Tfue LAWSUIT against FaZe Clan! #DramaAlert FaZe Banks Interview!

  • Published on May 20, 2019
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    Keem: Breathes
    Banks: wait, Hold on Hold on bro

    • Young Agony
      Young Agony 2 months ago

      Wow ok if u only got 60,000$ show us the papers u lying snake 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

    • Definetly Furret
      Definetly Furret 3 months ago

      It's a little annoying how true this is, XD

    • Can I get 1k Subs
      Can I get 1k Subs 3 months ago

      1000 SUBSCRIBERS WITHOUT ANY VIDEOS !!! U only have 350 sub

    • Banana complication
      Banana complication 3 months ago


    • Pookie Tube Fan 2
      Pookie Tube Fan 2 3 months ago

      This deserves the pin

  • kstah
    kstah 3 days ago


  • Ronie Agot
    Ronie Agot 20 days ago

    FaZe Clan Is Stealing

  • Aaron Murphy
    Aaron Murphy 23 days ago

    TFUE: YoU RoBBed My SCar mAan

  • RuohoS
    RuohoS 26 days ago


  • Paul G
    Paul G 29 days ago

    That is fudged on a another level

  • Ace Hairal
    Ace Hairal 29 days ago

    is this an interview? stop cutting keem beacth

  • cour2161 cour2161
    cour2161 cour2161 Month ago

    I knew tufe way before faze I didnt really know he ever was in faze

  • Sexy Lucah
    Sexy Lucah Month ago

    Banks Made me hate FaZe clan lmao.

  • XxTgfyXx Mixer
    XxTgfyXx Mixer Month ago

    Tbh no cap tfue is a dick

  • iXue YT
    iXue YT Month ago

    FaZe Should sign Barny to faze clan!

  • Zacgames 89
    Zacgames 89 Month ago

    Faze with the uno reverse

  • Hitrover
    Hitrover Month ago

    Last time time I heard "Boys are just being boys" it didn't go too well for them...

  • Danny Kizy
    Danny Kizy Month ago

    I thought this midget got banned from TVclip.

  • CTA Demon
    CTA Demon Month ago

    Faze growed tfue

  • Frostbite Flames
    Frostbite Flames Month ago

    As much as I hate keemstar I can’t get over his exaggerated Let’s get Roooight into the news.

  • Nomi
    Nomi Month ago

    who to believe

    ITRY ZICONIK Month ago

    I thought it was about highsky

  • Nigel Guevara
    Nigel Guevara 2 months ago

    When did temper stop being leader of faze ?

  • Nina Wood
    Nina Wood 2 months ago

    Who's telling the truth...

    AYHAM KING 2 months ago


  • XsMista
    XsMista 2 months ago

    ok idk if someone else made this joke already but ima say it anyway

    tati: lets backstab our friends

    tfue: hold my bee- oh wait

  • Arav Kaul
    Arav Kaul 2 months ago +1

    See banks video

  • Gab Dab
    Gab Dab 2 months ago

    reply if u r on the side of FaZe. like if u r on the side of Tfue.

  • shadow gost
    shadow gost 2 months ago

    Dude he was getting mad I don't believe banks he was getting mad at you

  • Nino Tube
    Nino Tube 2 months ago +1


  • Vortextrap
    Vortextrap 2 months ago

    No one:
    Everyone: where's Etika

    Keemstar:Jump off a bridge
    No edits, but fuck you keemstar you ignorant fuck, stop ruining people's lives

  • Pan- Pan
    Pan- Pan 2 months ago

    0:23 that transition😂

  • DTR
    DTR 2 months ago

    I knew tfue before I knew faze clan!

  • Legendary Fatality
    Legendary Fatality 2 months ago

    Apex is the owner retard

  • Jay The real one
    Jay The real one 2 months ago

    Ok banks chill u just called tfue a nobody 9:48

  • Jay The real one
    Jay The real one 2 months ago

    I watched tfue way before faze lmao 😂

  • Arya Ahmad
    Arya Ahmad 2 months ago

    fuck = CENSORED
    fuckin = UNCENSORED

  • Thropical 5724
    Thropical 5724 2 months ago

    🦗🦗🦗🦗DO NOT WATCH HIS CONTENT🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

  • Ridley Kid
    Ridley Kid 2 months ago

    Ok so. Who’s in the wrong here

  • SandrosFluff
    SandrosFluff 2 months ago

    *riiiiiiiiiiiight into the newsssssssssssss*

  • i was in Auschwitz
    i was in Auschwitz 2 months ago

    I didn't know banks owned faze

  • StarGazer 11012
    StarGazer 11012 2 months ago +5

    He protecc
    He attacc
    Most importantly he not read contract

  • Jamir Gordon
    Jamir Gordon 2 months ago

    I mean, based on the millions of people that always appear on TFUE videos, then it is definitely more than 60,000...

  • ChickenRobotTNT
    ChickenRobotTNT 2 months ago

    All i hear is lies faze leader is lies

  • I question my existence

    “I’m pretty emotional rn.”
    -Doesn’t even sound upset sounds pissed off-

  • Rolex Gang
    Rolex Gang 2 months ago

    Fuck banks that lying motherfucker that makes shit videos and him saying he took no money that’s a fucking lie

  • Curtis James
    Curtis James 2 months ago

    Illegally gble it's true look at the faze clan videos every video is about gambling I love how banks plays dumb

  • Curtis James
    Curtis James 2 months ago

    Clearly faze clan scams there underage pros let alone the ones who are old enough... There just mad cuz there the first organizations caught and people don't understand banks hasn't collected 60k off any other clan member unless that members been there for a long time that 60k he made was in two months so don't act like that's nothing be honest

  • Curtis James
    Curtis James 2 months ago

    60 k is a excuse banks came up with they bribe people to join then let them live in this house for free and party for free free drinks free drugs etc

  • zent
    zent 2 months ago

    MrBeast should just make a clan and get Tfue.

  • Tho Danh
    Tho Danh 2 months ago

    Wait I thought that faze temperrr was the owner

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 2 months ago +1

    I wish that you would post the sources in the description

  • OpTic WLF
    OpTic WLF 2 months ago

    *he protecc*
    *he attacc*
    *but most importantly*

    *he decline FaZe contracc*

  • nicole gee
    nicole gee 2 months ago

    we can’t lose those hands🤣

  • Juice Box
    Juice Box 2 months ago

    My friend made this up
    He protecc
    He atacc
    But most importantly he not read contact

  • Carter Van Horn
    Carter Van Horn 2 months ago

    Keen star is really only speaking his opinion without facts

  • Corey Bridges
    Corey Bridges 2 months ago

    Hello very smart Viking

  • Jett Joseph
    Jett Joseph 2 months ago

    13:25 !!!!

  • The Lazy Bandicoot
    The Lazy Bandicoot 2 months ago

    YT rewind most disliked video :future this vid is the most disliked vid

  • Vexoph
    Vexoph 2 months ago

    The editor just gave up on censoring the swear words lmao

  • jordan.bronze04
    jordan.bronze04 2 months ago

    I wonder what Mr Beast thinks of this

    • Karen Giselle
      Karen Giselle 2 months ago

      True and mr beast was another person that paid his 10,000 dollars in real life stream where they drove all the way to his house and gave him 10,000 $

  • Trey Via
    Trey Via 2 months ago

    Even at 20% faze’s earning off tfue for how many months turners been with them is more then 60’000$ it’s basic math.

  • yxngdumb.j
    yxngdumb.j 2 months ago

    And made him do yaggerbombs? 😂

  • PRP gaming
    PRP gaming 2 months ago

    Fuc u keem