Behind the Scenes at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on May 26, 2019
  • Gordon Ramsay shows you around his Flagship Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, which will be home to one of the most intense MasterChef challenges during its 10 seasons! Catch the action packed 10th Season Premiere of MasterChef Wednesday May 29th at 8/7c on FOX
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  • Mammie Barry
    Mammie Barry 3 days ago


  • Mammie Barry
    Mammie Barry 3 days ago


  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones 9 days ago

    It's so clear Gordon doesn't like how his restaurant looks from the outside. Watch his clear happiness of when he presents that fabulous kitchen. He doesn't even show outside of restaurant and seems ehhh/whatever about dining hall

  • Edward Jia
    Edward Jia 11 days ago +2

    It’s 2019 and it’s only available in 720p, where’s my lamb source😂😂😂

  • Evan K
    Evan K 11 days ago

    I’d love to eat there

  • Khải AliveOMG
    Khải AliveOMG 12 days ago

    Kitchen Nightmares’ nightmare cuz it’s too good to be in it

  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke4 13 days ago

    nice haahhaa

  • ZiSt1989
    ZiSt1989 16 days ago

    Jamie Oliver should hire Gordon Ramsay in order to help him with his struggling restaurant chain. maybe a 'kitchen nightmare' special edition :D
    'I imagine chef Ramsay yelling at J. Oliver:_
    Ramsay: what is this, it smells DISGASTANG!
    Oliver: this is my signature pasta dish!
    Ramsay: the sauce is bland, watery, very little seasoning, and the pasta is undercooked. way too much OLIVOL and PEPPAH, it's DREADFUL!
    Oliver: you know nothing about pasta, I was in Italy, my homie Genarro showed me that!
    Ramsay: f*ck off you donkey, get out!

  • Wendy Spannagel
    Wendy Spannagel 16 days ago

    Your flagship restaurant is gorgeous Gordon...that kitchen is the heart of your restaurant and you Gordon being at the helm well it deserves 3 Millision Stars every year....Congratulations on 21 years's to the next 21 🍾🥂🍾 ❤❤❤

  • MarioMan
    MarioMan 18 days ago

    1:47 Savage.


    Hello chef's
    I am continental and Italian chef de partie. 11 years working experience. Last 7 working in curise line from Europe. Now I am searching job in London or any Europe country's. Pls help me . I am from India
    Thank you

  • joe none
    joe none 20 days ago

    go fook yourself

  • Dale Alonzo
    Dale Alonzo 21 day ago

    1:37 Every chef's god.

  • aaron baxter
    aaron baxter 21 day ago

    I remember watching boiling point and can't believe that's the restaurant that started it all for him congratulations Gordon

  • Vivian Lam
    Vivian Lam 23 days ago

    I'm always surprised by how small the top fine dining restaurants are. I suppose you hear "Gordon Ramsay" who is a big celebrity and you immediately think his flagship restaurant would be enormous and extravagant. You expect a glorious Titanic. But it's actually quite plain and intimate.

  • Weezy Breezy
    Weezy Breezy 23 days ago

    I want to be a fly on that kitchen wall during a busy evening.....also, I would LOVE to cook in that kitchen. What a dream.

  • Tracy Ford
    Tracy Ford 26 days ago

    My anti is better than you at cooking haha lol dont swear im a kid

  • Martin
    Martin 29 days ago +1

    I just watched Boiling Point. Its funny how this guy walks around like the happiest and nicest guy in the world in the very same kitchen where he verbally kicked everyone´s ass some 20 years ago. "Mark... Mark... whats he doing that donkey? Mark... Mark...."fckng useless, Mark."

  • S S
    S S Month ago

    Living in that kitchen is better than living in some apartments.

  • A Birjas
    A Birjas Month ago

    The men in suits are waiters? What are they called? Doesn't he also have traditional waitstaff in "waitstaff clothes"?

  • Mr T
    Mr T Month ago

    Has anyone else noticed how fat and swollen Gordon Ramsay's face looks from Botox?

  • Fifi
    Fifi Month ago

    Wow, what a beautiful clean kitchen! All kitchens should look like that in a restraunt or at least be very clean. I don't go out to eat anymore after watching Gordan I expect more. Thank you Gordan. I cook more at home.

  • farul ozzy
    farul ozzy Month ago

    Wow perfect places for romantic dinner

  • Brent Wong
    Brent Wong Month ago

    44 seats with 50 staff. They must charge a Million dollars a plate

  • Frank Butcher
    Frank Butcher Month ago

    you fat bassstiid

  • Jamie Hughes
    Jamie Hughes Month ago

    IMO the dining room looks stale and characterless. Kind of like my Grandmothers retirement home with plastic coated chairs incase the inmates piss themselves

  • Christian Zachary
    Christian Zachary Month ago

    Only by watching it, my wallet gets more empty...

  • Mr. Happyyellowhead

    nice kitchen

  • Braydon The Gorilla

    Damn i wish i would be in that restourant but i don't live in Florida

  • the legendary egg
    the legendary egg Month ago

    Hi, Im Gordon, and this is MTV Cribs

  • queen 4ever
    queen 4ever Month ago

    gordan why u hitting urself?

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer Month ago

    14 tables / 44 seats / 25 chefs not to mention waiters, maintenence, bills...this sound like a fairy tale.

  • Mogau Deza
    Mogau Deza Month ago

    Damn boy dt kitchen look neat as hell

  • Tiffany Fichtenbaum

    Chef Ramsey can tell me to F off anytime lol . There is a reason why he is a Michelin rated chef ...he take his career and passion seriously. Most people think he is an ass , but if you look past that tough exterior there is truth to what he says...the restaurant businesse is cut throat .

  • Beautiful Life
    Beautiful Life Month ago

    This restaurant....😍😍😍

  • Cord Cantrell
    Cord Cantrell Month ago

    How many business owners or people do you know that have that skip in there step when they are showing you there world? This man has true passion for what he does and creates.

  • JSA Korea
    JSA Korea Month ago

    Beautiful mind make beautiful food 🥘 😇💪✨lovely restaurant 😇with lovely poeple ❤️🌅💯💐😆🙏🤤perfect fantastic 😌👌
    Beautiful this engine room😍🐯I love it❤️💐

  • Sovietic 142
    Sovietic 142 Month ago +1

    British food it’s so fookin delicious

  • Melissa Horn
    Melissa Horn Month ago

    25 cooks, Mr. Ramsey is good for that community.

  • King kai
    King kai Month ago

    *1:30** he truly is one of marco's students*

  • KDB
    KDB Month ago

    For fuck sake, thats the fucking kitchen where it all fucking started. Fucking hell that is a nice fucked kitchen.

  • Dylan Ardila
    Dylan Ardila Month ago

    Kitchen nihtmers

  • Aria kiss
    Aria kiss Month ago

    After finding out you kill. And eat gunipigs i hope you choke to death on anything you eat. Sick fuck!!!!

  • MinecraftTransgenderyoutube feminist

    I'd honestly love to go there, but I feel like I'd be so out of place there. Like is every customer supposed to wear a suit and tie or a fancy dress there? The other people were...
    Would people look at me like idiots If I came in there in normal clothes?
    I really want gordon ramsay's food though

    • MinecraftTransgenderyoutube feminist
      MinecraftTransgenderyoutube feminist Month ago

      @Ms. L Gordon himself won't call me a doughnut and a pillock until I concede?

    • Ms. L
      Ms. L Month ago

      Yes, there's a dress code to follow or they will turn you around.

  • Afgamers
    Afgamers Month ago

    bruh if you guys do halal i am gonna teleport

  • König des Nordens
    König des Nordens Month ago

    I dont know the people who are dining there with suits and everything. They look like arrogant golfers. I dont like those sort of people. they are always arrogant. Looks very expensive. I think the food must be fantastic. I would like to eat there, when i go to London

    • Ms. L
      Ms. L Month ago

      Everybody in London dresses smart. It's part of their work ethics. It is not a stretch for them to go to a restaurant dressed like you just saw in the clip. It's standard work clothes.

  • bob long dick
    bob long dick Month ago

    and the waiting list for that restaurant is like 3 months

  • Justine Calosing
    Justine Calosing Month ago

    I really want to learn under chef gordon

  • the lazy duck
    the lazy duck Month ago

    Give your opinion on the best type of cereal

  • Dante N.
    Dante N. Month ago

    25 chefs 14 tables. Holy shit.

  • Roy Batty
    Roy Batty 2 months ago

    Kitchen is awesome.

    Dining room is underwhelming and the seats look like they were color matched with 35yr old Yoplait Blueberry yogurt. Why?

  • MSM Heliazz di Fi Neko Medina Castro

    0:38 yep, that kitchen really was designed by Gordon cause I don't see any microwave there ;p

  • Chris Hoffman-Echandy
    Chris Hoffman-Echandy 2 months ago

    1:25 He can see the lamb sauce from anywhere in the kitchen.

  • Antonio Vázquez
    Antonio Vázquez 2 months ago

    Thankyou so beautiful

  • Sven Wagner
    Sven Wagner 2 months ago

    21 years now - honest congratulations!

  • AlphaBl_u
    AlphaBl_u 2 months ago +1

    Oh how the tables have turned, Now we can tell Gordon his food is raw

  • Aim2 Kill
    Aim2 Kill 2 months ago

    That’s the nicest Gordon has been to ah shit nvm

  • Bloody Hope
    Bloody Hope 2 months ago

    Yes it Looks Fake and Boring just like a Church

  • Kanora
    Kanora 2 months ago

    Incredible @Gordon Ramsay! I can see your staff love where they work, and take pride just as you do in your passion for food, presentation and quality.

  • Multi Dimens
    Multi Dimens 2 months ago

    Mmmmm.... this place looks great! Your restaurant’s operation appears to function as smooth as a Ferrari 💯! Someday I’ll go across the pond and check it out 😃.