• Published on May 18, 2019
    Tonight ImJaystation tries cutting open his evil twin at 3am and it actually worked. Kermit the frog was inside my doppelganger! For more 3am challenges subscribe to ImJaystation.
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  • ImJayStation
    ImJayStation  Month ago +4305

    OMG guys thiswas the craziest video ever!!! SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON AND MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!! :) Love you!

  • Gaming Pruh
    Gaming Pruh Minute ago

    Threw out all the organs huh wait how about a skin that's an organ

  • Gaming Pruh
    Gaming Pruh 3 minutes ago

    You've committed a crime you ate wantes

  • N. PLAY
    N. PLAY 6 minutes ago

    Welcome back kermit

  • Seth Amiana
    Seth Amiana 21 minute ago

    Son of a bitch

  • Colton Lacamu
    Colton Lacamu Hour ago

    This is a trash TVclip channel

  • Hdx95roblox
    Hdx95roblox Hour ago


  • shaggy edgers
    shaggy edgers 2 hours ago +1

    Target spotted......FBI OPEN UP

  • His rig Magee
    His rig Magee 2 hours ago

    This comment section is aids

  • Zuby mirza
    Zuby mirza 3 hours ago +1

    Why did you kill your evil twin WHY!!!!!??????

  • Autumn Paul
    Autumn Paul 3 hours ago

    Ask waybill if he could do the Charlie Charlie ritual

  • Autumn Paul
    Autumn Paul 3 hours ago

    AJ asked Jay Hill
    if he has a evil twin

  • Sanic Is disappointed in you

    I wish that was you

  • Yolanda Love
    Yolanda Love 3 hours ago

    J station you going to jail

  • Key Kramer
    Key Kramer 4 hours ago

    You should make a video of playing a one man hiding seek with your evil twin

  • Gerald Agbayani
    Gerald Agbayani 4 hours ago

    How did you get another person of you?

  • The Different Youtuber

    people who dislike are jealous

  • M and S Flores
    M and S Flores 4 hours ago +1

    That is a hard my mom is a nurse so she knows what the body part is🤭🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍👰🏻🤵🏻

  • bigman33 dude
    bigman33 dude 4 hours ago

    Bro is that fucking real right now😱🔥🤔🔥🔥😱

  • M and S Flores
    M and S Flores 4 hours ago +1

    Blah blah blah just get right

  • Edith plays
    Edith plays 4 hours ago +1

    It's kinda disgusting and more with body parts and kidney you should probably give the kidney to eyeless Jack

  • Dakodah Ellisyt
    Dakodah Ellisyt 4 hours ago

    Jay, I have a video idea call Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat 11 at 3am

  • Badis Iness
    Badis Iness 5 hours ago


  • Patricia Kurtovich
    Patricia Kurtovich 5 hours ago

    Cut open the haunted open the haunted Ouija board

  • SERGIOELXD2009 Álvarez Diaz

    Desuscribanse de esta ASESINO!

  • Alana Santana
    Alana Santana 6 hours ago +1


  • Tramar Coley
    Tramar Coley 6 hours ago

    I 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢on this

  • Blue Sharky
    Blue Sharky 7 hours ago

    Kermit is "sooooooooooooooo"cute🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

  • Sharon Hergenrother
    Sharon Hergenrother 7 hours ago

    Its a lung

  • my name is jeff 123
    my name is jeff 123 8 hours ago

    You guys are crazy just cut it open a human body

  • PrsAliciaA
    PrsAliciaA 8 hours ago

    Kermit!!!!!!!!!!!!I MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!leave a👍if you missing him 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

  • Project Zorgo
    Project Zorgo 9 hours ago


  • Bomb Doge
    Bomb Doge 10 hours ago

    if the police see this.........

  • Kaushik Karena
    Kaushik Karena 10 hours ago


  • Inpatient Treatment
    Inpatient Treatment 10 hours ago

    I absorbed my twin in my mother's womb.

  • Faqif Iqram
    Faqif Iqram 10 hours ago


  • Sofia Cecchi
    Sofia Cecchi 11 hours ago

    DUDE I WAS EATING!🤣🤣It sooo friking awesome

  • David Gonzales
    David Gonzales 11 hours ago

    Yay kermit the frog is back!

  • Mat Laenmatcam
    Mat Laenmatcam 12 hours ago

    yeah i miss you kermit

  • 榮华
    榮华 14 hours ago

    Oh my god his evil twin thing when jay get it out its like a heart

  • Lieu Duong
    Lieu Duong 15 hours ago

    No don't do that you will go in jail

  • Lieu Duong
    Lieu Duong 15 hours ago

    Oh my God lb

  • Big Mama
    Big Mama 15 hours ago

    Do y’all are going to kill him

  • Trey Harvey
    Trey Harvey 15 hours ago

    Cut open chuky

  • Sharon MF
    Sharon MF 17 hours ago

    and theres is a frog 😥😣😫

  • Sharon MF
    Sharon MF 17 hours ago

    Ewww The Heart It Is Soooo Gross

  • Karisaっあぱねせ GachaNoob

    Um its kinda like murder called

    TOM THE CAT 18 hours ago +1

    Brain cell: 0

  • Hariet Vicente
    Hariet Vicente 19 hours ago

    No its lung

  • staying shipwrecked
    staying shipwrecked 20 hours ago

    Jay... U scare me

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson 21 hour ago

    I don't like that is this a real person

  • Lunar_ playz
    Lunar_ playz 21 hour ago


  • brandon altom
    brandon altom 22 hours ago

    Ribs omg

  • brandon altom
    brandon altom 22 hours ago

    I think it's guts OMG omg

  • Dana Dunaway
    Dana Dunaway 22 hours ago

    🧪🔬👧🏽🤔🧬I hae :you

  • Lil Lil
    Lil Lil 22 hours ago

    Cut open evil Kermit

  • Raquel Mendoza
    Raquel Mendoza 23 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice when he cut open himself there wasn’t any blood on the knife

  • Jacob Velez
    Jacob Velez 23 hours ago


  • Azael H.G
    Azael H.G Day ago

    Jay is insane I'm about to call the police

  • Afia8726
    Afia8726 Day ago

    I can't watch this anymore I'm so sad you just killed your twin brother because he was evil and just why did know was inside of him I feel bad for him he didn't do anything that basically I kill you or if you did I don't know I haven't watched all the videos yet don't do that again please don't do it to anyone else please just if you watching this viewers don't do that okay just don't do that you might go to bad place like like just like excuse you want to go to bad place

  • unicorngamer gacha

    Me:you an assasin???

  • sharon love
    sharon love Day ago

    Wash it and see

  • Rodney
    Rodney Day ago +1

    Jay do you think you will go to jail

  • Jaelina Hernandez-Jones

    U had a twin an EVIL twin and now he's back in the mirror would😖😞. Nvm that I'm just happy ker mit is back😃🙃
    This was a awesome vid so like this vid👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • justin adams
    justin adams Day ago

    Yeah permits back

  • TUCKER Adams
    TUCKER Adams Day ago +1

    And that's a heart

  • TUCKER Adams
    TUCKER Adams Day ago +1

    There snakes.

  • Jtx Pj
    Jtx Pj Day ago

    FBI open up

  • Hi I'm ninja 109
    Hi I'm ninja 109 Day ago +1

    First of all why isnt there any blood dripping...and why isnt kermit bloody??i like doing this every vid

  • jelena pilon
    jelena pilon Day ago

    We missed you all Kermit!

  • Renee Montoya
    Renee Montoya Day ago

    Make more🐸 vidios

  • Haley Newness
    Haley Newness Day ago


  • Melanie I
    Melanie I Day ago

    Can you go to funworks at 3AM

  • owen mercer
    owen mercer Day ago

    Bring. Jeff the killer. Back. From the dead

  • randallflo
    randallflo Day ago +1

    1 like = 1 kermit

  • 2merboy
    2merboy Day ago

    It’s his hart

  • Josiah Vaca
    Josiah Vaca Day ago

    Lol I love the Kermit the frog part it was funny how he talks

  • Lupe B
    Lupe B Day ago

    Mock wesley

  • Marron Phachansiri

    What how did you get the evil twin

  • king gamer
    king gamer Day ago

    It's a lung

  • Cali The best
    Cali The best Day ago

    kermet i love you

  • The Zuzulock Family

    pc of lung

  • Ethan bimbo
    Ethan bimbo Day ago

    This is like a angry bird egg unboxing

  • Ava Partida
    Ava Partida Day ago +1

    That is not a heart or I might be a evil heart

  • Puppet Gameing
    Puppet Gameing Day ago

    Hi it's me again and this time I'm unsubscribeing from you

  • Yanis Kratos
    Yanis Kratos Day ago

    that,s not nice to people at All

  • America Baltierrez

    Welcome home Kermit 🐸 I missed you

  • Amaryllis Hernandez

    I miss Kermit 😭😭😭😭😭

  • The travel buddies

    Don’t do it he is a human he might be evil but it’s a human I don’t want you getting arrested

  • Melanie Thompson

    Do a video where you tell Kermit what happened to you then next time people break in your house they'll be fucked

  • Princess Vlogs
    Princess Vlogs Day ago

    thats hurt btw

  • Anthony Mancuso
    Anthony Mancuso Day ago

    F you jaystation

  • mz_hil kate
    mz_hil kate Day ago

    Thats heart

  • Aibelle Dela Cruz

    That is so gross yuck

  • Mr KingyYT
    Mr KingyYT Day ago

    Call the po po

  • Philip Curry
    Philip Curry Day ago


  • Juniver Damolo
    Juniver Damolo Day ago

    ImJaystation is a doctot

  • Cadie Hatter
    Cadie Hatter Day ago

    Jay so mean to Evel JAY

  • Sandora Dalton
    Sandora Dalton Day ago

    Hi I'm Bob

  • itsme Venice
    itsme Venice Day ago

    Huh really theres no blood