How to Not Get Bullied | Lele Pons


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  • menna zourob
    menna zourob 21 hour ago

    The word on your hoodie isحبيبي

  • Salome Lela
    Salome Lela Day ago

    I like the notebook but know one really cares lol 😂

  • Ameena Malak
    Ameena Malak Day ago

    Hid shirt is Arabic and the end lol

  • Nightcore Maniac


  • Zoe Merette
    Zoe Merette Day ago

    I loveee Social Studies tbh😂😂

  • Elijah Boogaart
    Elijah Boogaart Day ago +1

    Anyone else constantly find themselves staring at her t**s?

  • Jasi B
    Jasi B Day ago

    No one will ever like my comment 🙁☹️

  • Bb Aa
    Bb Aa Day ago

    Do a hallowen scary night 🌙⏰💤💤

  • whirlwind. d
    whirlwind. d Day ago

    What even is this its so awful

    THE DAB POLICE 2 days ago

    Brace face? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jayden Grant
    Jayden Grant 2 days ago

    "I can use a science fact."
    Mhmm.. shut up. :)

  • R_ice
    R_ice 2 days ago

    Oh shit, Its the teacher.

  • Lindsey Rice
    Lindsey Rice 2 days ago

    Boy with the blue shirt he met girl and I saw the video the girl was in fourth grade ask the boy

  • Momo .al3dawi
    Momo .al3dawi 2 days ago

    Yes I am Arabic

  • Wafa Suwaileh
    Wafa Suwaileh 2 days ago +2

    This is the shittiest video I’ve ever watched

  • ZzPinkyOwlZz Gachaverse

    Lele what jacket were u wearing?

  • ابو نورا
    ابو نورا 2 days ago

    بلوزتها مكتوب عليها حبيبي بل عربي

  • Maggie Block
    Maggie Block 3 days ago

    Richard is meee.

  • ツRoyce
    ツRoyce 3 days ago


  • Hesaam Sadeghi
    Hesaam Sadeghi 3 days ago

    It says Habibi in Arabic on her shirt

  • Senpai Notice me
    Senpai Notice me 4 days ago

    I'm literally lele

  • Mustafa Abdelrazik
    Mustafa Abdelrazik 4 days ago


  • Renad K
    Renad K 4 days ago

    Lele where you got that hoodie that’s has a language that I speak but like I never speak it I love English better

  • N!tya
    N!tya 4 days ago

    Written and directed by lele pons
    12 year old : lele is pretty
    12 year old:... Lele is pretty
    Humor everybody

    • Alex Mason
      Alex Mason 2 days ago

      N!tya wow I wonder were you got this idea from

  • Genial\ جينيال
    Genial\ جينيال 4 days ago +1


  • Maya odell
    Maya odell 5 days ago

    Ouch I think I lost a few braincells

  • Ethan Estrada
    Ethan Estrada 5 days ago

    Human reproductor is health not sience

  • Lubabah Mohammed
    Lubabah Mohammed 5 days ago

    Lele with the حبيبي T-Shirt
    So cute

    RANDOMGIRLY 123 5 days ago


  • Jules Blundell
    Jules Blundell 6 days ago


  • w33b.
    w33b. 6 days ago +1

    you scripted this. you made that kid call you pretty. thats weird. you made a small boy call you pretty. ew

  • Kurayami yoru
    Kurayami yoru 6 days ago

    Science is lit Le Le! Go get an education.

  • Kurayami yoru
    Kurayami yoru 6 days ago

    This video sends such a bad message, it is suggesting that education is uncool! The is incredibly detrimental to children Lele, Please use your brain, before writing such substandard and damaging crap.

  • Kim Mimi
    Kim Mimi 6 days ago

    Your hoodie(حبيبي) 😍love ittt

  • Rabea Bani Salman
    Rabea Bani Salman 6 days ago

    Habibiحبيبي is an Arabic word

    GAME GAMER 7 days ago

    Habibi on leles hoodie

  • Zainab Ebrahim
    Zainab Ebrahim 7 days ago

    It is written my crush on your jaket

  • Selin Ş.
    Selin Ş. 7 days ago

    God that was cringey...

  • azyz Mhmd
    azyz Mhmd 7 days ago

    I Like new tcrct حبيبي

  • Kelvin Playz And More

    I have glasses and people push me and say I can't see them so how do I know also I kicked a bully in the dick

  • Toad
    Toad 8 days ago

    lele just called herself "Dumb"

  • Alexandru Ivan
    Alexandru Ivan 8 days ago

    Well I think u should come out of the closet 😂😂😂 Lele what don’t we know are u rlly a bully?😂😂

  • Sahimah Almamari
    Sahimah Almamari 8 days ago

    The shirt says in Arabic habibi

  • Hashim Adeel khan
    Hashim Adeel khan 9 days ago

    4:28 is so cringyyyy

  • carline velima
    carline velima 9 days ago

    Lele pons you are so beautiful

  • Balisong Tutorials
    Balisong Tutorials 9 days ago

    1:42 secret gay joke

  • steve traino
    steve traino 9 days ago

    Everything comes from English

  • Maria Arshava
    Maria Arshava 9 days ago

    Boy 1:I like science
    Boy 2: Uh, social studies is way better.
    Boy 3: Guys we all know that english is the best.
    Me: Guys, its clear that recess and lunch are the best!

  • Elliott B
    Elliott B 9 days ago

    Never mentioned brace face

  • Ghala AlGrayan
    Ghala AlGrayan 9 days ago

    Shes wearing a shirt that says habibi

  • earth
    earth 9 days ago

    i dont have a bully

    im home schooled

  • Shubhra Dasadhikary
    Shubhra Dasadhikary 9 days ago

    Is the girl Indian

  • Shekinah Nougaisse
    Shekinah Nougaisse 10 days ago

    Lol I got the pun....don’t mind me

  • Abigail Spotts
    Abigail Spotts 10 days ago

    Sceet sceet butthole daddy

  • Wolfy Positive
    Wolfy Positive 10 days ago

    3:51 😂😂😂

  • Zoey Smithers
    Zoey Smithers 10 days ago

    My name is franki but I think his name is spelled this way Frankie

  • Yasmin Al Sharif
    Yasmin Al Sharif 10 days ago

    omg her shirt says something in arabic which is my first language and it translates: my love
    and u pronounce it like : habibty

  • Cathy Toyofuku
    Cathy Toyofuku 10 days ago


  • Summer Rafferty
    Summer Rafferty 10 days ago

    At the end someone thinks said doing make it rain

  • Grethan Limelight
    Grethan Limelight 10 days ago

    Any Hindus here🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉

  • Thomas-3D
    Thomas-3D 10 days ago

    3:47 thats kinda like military school

  • gzross
    gzross 10 days ago

    did anyone notice she has a arabic hoodie

  • Michelle Tang
    Michelle Tang 11 days ago

    *how not to get bullied*
    Me:call lele pons

  • venom fan
    venom fan 11 days ago

    Those girls got REKT

  • hearher d
    hearher d 11 days ago


  • Mentally Insane
    Mentally Insane 11 days ago

    Reggie is moooooood

  • Ali Zohbi
    Ali Zohbi 11 days ago

    i am an arab

  • Ali Zohbi
    Ali Zohbi 11 days ago

    arbic on your shirt😐😐🙁🙁😨😨😨

  • Tatiana TV
    Tatiana TV 11 days ago

    BTW I am from lebanon

  • Princess Moonlight
    Princess Moonlight 11 days ago

    1:40 I think it’s about time you get out of the closet

  • Zion High
    Zion High 12 days ago

    He plays on one big punch

  • CT ColdKiller
    CT ColdKiller 12 days ago

    No. Just no

  • nina shreer
    nina shreer 12 days ago

    The word in u're shirt is in arabic andit means my love (habebe/حبيبي)😊

  • nina shreer
    nina shreer 12 days ago

    How come her shirt is in arabic 😊I like it💖

  • Mimi Naim
    Mimi Naim 13 days ago

    "Didnt you bully a girl named braceface???"

  • Moron
    Moron 13 days ago

    fuck lele pons

  • wiff_frikins 16
    wiff_frikins 16 13 days ago

    She’s pretty

  • Robin Todoroki
    Robin Todoroki 13 days ago

    Shoto is my First Name

  • Winter Knight
    Winter Knight 14 days ago +1


  • Nomadic Renegade
    Nomadic Renegade 14 days ago


  • rclbeauty 150
    rclbeauty 150 15 days ago

    thank you lele!you are my hero!you are nice

  • Lucas B.
    Lucas B. 15 days ago

    And you have music ly tik tok

  • Aranzazu Contreras
    Aranzazu Contreras 15 days ago


  • Kristy Mendes
    Kristy Mendes 15 days ago

    I didn’t watch the notebook till I was 14

  • Lucas B.
    Lucas B. 15 days ago

    Pon girl wy you trip

  • Muhammad Othman
    Muhammad Othman 15 days ago

    Noice hoodie حبيبي

  • Ninjaboy0821 Fanboy
    Ninjaboy0821 Fanboy 15 days ago

    0:30 I’m that kid in the middle and my enemie is the one with the glasses and btw yes me and her fight about Star Trek and Star Wars btw Star Trek sucks bitches !

  • Amy the kitty Tord fangirl

    Yeah, you just get hited and then go to jailXD

    ALEJANDRO ROJAS 15 days ago


  • Shadow Killer
    Shadow Killer 15 days ago

    These are the most stupid kids ever LMFAO

  • Hanna Bahrami
    Hanna Bahrami 16 days ago

    Brace face? I didn’t know that was an insult

  • michele davis
    michele davis 16 days ago

    Said she was the bully then....gets hit with a purse it's a sad day for lele

  • Edwin Arevalo
    Edwin Arevalo 16 days ago


  • Heba
    Heba 16 days ago


  • PJ Gaming
    PJ Gaming 16 days ago

    This is shit

  • Anas Tayyan
    Anas Tayyan 16 days ago

    5:28 oumaywa mou shindayrou

  • Angela Fairy
    Angela Fairy 16 days ago

    The shirt that lele has on the word is in Arabic and I'm Arabian and on shirt it says Habibi

  • Nova and Kaylie
    Nova and Kaylie 17 days ago +1

    Her shirt says Habibi and that means (my love)

  • CharaPlayzROBLOX 123
    CharaPlayzROBLOX 123 17 days ago

    I get bullied at summer school for being dumb

  • steve traino
    steve traino 17 days ago

    Find 🐳