Destiny 2 is Nerfing the Best Weapon in the Game (Whisper of the Worm)

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Bungie announced several changes coming with Season of Opulence including surprising exotic nerfs fans are not happy about.
    Destiny: 7 Challenges After the Bungie Activision Split
    Destiny 2: Black Armory Review
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Comments • 281

  • pgrec09
    pgrec09 5 days ago

    Yall actually thought they would keep their word? lmao

  • Jarhead1975
    Jarhead1975 23 days ago

    The nerfs are needed. When you can solo somthing made for a 3 man fire team it is a problem. When you can sit in the back of a map for 15 mins kill the boss and never be touched that is a problem. Supers or special powers are chained without no orb drops from teammates that is a problem. The game is supposed to be some what difficult not I AM SUPER PERSON all will die to me will no effort. Saying that now I would like to see the non use exotics get some needed buff.

  • Dr Jaysin
    Dr Jaysin 25 days ago

    Almost like this happened in D1.... I didn’t even bother getting whisper because I knew the perk was gonna be removed again.

  • Like a Leaf in the Wind

    Now I know for a FACT that devs are making Destiny 3: they feed on players' DELICIOUS TEARS OF RAGE as a staple of their crunch hour diet.
    So... eat my friends. Eat. But... Do. NOT. Mess. With. Our. Vaults. AGAIN!

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 26 days ago

    Man people still play this game 🤣

  • oFriskyPanda
    oFriskyPanda 26 days ago

    If I told you this 10 years ago. That a game was released with 3 classes and 3 sub classes. And the sequel HAS THE SAME EXACT SET UP.

  • oFriskyPanda
    oFriskyPanda 26 days ago

    People still play this pathetic excuse for a sequel

  • Steven Ryu
    Steven Ryu 27 days ago

    nice video Destin

  • Al b.
    Al b. 27 days ago +1

    Forgot destiny still existed tbh 😂😂 there’s been too many great games now

  • Laurence Sanity
    Laurence Sanity 27 days ago

    No wayyyyyy, they nerf saryn again.


  • Luca Strefezzi
    Luca Strefezzi 27 days ago +1

    “We always listen and trust the players”
    That’s completely fake

  • Sonictheheghoge
    Sonictheheghoge 27 days ago +1


    Bungie: Lets just nerf destiny in all

  • Matt White
    Matt White 27 days ago

    NERFING ORPHIOUS RIGS AGAIN?!?!.....BUNGIE will not get another CENT from me.....EVER

  • mephisto40
    mephisto40 27 days ago

    I don't really believe this game even has a community or fans tbh

  • Face Lasted
    Face Lasted 27 days ago

    Okay so ign doesn’t know destiny 2 whisper is not the best

  • Chief- DaTPark
    Chief- DaTPark 27 days ago

    This game just seems like bad news after bad news

  • Samuel Caron
    Samuel Caron 27 days ago

    Who cares game been dead since launch

  • ToFurkie
    ToFurkie 27 days ago +1

    You know Destin is tilted when a rant video goes on the official YT page
    Totally 100% with him on this

  • Zak Veronie
    Zak Veronie 27 days ago

    What's the point of exotics anymore...Might as well nerf all exotics so multiples can be equipped

  • Kyle Trudeau
    Kyle Trudeau 27 days ago

    Remember when Bungie said they didn’t want to nerf weapons

    • Experimento 626
      Experimento 626 27 days ago

      They just made it like the Black Spindle in has the same changes. You people like to cry every time they fix a broken gun.

  • Danjel the Titan
    Danjel the Titan 27 days ago

    People still play this!? O_o

  • K K
    K K 27 days ago

    This is another reason d2 is dead

  • zicca
    zicca 27 days ago

    It’s Bungie. Of course they are gonna nerf everything to the ground it’s what they do. They will never ever change! I stopped playing Destiny because of just this. They take all the fun out of the game. D3 is gonna be exactly the same, Bungie never learns, they just make the same mistakes over and over, one of the worst devs out there for sure!

  • ReCogNizer 01
    ReCogNizer 01 27 days ago +3

    so what's the point of these exotics then!? They are EXOTIC's they should be like that!!

  • Talal_R6
    Talal_R6 27 days ago +2

    increase boss health = ❌
    Nerf weapons = ✔

  • Chris Hierons
    Chris Hierons 28 days ago

    If you can one phase bosses in general where is the challenge. WRT WotW, keeping the white nail perk going on console is a harder then PC hence it’s not used as much. You only need to look at the speed of taking tanks down in general day-to-day stuff. You could see this one coming from day 1... mainly because of D1.
    Power fantasy..... no challenge is boring as.... if you run nightfall without dying and in less then 10mins what is the point... if you can run last wish in less then 30 mins where is the challenge.
    Except through mechanics which make the weapon perk pointless (equivalent to a nerf because you can’t use the perk) what is the way forward..... buff enemy health by 300% (equivalent to a 66% nerf across the board) this will make load outs more limiting.
    We will end up with power creep.... do you want the world first to be completed in 20 minutes, and your first run be 30 mins... I don’t.
    Took my team and I about 5 runs of normal and heroic zero hours running it blind to get it done..... it’s the challenge not the reward which matters. Ps no-one run WotW.... used riskrunner, war cliff and thunder lord. Did use rigs and helmet for supers, but the floor was littered with orbs since we chained supers, but didn’t need obs for regen. So obs may now be useful.

    KANGO KARNAGE 28 days ago +3

    Lol it’s hardly the “best weapon in the game” but ok

    • emmanuel pastoral
      emmanuel pastoral 27 days ago

      because it's not. can it clear adds faster than thunderlord? can it burst bosses? DARCI even has higher DPS than whisper.

    NATEDAGR8 28 days ago

    Is this game dead

  • Maaz Altaf
    Maaz Altaf 28 days ago +5

    I thought things might take a turn for better when they announced separation from Activision but I guess Bungie itself is a shite company.
    I had high hope. Smh

  • Beautiful Conversation

    I wish companies would work harder to boost other things instead of nerf

  • Hector Resye
    Hector Resye 28 days ago

    Why does it look like a floppy dragon headed dong on the thumbnail

  • Octavio Gout
    Octavio Gout 28 days ago

    I was going to get the outbreak catalyst. Now I don’t feel compelled to since they will nerf the gun. I am not even interested in SO anymore. They killed all interest I had in perusing new loot and even playing the game at this point.

  • I am IRONMAN
    I am IRONMAN 28 days ago

    Today has been terrible. First Destiny 2 nerfs itself, second cod is dead , and I have finals for 7 classes

  • Medici TV
    Medici TV 28 days ago +5

    That thumbnail needs some viagra

  • nep611
    nep611 28 days ago

    @bungie.....Make Destiny 2 Great Again.

  • Vagabond Jon
    Vagabond Jon 28 days ago +1

    (Serious question) Do people still play this?

    • OwlOnFire
      OwlOnFire 28 days ago +1

      (serious answer) of course.

  • thebas3rd
    thebas3rd 28 days ago

    I like to see the eververse lose value over time and cost pennies.

    THE GOOD SQUAD 14 28 days ago

    Am not buy destiny 3 👎

    THE GOOD SQUAD 14 28 days ago +1

    I really don't like bungie 😡

  • GgordoNR GT
    GgordoNR GT 28 days ago +9

    Bad news for the 7 people still playing it

  • Imeual Walpole
    Imeual Walpole 28 days ago

    Well well well. If isn't broke, don't try and fix it in first place.

  • derrick jones
    derrick jones 28 days ago +1

    Ppl act like there's no, Darci, Thunderlord and other great weapon in the game still. Ppl need to get out there comfort zone and stop crying.

  • Potter Maximilian
    Potter Maximilian 28 days ago

    People still play this game? I would recommend warframe more over this game

  • Yusuf Jorgenz
    Yusuf Jorgenz 28 days ago

    so what

  • Blitzer
    Blitzer 28 days ago

    nerf the players who use them

  • motaz al malki
    motaz al malki 28 days ago

    Make that weapons whisper wasn't the only thing nerfed, besides its just to avoid power creep which plagued mmo games for years, I'm just glad I quit destiny 2 a long time ago.

  • Quentin Gantz
    Quentin Gantz 28 days ago

    I’m glad they are doing this. I’m tired of seeing “must have whisper” or back in the day “must have ghorn

  • CØBRA Gaming
    CØBRA Gaming 28 days ago


  • Stillpak Zombies
    Stillpak Zombies 28 days ago

    Same like in d1 just stop talking about bungie

  • ᄏᄏ
    ᄏᄏ 28 days ago +2

    I would've been so angry if it was a month ago.
    Now? who cares about D2 when Borderlands 3 is coming soon

  • Michael Domenech
    Michael Domenech 28 days ago

    This is exactly why I regret spending my money on destiny2 Seeing as how I quit 2 months in!

  • Komplexity
    Komplexity 28 days ago

    Destiny 2: Season of Obsolescence

  • Tristin Day
    Tristin Day 28 days ago +1

    I think developers should starts buffing everything instead of nerfing everything, but It would take more time and effort tho

  • Johnny T
    Johnny T 28 days ago +1

    People are still stuck in the world of Destiny when there are so many other games to play and enjoy..

  • Logan Arrevillaga
    Logan Arrevillaga 28 days ago

    Only IGN video I've ever given a LIKE

  • Cody James
    Cody James 28 days ago

    I'm sure the 10 remaining people playing this game must be upset.

  • Potato
    Potato 28 days ago

    Im glad i dont play d2 anymore

  • Experimento 626
    Experimento 626 28 days ago

    People mad over the changes but that's the same changes they made in D1 when they saw that the gun was broken 😂😂😂😂

  • Murphy’s Law
    Murphy’s Law 28 days ago +4

    Bungie: New patch coming !!

  • Mr. DD
    Mr. DD 28 days ago

    So I thought I bought Destiny 2, the “Destiny 2” was a sticker, I ripped it off and the title was “Destiny 1 remastered” no wonder all the nerfs

  • EricDutemple
    EricDutemple 28 days ago +1

    Best weapon is sleeper simulante...and that aint nurf

  • thomas leech
    thomas leech 28 days ago

    Yea but josh did leave lol

  • XxSilentxNightx
    XxSilentxNightx 28 days ago

    The cake is a lie.

  • Aksis Pinney
    Aksis Pinney 28 days ago +7

    Destiny 1: we are God' alien mortal cannot defeat us
    Destiny 2: those enemies look pretty strong...I feel mortally challenged

  • TisariAnkha
    TisariAnkha 28 days ago

    Warranted nerfs

    • The Glazing Eye
      The Glazing Eye 27 days ago +1

      Lol yeah Warframe nerfs weapons and frames to.

  • Team Wings
    Team Wings 28 days ago

    I don't own this weapon anyways

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis 28 days ago +4

    Muahahhaha🤣🤣🤣 this is best video cover i have ever seen.
    Yes after patch wisper's barrel looks like 80 years old grandpapas d*ck😂😂
    (Whisper goes second slot)

  • william webb
    william webb 28 days ago

    ALL Guns Don't Need To Be EQUAL.

  • sm753
    sm753 28 days ago

    People are still playing that game? Why...

    • The Glazing Eye
      The Glazing Eye 27 days ago

      Because your brain is small as a bug.

    • Aorta Vin
      Aorta Vin 28 days ago

      It has enough content and is fun enough with the constant updates to keep people playing. New stuff in June even

  • Dangerous ninjaX
    Dangerous ninjaX 28 days ago

    I'm still mad at the fact that i can't even play Destiny 2 because my router is on a list of routers that is incompatible with the game. The gane was a waste of money for and i can't even get my money back.

  • HRWells
    HRWells 28 days ago

    Feel sorry for people who still play this

    • The Glazing Eye
      The Glazing Eye 27 days ago

      Man you losers are still trying to this day? Man you guys are losers.

    • Aorta Vin
      Aorta Vin 28 days ago

      Nah, don't, we're enjoying something we have the right to enjoy without the need of validation from people that think nerfs ruin the entire game when most things weren't nerfed.

  • DEV AH
    DEV AH 28 days ago

    recluse is next

  • Marlon valcq
    Marlon valcq 28 days ago

    Why nerfing the whisper of the worm?! The quest already took long!😤😟🙄

  • Zac Nathaniel
    Zac Nathaniel 28 days ago

    This isn’t the game I spent money on when buying the season pass.. I feel duped.

  • erick gonzalez
    erick gonzalez 28 days ago +1

    Wait a minute... people still play destiny -.- lol

    • The Glazing Eye
      The Glazing Eye 27 days ago

      Wait a minute this meme joke still a thing? 🤷‍♂️🤣

  • RandomStranger01
    RandomStranger01 28 days ago +2

    I love the change. Finally this game will not be a cake walk.

    • RandomStranger01
      RandomStranger01 27 days ago

      @Robot dude Nope imo. Nightfall d1 was insanly hard. I once solo one back in the day d1 vanlilla.

    • Aorta Vin
      Aorta Vin 27 days ago

      @Robot dude Meh, the AI isn't that bad. The Scorn are the hardest in the game, but you people have to understand kne key detail. In patrol areas, all types of players will be running around, so the AI and difficulty will be low leveled. In raids, Reckoning, and modes like that, the AI will be harder and smarter, such as the Cabal actually protecting people with their shields instead of themselves even.

    • Robot dude
      Robot dude 27 days ago

      As long as the AI remains as it is the game will always be a cake walk.

  • Claube1
    Claube1 28 days ago

    Is this game still a thing?

  • gavin john Wardle
    gavin john Wardle 28 days ago

    Play warframe bois

  • Force Hammer Gaming
    Force Hammer Gaming 28 days ago +17

    Overpowered weapons are fun. But apparently fun is not allowed. 😒

    • Experimento 626
      Experimento 626 28 days ago +2

      The gun still the same just not infinite ammo. Remember Black Spindle and Black Hammer? It was the same thing and they changed them because they were broken. I don't know why you people are crying.

  • King Dedede
    King Dedede 28 days ago +19

    Fixed an issue where players were having fun

  • mihawk 0_0
    mihawk 0_0 28 days ago +33

    Nerf the raid or cabal shield why always be us who gets nerf 🤣

    • Experimento 626
      Experimento 626 27 days ago

      Nerf the raid? You need to git gud 😂 they just fixed the gun and made it like it was in D1

  • mrNoob progaming
    mrNoob progaming 28 days ago +3

    I am fine with the nerfs pve content is a joke. No wonder so many people leave but the content felt super easy just toss nova bombs and generate orbs with rigs to chain supers. I am glad the content will be challenging once again. I personally dont mind the whisper nerf now the heavy snipers are at the same level you are not forced to use the superior whiper

  • Pew
    Pew 28 days ago

    #PrayForDestiny2 #BungieOut #SaveDestiny2

  • Blacksaber
    Blacksaber 28 days ago +2

    I'm not surprised. BUT, I hope this is pre action for some upcoming content that wouldn't have been a challenge if these nerfs weren't added. Time will tell...

  • Matthew Chatterton
    Matthew Chatterton 28 days ago

    Whisper was way too powerful, though. It made boss fights boring; especially insurrection prime & Argos.

  • Mauro Sanchez
    Mauro Sanchez 28 days ago

    If they don't want us to use those exotics disable them just like they did with the ratking for a couple of weeks until raid it's clear and turn them on again. Don't promise something and do the opposite

  • NataN
    NataN 28 days ago +2

    This game is DEAD

  • Riley
    Riley 28 days ago +1

    Power fantasy? What a joke.

  • Hades
    Hades 28 days ago

    Do people actually play this game? Serious question

    • The Glazing Eye
      The Glazing Eye 27 days ago

      Are people still asking for this question knowing it's a dead meme?

  • Digital Ghost
    Digital Ghost 28 days ago +16

    Damn black spindle all over again 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Digital Ghost
      Digital Ghost 27 days ago +1

      Lazy LoneWolf my guy I literally watch everything lol I’m all over the place.

    • Lazy LoneWolf
      Lazy LoneWolf 27 days ago +1

      I'm starting to see u every on TVclip now lol

  • SaMyVI
    SaMyVI 28 days ago

    Play warframe its free and better ;)

    • Aorta Vin
      Aorta Vin 28 days ago

      Why are you people here. We want content, not grinding and farming.

  • [Ax1] Ace_Reaper
    [Ax1] Ace_Reaper 28 days ago

    These comments lol

  • N8man 42
    N8man 42 28 days ago +2

    And instead of doing what they said back in March, they’re doing THE EXACT OPPOSITE!!!

  • Ashton’s swed
    Ashton’s swed 28 days ago

    People still play destiny

    • The Glazing Eye
      The Glazing Eye 27 days ago

      Is a loser doing drugs like you? Yeah go kill yourself

  • Chaos1091
    Chaos1091 28 days ago +48

    What's that? Can't hear you over Borderlands 3.

    • randomnobody playthrough
      randomnobody playthrough 24 days ago

      @The Glazing Eye
      I don't know about Shadow but lots of people are playing MK11(except me because I don't have time).

    • The Glazing Eye
      The Glazing Eye 24 days ago

      @randomnobody playthrough Do people still plays Shadow of boring and MK11?

    • randomnobody playthrough
      randomnobody playthrough 24 days ago

      People still play this garbage?

    • The Glazing Eye
      The Glazing Eye 27 days ago

      @8O8 G Oh wait it is in Epic Store lol 🙄🤣

    • Chaos1091
      Chaos1091 28 days ago +1

      @Lerone McKenzie what is Borderlands 2 for $1,000 Alex?

  • Red_Ace
    Red_Ace 28 days ago +29

    This is one of the few IGN videos that I actually agree with, and to take that snippet from the March vidoc just really hammers in the point too

  • Alberto Mariano da Silva Bittencourt

    Just bury the game already. Bungie, at least, is hell bent on doing so.

  • jbroti 004
    jbroti 004 28 days ago

    Ppl are still playing destiny 2?

  • DarklordAKB
    DarklordAKB 28 days ago +2

    Borderlands is a better destiny

    • Aorta Vin
      Aorta Vin 28 days ago

      @DarklordAKB meh. Borderlands is great tho. Hope they do it justice again

    • DarklordAKB
      DarklordAKB 28 days ago

      @Aorta Vin I still like destiny but it doesn't give me that vibe

    • Aorta Vin
      Aorta Vin 28 days ago

      @DarklordAKB Yup, sure have. Still can't say it's objectively better fam

    • DarklordAKB
      DarklordAKB 28 days ago

      😂 we'll have you played borderlands 2?

    • Aorta Vin
      Aorta Vin 28 days ago

      We'll see, my friend. Borderlands 3 might be trash, or it might not

  • opi_is _me
    opi_is _me 28 days ago +1

    This is the exact reason I will never buy another d2 dlc. Or another game. They make gear fun to use, then destroy it because of new content coming out. Whether it's a raid or raid lair, or just them wanting us to use the new exotics instead. They don't care about what the actual players want. So I'm just gonna wait for borderlands 3.

    • opi_is _me
      opi_is _me 27 days ago

      Season of opulence is a part of the annual pass, so yes it is dlc.

    • The Glazing Eye
      The Glazing Eye 27 days ago

      Lol it's not DLC lol wow