• Published on Jun 11, 2019
    Now you can create art right in your kitchen! Amazing cookies design that you can repeat so easy! Fire, galaxy or little kitty glaze that covers your cookies is so simple to work with! Yummy puff pastry recipes will help you to cook delicious dessert with fruits ๐Ÿ“or with chocolate filling. Your family will be so happy:)
    First of all try yummy pastry cakes with strawberry or pineapple. This is the best option for a hot summer! You can cook delicious pastry cookies with gentle cream cheese filling and make tasty banana cakes with chocolate inside๐Ÿ˜‹
    If you want you can use simple kitchen items to create amazing shapes for cookies, for example, use chopsticks or soda can cutters to create a unique style for your dessert:)
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    00:10 How to decorate cookies at home
    00:59 Rainbow heart cookies decor
    02:10 How to turn simple cookies into a magnificent๐ŸŒธ flowers
    04:20 Galaxy glaze yummy recipe for your cookies
    05:49 Pineapple cakes ๐Ÿfrom puff pastry
    06:51 Chocolate banana baked cakes
    09:46 Cookie cutters from soda can
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    I love cookies especially biscuits๐Ÿ˜‹ Can you cook yummy cookies? What's your favorite?

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  • Sayed Ahmed
    Sayed Ahmed Month ago

    please can you help me and subscribe on my channel please i need money for my mother

  • Sayed Ahmed
    Sayed Ahmed Month ago

    please can you help me and subscribe on my channel please i need money for my mother

  • Sayed Ahmed
    Sayed Ahmed Month ago

    please can you help me and subscribe on my channel please i need money for my mother

  • Sayed Ahmed
    Sayed Ahmed Month ago

    please can you help me and subscribe on my channel please i need money for my mother

  • Sayed Ahmed
    Sayed Ahmed Month ago

    please can you help me and subscribe on my channel please i need money for my mother

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