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    Go watch and hit subscribe! ✅❤️

    • ashleybolton10
      ashleybolton10 7 days ago

      I hate when people expect you to pay their tax for them “it’s only ___ cents “ okay then give it to me 😒

    • Yeshua Hamaschiach's Follower
      Yeshua Hamaschiach's Follower 8 days ago

      You are a really good actress and fibber, uh hem, "story teller", I gotta give you that! Btw, clickbait...horror stories are you kidding me?! 🤣 please, I have probably experienced more "exciting" experiences shopping at Walmart than your experience working there...I'm sorry but this was the lamest 20 minutes wasted in all my 35 years on this planet. Good luck with your narcissistic outlook on ppl in general. As a psychologist, it didn't even take two minutes in to this video to figure you out and what you were about to dramatically story tell about these lame experiences that were probably half truths or never happened. (Yawn)

    • Jess
      Jess 11 days ago

      Where do you live? It sounds like a great place. Everyone there is so red-pilled about race and sluts.

    • Lady of Darkness
      Lady of Darkness 14 days ago +1

      I've been looking everywhere for that shade of lipstick, where can I find it?? It's beautiful 😍

    • kalli Allison
      kalli Allison 16 days ago

      What was the intro song?

  • Lily Mcp
    Lily Mcp 2 hours ago

    i dont think its retail but i work at arbys, but there was a deal for 2/$6 bacon beef n cheddar, and this lady came in, i took her order and put things in the bag since it was dead at that moment, and i know that i put 2 of them in it, but she came running back in with only one in her hand and the sauce that came on the sandwich on her face. due to the policy and making everything right, i gave her a new sandwich and a cookie so yeah. Also not a horror story but its funny when customers come in with a coupon with like 2/$5 or 2/$4 and demand only one sandwich for the half price.

  • Melissa Marie
    Melissa Marie 14 hours ago

    I had a guy who was saying normal small talk then he talked about his family ok, then he started telling me how great of a guy he is and that people SEE God loves him and he walks with christ. Now I'm a Christian too but anyone who talks very highly about themselves or says they're better are a huge crazy red flag. Then he starts telling me these tin hat theories about muslims and how theyre planning world domination. Wtf. And I'm thinking hmm besides talking shit about a religion u "study" but know nothing about, do u guys learn about god in your church at all? Do u study the bible at all? So I asked what they were studying right now at church (i was curious) and he kinda gave an impression like why would I study that? This is Important stuff woman! and I was just cringing. Im like Yeah. Idk that doesnt sound like something jesus would say. and he was so pissed at me I wouldn't agree with him. When he left he def went back to his cave to sleep upside down with the bats or something.

  • Siren Cloud
    Siren Cloud 22 hours ago

    Dont kno why this was in my recommendations......but i loved it XD i feel sorry for her though

  • Zinnia Lorant-Pryor

    "was like $9 an hour" WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! america get you shit together please my starting wage at 16 and a half was $23. man i feel bad for you guys. Thank fuck i live in Australia. I could NOT work in retail though if someone acted like a cunt to me i'd tell
    them to fuck off

  • Nicole del Ponte

    I feel your pain girl 😭😭😭😭

  • Lora
    Lora Day ago

    makes me wanna be friends with you

  • Tabitha Rabun
    Tabitha Rabun Day ago

    I worked at this place In the mall and our store has two floors in it. On this day I'm upstairs working in the kids department which is on the other side of the store away from the bathroom. There is only two of us for the whole floor working and we are super busy. Well I get a small window of no customers so I run to the restroom. When I come back out of breath due to running there and back so i don't inconvenience the customers in my department. I briefly apologize stating I had to run to the bathroom and I appreciate how patient they were, I barely get the last part out before the first one in line said that was gone for an hour. And do I expect her believe that is where I really was. Nothing I said she to help her calm. But instead she wanted to write a comment. Which is extremely important where I work so bad ones are taken very seriously. She proceeds to write horrible lies on this card and hands it back to me then walks away. I was so upset I was shaking. However the people behind her wrote cards to but only to counteract what she put and really turned my day around!

  • danish american
    danish american Day ago

    Cherry guy, I would tell him. I can throw them away after you pick them up with the paper towel that I will hand you. Thank you!

  • jugaletteDarkAngel

    I work at walmart Ik...

  • 741escapethefate

    I work at Walmart in California and it's supposed to be the most liberal, least racist state in the US right? Well I had this elderly white lady come through my line with her grandson. She looked over to the cosmetics aisle and I assume there was a Muslim woman there based on what she said. I didn't look because I was busy bagging her items but she proceeded to go on about how she's scared for her safety every time muslims are around and their ruining our country and all this bullshit. I swear I wanted to tell her to get out of my line but I finished bagging her stuff and sent her on her way

  • zebra turkeyfish

    one time at safeway a customer got $20 cashback at checkout. not an unusual thing; people get cashback all the time. i didn’t have any 20s so i had to give her a two 10s. she leaves and i start ringing up the next customer. a few minutes later, she comes back in and claims that i didn’t give her the cashback. i explain that i SPECIFICALLY remember giving her the cashback bc i didn’t have 20s and had to give her 10s. she proceeds to get an attitude with me at which point i called the front end manager, sheila, over to diffuse. sheila tells me to finish the order im on and then switch registers so she can take my till and count it in the money room. so i finish, she takes my till, and i move to another register. a few minutes later, the lady comes over and says “i found it, can you get your manager so i can apologize to her?” but never apologized to me for being so rude. after the lady leaves, sheila comes over and says “that lady was really nasty.” and i had to choke on my laughter. FUCK. RETAIL.

  • sara liske
    sara liske 2 days ago

    People are stupid, entitled, and disgusting. I have no patience anymore, don't bite my tongue. I'm really lucky that I have an awesome manager... she ignores all the complaints about me. Lol😃 I think everyone should work retail and learn how to be decent humans.

  • Wendy Mendoza
    Wendy Mendoza 2 days ago

    You’re a lot more patient than I am. The girl with the change I wouldn’t have taken it. I would have made her cash it in first. And the guy with the cherries I would have told him that was a biohazard and I couldn’t touch it and handed him a paper towel to clean up his mess.

  • pencilcase
    pencilcase 2 days ago

    i worked at walmart and once a man came into the store shouting about how he was gonna shoot up the store i was so anxious

  • Morgan Brockman
    Morgan Brockman 2 days ago

    I work in retail and I have been for a few years now, but one thing that I will NEVER forget, is about a woman who came in to try on some clothes, was super nice to all of our staff, we thought everything was all good. She then proceeds to go into a fitting room, PEES on the clothes and wipes her butt with a shirt she tried.. it had skid marks all over it. To make it worse, it smelled so incredibly bad, barely anyone in our staff could get through cleaning it up because it made them gag so much from the stench. I am not really a people person to begin with but this really boggled my mind that someone would do something like this!

  • Sangeeta
    Sangeeta 2 days ago

    The only time I use more than a few coins is at self checkout when it’s not busy because it counts it itself and is quicker. That story stressed me out immensely lol my pet peeve is when people hand me money after my register is open because they want different change back. I have to plug in what the customer is giving me before the register opens and it would look bad for me if the final amount was different. I have to do what I told the computer I was doing.

  • Logan
    Logan 2 days ago

    My mom was shopping at Walmart, hundreds of dollars worth the groceries, and because she’s black the lady assumed she was gonna pay with an EBT card. The lady was like, “ok, That would be 426, could you slide your EBT card.” Lol, and she was baffled, she was like “I’m actually not eligible, but maybe I could borrow yours.”
    Not the type of horror story you asked for, but still memorable.

  • ariana harp
    ariana harp 2 days ago

    Ive worked retail and fast food so many horror stories it's ridiculous

  • julie waller
    julie waller 3 days ago

    I have way too many stories

  • Elisha Benson
    Elisha Benson 3 days ago

    People should make a stop at a bank and they'll normally cash in change people! Also, PLEASE tell me what lipstick you're using! That shade is gorgeous!

  • Savanna Rose
    Savanna Rose 3 days ago

    Okay a few sentences in and we get : adults who shop at walmart don't know how to adult. Girl most people shop at Walmart. Its literally the biggest grocery store chain in America?

  • Rhonda Willis
    Rhonda Willis 3 days ago

    shut the fuck up BITCH

  • Gracesen Woudwijk
    Gracesen Woudwijk 3 days ago

    "I don't know, I'm not the gumball machine mechanic!"

  • MemeMations
    MemeMations 3 days ago

    Wow people don't like that she doesn't like racism

  • Devon Ravenclaw
    Devon Ravenclaw 3 days ago

    This was a very entertaining video. I am so sorry you had to deal with people that stupid but at the end of the day it's at least a little funny because of their behavior. And let me just say, karma will find its way to them. I am a believer that whatever you do wether it's positive or negative it will be returned to you threefold (it's almost like a Wiccan guideline)

  • Hayden Clark
    Hayden Clark 4 days ago

    i LOVE the lipstick and the shirt with it!

  • Emily Forsberg
    Emily Forsberg 4 days ago

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  • Sarah Walter
    Sarah Walter 4 days ago

    I worked at a gas station about a year and a half ago and this one lady came in and started looking around, normal as it's actually it bigger store and has two other businesses in it. Well, eventually she comes up with a water and a Reese's. I scan the water and the Reese's, she says hold on, this water is NOT $2 it says $1 and some odd change I can't remember I said yes, but there is tax as well, she says 60 extra centa for tax? Are you kidding me right now? I'm not paying you $2 I'll pay you the exact amount I said I'm sorry it doesn't work that way you have to pay what the total is on here she keeps arguing with me about the price before she gives up and says whatever just how much is this Reese's? I said 1.69 before tax she said how I said uhm I'm not sure I guess that's what it's priced as... She says it's a Reese's I said I know ma'am she says then how is it 1.69 I said bc I guess that's what the company would like it to he priced as she said it's from Halloween. (Halloween was exactly 1 week prior to this story, keep that in mind) I said okay so would you like me to void it she said no I want a fair price I said I'm sorry it doesn't work that way I can't give you a cheaper price for this she said it's from fucking Halloween it's old it's not supposed to be expensive I said ma'am Halloween was a week ago and I can assure you it just came in on truck today, I just shelved them actually, they are very new. She kept arguing about the reeses price and getting angry to beginning to yell at me about how disrespectful I was amd stupid to have priced all of this so high being it's water and candy. I eventually said look you can purchase these or leave but you can't stand in here yelling amd arguing over something that I can't control and isn't going to happen, you're disrupting those two businesses customers and ours. She then would come in every week and do this all over again. Eventually the manager was there one time and heard it and she was told to buy or leave again and she went on a rampage destroying the store over not getting her way on pricing or paying what she thought she should pay. It was absolutely ridiculous.

  • steven herrold
    steven herrold 4 days ago

    i youst to work for walmart i found they have so many rules for everything i started to feel like do i need to ask for permission breath because no matter what i do i'm wrong i still shop at walmart but i think that management is out of control it's like a power trip if i make the slightest mistake and there like omg he's crazy!! really !!

  • Megan Ostigaard
    Megan Ostigaard 4 days ago

    The general public is truly an amazing experience

  • Devin Terrazas
    Devin Terrazas 4 days ago

    U grab the trashcan and hold it out for them so they can throw their stuff away. Especially when it has someone else's saliva on it. That's NOT what u HAVE to do. Ur super sweet and intelligent and gorgeous a good head on ur shoulders. And clearly ur customer service is above and beyond. Good for you. Next time I'll watch the entire video before making comments. I'm done now. 👍 lol

  • Devin Terrazas
    Devin Terrazas 4 days ago

    I could do without the elevator music in the background. It was distracting

  • Devin Terrazas
    Devin Terrazas 4 days ago

    LOL THAT SOUNDS LIKE ME TALKING ABOUT MY DAUGHTER WITH THE CASHIER AT THE GROCERY STORE ABOUT HOW HER 2YR OLD BDAY PARTY WAS ON SATURDAY! 😄😁 my baby catches everyone's attention and she the love of my life. How can we not be excited and talk AAAALL. About it lol. I HATE when u see those parents at walmart or any store like spanking their child or yelling at then when their just babies😢😡 and all that. Its so sad

  • Devin Terrazas
    Devin Terrazas 4 days ago

    U work retail cuz u love being around people. So ironic with these stories. Lmao.

  • Devin Terrazas
    Devin Terrazas 4 days ago

    I loved the stories. But in some horrible horrible HORRIBLE way u remind me of my younger sister. She's 20. Just like the way u talk and gestures u make. It really turned me off. Lol. Not ur fault. But just really freaked me out

  • Devin Terrazas
    Devin Terrazas 4 days ago

    Lol these stories are juicy. "SHE HAS THAT 'CAN I TALK TO UR MANAGER' HAIRCUT"😂😂😂

  • Nikkie Keiley
    Nikkie Keiley 4 days ago

    Customer service in general sucks I work at burger king you got some nice customer some mean one and the drama at work is pathetic!

  • viewer 1
    viewer 1 5 days ago

    Those people with the jar full of coins are scam artists. You should've called your manager over as soon as she pulled out a jug full of dimes to handle the situation.
    Those are distraction tactics to make you lose count of how much money they actually gave you. Then putting out cigarettes on the floor, and later making false claims against you about over charging them? Those people should've been banned from the store.

  • WolfenHoweller
    WolfenHoweller 5 days ago

    i used to work at Walmart, one day i was stocking a shelf and this guy walks up and knocks a can off the shelf and it hits him in the head and then he started yelling at me and blaming it on me like i threw the can at him well this one little old lady comes up and takes my side because shes seen me in the store alot and she knows im sweet and shes yelling at him and eventually he knocks a bunch more cans down and walks away. like wtf lol

  • Georgya Harris
    Georgya Harris 5 days ago +2

    This happened like last week, I work at steak n shake and one of our regulars pulls through the drive thru around his regular time, 10:30 p.m. but it's weird because he usually comes in so I immediately knew something was up. I immediately notice this dude is high off of some *serious* shit. Like I know weed high and that was most definitely not weed high. Anyway, dude only ordered two shakes, I'm supposed to had out drinks and shakes before they pay or as they're paying if the drinks/shakes are ready. So he pulls around I had him his shakes and he mumbles something and I take off my headset and say "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you?" This dude said to me. Straight faced (almost one of his eyes was off to the side because he was high as freaking Pluto), "Can you pay for these for me? I forgot my money at home." And I'm like 🤨😨😱 NEGRO NO "I'm sorry, sir but if you can't pay for the shakes, you have to give them back." And so my coworker comes to see what's holding up the drive thru and she talks to him and dude pulls off. I'm like "Did he pay? Or did you get the shakes back?" She says "No, he said he might be back though." I'm like *what the actual fuck*. Idk, but imma remind him next time I work that he owes me $8.92

  • Mia
    Mia 5 days ago

    One of my twin daughters is an executive for Target & this dude bought a doughnut, comes back after eating 1/2 of it saying he wants to “RETURN” yes girl “RETURN” the doughnut bc he didn’t like it. My daughter’s thinking “you must’ve liked it enough to eat 1/2 of it but as the manager she can’t say that, she refunded his money. UNFREAKING BELIEVABLE. Only in America can ppl eat 1/2 a doughnut, return & get their money back. I mean WHO DOES THAT??? Nonetheless, I LOVED your stories, so much I’m now a newbie. I subscribed & looking forward to listening to more of your videos ♥️

  • Erin Wilcox
    Erin Wilcox 5 days ago +1

    Never ever work at kohl's there the worst mergers ever and staf rud never give hour's or take time to train use.and price to high. custmer are rud and i hope Kohls closes never work at khols

  • Mia
    Mia 5 days ago

    The “Coin Queen” is shady as hell. One word ~ Karmaaaaa

  • ThatOneLezbo
    ThatOneLezbo 5 days ago

    I work at PetSmart. I cannot stress enough how some people should not have animals. There was one who came in with a dog who clearly couldn't walk. It was bleeding and had a rash all over him. I asked what happened and as shes yanking the dog into the store, she told me her dog had gotten hit by a car roughly a day ago. She went into immense detail about how this dog was hit, flew across the road and slid across the road. I asked if he'd been treated and she asked if I had pain meds. Of course we didn't sell something that strong.
    Mind you, this animal was screaming in pain the whole time. She ended up getting so upset because I told her to take her dog to see a vet.
    Paged my manager because I was about to put this lady in the hospital. He told me that I couldn't call animal control, which by policy we can't unless they're not in the store. He came up anyway because the lady was causing a huge disturbance by yelling at me. She was told to leave but not before the cops got there. Someone had seen the way she acted and chose to put a call in.
    Long story short, she was arrested for animal abuse and it turns out that her husband had purposely run over the dog because they found out that the dog had cancer. After she was taken away, I stayed with the dog until animal control was able to come get him. He died before they came.

  • Rachel Eyles
    Rachel Eyles 5 days ago

    Why is your forehead brown?

  • TheCheshireGacha Girl

    I LOVE ur eyeshadow

  • Steamy Clean Me
    Steamy Clean Me 5 days ago

    This goes to show that appearances don’t really matter. What matters is your actions.

  • qTiSujin3 So
    qTiSujin3 So 5 days ago

    Lmfaoooooooo if I was a smoker I wuda done the same thing lmfaooooooo.........😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Katie Kaboom
    Katie Kaboom 5 days ago

    liberal .. actually .. isn't that mostly true?

  • Irre1evant
    Irre1evant 5 days ago

    When I worked for a dollar store there would be this one guy who was a butcher and he would constantly give me money and not take off his bloody gloves, which in turn, got the money bloody and it was awful because I would have to touch the money and just nope not pleasant at all

  • sͨtͧiͭcͥkͤy ♡

    you dont disagree with people in retail? oh man. i do all the time. i was a cashier checking out some lady who bought those shitty celeb magazine on the sides of the registers and she was ranting about some stupid couple. i have no idea. she asked me something about them and i was like "oh no, i dont care for those things. i think they are stupid and pointless." lmfao. she just like looks at me for a second and just pretends i didnt say that i guess and kept going about that couple. and she told me i should really do my celebrity history research or something. lol. i am firm about myself, thoughts and feelings. i dont sugar coat anything for anyone. and i do not cater to filthy customers who are entitled or are disrespectful to me or another employee.
    i used to not dislike people as much before, but after working in retail i despise people. hate em, dont want to be approached ever. its a wonder how these people make it to adulthood. and its even worse knowing they are mothers and fathers. such a shame.

  • Beautiful Corpse
    Beautiful Corpse 5 days ago

    Really late to this but as a Walmart employee, my horror story is while stocking over night in the hba section, I was getting ready to stock some shaving cream and I noticed right in front of the section there was a puddle of shaving cream and curly black hairs 😱 I want to believe that it was just curly leg though either way still gross.

  • PaperHeart143
    PaperHeart143 6 days ago

    There's a few youtubers I like and watch frequently.. However, I have never liked someone as much as I like you this fast. You are amazing!!

  • Heather Tulip
    Heather Tulip 6 days ago

    My old job was a T-shirt booth. I’ve had a woman chew us out for not being able to hold the FREE shirt that the gym gives to parents, and say that she’s not going to get it then. 20 minutes later she’s back with her tail between her legs, acting like it’s the first time she’s been to the booth. There are only a few hundred people at the meet and she was the only one in a neon orange shirt. We can tell it’s you!!

  • Mad Winchester
    Mad Winchester 6 days ago

    Why is literally everyone buying oranges is this the common factor to all rude people?

  • Ally Kayyy
    Ally Kayyy 6 days ago

    Honestly doing the change thing in this day and age is SO RUDE when, like you said, there are SO MANY readily available and convenient options to flip your change without holding up lines and doing this shit to other people. It's hard to believe that story is real honestly. I mean I know how the story time thing is with the EMBELLISHMENTS but... idk man.

  • Destiny Angel
    Destiny Angel 6 days ago

    This is recent. We had a gas leak at my store and we needed to evacuate the guests as we needed to shut down the store to find the leak, and so one of my coworkers asked one of the guests to head to the front of the store and the guest responds "do you even work here? Why do I have to leave? This is ridiculous" IF YOU WANT TO DIE then stay, be my guest (no pun intended) but if you dont want to die from some potential explosion, you need to exit the building... MA'AM... (our store was fine but ya know better be safe than sorry)

  • Ino Deth
    Ino Deth 6 days ago

    I work at The Home Depot. So one of the most common issues we face are the -what i like to call- "entitled veterans". (Now I'm that person that will go out of my way to thank a vet for their service, but i got rules to follow and a child to feed) and the most common issue is when they ask for the discount and do not have proper ID. Such as the sticker on their license. Now i have no problem when its printed on. Because the DMV if you show your dd214's will print it on the actual license. The problem lies with the sticker.
    Since we live in a season/tourist town its pretty easy to remember people who come in. So when these older ones do it i let them know "hey, we don't usually accept that, but heres a list of military/veteran ID's we do accept." And let them off with a warning. Most of the time I'll get the accepting vet who understands and comes back with the proper ID next time (or updates his license and we're good to go) or you get that asshole entitled vet who gets mad and starts yelling how ungratefully we are. And how he'll go to lowes. (But we see them in here two days later...).
    My reply usually is "i don't make the rules I just have to follow them." And a reminder that, a militarily discount is not an entitlement but rather a courtesy by the company as a thank you for serving our country. If they're not happy with it they need to either learn to accept it or reevaluated their standards.

  • Heather Tulip
    Heather Tulip 6 days ago

    For most of my teen years I worked in a design-your-own T-shirt booth. Our booth was made up of 4-5 folding tables with tablecloths on them, with the equipment, like the 400 degree heat presses, on the back table.
    We would have one single gap for us to enter/exit, a couple inches wide, to minimize this. We always knew that if there was an emergency we’d be hopping over the tables, because it took a good 30 seconds to wiggle through there. If there were any gaps, we’d barricade them with boxes. Why?
    People would go THROUGH the booth. Even with the single, teensy gap, we would find ourselves working in the middle of a crazy rush, only to turn around and plow straight into some stranger. “What are you doing?” I’d ask. “Oh, I’m just going through.” They’d usually say. And I would follow with a firm, “No, you’re not.”
    They would then give me a confused look, not being used to a service person telling them they can’t do something, especially without the obligatory “I’m sorry ma’am, but-“ and I would explain to them in a slow and condescending tone that this is a booth, they cannot be back here, and make them exit the way they came and go around it.
    A lot of the time they would just try to apologize and walk through anyways, and I would stand in their way and point back the way they came.
    A lot of things sucked about this job, but one of the best parts was that we were not only allowed, but encouraged, to talk back to dumb, rude, or mean customers. It means I’ve got a lot of fun stories where I say all the things you’ve always wanted to say to your customers. (Except for large amounts of cursing, still couldn’t do that- most of the time 😏)
    Less funny, some people would let their CHILDREN run around and play in our booth, not watching them. Over the years I have gotten very skilled at catching toddlers that come out of nowhere running straight for the heat press.
    I’d get them to point out their parents, and then I would explain to them, and their child, if they were old enough to understand words, using my best sickly-sweet Customer Service Voice, that our press is very heavy and 400 degrees, and that if they bumped the table the wrong way, it could fall on them and either crush them to death, or “literally melt your face off.” Depending on the age of the child.
    The parents were consistently horrified, which I take as a win, because the heat press really could cause serious injury like that and they kept their kids, and their kids’ friends, on the correct side of the booth after that.

  • Red Flame
    Red Flame 6 days ago

    So a work at a grocery store called Price Chopper, and we get lots of different customers. Recently I had a customer common through my line wanting a signature for two salads. She only bought 1. Anyway, I told her that I could do that and she says, “I remember you, you’re the stubborn one.” I had had her in my life once before, same issue. Anyway, she tells me she doesn’t want a sack because her salad could get tossed. That made sense, but she only had maybe a total of 4 items and didn’t seem to want the rest in bags so i didn’t bag them. She then gets mad at me saying she can’t carry it all. I apologize and bag it. As she’s paying she says I have to report you, you are just too rude and never listen, and a bunch of other stuff. I tell her that’s fine it’s your opinion, and she goes on her way. Later the lady who was working the customer service calls me over to discuss that comment and tells me that what the lady said didn’t mean anything because she does it to everyone. She had apparently told the CS lady that she was just coming in to compliment everyone but I was just too rude to compliment. When my HR found out what she was doing, she was not happy. So that’s the story of the manipulation lady.

  • Jenniferlynn1992
    Jenniferlynn1992 6 days ago

    I had something similar to the jar of change thing. I work in a hockey store in Ontario and this woman was buying a jersey that cost $200 with tax. She paid in loonies and toonies. Better than dimes and pennies but still. She then told me she knows it is exact change and I don't need to count it. I told her it is part of my job and I have too. She signed angrily and kept tapping her fingers on my counter. She goes "can't you count faster? I have a bus to catch in 10 minutes and YOU will be the reason I am late!" Um excuse me? Maybe you should have went to a bank or coin counter like a normal person..... I have been working in retail for 8 years I have lots of stories lol

  • Albert Grominsky
    Albert Grominsky 6 days ago

    I once had a lady return condoms, because "they were too small."

  • Willow Summers
    Willow Summers 6 days ago

    LOL new subscriber!

  • Josette Dufault
    Josette Dufault 6 days ago

    im like years late on this video but we always had the same lady come in. she'd change the pricing on the big signs in the aisle. would tell a manager the price she was charged was wrong, so they'd do it for the price she changed it to (obviously we all know she does this all the time). then she would go straight to the service desk, without her receipt cause she magically lost it and they'd reimburse her either in cash or store credit for the full amount, always and im like............................ how is she not banned. she did it atleast a dozen times when i worked there. it just blew my mind. obviously no one wanted to argue but like, how do you do this at the same store, all the time, with the same people lmaoooo

  • Elana Collier
    Elana Collier 6 days ago

    Yes it's hard

  • Winston The Big Bad Wolf

    Loved this video, you're a great story teller!!

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    Bethany L Boyd 7 days ago

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