Traditional Martial Arts Ways of Warriors - Motivation

  • Published on Aug 17, 2018
  • Traditional Martial Arts Ways of Warriors - Motivation
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    This video is a mix of traditional martial arts. Watch and get motivated!
    Artist By Ender Güney
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Comments • 25

  • The Demon in Shadow
    The Demon in Shadow 7 months ago +2

    0:38 does anyone know what movie it is

  • alfian nahuda
    alfian nahuda Year ago +1

    TMA = Asia martial art. Modern MA = western martial art. Cmiiw

  • Kumari Michael Jackson

    super bro 😎👌

  • Samuele Bincoletto
    Samuele Bincoletto Year ago +1

    Traditional or modern the important is that you learn to kick asses like a boss.

    • Michael Java
      Michael Java 9 months ago

      Our purpose is to train for peace but master violence.

  • Ronnie White
    Ronnie White Year ago +1

    Any form of martial arts, you can be a weapon all to yourself.

  • Shehryar Khan
    Shehryar Khan Year ago +6

    MMA is the best . Traditional dont works in modern world.

    • Shehryar Khan
      Shehryar Khan Year ago +1

      @UmiSonodaGetRapedby EliMakiNicoHonkKotori100Times sorry for my wrong letters bro its PAKEEDO. Its Pakistani Martial art invented by Muhammad Hussain Khan. Its full contact martial art. Very useful in MMA .

    • Shehryar Khan
      Shehryar Khan Year ago +1

      UmiSonodaGetRapedby EliMakiNicoHonkKotori100Times yes i agreeeee 100 percent . No doubt they both are best. My own style is ITF TKD and Pakido

  • يارب يارب
    يارب يارب Year ago +3

    Very cool 👍

  • Federico Amati
    Federico Amati Year ago +3

    Very intresting.

  • Ronnie White
    Ronnie White Year ago +1

    Perfect weapons

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Year ago +1

    Great video watching people that are better than me always makes me want to practice more because I'm like I want to be that good

  • MegaSkyline69
    MegaSkyline69 Year ago +1

    Frikkin love this video. Its like gettin all my fave movies and just cutting to the best bits of the fight scenes.

  • Fabian Siller
    Fabian Siller Year ago +2

    That made me wanna watch the movies way back. Love the motivation.

  • Egi 1
    Egi 1 Year ago +6

    Traditional martial arts are the best

      THANK YOU THANK YOU 11 months ago

      I love traditional martial arts too. There's a lot people talking bad about traditional Arts.its the root of all the arts. mixed martial arts are just making everything terribly wrong. But they want to see that only just to train in punching and kicking. And some and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. but I don't think that's not what it's all about in real life. Sooner or later all the traditional Arts will probably go back to its Japan and China were they train it there instead. because here in America everything's changing traditional for me it seems like it's fading away.



  • BRAYANXD 123
    BRAYANXD 123 Year ago +2

    Like me suscribo