The mathematics of weight loss | Ruben Meerman | TEDxQUT (edited version)

  • Published on Oct 11, 2013
  • This is the edited version of The Mathematics of Weight Loss presented by Ruben Meerman.
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  • zach czyz
    zach czyz 15 hours ago

    So would his theory confirm that cow belching does not contribute to climate change because it is new carbon not old like in fossil fuels?

  • Strawberry Kitty
    Strawberry Kitty 20 hours ago

    I finally got the answer I've been asking since I've been in highschool, thank you so much!

  • Luka Šauperl
    Luka Šauperl 23 hours ago

    That's aaaaamazing!

  • Nana's Studio Banjara Arts

    Very nicely illustrated.
    I wonder why lots n lot's of people disliked. May be they can't eat less n they hardly move. 🤔

  • Patricia W
    Patricia W 2 days ago +1

    y'all know the table a lil' bit risky

  • A Mh
    A Mh 2 days ago

    Always simplify stuff, not making it complicated! There r many more beneficial things to learn!

  • Basil Comitis
    Basil Comitis 4 days ago

    Lovely explanation, thank you.

  • ronnette harvey
    ronnette harvey 4 days ago

    Well that was depressing

  • Sopez1
    Sopez1 5 days ago

    He doesnt need an introduction.

  • NoNoobsNeeded
    NoNoobsNeeded 5 days ago

    so basically exercise and diet lol

  • John Hankes
    John Hankes 7 days ago +1

    Hahaha, notice how quiet all the donkeys got when the scientist explained to them that CO2 does NOT cause climate change?

  • Pablo A
    Pablo A 7 days ago

    At 14:03 he has 104 atoms of hydrogen times atomic mass of 1.0079. At 16:19 it’s 95 atomic mass units.......did I miss something????

    THUG LIFE RKPS 7 days ago +1

    I think the weight goes through stool.

  • Erika Ignat
    Erika Ignat 7 days ago +1

    i hope someone after this did teach people more about climate change

    • Calamity May
      Calamity May 6 days ago

      Agree, people who sing in the climate change chorus, will be abhorred to know they're emitting CO2.

  • Clive Pinnock
    Clive Pinnock 7 days ago +8

    21 minutes later: Eat less, move more. You're welcome.

  • ConsciousMi
    ConsciousMi 8 days ago

    Now, I understand why Baba Ramdev tells us to do kapalBhati.

  • Pzeepaint Pzeepaint
    Pzeepaint Pzeepaint 10 days ago

    You are so incredibly intelligent , and appreciated

  • Whoscott Green
    Whoscott Green 11 days ago

    The aahhhhhmond . Classic.

  • Chia Lee
    Chia Lee 11 days ago


  • B V
    B V 12 days ago

    I am going to buy a bag of balloons

  • Tanuuitimulas Gubenditariums

    Nothing motivates me to stay hungry like science.

  • Bhaksar S
    Bhaksar S 13 days ago


  • kitrick42
    kitrick42 14 days ago +1

    This was a lot to digest....bahahhaaha.....thank you, I'm in town all week.

  • George Washington
    George Washington 15 days ago

    13:05 "I am a physicist" then you should know that E=mc^2 says that matter can be converted into energy.

  • Yazan Sawalha
    Yazan Sawalha 15 days ago

    "Getting food into you is called digestion"? You tell kids that? and it IS energy! Can't believe 7M people watched this guy pretend he is a scientist.

  • Max S.
    Max S. 16 days ago +3

    20:30 Your liver is on the other side, professor!

  • Dan Hutchinson
    Dan Hutchinson 16 days ago

    Keto is a low Carbohydrate had it right the first time and then began saying low Protein....and from what I've just heard 21 minutes in, Is no, you don't know anything about Keto. Your liver is on the right side of your body FYI, not the left side.....The liver breaks down acetone to chemicals that are not harmful. The body uses these chemical to make glucose (sugar) and fats that make energy for normal body functions. The breakdown of sugar for energy makes carbon dioxide that leaves your body in the air you breathe out. These are normal processes in the body. Your body can not make Acetone in huge quantities....You really should stick to talking about subjects you know something about......Now I feel that I can not believe ANYTHING you have said and I have wasted 21 minutes (plus 4 for this comment) of my life....

  • Jayden Jones
    Jayden Jones 17 days ago

    That was great, the sunlight was distracting though...

  • Rose Crow
    Rose Crow 17 days ago

    What a wonderful speaker. Excellent topic of great interest to all of us (I think). Personally? I have discovered that we cannot "kickback", relax, sleep, and wait for the weight to disappear. Weight loss takes MOVEMENT (bodies in motion are how to stay thin and fit:-)

  • Melons1054
    Melons1054 17 days ago

    I worked in healthcare. People overeat because they are legitimately hungry and food is available. The only thing I've seen that works is when someone experienced liver damage. The circulating liver enzymes caused anorexia. If we could mimic that, the brain would shut down the appetite.

  • Daniel Doyle
    Daniel Doyle 18 days ago

    Could have started this TED Talk with the move more, eat less, breathe more, and saved us 21 minutes.

  • Neville Rodrigues
    Neville Rodrigues 19 days ago +1

    Wooah .... This is what I wanted to know about wt. loss .... THANK YOU.
    and it was on in 2013 ... I feel sooooooo .... sheesh .

  • SydneyPhotography2019
    SydneyPhotography2019 19 days ago

    This is amazing!

  • ElaineEC
    ElaineEC 19 days ago


  • xXTheBl4ckC4tXx
    xXTheBl4ckC4tXx 21 day ago +1

    What practical thing did he teach? None,..... still : "Use up energy or/and consume less energy potential"
    Too many people here are impressed.

  • Hunter Bryce
    Hunter Bryce 22 days ago

    Could you please elaborate on the "losing 17kg is easy part"?

  • William Kelly
    William Kelly 22 days ago

    Great speaker, great message. Bit miffed that he skipped over gluconeogenesis :P

  • Chuck Berry
    Chuck Berry 22 days ago

    Eat what your body needs (macros) in a day, move or be active.
    Thats it alter your macros every week for at least 3 months and boom ez peezy
    Healthy weight loss baby

  • anurag Shahi
    anurag Shahi 22 days ago

    21-day rapid weight loss system that allows you to easily lose an average of 1 lb a day for 21 days without feeling hungry or deprived.


  • anurag Shahi
    anurag Shahi 22 days ago

    21-day rapid weight loss system that allows you to easily lose an average of 1 lb a day for 21 days without feeling hungry or deprived.

  • Aaron Breeze
    Aaron Breeze 23 days ago +2

    To make this easier for me to remember I think I'll call eating less dieting...
    And the moving more, um, I'll call exercise...
    And maybe I'll call the keep breathing part living...

    So the breakthrough discovery is that dieting, and exercise and apparently living equals weight loss...
    *Mind blown*

  • Drew Hurst
    Drew Hurst 23 days ago +6

    Just FYI, at 20:45 (and again at 20:58 ) I think he had a slip of the tongue and meant to say low carb diet not low protein diet.

  • TaZZ122
    TaZZ122 23 days ago

    so what about ketosis?, i knew all that

  • Tahu Erlbeck
    Tahu Erlbeck 24 days ago +3

    Awesome! And the 'haych' is killing me! Love it ;)

  • GZA
    GZA 24 days ago +8

    This is why I get slightly irritated at magazines etc that overcomplicates the idea of weigh loss with the millions of different diets and methods. It really is as simple as "calories in, calories out", just eat less (and better foods) and move more (not really important what kind of exercises you do, just move). If you consume more energy than you get rid of you will gain weigh, and vice versa for losing weigh.

  • Eman ASMR
    Eman ASMR 24 days ago

    Heavy Breathing

  • Ryan Ambrose
    Ryan Ambrose 24 days ago +3

    Hormones hormones hormones.

  • Arrogant Stylish
    Arrogant Stylish 25 days ago +1

    So the video starts at 17.00 ...........good....

  • Abdur Rauf Aymaan
    Abdur Rauf Aymaan 25 days ago

    If I inhale more concentrated amounts of oxygen, will I lose more weight? or will I lose weight faster?

  • Afroz Inamdar
    Afroz Inamdar 25 days ago


  • Luke Castleman
    Luke Castleman 25 days ago +7

    Ruben : Mass can't be turned into energy
    Albert Einstein : am I a joke to you?

  • We Be RANDOM
    We Be RANDOM 25 days ago

    did anyone else notice how his math changed?

  • RV Lover - Custom Scania RV

    What .
    I dont understand.

  • Rune Njordhag
    Rune Njordhag 26 days ago

    Ketosis breath is real

  • MorganScott82
    MorganScott82 26 days ago

    Where does the weight go? If I knew that it wouldn't be lost!

  • Leonora Basijan
    Leonora Basijan 26 days ago +1

    then carbon dioxide diet is really a thing

  • John B. Cook
    John B. Cook 26 days ago +2

    Very interesting regarding first principles, in this case, conservation of mass. Nice!

  • Bluegold Skies
    Bluegold Skies 27 days ago

    Lmbo whaaattt!?!?! Haha good one, eat less, move more and keep breathing. 😂🤣😂🤣

  • vee tour
    vee tour 27 days ago +3

    Given how much singers breath out CO2, why isn't Adele skinny?

  • Ja3 sk3adik
    Ja3 sk3adik 27 days ago

    It's interesting but I think it is more complex than eat less move more. I have hypothyroidism, I naturally eat less but even when I move more i still gain weight and as a result will have to be very particular of what I eat.