How George Kittle SHOCKED the NFL

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • George Kittle is the newest superstar tight end in the NFL, recently breaking the all-time single-season receiving record for the position. But how did he rise from nowhere to put himself into the same conversation as the best TEs on the planet?
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  • Set the Edge
    Set the Edge  7 months ago +223

    Just hit 1,000 subscribers here on the channel and wanted to quickly give a MASSIVE thank you to all of you. I never could've dreamed to grow this fast, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to make content for you guys, who have been extremely kind and supportive. Stay tuned for more videos on the way, this is only the beginning!!

    • GenericFryCook
      GenericFryCook 8 days ago

      So how have the last 8 months been?

    • jace gibson
      jace gibson 21 day ago

      damn.. 73k in 6 months.. well deserved. ur content is incredilble and quality is amazing.. love watching your vids

    • donald deluxe
      donald deluxe 3 months ago

      George kittle looks like Atreus from god of war 4 only playing in the nfl and not a god.

    • Ski Pro
      Ski Pro 5 months ago +1

      26k in 2 months DAMN

    • Brandon Ahu
      Brandon Ahu 5 months ago

      Literally jus subscribed because of GREAT JOB you did with Kittle video. Keep up the good work.

    PAINTnPONG 3 days ago

    Well done video mate!

  • Shiny Soles
    Shiny Soles 4 days ago

  • John Herrera
    John Herrera 4 days ago

    Still upset he didn't break sharpes record I'm sure he will soon

  • babylon.don.204
    babylon.don.204 5 days ago

    Got this man in with my 4th pick in my fantasy team

  • Comics & Vlogs w Rorshach

    Why was he overlooked? We know why.

  • My precious one 2/11/15

    We have to do everything in our power to keep this guy,he's the future.

  • Jeff Stengel
    Jeff Stengel 8 days ago

    great video

  • xXx_mega_ yeetathon_xXx

    how did u not talk about that time he fake fell to get open

  • BerkGod
    BerkGod 10 days ago

    Iowa just produces amazing tight ends

  • Jack Sullivan
    Jack Sullivan 11 days ago


  • Doug Wilcox
    Doug Wilcox 11 days ago +1

    how the fuck do you only have 78k subs ...

  • John Grams
    John Grams 11 days ago

    Iowa always produces quality TE

  • Akumok Eternal Suns
    Akumok Eternal Suns 14 days ago

    Kettle biggest steal of the draft

  • Kyle Go Hawks
    Kyle Go Hawks 14 days ago

    I would beat him at arm wrestling

  • Jayden Torres
    Jayden Torres 15 days ago

    Zach ertz said hold my beer

  • Drewand Stuff
    Drewand Stuff 20 days ago

    I like the Grimm pic

  • Officer Earl
    Officer Earl 23 days ago +1

    “I paid for these tickets!”

  • 12thman Railfans
    12thman Railfans 23 days ago

    That’s why you go to Iowa, you end up a rare Jem pick in the later rounds

  • marquise moore
    marquise moore 24 days ago

    This cat is a freak of nature

  • Drew Miller
    Drew Miller 26 days ago

    Go Hawks

  • Hairtrigger83
    Hairtrigger83 27 days ago

    Kittle is a talented beast and the Iowa Hawkeye's know how to develop TE's, 2 1st round TE's in this most recent draft for example which no other school has ever done at the TE position.

  • MaxOnTheStereo
    MaxOnTheStereo 27 days ago

    More like how set the edge shocked nfl fans

  • Tee EffPee
    Tee EffPee 27 days ago

    If I was a high school tight end right now, I would be hoping to god that Iowa calls me up. You've got Kittle who is just smashing it as TE, and now Iowa has TWO tight ends go in the FIRST round (8 and 20) of the draft. Think about that for a second. Two tights ends from the same school made enough of an impression while sharing the position for both of them to go in the first round. Yes, the NFL is sort of scrambling for tight end talent right now as offences are shifting towards TEs and an offensive weapon, but it's still really impressive to see two TEs from the same school get picked in the first round.

  • Burak Ünüvar
    Burak Ünüvar 28 days ago

    I drafted him in fantasy so in sha allah he'll have a great season

  • Hellifornia Music
    Hellifornia Music Month ago

    Great documentary, well done... I stopped watching the NFL after Krapperneck became a huge douchebag & ruined it for me. I was a huge 49er fan, so kuddos for the new star. Unless he takes the db knee like the rest of the overpaid spoiled ass children in the league...

  • Jeromy Weldon
    Jeromy Weldon Month ago

    This is my new favorite channel.

  • Nick Big Mann
    Nick Big Mann Month ago

    I hope the 49ers have a successful 2019 season but I still have serious doubts Garoppolo will stay healthy.

  • Admiral Snackbar
    Admiral Snackbar Month ago

    I got this guy in the THIRD ROUND of the fantasy draft this year. We’re my competition retarded? Who knows

  • Swagner17
    Swagner17 Month ago

    How was this his first video. And he just blew up the past 6 months. I could’ve made the same video and I would get 100 views 😂

  • Leo Cease
    Leo Cease Month ago +1

    That catch at 2:38 tho

  • Illegal Activity
    Illegal Activity Month ago

    Go hawks

  • Shawn Montgomery
    Shawn Montgomery Month ago +1

    Is Iowa, Tightend U?

  • Thomas Pick
    Thomas Pick Month ago

    Great story. All the best to George. He can even have a big game against my team, as long as my team wins.

  • Jackson Cooper
    Jackson Cooper Month ago +1

    Picked him up off waivers after week 2 in fantasy. Best decision i made all season...
    ...i won the championship

  • Jr Soto
    Jr Soto Month ago


  • Adam Shovlin
    Adam Shovlin Month ago

    I know they either didn’t want Kittle injured or hey wasn’t targeted but he could’ve easily broken another record

  • J.C.S. Family
    J.C.S. Family Month ago

    49ers BABY!!!!

  • Matteo Rodriguez
    Matteo Rodriguez Month ago

    new to the channel and have been binge watching vids love it

  • Miguel Castillo
    Miguel Castillo Month ago

    The dark wizard himself?😂😂💀 he's emperor Palpatine ma boi lol

  • Hinrich Hoffmann
    Hinrich Hoffmann Month ago

    Love your videos man!

  • Yeetusyeetus Commitself deletus

    I noticed after he said here’s the story the instrumental after was Sasuke’s Shippuden theme

  • Butt Scratcher
    Butt Scratcher Month ago

    Bro quit telling people about my fantasy pick! 😂

  • JSR Productions
    JSR Productions Month ago +1

    All I have to say, kittle is definitely the best tight end as of right now.
    *mike drop

  • Josh C
    Josh C Month ago

    Love our team this year!! Come on 9ers. Get me 10-6 please!

  • Sergio Vaquera II
    Sergio Vaquera II Month ago

    I was gonna draft him last year but the guy ahead of me took him. Broke my heart.

  • Ray Fabris
    Ray Fabris Month ago +1

    kittle plays like vernon Davis was supposed to.

  • Horrible Four
    Horrible Four Month ago

    10:25 This is inspiring stuff right here. The 49ers had an awful season after high expectations, and in the very last game of a losing season, all their team mates just celebrate in the endzone after getting a touchdown in a game that's already lost. Yea it's because he broke a record, but how many people can say the entire team would react like this in the same situation? Under such abysmal circumstances? That's a team right there, while I don't expect the 49ers to make a super bowl run, I do expect them to get into the playoffs this year with the key pieces of the offense back on the field and with that attitude!

  • fasteddie332
    fasteddie332 Month ago

    Getsome Baby !! … You know what time it is !! …

  • Commander Cody
    Commander Cody Month ago

    I hope we can see some sort of a revival of the 49ers vs Cowboys rivalry soon

  • Lord Hoth_09
    Lord Hoth_09 Month ago +1

    9:27 - 9:45 ..... ok, I like this guy

  • Refuze2Lose
    Refuze2Lose Month ago

    Great video! Well done! You got skillz my man

  • 美国老爹
    美国老爹 Month ago

    As a Chinese, i have to say Panda Express make me ooooch. Well, as a 49er fan, I am all for that because Panda Express can food up Kittle - my super star Tight End.

  • Esq.
    Esq. Month ago

    Messed up for the 49ers to deny him of that record at 9:20. They didn’t want him to get that recognition/ have to pay him.

  • Kyle Lichty
    Kyle Lichty 2 months ago

    Dude your videos are awesome. True production talent!

  • Brendan Pappas
    Brendan Pappas 2 months ago

    This was probably your funniest video yet. Also, as someone whose majoring in English, I can’t help but point out that’s it’s “single catch.” Not “singular catch.”

  • Brian Ellis
    Brian Ellis 2 months ago +2

    This guy was a huge steal. Didn’t realize until watching this video that he wasn’t drafted until the 5th round. I also imagine that him going to Iowa helped TJ Hockensons stock in this years draft.

  • Jonathan Constant
    Jonathan Constant 2 months ago

    This channel came out of the middle of nowhere almost like Kittle did. Well done.

  • Andrew E. Craver
    Andrew E. Craver 2 months ago +1

    i get it... he's a douchebag wigger, like the rest of the millenials. your point?

  • r strong
    r strong 2 months ago

    And really, who doesn't love some Panda Express Orange Chicken?