Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare BETA - HOW!?

  • Published on May 11, 2016
  • Call of Duty: INFINITE WARFARE - BETA!?
    ► COD: Infinite Warfare ZOMBIES! -
    Do YOU think a Beta ruins the fun of the full release...?
    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - The NEW COD coming 4th November 2016 on PS4, Xbox One & PC!
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Comments • 4 696

  • TheWicked D
    TheWicked D 2 years ago

    hey so is it ture you can play Xbox one with ps4 on this game

  • D1lluz1onz
    D1lluz1onz 2 years ago


  • Owen And Oakley
    Owen And Oakley 2 years ago

    it was freeeeeee *apex*

  • Sam Vera
    Sam Vera 2 years ago

    Stop yelling

    TRXP RFT 2 years ago

    the second week beta is open, meaning any1 can play. but the download is almost 20gb

  • xSynek
    xSynek 2 years ago

    is the beta from IW free?

  • ParadiseVG
    ParadiseVG 2 years ago

    would the beta data transfer over

  • Doomafaki
    Doomafaki 2 years ago

    this beta sucked massive ass
    I was being optimistic about it but something seems off from the game play

  • FaZe Vader
    FaZe Vader 2 years ago

    this was uploaded on my birthday😂😂

  • Evan Griffin
    Evan Griffin 2 years ago

    Why is it called the beta. The game is already finished and probably being shipped now.

  • VergoBeeb
    VergoBeeb 2 years ago

    no its good if that do beta

  • Benni Traub
    Benni Traub 2 years ago

    I preordered the Digital Deluxe Edition already

  • Sean Wesley
    Sean Wesley 2 years ago

    Ugh..I had to stop the video @2:00 - 2:18.. #ripCoD

  • FuckIs Life?
    FuckIs Life? 2 years ago

    when is the release

  • Fran00x0sh0t
    Fran00x0sh0t 2 years ago

    I have that exact same thing

  • Elfie
    Elfie 2 years ago

    Beta release is oct 14 I got my code :)))

  • Invincible Nitro56
    Invincible Nitro56 2 years ago

    All those people got paid to say positive things lol, oh yeah it's not a opinion, it's a fact, Cod IW sucks.....

  • Callz Mctag
    Callz Mctag 2 years ago

    This is so shyt I want to try the games beta before I spend £100 on a shyt game what a scam it's good we have battlefield 1

  • Rob s
    Rob s 2 years ago

    open beta?

  • doinky
    doinky 2 years ago

    I got no scratch card

  • Eric Camarena
    Eric Camarena 2 years ago

    JOIN EA they wont fire you for mentioning cod or get you in the band list like whiteboy7thst This way you wont make trash vids for your comunity to watch lol

  • dylanj gaming
    dylanj gaming 2 years ago

    i hate bo3

  • dylanj gaming
    dylanj gaming 2 years ago

    infate warfare = good zombies and shit muliplayer

  • Kangaroo Madness
    Kangaroo Madness 2 years ago

    Downloads beta
    Goes into games
    Try's to work as a team
    Gets told to go away by 12 year olds
    Gets pop ups to pre order infinite warfare
    Deletes beta

  • The Gamer Hawk
    The Gamer Hawk 2 years ago

    Will you get the beta if you ore-order digitally

  • DoseOfTheGamer
    DoseOfTheGamer 2 years ago

    I pre ordered and didn't get one

  • Rizan Dalawy
    Rizan Dalawy 2 years ago

    what if you pre order it on xbox store?

  • Devdude4100
    Devdude4100 2 years ago

    I want to enjoy a cod game again.. it's the only game I've played religiously for the past 7 years. I just can't stand this future bullshit. When we said we wanted change we meant maybe some better servers more customization and better maps.. fix the little things like shitty spawns and such. Instead we get a boost jumping laser gun micro transaction riddled P.O.S game. Thanks Activision. Until cod decides on it's dying breath to go back to its roots and bring back its player base It will never be as great as it used to be. Sorry I'm out this year.. and until you decide to bring it back to what cod was I'm done. RIP cod I enjoyed you while I could 😍😢

  • gabe Adam
    gabe Adam 2 years ago

    I pre-ordered it online, so I am not gonna get a code

  • GishVids
    GishVids 2 years ago

    Why does every youtuber favor the newest cod when they know bo2 and mw2 and other cods is so much better, not that bo3 is bad but come on man!

  • C Nicholas Robles
    C Nicholas Robles 2 years ago

    I don't think they should ever release a beta for any game because it messes it up because hackers have access to the Codeing of the game that's how you get your Aimbot and wallhack your God modes and so on and so on

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 2 years ago


  • toxic kid
    toxic kid 3 years ago

    he a dirty click ba4er

  • BigboiAlex
    BigboiAlex 3 years ago

    I didn't get a code and I preordered from game stop in the Burbank mall

  • Matthew Lynch
    Matthew Lynch 3 years ago

    What if I buy it digitally

  • Riiftz
    Riiftz 3 years ago

    I'm a big fan COD, but over the time that COD has been a thing, I feel like they are just ignoring their fans and well we told them it was gonna go the wrong way. What happened? They ignored us and look where they are now, probably one of the most hated games. If this continues ( It probably will) then I din't think I'm gonna even go on COD BO3. It's a good game but the fact that they are ignoring their fans pisses me off.

  • Dwagin
    Dwagin 3 years ago

    The comments are cancer.

  • stabbin gaming
    stabbin gaming 3 years ago

    Enough of the future-shit cod games... They r beginning to bore me so much, I had sooo much fun with bo2

  • Urban Relapse
    Urban Relapse 3 years ago

    I pre ordered (only for cod4) and didn't get a code

  • Aidan feeley
    Aidan feeley 3 years ago

    If u preorder digitally do u get the beta

  • xazulyn yafino
    xazulyn yafino 3 years ago

    man it joy i've never seen this man face until now, al-ia whatever.

  • Sprite Squirtle
    Sprite Squirtle 3 years ago

    I thank after IW (Infant Warfare)we want a World at War 2 that would be awesome

  • Mr. VisuaLz
    Mr. VisuaLz 3 years ago

    i pre-ordered infinite warfare but i didnt go to the store i downloaded it wheres my code? :(

  • pr croc 27
    pr croc 27 3 years ago

    what s wrong with you people chill!!!!!!!

  • Graeme Kennedy
    Graeme Kennedy 3 years ago

    for all u know the next cod could be good it might not have splurging kids

  • Timothy McMillan
    Timothy McMillan 3 years ago

    will the beta be in supply drops?

  • Ward McCallum
    Ward McCallum 3 years ago

    Your awsome

  • Jerry Cal
    Jerry Cal 3 years ago

    he gets pay to say how great cod is (fake )

  • Napoléan Bonaparte
    Napoléan Bonaparte 3 years ago +1

    boii stop talking u'r annoying

  • Peace Corvius
    Peace Corvius 3 years ago

    i wanna see a Sniper similar to the mors or svg in infinite warfare

  • Aaron Geraldo
    Aaron Geraldo 3 years ago

    i digitaly pre ordered it can i still get the beta?

  • KyuremBlaster
    KyuremBlaster 3 years ago

    Why is everyone hating on Infinite Warfare 😭

    • Devdude4100
      Devdude4100 2 years ago

      Because the game looks like garbage? And the people that hate it aren't 12 and are tired of paying for a shit game every year whilst getting fucked with supply drops and boost jumping fuckery.. maybe that's why :)

    • Rookie Fictioner
      Rookie Fictioner 3 years ago

      because he haters are stupid and idiot.

  • Just A Pumpkin
    Just A Pumpkin 3 years ago

    I might actually play the game if there's no supply drops.

    COD CALLER 3 years ago


  • Taher93
    Taher93 3 years ago

    ... well that was a big let down.

  • Tim Vlogz
    Tim Vlogz 3 years ago

    Ya it ruins full release

  • Jeff Spicoli
    Jeff Spicoli 3 years ago

    I would have a tiger tear out my throat than pre order call of duty anymore.

  • Kane Grimnir
    Kane Grimnir 3 years ago

    You can Bate all over the fans and Activation can Bate all over you, fuck this game.

  • Wlfz-_-
    Wlfz-_- 3 years ago

    There so unsure about there game that you cant play the beta and see what its like without paying the full price

  • Zak Usa
    Zak Usa 3 years ago

    this is not infinite warfare this is just a man showing off his head

  • Steve L
    Steve L 3 years ago

    I don't see everyone's problem with Ali a right now. No one likes this game but you don't have to hate on the people that do.

  • AcrylicPack889
    AcrylicPack889 3 years ago

    I pre ordered it at GameStop all I got was cod points for infinite warfare and bo3 no beta

  • CDRat45
    CDRat45 3 years ago

    Yes the game comes out on my birthday I he's I'm getting it

  • Professor Patrick
    Professor Patrick 3 years ago

    I already did multiplayer gameplay XD

  • Shayan Fallahi
    Shayan Fallahi 3 years ago

    Cod Cock Warning do not suck

  • mutahhar jalal
    mutahhar jalal 3 years ago

    it's call , not cool of duty

  • Just Fun Gaming
    Just Fun Gaming 3 years ago

    I don't want beta! You couldn't give me this trash game!

  • Joesph T
    Joesph T 3 years ago

    lol Activision must be paying DOUBLE for ali-a to say positive things ONLY... COD WILL DIE

  • AndrewHoknes
    AndrewHoknes 3 years ago

    Yes beta I'm pre ordering it already

  • Ripley Clemeents
    Ripley Clemeents 3 years ago

    Preorder for beta
    But yet bf1 u just need to be a be insider for free

  • Christins Andersen
    Christins Andersen 3 years ago

    this is a lie you don't get a beta I have re ordered it

  • CheesyBEAR
    CheesyBEAR 3 years ago

    Gonna be super good see you I space boyzzzzz

    ELITE LEGEND789 3 years ago

    Awesome! Beta!

  • Shante Suazo
    Shante Suazo 3 years ago

    surry I ment fall not full

  • Shante Suazo
    Shante Suazo 3 years ago

    rip off titenfull with this he huks that you can use I n the game

  • JokeSter18 Business
    JokeSter18 Business 3 years ago

    UHHH I preordered and didn't get shit

  • SkyvsVenom
    SkyvsVenom 3 years ago

    Fake I already preordered got no code

  • superbear
    superbear 3 years ago

    you don't get the card by pre odering you just go to target and get for 1$

  • Shakib
    Shakib 3 years ago

    I have faith for Infinite Warfare!

  • commando
    commando 3 years ago

    it is alright but can't wait for mw remastered

  • Jacques Ji
    Jacques Ji 3 years ago

    Stop with the mean comments towards Ali-a guys. He's a nice guy

  • Epicice 520
    Epicice 520 3 years ago

    COD is like "we only had to pay Alia 1 million dollars to smile in front of the infinite warfare title!"

  • Kevin Muñoz
    Kevin Muñoz 3 years ago

    How would it work if you pre ordered it online

  • NemoFadeGaming
    NemoFadeGaming 3 years ago

    What if you preorder it digitally?

  • Brazomutante24
    Brazomutante24 3 years ago

    Fucking stupid.Shut up now!

  • Timmy Hoang
    Timmy Hoang 3 years ago +1

    "It plays similarly to cod black ops 3"
    Just as expected.....

  • Michael Kinley
    Michael Kinley 3 years ago

    How are you even hyped for this???

  • xMaXx Requisite
    xMaXx Requisite 3 years ago

    I use to like alia's vids but now hes just fake

  • peaceiskey
    peaceiskey 3 years ago

    now overewatch is the biggest beta on ps4 git gud activision leech

  • Luis Marcadella
    Luis Marcadella 3 years ago

    fuck this guy

    VMEKKA 3 years ago

    One of the most annoying cod fuckers on TVclip

  • Willyeyeam
    Willyeyeam 3 years ago

    These call of duty you tubers are going to have to switch to battlefield.

  • Ayaan Harabai
    Ayaan Harabai 3 years ago


  • Wwe Rocks
    Wwe Rocks 3 years ago

    30% of people that watched this video said I love infinite warfare when before said I hate it

  • Blackblade
    Blackblade 3 years ago

    You should start playing Battlefield

  • Dildo X
    Dildo X 3 years ago

    Ali-A Put me back in your mouth and shut up

  • Sanjefff
    Sanjefff 3 years ago

    Wrong dumb shit bitch

  • Lack Affear
    Lack Affear 3 years ago

    cull uf duty ?

  • Xûr ,Agent Of The Nine