The mathematics of weight loss | Ruben Meerman | TEDxQUT (edited version)

  • Published on Oct 11, 2013
  • This is the edited version of The Mathematics of Weight Loss presented by Ruben Meerman.
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  • Swish 35
    Swish 35 Day ago

    If I saw this talk earlier in my life, I probably would be a neurosurgeon right now

  • jastat
    jastat Day ago

    His comments about climate change are incorrect (burning fossil fuels does release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which results in climate change) but the other stuff is correct.

  • Albert Granell
    Albert Granell Day ago +1

    Ruben: You CANNOT convert atoms into energy

    Also Ruben: We literally eat sunlight

  • Ramalingeswara Rao Bhavaraju

    Thank you Mr.Ruben Meerman sir for your good information.

  • Jo S
    Jo S Day ago

    'Fossil' fuel.. u lost me

  • Jason Broska Jr
    Jason Broska Jr Day ago

    It took me forever to figure out he was saying almonds. I was like what's an Ahman?

  • munna t
    munna t Day ago

    Harmones: are we a joke to you?

  • ester magen
    ester magen 2 days ago

    way i haven't seen this earlier

  • Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette 2 days ago

    2117 anwser lose weight > EAT LES MOV MOR N KEEP BREATHN

  • Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette 2 days ago

    thorium safe atomic power is awesome! deport all car n trade carbon tax types

  • Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette 2 days ago

    there is no man made climate change

  • Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette 2 days ago +8

    school should be like this awesome presentatoin

    • Jason Broska Jr
      Jason Broska Jr Day ago

      I think you might want to worry about English first

  • Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette 2 days ago

    acent is hilarious usa here

  • Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee 2 days ago

    "Mysteries of Science" yessir

  • Explodingtraps
    Explodingtraps 3 days ago

    So if i drink lots of liquid nitrogen i lose it!

  • Xinyu Jiao
    Xinyu Jiao 3 days ago +1

    There is also water in the air that one breathe out. So the white powder should hardly be just carbon dioxide.

  • Grignak01
    Grignak01 3 days ago

    He should have just stuck to the Chemistry stuff. Ketoacidosis is not the same thing as being in nutritional ketosis. I'll give him a pass on the rest of the incorrect information he stated because this video was posted in 2013 and they didn't have as much info back then :)

  • Aguidemo Batista
    Aguidemo Batista 4 days ago +4

    The best explanation on the topic i ve ever heard , congratulations.

    • Angela S
      Angela S 2 days ago

      Aguidemo Batista ...except the end

  • Maritza Allende
    Maritza Allende 4 days ago +2

    The liver is on the right side , Doc

    • Andy ARGON
      Andy ARGON Day ago

      LOL it's also a low-carb diet not low protein

  • Toshiro star
    Toshiro star 4 days ago

    “ Almond “

  • Captain Teemo
    Captain Teemo 5 days ago +1

    Eat less, move more? Wow very new indeed.

    • Walter de Minicis
      Walter de Minicis 2 days ago

      Infact it doesn't work xD
      Eating correctly is much more important than eating less.
      If you eat raw food it's harder to digest and it takes more calories too, which means eating raw food is better if you wanna lose weight.
      There is plenty of things to take into account.
      Eat less and move more is generally speaking correct, but there is hundreds of more important factors that would make eating less and moving more just painful activity with no good results

  • Kerry Merritt
    Kerry Merritt 6 days ago

    All you have to do is eat less and move more?? Haha! Bless his heart!

  • Hyperopiate
    Hyperopiate 6 days ago +1

    I wonder what his dad Mel Gibson thinks about this.

  • Gentle Mountain
    Gentle Mountain 6 days ago

    Great video; however, what he gains in chemical understanding, he lacks in nutritional understanding. "Eat less, move more, and breath" is not all you have to do to lose weight -- at least not if you want to lose weight and be healthy. Having said that, I learned something and loved the video.

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness 7 days ago +11

    At 20:46, I think he meant to say "low carbohydrate, high protein," instead of "low protein." A ketogenic diet is low carbohydrate, not low protein. HTH.

    • Andy ARGON
      Andy ARGON Day ago

      I was thinking the same thing. I lost 30 lbs on the keto diet I felt great the first 2 weeks. I actually started feeling a bit negative after that then again I was cutting out almost all carbs. I would like to know more on the effects of ketosis to the body.

    • Goren Lesry Entertainment
      Goren Lesry Entertainment 4 days ago

      Agreed. But h did say he wasn't an expert on that subject. Great "Talk" nonetheless.

  • StepwaveMusic
    StepwaveMusic 7 days ago

    Did people that don't know this skip high school or what? This is so basic. None of them knew that you breath the weight out

  • Games Junk
    Games Junk 7 days ago


  • the wizzard
    the wizzard 7 days ago

    Einstein and the quantum scientists will disagree with him, E=mc^2 . It looks like Australians are all actors and paper dresses.

    • ThrouNouwCeat
      ThrouNouwCeat 2 days ago

      yes but no. the equation is true but only applies to matter in very abstract physics. Therefore, for normal use conservation of mass is adequate, but conservation of energy would be more adequate.

  • Paul Carlo Esternon
    Paul Carlo Esternon 7 days ago

    Thank you!

  • ClutchEastwood
    ClutchEastwood 7 days ago +1

    This is very interesting to me. As a side story, my family and I recently visited the Colorado Rockies (11,000+ ft.).
    Now the 1st day of the trip was spent at around 6000 feet. and I was surprised that I had forgot about the lack of oxygen I might encounter at high elevations, being from Fa.
    It had been 20+ years since I had been in Colorado and the one thing I forgot about was elevation and the breathing issues.
    But luckily my wife had a phone call with a friend who lived in the state, and she suggested we drink a lot of water.... (H20), which provided the extra oxygen we were missing... and it worked.
    No more breathing issues. Thanks and Great TED!

  • Kathy A
    Kathy A 8 days ago


  • Kathy A
    Kathy A 8 days ago +1

    Climate change is a damn joke and if you’re worried about it you are just plain DAFT!

  • Kathy A
    Kathy A 8 days ago

    Move more eat more

  • Joachim Malling
    Joachim Malling 8 days ago

    Ah, now i get it. So i just have to Breath really fast for 1-2 Hours everyday to get rid of the extra food i eat. Thanks for the tip!

  • Ozyrob2
    Ozyrob2 9 days ago


  • Taefer
    Taefer 10 days ago +2

    This is an amazing talk, really entertaiing accent as well :)
    I love how he just kept his protection glasses on, minor detail.

  • LiquidDrumnBreaks
    LiquidDrumnBreaks 11 days ago +3

    16:35 the magic formula!

    POWER & WILL 11 days ago

    Lot comes out in urine. In ketosis i pee lot and i haven't drank more water than usual

  • Porsha Robertson
    Porsha Robertson 11 days ago +5

    Eat less, move more and keep breathing....drop the 🎤

  • Jelle De Maeyer
    Jelle De Maeyer 11 days ago

    the pool noodle :')

  • GeoFry3
    GeoFry3 11 days ago

    Heat, CO2, and H20.

  • Paul Fagan
    Paul Fagan 12 days ago

    You're going to make a packet when you produce the Pills using this theory arent you or have you just been wasting our time listening to you His name is Charleeeeeeeene

  • nonyabusiness
    nonyabusiness 12 days ago

    If its so easy why is the globe getting fatter, and fatter, is not easy, and that statement is ridiculous.

  • shinobi1014
    shinobi1014 12 days ago

    Long winded way of saying: diet and exercise.

    • shinobi1014
      shinobi1014 10 days ago

      @Skeptics we love you anyway and your telling me my conclusion is wrong because you falsely associate a proper diet with caloric restriction.

    • shinobi1014
      shinobi1014 10 days ago

      @Skeptics we love you anyway your reply makes no sense

    • Skeptics we love you anyway
      Skeptics we love you anyway 10 days ago

      @shinobi1014 Yeah... _He_ did. You're saying it yourself, but are asking me why I am saying this ? Confused.

    • shinobi1014
      shinobi1014 10 days ago

      @Skeptics we love you anyway diet does not mean caloric restriction. Diet and exercise are components to a healthier lifestyle. Eating properly and keeping active. Where in I statement did I say anything about caloric restriction?

    • shinobi1014
      shinobi1014 10 days ago

      @Skeptics we love you anyway meanwhile his closing statement was "eat less and move more"

  • Devyani Patil
    Devyani Patil 13 days ago

    Why is it titled the mathematics of weight loss and not science of weight loss

  • Manoj Negi
    Manoj Negi 14 days ago

    question from last bench student. should we move in car or bus??

  • ShaunieBNaturalista
    ShaunieBNaturalista 15 days ago +3

    The science of weight loss. Eat less. Move more. Class dismissed.

  • Iron Purush
    Iron Purush 15 days ago

    Do Yoga kpalbhati

  • Hemlock Tea
    Hemlock Tea 15 days ago

    Once again, CICO for the win!

  • Momo
    Momo 15 days ago +1

    I read the title too fast and thought it said “the mathematical weight of mermaids”

  • An De
    An De 15 days ago


  • Salt-Upon-Wounds
    Salt-Upon-Wounds 16 days ago +10

    "we*re in the middle of an obesity epidemic, I don't need to tell you about it."

  • Fitness IQ
    Fitness IQ 16 days ago

    That's why after 5 years those who exercise an hour a day are the ones who are successful in keeping the weight off

  • Muhammad Yasir
    Muhammad Yasir 18 days ago

    Really Great job, i loved it really really helpful, i really never thought about losing weight in that manner.

  • Sod Fish
    Sod Fish 19 days ago

    Stopping breathing altogether works too.

  • 0 subscribers with no videos

    Keto diet is low carbohydrates, not low protein.

  • George Stathis
    George Stathis 20 days ago

    This video is soooo inaccurate, it ends up being amusing. Seriously!

  • Shadowcube
    Shadowcube 20 days ago +4

    12:29 humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return, to obtain something of equal value must be lost

  • Paula K.
    Paula K. 20 days ago

    keto + if

  • Valentin Nadolu
    Valentin Nadolu 20 days ago +4

    At the very end when he mentions ketosis and "low protein diets" I think he meant "low carb diets" which diets that try to induce ketosis.

  • Dan Luba
    Dan Luba 20 days ago +1

    I think at least half of that 85 grams a day was burned up as pedantry.

  • Jackal
    Jackal 21 day ago

    Interesting he says and bites into his chocolate again.

  • Ice Box
    Ice Box 21 day ago +1

    Thanks, youtube for spying on me. I have been talking lately with my girlfriend about doing something to lose some weight, going on a diet, do some exercise, etc...and now, all of a sudden they mysteriously suggest this video to me.

  • Nima Saei
    Nima Saei 21 day ago


  • Gretta Hayward
    Gretta Hayward 21 day ago

    OMG - this video took parts of my year 8 and year 10 science lessons, and year 11/12 chemistry lessons and rolled it into one! There was not a single part that I do not teach. It blows kid's minds when they link breathing to the loss of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen to weight loss.

  • Yashaar Loyah
    Yashaar Loyah 22 days ago

    Eat less , move more and keep breathing I spare you the chemistry lesson.

  • Marilyn Bara
    Marilyn Bara 22 days ago +3

    Excellent - great stuff, Thank You!

  • Baptiste Darthenay
    Baptiste Darthenay 24 days ago

    Can’t turn atoms into energy? What is E = mc² for?

  • George Andrews
    George Andrews 24 days ago

    Every pound lost = three pounds regained.

  • XalphYT
    XalphYT 25 days ago

    Homeostasis will try to keep you at your current weight. It's right there in the name.

  • Dominic Flynn
    Dominic Flynn 25 days ago +2

    Anyone who's done high school chemistry or biology should be able to answer that question

  • s. Daniels
    s. Daniels 26 days ago

    Great video!

  • John T
    John T 26 days ago

    we all know we have to eat less and move more to create a calorie deficit ....knowing where it goes is irrelevant dosent help you to actually do it knowing what the chemical reactions are ,its something the dieter does not need to know ....however what they do need is a way to make it easier and keep satiateed whilst dropping calories and increasing exercise .....weight loss is and always will be simple but it aint easy

  • John T
    John T 26 days ago

    he told us the mechanics of weight loss and by implication what you eat shouldnt matter as long as you"eat less" ....what constitutes less though ,would have been nice to have some ball park calorie figures and exercise duration

  • Virtuoso80
    Virtuoso80 26 days ago

    Now you can eat sunlight!

  • John Doggai
    John Doggai 26 days ago

    I’m going to be 88 years old in fewer than 100 days. I weigh the same today as I did when I was 40. I walk 4-5 miles a day at 120 steps a minute, give or take 5 spm. The narrator may sound a bit goofy, but, he is right! It’s the speeding up of the breathing rate that counts.

  • Denise Kratochvil
    Denise Kratochvil 27 days ago

    Exactly how do I best to lose weight?

    • Daian Moi
      Daian Moi 26 days ago

      I am just a pharmacy student, and this is very general information. I encourage you to seek out registered dietitians (nutritionists are not registered, so I recommend dietitians) and other health care professionals.

    • Daian Moi
      Daian Moi 26 days ago

      He talks about the carbs and sugar plants make. Try to start by limiting those.
      Rice, bread, starchy veggies like potatoes. Limit yourself for example to 1 cup of cooked rice each meal or maximum 2 pieces of bread or tortillas. Speak to a healthcare professional for more details.
      Practice checking the sugar content of everything. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends for most American women, a maximum of 6 teaspoons or 30 grams of sugar. For men, about 9 teaspoons or 45 grams max. That means no more Starbucks frappuccinos!
      And don't forget the #1 best thing you can do for your health: exercise! Weight/muscle training will grow your muscles and increase your metabolism, so you will lose weight faster. Aerobic exercise (or exercise that raises your heart rate) is very good for your heart, so be sure to do some of this too.

  • connie nyland
    connie nyland 27 days ago


  • Sheeple Slayer
    Sheeple Slayer 27 days ago +4

    So, in short... skinny people are the cause of global warming!!
    Lmao jk

  • Antoinette Parry
    Antoinette Parry 28 days ago

    Glad you didn't want to meddle with ketosis.

    • Skeptics we love you anyway
      Skeptics we love you anyway 11 days ago

      He did, if you think about it. He told you it give you depression and acidosis, and so you should stick with good'ole _eating less and get more exercise_ .
      And everyone is buying it.

  • Szymon Bujak
    Szymon Bujak 28 days ago

    How dare you even question modern science!
    Fossil fuels = global warming, global cooling, climate change either way.
    Shame.on you for even suggesting this king of ideas to the already brainwashed masses.
    Remember CO2 = unlimited cash flow.

  • jeremy dumanski
    jeremy dumanski 28 days ago

    Do you mean to tell me that I can sit around and breath faster and lose more weight than I normally would

  • SomebodysWatchnYou
    SomebodysWatchnYou 28 days ago

    Fascinating. Why did I have weight loss surgery?

    • OneRichMofo
      OneRichMofo 28 days ago

      Because you cant think for yourself? Did I get it right?

  • Gewigsverlies Dietilies

    Who ever love fast food ,hit the like button.

  • Fredrik Skreddernes
    Fredrik Skreddernes 29 days ago

    Eat HEALTY, exersise more

  • Jake Drago
    Jake Drago Month ago

    Problem is the whole of body’s biochemistry is not that simple way too many factors are not considered

  • seawar4
    seawar4 Month ago

    He does need to introduce himself!!

  • chuck martin
    chuck martin Month ago


  • Saras Raman
    Saras Raman Month ago

    The masses on the periodic table are not the masses of 1 atom but of 1 mole of atoms (6.02 x 10^23 atoms) of that particular element. (Avogadro's number)

    • Saras Raman
      Saras Raman 29 days ago

      At time 13:35 it is stated that the weight of a single atom of Carbon = 12.01 grams. I cannot place 1 single atom of Carbon on a scale and measure 12.01 grams. You say it very well when you state: If you take 6,022*10^23 particles of Hydrogen particles you'll get 1 mol of it but also 1g of Hydrogen. So 4g of Helium = 1mol Helium = 6,022*10^23 Helium particles. Thanks for clarifying.

    • M'Baku & T'Challa
      M'Baku & T'Challa 29 days ago

      Ehmm... no? No they are not? The numbers stand for the atomic mass of the particular element, which defined as 1/12* the weight of an Carbon atom. Avogadro's constant was picked so, that if you take k amount of Carbon atoms you'll get 1g of it. They found out how much an Hydrogen atom weights and divided 1g/(1,66*10^(-27) kg/particle) = 6,022*10^23 particles. => If you take 6,022*10^23 particles of Hydrogen particles you'll get 1 mol of it but also 1g of Hydrogen. So 4g of Helium = 1mol Helium = 6,022*10^23 Helium particles. Then the Molar Mass was created, which describes how grams you get from 1 mol of a substance. So for example if you want 1g of water you need (2*1u + 1*16u) * 6,022*10^23 = 18u *6,022*10^23 = 18 mol. So the molar mass of water is 1g/18mol, which again is the amount of substance I have to take to get 1g of it. It just so happens that the molar mass is equivalent to the atomic mass, since we defined that 1 mol of Hydrogen weights exactly 1g.

  • harmmany214
    harmmany214 Month ago

    The arrow not being a double arrow means its an irreversible reaction, i.e. there isn't a condition where the products will reconvert back to the reactants

  • Innov Ace
    Innov Ace Month ago +1

    Here’s another ahhhhmmannndd
    Where’s the ahhhhhhmmannnddddd


    Got an ahhhhhhmuhnnnnddd in mah ppoohhckkkettt

  • misottovoce
    misottovoce Month ago

    Interesting and humorous explanation from a chemistry perspective...but biology doesn't work that way. Dr. Sten Ekberg has a fascinating response to this video and explains what is missing from Meerman's explanation. Look it up on his playlist and search for the same title as this video.

  • GoryionB
    GoryionB Month ago

    This is still treating weight loss as a two body problem. :|

  • DrZoo
    DrZoo Month ago

    *breating intensifies*

  • Roberto García Fuentealba

    I just lost 21:25 of my time.

  • Yesha Zion
    Yesha Zion Month ago

    The wieght goes into the toilet...

  • eli N
    eli N Month ago

    Was about to ask the first question😂😂😂

  • Kuddelmuddel Zelle
    Kuddelmuddel Zelle Month ago +1


  • Carlos Loza
    Carlos Loza Month ago +5

    Gotta purposely "starve yourself " A.K.A fast! Fasting as human beings have done since time immemorial.... we cant and shouldn't eat all the time..

  • JBIRD575
    JBIRD575 Month ago +1

    At the end did he mean low carb diet or low protein...???? For depression ????

    • Ayman Abu Dargham
      Ayman Abu Dargham Month ago

      Keto diet is a low carb diet not a low protein diet. A person whos on keto diet will avoid or eat very little quantities of carbohydrates.