She wore a Suriname-headscarf-combination for a while as well, it was like having a fashion-model in our classroom.
    I liked how open she was about everything and I never felt scared to ask about anything or felt like I was about to offend her. She'd encourage people to feel her hair (if they ask first, ofcourse) and ask questions they were curious about. It's a shame that was about five years ago, haven't met anyone (black or white) that openminded since.

    • Vegan Vibes
      Vegan Vibes Day ago

      That was truly eye opening. Thank you!

    • Diana Baltazar
      Diana Baltazar 2 days ago

      Aww I loved that

    • novembercherry4
      novembercherry4 2 days ago

      Widdekuu91 I like when people come up and ask me about my hair. There’s another black girl I work with and she wears weaves sometimes. I don’t wear them or wigs. A few times I’ve come in and they’ll ask if I cut my hair or if I have extensions. I wear my natural hair. No chemicals or anything. Some people are amazed when I tell them I wash my hair every 2 weeks or so. I understand that every person and their hair are all different where you have to wash it either every 2 weeks or everyday. I just started twisting my hair because I now hate wearing it out and I’m lazy. 😂
      But to what you were saying between both girls, I don’t know why the other one was so mad. Educate people on what’s going on in that birds nest on your head, you know? When someone touches my hair, I warn them they need to put it back when they’re done. My hair stays where you left it if you touch it. Just don’t tousle my hair. Don’t wanna walk around like I just fingered a light socket.

  • Sadie Ann
    Sadie Ann 5 days ago

    I've been binging Deeper Than Hair TV for a minute now, I loveeeeeeee that channel

  • Leah Flowers
    Leah Flowers 5 days ago

    This nigga white what the fuck he talkin bout don't tell me howduh straighten my hair

  • Michelle Espino
    Michelle Espino 5 days ago +44

    first time i ever heard a white person say that black hair is fine. That is the thing that even most black people dont know. curly hair is finer that straight hair. Super curly and coily hair is super fine and fragile.

  • cutieeven7
    cutieeven7 5 days ago

    I have 4D hair. It’s thick and the shrinkage is real. Forever I thought I had 4C.

  • Afaf Zarkik
    Afaf Zarkik 5 days ago

    i recommend watching deeper than hair channel she doesn't burn hair like this

  • iLoveMy GuineaPigs
    iLoveMy GuineaPigs 6 days ago

    Is it just me or I’m kind of annoyed of seeing this in my recommendations? No hate btw! 😄☀️

  • Kaydence Franks
    Kaydence Franks 6 days ago

    13:23 that reaction thooo😂😂😂