Game Grumps: Dan reads Sonic Fan Fiction

  • Published on Oct 15, 2018
  • Dan reads some of his favorite Sonic fanfics! This compilation features all of the fanfic readings from the Sonic Unleashed playthrough.
    Sonic Unleashed: Reading Some Fan Fiction - PART 3 (0:00, 4:27)
    Sonic Unleashed: Sonic FanFic - PART 29 (4:59)
    Sonic Unleashed: Even More Fanfic - PART 45 (0:09, 14:14)
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  • ThatMetroidGuy
    ThatMetroidGuy 10 minutes ago

    Well this video is about to be over twice as long now.

  • Metalsorow
    Metalsorow 4 hours ago

    It was so good they read chapter 130 of Lil' Soniqs Fanfic again in the current newest episode 20th of march 2019.
    Good on you Lil' Soniq

  • SporkSlayer
    SporkSlayer 8 hours ago

    It has come to my attention that Lil' Soniq has concluded his fan-fiction "Sonic's Ultimate Harem."
    At 360 chapters and nearly 1,663,000 words, Lil Sonic has completed his masterpiece. Flags will be raised to half mast.

  • Sewin' Muse Wynn
    Sewin' Muse Wynn 9 hours ago

    I’m so glad we’ve gotten a prequel for this, more than a year later

  • MrDrProfessorAwesome
    MrDrProfessorAwesome 9 hours ago +1

    Dude! Dan randomly chose the same fucking sonic fanfiction!

  • Toby Castillo
    Toby Castillo 10 hours ago


  • Elie Marre
    Elie Marre 11 hours ago

    I'm legitimate hard.

  • JC boi05
    JC boi05 14 hours ago

    Watching this now because them playing "sonic Adventure"

  • shugi12345
    shugi12345 16 hours ago

    how can dan choose the same sonic x Rosalina fanfic?
    this is crazy

  • RhysES Comics & Paper Animation

    "That's one way to wake up."
    Am I the only one that thinks that Sonic would totally say something like that?!

  • John Allan Capistrano

    11:03 damn dan touched arin's nerve a little there.

  • Question_Mark
    Question_Mark Day ago +1

    Arin just has to ruin everything, doesn’t he?

  • Paul Deurloo
    Paul Deurloo Day ago

    Is this advertisers friendly?

  • Sonic Bralaunik
    Sonic Bralaunik Day ago

    Time to cover the fanfics read in Sonic Adventure 2

  • Almond M1lk
    Almond M1lk Day ago

    I love that I got an ad for dog food on this video

  • The Hawk's Eye
    The Hawk's Eye Day ago +1

    I looked Lil Soniq up for myself and after a while it was too much I cant stand them without Danny reading them

    • SporkSlayer
      SporkSlayer 8 hours ago

      I read one and couldn't stop laughing at the unironic use of the phrase Sonic lovin'.

  • Bootleg Memes
    Bootleg Memes Day ago

    No. Nein. Het.

  • Merin
    Merin Day ago +1


  • Sans
    Sans 2 days ago

    19:59 his lungs collapsed

  • BackyardBarbekyu
    BackyardBarbekyu 2 days ago

    I think the creators are furries

    • maxacorn
      maxacorn 2 days ago

      i don't think i am. lol

  • Uriah Greathouse
    Uriah Greathouse 2 days ago

    It's getting 🔥 in here and I'm am hard

  • Commander Comrade
    Commander Comrade 2 days ago

    I hope that when the voice of sonic retires, he makes a TVclip channel dedicated to reading sonic non-fiction in Sonics voice 😂

  • tedpug
    tedpug 2 days ago

    Where’s the animated version of this

  • Spookyjboots
    Spookyjboots 3 days ago

    God dammit why is this given me a hard on

    • maxacorn
      maxacorn 2 days ago +1

      because reasons. :)

  • KingO'Ace71
    KingO'Ace71 3 days ago

    I feel like i'm going to die

  • ninezer0seven plays
    ninezer0seven plays 3 days ago

    that fanfic has 356 chapters..oh boy
    the longest fanfic i've ever read was 200 chapters

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 3 days ago

    *ShUt Up YoU'rE rUiNiNg My BoNeR rIgHt NoW*

  • Javier Belmer
    Javier Belmer 3 days ago

    Dan should just focus on being a narrator for Sonic fan fictions Hahahahahahahahah and then license them as audiobooks x'D

  • lucky. joe.x
    lucky. joe.x 3 days ago

    W H A T S H I R T

  • John Porudy
    John Porudy 4 days ago


  • Tree
    Tree 4 days ago

    Jeez never thought about Sonic's feet

  • Hunter D. Thompson
    Hunter D. Thompson 4 days ago +1

    Can't wait for the animated version!

  • Thot Crusader
    Thot Crusader 5 days ago

    I came. I’ll admit it

  • Budder 23
    Budder 23 5 days ago


  • joseph huggins
    joseph huggins 5 days ago

    these authors must be foreign. cus they dont know how to form basic sentences.

    • maxacorn
      maxacorn 2 days ago

      depends. are you from england?

  • Tea Corgi
    Tea Corgi 6 days ago +1

    I can’t believe the people of my city asked for more Sonic fanfic

    😭😤👊 I’m so proud

  • Jessica
    Jessica 6 days ago +2

    Can NSP make a song called "Friends Can Fuck" about Danny and Arin's sexual tension

  • Art And some games
    Art And some games 6 days ago +1

    Well I guess he resumed the fondel. 21:10

  • BunniBoy
    BunniBoy 7 days ago

    Already got and chub coming along

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr 7 days ago +1


  • o k
    o k 7 days ago +1

    17:25 i want to make burgers that'll make you poop like a regular man

  • Andrew Olson
    Andrew Olson 7 days ago

    That was 10 out of 10 Solid Snake there Arin

  • tnt kff
    tnt kff 8 days ago

    11:23 anyone else think of the Steven Hawking knock off from family guy?

  • Logan Tillman
    Logan Tillman 8 days ago

    Such detail for Sonic x Peach

  • Tomanyan And the nyans

    And this is why I don’t like the community.

  • Katherine Pirlot
    Katherine Pirlot 9 days ago

    Omg it's kinda like Garfield effect! XD

  • RipleyandWeeds
    RipleyandWeeds 9 days ago

    i refuse to believe the people who read and write nsfw sonic fan fiction actually jerk off to it.

  • michael
    michael 9 days ago +2

    Lil knuckles the chris chan of our time

  • SurvivorEH28
    SurvivorEH28 9 days ago +3

    *M I X I N G T H E I R L O V E L I Q U I D S T O G E T H E R*

  • Winter Rachelle
    Winter Rachelle 10 days ago +1

    Why isn’t this an animated?

  • Peyton Tieman
    Peyton Tieman 10 days ago

    H O L Y S {nope} T!

  • Hickory Mccay
    Hickory Mccay 10 days ago +1

    This is like Dick and Jane porn.

    The funny thing about that is, you don't have to change the title.

  • Gold Flower Gamer
    Gold Flower Gamer 10 days ago +3

    The FBI wants to know your location.

  • Anthony Crane
    Anthony Crane 10 days ago +2

    I was watching this while trying to drink Apple cider vinegar. Gagged and barfed more than usual. 10/10 would do again

  • FSax Jack
    FSax Jack 11 days ago

    The first one is especially funny to me for being genuinely rather well written, for the most part. Hardly exceptional, mind, but nevertheless competent.

    • maxacorn
      maxacorn 2 days ago +1

      thanks. i tried. :)

  • Projectdelta870
    Projectdelta870 11 days ago

    This video and these comments. I was trying to keep it together but I swear to God hearing the Rosalina story and reading the comments has been the happiest time of my life..... Also I will never be able to play Sonic unleashed again without thinking about this

  • Gijoemasters
    Gijoemasters 11 days ago

    I'm getting some Does Bruno Mars is Gay vibes

  • Spencer Buck
    Spencer Buck 11 days ago

    *WHAT* is Arin *DOING* To Peach in the thumbnail?!

  • Ashterisk
    Ashterisk 11 days ago

    Is this author‘s first language not English? Cause I feel like there’s no other valid excuse for one that bad.
    Idk, maybe I’m used to Reader Inserts which tend to be a bit better unless they’re on wattpad...

  • Jade Rodriguez
    Jade Rodriguez 11 days ago

    Definitely watch this in public with speaker on.

  • sonazia1211
    sonazia1211 12 days ago


  • HyρerБ2002
    HyρerБ2002 12 days ago

    Thanks. I have to go to confession, now…

  • CrowleysCrown
    CrowleysCrown 12 days ago

    Arin's sound effects absolutely disintegrated me.

  • JerryBlaze7
    JerryBlaze7 12 days ago

    this went from good to super cringe in.. 5 mins time actually

  • rfrebtehb
    rfrebtehb 12 days ago


  • uncensored008
    uncensored008 13 days ago

    10:43 That's 30 minutes after you factor in credits and commercials

  • Nelson Martel
    Nelson Martel 13 days ago

    Rosalina is the next elise

  • Jedediah Hopkins
    Jedediah Hopkins 14 days ago +1

    *insert “excuse me what the f-“ fallout boy meme*

  • Logan Dial
    Logan Dial 14 days ago

    Ninja Brian will not be happy about them mocking him.

  • Spence "Bowtie"
    Spence "Bowtie" 14 days ago +2

    Can y’all believe sonic’s Ultimate harem is still being written? They’re on chapter 354 now, last updated March 1 2019

  • The Caydenator
    The Caydenator 15 days ago +1

    "So what friends can fuck." Okay we're done here. *quietly incinerates phone*

  • Art And some games
    Art And some games 16 days ago +4

    Does anybody else hear Arin singing open your heart? 18:35

  • Nowey Denise
    Nowey Denise 16 days ago +2

    I'm gonna conclude

  • Gurobug
    Gurobug 17 days ago +1


  • Gappy Forgets
    Gappy Forgets 17 days ago

    25 minutes of this.
    Why did I watch this

  • Splatoonsavage
    Splatoonsavage 18 days ago +1

    “I have feelings for you. You’re so mature.” Isn’t sonic a teen in canon

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans 18 days ago

    I'm from Tucson and am proud these amazing novels came from my home town 😌

  • sonic1556
    sonic1556 18 days ago

    I wanna kill myself now...

  • enter the null
    enter the null 18 days ago +1

    did lil knuckles even proofread his story XD

  • Theregoesthemilk
    Theregoesthemilk 19 days ago +1

    "Holy Shit" -Sonic

  • Sophia
    Sophia 20 days ago

    5 softly's in like 2 sentences

  • Daniel Chastain
    Daniel Chastain 20 days ago

    I’m looking for a particular moment where Dan was reading a fan fiction about Sonic and Peach, and Arin chanted “PEACH PEACH PEACH PEACH” in his Sonic voice, and it is one of the funniest things in the world to me but I cannot find it, it’s not in this compilation. Anyone know what episode I could find that gem of a moment in?

  • Chad Schmaltz
    Chad Schmaltz 21 day ago

    "...I'd eat out Kirby."
    😳 Oh God, why?

  • Neh
    Neh 21 day ago


  • DrCrazyEvil
    DrCrazyEvil 21 day ago

    I have the weirdest erection right now

  • 5 Treyanokouji483
    5 Treyanokouji483 21 day ago

    my sides holy shit

  • shaymac
    shaymac 22 days ago

    oh do he? He do resume to fondle as Bruno Mars is gay

  • Smith
    Smith 22 days ago

    *Autism Writes*

  • Michael554466
    Michael554466 23 days ago

    Sonic is such a pussy hound.

  • Braden Reily
    Braden Reily 24 days ago


  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 24 days ago

    *friends can fuck*

  • Pokelord
    Pokelord 25 days ago


  • Kevin Greene
    Kevin Greene 25 days ago

    Can you imagen what the animate grumps would look like of this episode?

  • Friend of Edvin Thom
    Friend of Edvin Thom 25 days ago +1

    I don't know what this is but, it's kinda hot.

  • Erik Draven
    Erik Draven 25 days ago

    Dan's ability to read awkward and unnatural writing without messing up is impressive.

  • Brandon Crum
    Brandon Crum 26 days ago +1

    broken english makes fan fic hilarious

  • PilgrimSoft
    PilgrimSoft 27 days ago

    Rosalina soon begin to move her body *bHaAaAaAaAaHaHaaaAaAh*

  • Yeti Rocket
    Yeti Rocket 27 days ago +1

    I'm very scared of what the sonic fanbase is capable of

  • Whitney Baxter
    Whitney Baxter 27 days ago +1

    "IT'S BEEN OVER A HOUR!!!!!" -arin

  • Chriscark12323
    Chriscark12323 27 days ago

    G O T T A C U M F A S T