Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
  • These games almost gave me a nostalgic aneurysm
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  • Kim Jongwoo
    Kim Jongwoo Hour ago

    I can't wait for this generation of kids to grow up and make videos about how Minecraft and fortnite played

  • KeithlozanoYT
    KeithlozanoYT 2 hours ago

    Ah and this is just a Bazooka

  • Kedai Oma
    Kedai Oma 4 hours ago

    Is that a jojo refrence

  • Saul Orlando
    Saul Orlando 7 hours ago

    Game boy?
    More like
    *BIG BOI*

  • Coll Coll ROCKS Official

    Would you only have to go under the lamp during night?

  • adolfo vega
    adolfo vega 8 hours ago

    Maybe the game boy color has better controls

  • Me A dogoo
    Me A dogoo 8 hours ago


  • Juan Baez
    Juan Baez 9 hours ago

    Let me in right now I am one of the Powerpuff girl I can leave it be in your house that burned it

  • Day R
    Day R 10 hours ago

    I'm probably younger than Jaiden yet I played the old fashioned Gameboy original, get with the times Jaiden, we all played pokemon yellow like as if we were born 10 years earlier

  • Memes make me UWU
    Memes make me UWU 10 hours ago

    I was a moth

  • Pre-Packaged _
    Pre-Packaged _ 10 hours ago


  • Liam Sull
    Liam Sull 10 hours ago


  • kate woodbury
    kate woodbury 11 hours ago

    hmm have you ever heard of jellyjess? they're another youtuber and they're literally the same person as jaden,,, like,,,, they have a bird, they wear all purple and it's kinda sketchy not gonna lie

  • Ken Pyette
    Ken Pyette 11 hours ago

    Anyone else think the thing on that looks like BMO from adventure time?

    Just me?

    Oh.... Ok..

  • Shaggy Rodgers
    Shaggy Rodgers 12 hours ago

    Jaiden the kid you shot down in the spongebob game is underwater

  • JQN d-_-b
    JQN d-_-b 14 hours ago

    I just watched a Russian version of this vid

  • Um_Otario_Qualquer
    Um_Otario_Qualquer 15 hours ago

    ''Esses jogos me deram um aneurisma nostalgico''

    R3SPAWN 16 hours ago

    Bubbles more like buffles

  • Alew Nicks
    Alew Nicks 16 hours ago

    Alright who gave the nerd a gun
    Nerd: - puts up gun to her face-
    Her: let's go uh go to sponge bob now
    Evil robot: - shoots big bullets -

  • Valentin Lopez
    Valentin Lopez 17 hours ago

    I was born in the early 2000s but lived as a 90s kid I had Nintendo 64 and a gameboy color

  • CreenelMC
    CreenelMC 17 hours ago

    Curse word on screen

  • It’s Evie
    It’s Evie 18 hours ago

    Jaiden talking about spongebob 2: 15 feet in the air
    Me: but it’s spongebob it’s in water!!

  • Faze Plays
    Faze Plays 19 hours ago

    Is that a game boy advance sp I have one
    Edit if you need a better spongebob play it on the game cube

  • Anthony Selvaggi
    Anthony Selvaggi 19 hours ago

    This game can die in a hole
    Been there done that

  • Rex Avery
    Rex Avery 20 hours ago

    Ya jaiden

  • Brandon Elijah Hill
    Brandon Elijah Hill 20 hours ago

    1:01 whoop ass owo (Btw I used to have a Spongebob Plug-n'-Play game as a kid called Bikini Bottom 500)

  • Epic_ Kid
    Epic_ Kid 21 hour ago

    I just realized,the spongebob hair is your hair🤣

  • Nicholas Gregoire
    Nicholas Gregoire 21 hour ago

    When I had a DS Library of approximately 50% Movie Licensed Tie In Games That Were Mostly Not Good that included like EVERY animated film movie tie in from 2009 (I'm sure) which included Disney's A Christmas Carol (I'm as surprised as u are tbh) and like every Pixar movie between 2008-11 and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs made by Ubisoft of all companies.

  • Captain Seel
    Captain Seel 21 hour ago


  • KateandFate Kakashka
    KateandFate Kakashka 22 hours ago

    I hear ari at the end XD

  • Kenyon Rutledge
    Kenyon Rutledge Day ago


  • Michele Kushyk
    Michele Kushyk Day ago

    Play are you smarter than Patrick game!;)

  • Rexory AJ
    Rexory AJ Day ago

    90's kids
    and I'm 2010's

  • Steve Harvey Shrek
    Steve Harvey Shrek Day ago +1

    Her spongebob animation was pretty good

  • R O S E E L L E
    R O S E E L L E Day ago

    Actually my name is Teresa UwUs

  • Filmsparks
    Filmsparks Day ago

    Battle for bikini bottom is a better console game

  • Taylor Sochocki
    Taylor Sochocki Day ago

    Jaiden played the skateboard game the exact same way I played burnout.

  • Nana_ Potato
    Nana_ Potato Day ago +1

    Her: I liked this part
    me: *Ad pops out*

    Also me:Ohh so she liked that part.

  • Dbz Fan
    Dbz Fan Day ago

    I had the spider man and rocket power spongebob plug and play when I was 4 I’m 11 now

  • Radialz Gaming
    Radialz Gaming Day ago

    Name : Game Boy
    Me. : Gay Boi

  • Aiden-Roblox
    Aiden-Roblox Day ago +1

    game boi game gurl

  • Liv_ Sammy
    Liv_ Sammy Day ago

    It was boring!!!!!!’

  • Liv_ Sammy
    Liv_ Sammy Day ago +1

    Did you know that my parents made that game sponge bod game?I got to play the game first to see if it was good... ya, I chills not finish the game but my parents did make LOTS of more game it was fun

  • Zoe Ath
    Zoe Ath Day ago

    Who's him?

  • Elite mystery Jake

    In the pokemon game part : you restarted and you haven’t done SHI- plays music

  • Brandy Reynolds
    Brandy Reynolds Day ago

    You inspire me so much.

  • Jay Udell
    Jay Udell Day ago

    Jaden: this game is bullcrap
    Best thing I’ve heard all day

  • Nate Borrowman
    Nate Borrowman Day ago

    There making a remake for the spungebob battle for bikini bottom one

  • Jobins John Cheria
    Jobins John Cheria 2 days ago

    What a lucky girl with parents willing to buy any game.

  • uwu
    uwu 2 days ago

    Battle for Bikini Bottom is my entire childhood. But not the Gameboy one,it looks like shit

  • Blonde Loser
    Blonde Loser 2 days ago

    Battle for bikini bottom is awesome but also horrible at the same time XD
    The remake is gonna be good tho
    *realized you meant the gameboy game*
    Oh. I’ve never played that one lol

  • Invader_Zimako /daughter-of -invader-zim

    8:29 4:36
    Rip random fish boi and sponge J

  • corauma nasku
    corauma nasku 2 days ago

    I had that's so ravan 2 on the gba it sucked

  • ///GachaChloe\\\ UwU

    Instead of saying wierd game lane why not wierda-game lane

  • PhantomSFM
    PhantomSFM 2 days ago

    The NEW game boy, game BOIIIIIIIIII

  • RGB [Official]
    RGB [Official] 2 days ago

    Jaiden should be an SpongeBob artist

  • Pratishtha Upadhyay
    Pratishtha Upadhyay 2 days ago

    I love Ari, and also I love green cheeks and ur TVclip videos

  • DePurple_Pancake
    DePurple_Pancake 2 days ago

    Hol up, did you play Zelda as a kid?

  • ツ私は失望していますツ

    The plugin games she was talking about made me think of this Avatar plugin game i used to own, i have no idea where it went, but i do know i sucked at it, and only watched my brother play it l i k e a l o s e r.

    the background music was fire tho

  • Anti 57
    Anti 57 2 days ago

    What about another plug in play Spongebob game

    Where they throw Snowballs