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      nice video keep up the good work Beauty Backlist

    • garciafever
      garciafever Month ago

      How long have you worked at your Walmart? Because I could go on about the many stories since I, too, was an employee for almost 10 years before I finally got free to pursue a better life.
      I fondly remember one instance where I was covering another associate's break at the Customer Service area, and this one black customer wanted to receive money via Western Union. Seeing as any person who receives money has to fill out one of those yellow papers, it took her a fee minutes to do. When the screen prompted me to ask what her occupation is, the customer refused to give me said information, and because of that, I could not give her the money since it is a requirement.
      What pissed me off is that she kept refusing to provide this information for about 45-60 minutes before finally making up some bullshit occupation (of which I didn't care whether it was correct or not). Also, all of this happened within the last hour before the store was closing. So not only did I end up wasting my time with the customer, but I also ended up leaving around 11 PM, and the store closed at 10 PM.
      The store I worked in is was in the same town that I lived in: Bradford, Ontario, Canada.

    • ashleybolton10
      ashleybolton10 2 months ago

      I hate when people expect you to pay their tax for them “it’s only ___ cents “ okay then give it to me 😒

    • Yeshua Hamaschiach's Follower
      Yeshua Hamaschiach's Follower 2 months ago

      You are a really good actress and fibber, uh hem, "story teller", I gotta give you that! Btw, clickbait...horror stories are you kidding me?! 🤣 please, I have probably experienced more "exciting" experiences shopping at Walmart than your experience working there...I'm sorry but this was the lamest 20 minutes wasted in all my 35 years on this planet. Good luck with your narcissistic outlook on ppl in general. As a psychologist, it didn't even take two minutes in to this video to figure you out and what you were about to dramatically story tell about these lame experiences that were probably half truths or never happened. (Yawn)

  • Roxas Riku
    Roxas Riku 19 minutes ago

    Cute, your experience of retail compared to mine is like a new born 10 yrs at Walmart 2 Target 10 at Gas station 2 McDonald’s, I seen Arrows launched from sporting goods and a guy riding a barbie bike a 300lbs guy... i seen trannys come in from a convention and go straight to the men section dressed in drag

  • Snow Pea
    Snow Pea Day ago

    You're very racist and judgmental and such a millennial

  • Melina Regoord
    Melina Regoord 3 days ago

    yeah i was at a restaurant with my grandmother and mom, and our server had a lip ring, my grandmother works at a store. once the server leaves, my grandmother leans in to me and says "ya know, at my store, they wouldn't allow that. its so unsanitary!" I just looked at her and looked away legit I think she realized that her saying that even offended me. I was soooooooooooo surprised, because my grandmother and my dad are so, like how dare u say anything negative about someone, and like i just couldn't even. if i had said anything about it i would've been yelled at right then and there and they wouldve caused a whole scene

  • Korina Protsyuk
    Korina Protsyuk 4 days ago

    I work as a cashier in a retail store & this women comes in with her 2 kids who all seemed fine and nice until I see the the ‘adult’ mom INSIDE the cart she got and her kids were pushing her down the aisles.... she was telling them what to get and what she wanted. Anyway my manager had to tell her to get out of the cart because she’s too big and could break the cart.. let’s just say She didn’t like to be told what to do....

  • Korina Protsyuk
    Korina Protsyuk 4 days ago

    I have worked retail for 3 years now and can say I’ve seen some seriously messed up stuff... I said once and I’ll say it again......People are off their handles sometimes

  • Lidia Zamora
    Lidia Zamora 5 days ago

    Oh she’s so much nicer than i am. I put up with what’s expected of me but hell no would i clean someone’s nasty cherry seeds eww I would’ve respectfully told all those customers what they can do with that attitude of there’s. Oh the gum story i felt that shit! Ive had something similar like that happen. It happened again where i was helping a customer find something he wanted but he waited at my counter and it’s a small store so nothing takes long to get to so i said uh sir you need to follow me here to see what you want. Im happy to show you where it’s at but id like you to pick the item yourself.. he did it and met me back said thank you too . It’s about being stern but polite enough to where they can’t say u did something wrong. Im in management I’ve been through a lot with customers 😫 I enjoy my job still. For the good customers who make your day. And understand and don’t cause extra unnecessary drama.

  • H A R
    H A R 7 days ago

    you are gorgeous!!!

  • Sara Brant
    Sara Brant 8 days ago

    I worked at Target and then I worked at Walmart so I know exactly what you're talking about.. except both of the stores and I worked at had a $3 limit on loose change

  • Rosie Luv
    Rosie Luv 9 days ago +1

    Okay so I finished the video and you asked for some retail horror stories. So I got another one imma tell because they're hilarious.
    I was working at Kroger, and I was still a fairly new employee. One day, a man came in with a cart literally FULL of stuff. Meat, Alcohol, tons of expensive- high grade kroger stuff. And there were like cardbord boxes on either side, hiding the true amount of stuff in the cart, right. I noticed, at this point, that my manager was standing nearby with security, and like any retail employee's would, I got super into the Kroger Spirit. I was super cheeru, super bright, and pretended to be so in love with my job because my manager was around.
    The man proceeded to tell me that his wife was in the bathroom and that he was just going to pass through my line and wait for her because she had the money. First of all, the bathrooms were like.. On the sides of the store. One by the deli, and one by the pharmacy. So it didnt make sense. Not that I really connected those dots right away. But secondly, I thought he had said something about his wife having the money and being in the bathroom, I didnt know he was actually going to try and take his cart through my line. It was a miscommunication that probably saved my job.
    I had already started pulling things out of his cart and ringing them up, since that was my job. Only to look up at him and find him full on GLARING at me. Like.. Rude.
    I asked him how his day was going, and he told me that I was a terrible employee (or something equally terrible) and literally told me to void the transaction before walking off and leaving me with this cart of crap. No one else was in my line, but it still baffled me.
    This is when the security officer dude followed after the man, and my manager walked over to me to void out the transaction.
    This is when she informed me that the man was trying to steal a cart full of stuff, and that he had no wife. I asked her if I did anything wrong, she told me I didnt- that I did my job correctly by scanning the items. Which pretty much ruined his attempt at trying to steal.
    I literally felt so horrified, but also so like 'Employee of the Month', cause I saved my store from being robbed. I believe it was like $300+ worth of stuff in his cart. It was piled on so I dont really know.
    That is one of my strangest stories. 😂😂

  • Rosie Luv
    Rosie Luv 9 days ago

    Im a Ex-Walmart Employee and I can attest that Retail has some of the most humerous stories. And Walmart is especially crazy. I once had some man walk into walmart with a HUGE snake wrapped on his shoulders. I was in such a huge shock, I couldnt even tell him that Snakes and Pets werent allowed in Walmart. Like. It took me sooo off guard.
    BTW, It is TOTALLY weird when someone your age comes in. I had someone come in who was around my age and buy a pregnancy test. And it was so awkward. She acted sooo embarassed and it made me super awkward xD
    The amount of stories I have for retail are insane. Lmao. XD

  • Gemma Niye
    Gemma Niye 10 days ago

    You're adorable! I had to sub. 😉 I totally agree with your perspectives. Kudos for not losing your cool. The racists woulda set me off!

  • breann thomas
    breann thomas 10 days ago

    1st off Obama was our worst president not because he was black but he was our worst president and that comes from someone that voted for him both times (only because there was no better choice) 2nd the guy that wanted his oranges price matched I don't see how he would come in saying they were a penny but you said that it was never that way where you could price match without the ad that's not true because that's how it started out you didn't need an ad or any proof to price match and then they decided that was stupid of course so it was up to the manager of the store to decide whether people needed to bring in their ad or not and then they decided that they had to be with in a certain radius of the store because technically people could price match from anywhere in the country if they wanted to so then again they let the manager decide within how many miles from the store that you can price match. If that's the worst stories you have of working at Walmart you are lucky. I worked there when I was 18 and my moms a manager there and has worked there over 20 yrs. Dont complain about 9$ an hr I made 6 and since min wage went up new employees (teenagers) make as much as my mother that's been there for yrs they get a raise but senior employees dont get any benefit from it. Not to mention that they created a machine that eliminated my mom's job so now she has to take a pay cut and move back to the floor that's how Walmart treats their loyal employees!!

  • Morgan Harmon
    Morgan Harmon 11 days ago

    Try serving!

  • Bonnie Hundley
    Bonnie Hundley 13 days ago

    That song at the end. I hadn't heard it lately. Love love love that Perfume song by Britney Spears.

  • lilyyyymaeeee
    lilyyyymaeeee 14 days ago

    I had a customer before come up to my line on the phone saying “I have to go back to the doctor tomorrow I’m hearing voices again” ....she asked me to clean the belt and put on hand sanitizer before I touched her things so I did and then I brushed my hair out of my face she made the nastiest face and asked me to do it all over ... and all that just to put nothing on the belt and hand me like 3 things over the counter out of the full cart of groceries she had and she leaves the cart blocking anyone else from entering my line. One of my many stories

  • Summerlea Serafin
    Summerlea Serafin 14 days ago

    If you make 9 dollars a hour then your not making min wage

  • Allison Eigenbrod
    Allison Eigenbrod 14 days ago

    You’ve never been poor poor have you lol? She didn’t use the machine because it takes a certain percentage of the money. Also the cigarette girl is nasty asf. 😷😷😷

  • Nofrackingzone 2.0
    Nofrackingzone 2.0 14 days ago

    You had me up until the anti Trump rant. Now I know why you work in retail.

  • mndlgh
    mndlgh 16 days ago

    Also, look at my tights. 😄

  • Silent Huntress72
    Silent Huntress72 17 days ago

    I'm 20 and it's weird saying ma'am or miss to anyone my age or even slightly younger. And I have dealt with people who hated how expensive our cakes were, and would come up with some odd ass excuses to get money back.

  • Barry Fohn
    Barry Fohn 17 days ago

    The young girl doing this video is very pretty, She needs to lighten up on the make-up though. Back in the seventies she would have been called a "disco chic".

  • fanny boni
    fanny boni 17 days ago

    and one more brainwashed millenials, one more!!!!!!!

  • Rebecca Arnold
    Rebecca Arnold 18 days ago

    I work at dominos, I do deliveries and once I did a delivery and I was having a chat to the customer as you do then out of nowhere he literally said “what’s it like working with dirty Indians” so I threw his food on the ground. I don’t care about the whole “the customer is always right bullshit”, if you’re racist I’m not gonna be nice to you

  • Bird
    Bird 18 days ago

    Why is your forehead a different color than the rest of your face?

  • Maybaby
    Maybaby 19 days ago

    omg i worked at target and ther was this person who had a cute kid and was like oh yea go pick out any toy toy want you can get 5 and so you ne hes ike okyea i love toys and this kid was like 7 8 6 like but something like that and and he gets a bike a 200 $ lego set and then 100 $ live pet animal jam and tow games that were $ each and the coast was 800 $ in all and it was crazy

  • Allye Smithson
    Allye Smithson 20 days ago

    I just came across your channel and I can completely relate! I worked at a retail store and it was more expensive stuff, like you could definitely go to Walmart and get a different brand cheaper than here. Well, I was on the floor working with customers and we had a couple walk in. Well the guy gets a cart and starts loading it up with more expensive stuff as the lady makes her way to the front. I can’t even remember what the lady was hollering about, but she was going off at the front of the store. Well, at the store if any customer isn’t happy, we immediately get a manager so they called out over the walkies for a manager to come up. The lady is continuing to yell at the poor person at the front. Meanwhile, a line is forming at checkout so they call for back up to check out. So I and another associate come up to ring as well as a couple managers because this lady was throwing a fit. So at this point the guy had a cart full of stuff and was ready to push it out the door while she was “creating a distraction”. Unfortunately at this store, we couldn’t call people out for stealing, we could just say oh were you ready to check out? Luckily, while one manager was trying to appease her, the other focused his attention on the man and told him the checkout line was on the other side of the desk 😂 So luckily they didn’t get away with anything.

  • Joyce Hamlin
    Joyce Hamlin 20 days ago

    U are so funny... but u are telling the truth. My younger years had me working at JoAnns Fabrics n Ca. 2 ladies came in one looked at the clerks turning to me as she was "borrowing" something from the shelf near me and says I'm tired of seeing these "N word" they are everywhere. She then said 2 another clerk "I'm not coming back until they're gone". The clerk says bye then cause she's the only dependable one here n I've seen u stealing from from us b4.

  • Rock monster
    Rock monster 21 day ago

    Barack Obama is such a respectable man. I wish he was our president again

  • angel pika#21
    angel pika#21 23 days ago

    yeah I was working at a fast food place and this old lady comes up and gets her order and read it to her like we are to do when we are going to and I read it again and told her price and she paid for it and then gave it to her and then she comes back and ask for me and I came up and ask her what can I do for her and she starts yelling at me and telling me that I made her get food that she didn't order and I told her that she ordered it and read the reseat and she was done and talked to my boss what happened and almost lost my first job over food and I was nice and that day I came home the didn't tell me my work shechle because the next day my cat died and they wanted me to come in one that day

  • Nonya beezzzwaxxx
    Nonya beezzzwaxxx 23 days ago

    Ok you made the comment about bodies an every one could be naked lol we all look the same naked lol so wheres the links to your pics or vids lol lets just see....

  • Jack Illest
    Jack Illest 23 days ago

    3:48 i love that part

  • Emi
    Emi 23 days ago

    LOOOL the response you gave to the man who criticized the woman's outfit was perfect. I worked a few jobs in retail and it was ALWAYS so tempting to say something back but so so risky. I worked in London in a really wealthy/snobby area so you can imagine the kind of entitled customers that would come in. I had one woman ask me to fetch all her items and when I asked her to come with me to show me what she liked she screamed "Do you really expect me to walk?!!!" lmfao. She then called me a "philistine" because I hadn't seen a documentary on the queen she was banging on about. Some customers are fucking crazy. Especially older women. They either fall in to two categorys- super sweet or really evil and entitled. Never seemed to be anything in between.

  • Kameron Sudduth
    Kameron Sudduth 24 days ago

    Guess who just got hired at Walmart? me...

  • Crystal Weigel
    Crystal Weigel 24 days ago

    Walmart ppl suck anyways workers and non workers

  • RachaelWise
    RachaelWise 24 days ago

    I worked at a big box hardware store and we are known for 'good customer service' you better believe people did what they could to take advantage of that. I had countless people tell me how they were gonna cut up our company credit card and never shop with us again. That statement always made me so angry but so happy. I always had to laugh when they left. It's always old people too

  • Rebecca Esson
    Rebecca Esson 25 days ago

    I work in a pharmacy, I deal with rude people day in and day out. However, on this one particular day, leading up to christmas we were extremely busy. I’m serving a customer when this woman with her child cuts the que, comes right up to the counter and proceeds to tell me that her child has wet themselves. Now, this happens, but normally the parents are extremely apologetic, will then show you where the accident happened and will ask for something to clean it up. I advised the woman we had changing facilities that she could use to clean the child up. She tells me ‘no, that’s fine, I just thought you should know i’m taking no responsibility as your establishment does not have a toilet’ she then grabs the child by the hand and drags them out the shop, totally soaked on a cold winters day and also leaving us to clean up the childs pee

  • sequoya mccary
    sequoya mccary 27 days ago

    #starving?#has a Fitbit? #has7pillowsworthatleast10dollarseach #nicecamera I'm just confused why are you buying such nice accommodations if youre "starving"

  • Alexandr K.
    Alexandr K. 28 days ago

    I used to work in fast food, and I know how much people can nit pick about shit. I made a pizza with 3 toppings, and at Dominos, the more toppings you add, the less quantity of each topping is on the pizza. The guy came to pick it up, and he complained there wasn't enough sausage on his pizza, and goes on about how he has hungry kids to feed, and how is he going to feed them, bla bla bla. So I explained what I just stated above, and he asked who made the pizza, I tell him, I did, and he throws a hissy fit because there isn't enough sausage on the pizza. Finally he uses the old "if there isn't more sausage next time, I'm not coming back."

  • bortez ok
    bortez ok 28 days ago

    It's a Walmart what do people expect.. I'm there to do me and leave

  • Charine van den Bergh
    Charine van den Bergh 29 days ago

    oh my goodness!! In South Africa we have people checking the bags as people leave the store, nobody can come back and say they didn't get something that's on the will get NOTHING...

  • chenglong tu
    chenglong tu 29 days ago

    Every frame in your video can be your thumbnail, what an amazing editing!

  • littlemissvinny
    littlemissvinny 29 days ago

    I heard this story literally word for word on another channel. I don’t remember which channel it was, but someone is copying you. They copied you word for word.

    • Beauty Backlist
      Beauty Backlist  29 days ago

      littlemissvinny if you find out/remember what channel it is please let me know! That’s not okay!! 😕

  • Rebecca Horne
    Rebecca Horne 29 days ago

    I work in a curtain store, get lots of dumb questions and people being angry when we don't stock the very particular item they want. But I had one lady a few weeks ago who wanted a 'cheap rod' cause she only needs it for 6 months... So I proceed to say well I can show you our cheapest.. lady sees price.. oh why are these so expensive??? I only need it for 6 months I do want to spend that much I just sort of nod and don't really say much and she eventually leaves after complaining about the price for 5mins. But I felt like saying.. well lady I don't make the prices, that's our head office and sorry but we don't make cheap rods so they can just be hung for 6 months!

  • Rebecca Horne
    Rebecca Horne 29 days ago

    I always find it weird to interact with people my own age in retail and I don't know why lol?

  • Thelma Foreman
    Thelma Foreman 29 days ago

    OMG everyone is so stupid!😇

  • DGolden
    DGolden 29 days ago

    OMG you are hilarious. I'm so happy to have discovered you!

  • Alexandria Jezina
    Alexandria Jezina 29 days ago

    Got yelled at because I wouldn't reduce the price for a broken baby Jesus manger ornament set during xmas shopping season. I couldn't even sell them it because it was broken glass and therefore a safety hazard. There were other not broken sets, which I offered to get them, but they just wanted a half off a broken ass set I guess. I was just thinking the whole time, this is not what Jesus would do you crazy ass people.

  • aurora tobar
    aurora tobar Month ago

    Love the way u tell ur stories. Funny when u totally understand and can relate. I’ve worked service desk were they do returns. I loved when people would say I’m calling corporate on you when they don’t get their way lol. Yet they never do...lazy lmao.

  • Louis Jr.
    Louis Jr. Month ago

    Seen this video a few months ago and still love it! Great stories to open people's eyes to what happens that many people are not aware of.

    COIN COLLECTING FUN Month ago +1

    Like 41K!!!!!!!

  • Selene Anderson
    Selene Anderson Month ago

    I'm a CSM at a walmart and this past saturday I was helping out on service desk because of long lines. WEELLLLLL, this old guy comes up with 2 bags of depends/adult diapers, 1 bag half used, and the other unopened. AND he had a walmart bag off to the side tied off. He said I want to know who I speak to about crappy products. So i said sure, why not, u can complain to me. He gestures to the bag and says I have something to show you. At this point I know whats coming and i say "sir if thats what i think it is i dont need to see it." and he assured me I HAD TO. HE THEN PULLS OUT A SOILED SHIT STAINED DIAPER that he wore that supposedly the side couldnt stay together so he had to ducttape it to make it work and before he could even say another word i took his reciept and gave him a refund not even asking if thats what he wanted, and told him he could leave my line. And i added on that what he bought was not a walmart made product and if he had any further complaints he could call that company.

  • Hanzo Main
    Hanzo Main Month ago

    You should do more of these you're hilarious and it's refreshing!

  • Jimmy K
    Jimmy K Month ago

    Worked at Walmart girl for 5 years. Had a lady walk through the store pooping and shaking the poop out of her pant leg because she can’t find the bathroom. The bathroom is in the same place at almost every Walmart!!!

  • LuLu Live
    LuLu Live Month ago

    I bet your boss got mad at you, didn't they??? :-O (the story with those 2 women with the cigarette and jar of change)...

  • Chris Arjona
    Chris Arjona Month ago

    This lady comes into the store and wants twenty dollars worth of gas. I did her pre-pay of twenty dollars and bid her farewell. She begins to pump but instantly releases it and in turn causes the system to shut the gas pump back to idle. I see the indicator to give her $19.97 back and I can't do that until she puts the nuzzle back in the holder. Anyways, she finally does and comes running in with an attuide and demands her money. However, I'm dealing with two other people and told her she would have to wait for just another minute. Literally. Eventually I take care of them and she finally wants her twenty back. I tell her that I can only give you the 19.97 back. She went all like no I want it on the back and not no 19.97 but the twenty I gave you. I told her that I will be putting 19.97 on that pump. I hand her the change receipt that we have for the system and the receipt for the 19.97. She got all pissed about it but at the end of the day. The woman got her twenty dollars worth of gas. So...don't know if the cold got to her or what.

  • Camila Dadi
    Camila Dadi Month ago

    First vid I saw from your channel. GOD I relate so much. Loved it!

  • slimey bunny
    slimey bunny Month ago

    Lol unless you are Native American HONEY YOU AN IMMIGRANT LIKE THE REST OF US!

  • Madeline Bogle
    Madeline Bogle Month ago +1

    I may not work retail, but I'm a weird person who hangs around the store to help the short people reach the high shelves or clean up the water spills in the bathroom cause I feel bad for employees and then people think I am an employee out of uniform

  • Allen A
    Allen A Month ago

    Your just complaining an stupid customers , it happens everywhere you work with the public .

  • Stephanie Zamora
    Stephanie Zamora Month ago

    woke white queen

  • Julia Reder
    Julia Reder Month ago

    Not retail but have a few good restaurant stories

  • Spooky Mumbles
    Spooky Mumbles Month ago


  • Stacy Foutch
    Stacy Foutch Month ago +1

    Working 2 jobs one was Walmart. Watching people come in using food stamps $400 plus dollars worth. Then opens their wallet to pay for the non food items and has literally wads of cash from their wallet. But u can't be like what the hell u doing with a food stamp card??? I work my ass off yet u have all of this. Guess I can't figure out how to use the system. But then their are others that u can clearly see put thought into how they use theirs honestly. Messed up

  • fiji girl
    fiji girl Month ago

    they scamming you

  • Jessica K
    Jessica K Month ago

    Walmart is now paying 11-15 an hour.

  • Lassi joy
    Lassi joy Month ago

    I worked in a bakery inside of a grocery store and we had a guy come up and ask for a tart. Unfortunately we had run out and just ordered more that day, we told him this and he got so upset she said "I have been shopping here for 25 years and have never asked anything of this department!!" Idk if he thought that would make a tart magically appear. We all were just apologized and tried to come up with a solution but he wasnt having it and said "I bet you guys are gonna talk about how annoying i am when i leave" which was really weird, I was just kinda ignoring the situation because I was busy setting up dough and 2 other people were talking to him but he kept looking at me like i was being super rude to him.

  • Lassi joy
    Lassi joy Month ago

    It's funny when customers say they can get something cheaper else where and its just like "ok then go there."

  • Lisa Bowie
    Lisa Bowie Month ago

    Hey Girl I have plenty I work at Walmart

  • Wyatt Edwards
    Wyatt Edwards Month ago

    Of all of those stories, I think the one that surprised me the most is the girl who lit a cigarette in the store. I mean, smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants haven't been a thing for a long time, and the only place I see people smoking/vaping is if I go into the local smoke shop to buy some cigars or e-liquid. Indoor smoking bans have been a thing for quite some time. I, personally, don't think the ban should be as strict on vaping, and I am speaking as someone whose Dad died of lung cancer 3 years ago from smoking cigarettes, but e-liquid is not smoke, it does not contain tar, it may not be 100% healthy to vape, but if someone catches a whiff of my tobacco flavored vapors, I think they are going to live. Lord knows I grew up breathing enough second-hand smoke and I am still here.

  • Emily
    Emily Month ago

    when i'm old enough to get a job (i'm 14 so not that long) i know it's weird, but i really want to work at a country club, and idek y 😂💀 also i'm injured alot and have used crutches sm and have been to walmart w them and the workers r soooo nice at the closest one to me bc they tell me "oh sweetie! u should be using the motor cart so u don't have to hop for so long!!" and i like was just like "omg y'all r so sweet"

  • JenJen M
    JenJen M Month ago

    I was at Walmart and my bill came up to $60.01 I had $60 the cashier told me I had to put something back or come up with a penny, yes a penny! I told her I could write a check and she stood the with her arms crossed, pursed lips with this look on her face as she says do whatever you have to do. So yes I wrote a check for a damn penny! As a person who has worked retail before I'm here to say cashier's are there to do whatever they can to make a customer's trip as satisfying as possible. because yes I have myself took my business elsewhere just because of a rude cashier. If you don't do everything you can to provide a positive visit then the store loses business which could equal the doors closing and thus many people losing their job. Never share your opinion to a customer like you did about racism. You have no idea what that person may have been through during their life.

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    And I dig you’re personality!!!

  • tony wampler
    tony wampler Month ago

    I love you’re face !!!

  • Suzanne Parvin
    Suzanne Parvin Month ago

    Thanks so much for the video! I work at Walmart.. I was just called the other day, "hey you, Walmart worker!".. Are you kidding me. A sub human being term. I feel like I'm a human meat shield. Cashier's are treated like garbage. We're bullied. We're sexually harassed. We're accused by the customer of stealing their money. And Walmart policy is customer service first. I'm a human being who has a family, a heart, and feelings. I'm honest.
    Remember that as a customer. Please.

  • Amanda Youngs
    Amanda Youngs Month ago

    U are awesome!

  • Orange Kitten
    Orange Kitten Month ago

    What a fucking lie.

  • Latonya Ross
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  • OmazingBaller
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    Walmart is a country of its own with its own culture, lol. Keep these stories coming!!

  • Yes Really
    Yes Really Month ago

    hahahaha everybody looks the same naked... I don't even look like myself naked anymore.

  • Cash4Fruit
    Cash4Fruit Month ago

    retail/food service crushed my soul

  • Annalisha A.
    Annalisha A. Month ago

    I hate interacting with people my age at work too. You're not alone.

  • Wilderness Well
    Wilderness Well Month ago

    Oh, and Walmart is notorious for this! Everytime I go there, no exaggerating EVERY time, I get behind someone in line who ends up holding up the line for one issue or another.

  • Wilderness Well
    Wilderness Well Month ago

    I can relate to this, I have worked at Walmart. In a situation like with the girls you talked about in the beginning, it's the managers job to intervene in a situation like that; because the manager does have the authority to say, no you can't pay with $50 in coins when there is a Coin star right over there. It sounds like they planned all of this ahead of time. I would have called the manager over, as a witness, as well, to protect you, in the inevitable lying game, which is exactly what these two did later. Yeah, not random. These two planned this.

  • CE HAK
    CE HAK Month ago

    Try leaving politics out of it,it's an immediant turn off & you will lose subscriber's because if it.

  • danarkham1
    danarkham1 Month ago

    I was working at Starbucks and a lady came in & bought a half pound of Italian roast coffee. Our bags of coffee come in 1 pound bags. I grind her coffee & she leaves. The very next customer comes up & asks for a half pound of Italian roast. Well I had the previous customers half pound right there so I give her that. She asks why I’m not opening a new bag. I said because I literally just opened this 3 minutes ago, I’m not going to open a new 1 pound bag to take out half when I have a fresh 1/2 pound right here. She asks why not? Because then I’d have a bunch of half pound bags laying around & going to waste. She said she doesn’t care about that, I replied well I do. She took the 1/2 pound and told me she wouldn’t shop there anymore. Only thing that I could say was ok, thank you, have a nice day! She lied, she came back!!

  • Ailyn Cornejo
    Ailyn Cornejo Month ago +1

    8:05 Had me dying 😂 Gumball story was good

  • Amanda Jane L
    Amanda Jane L Month ago

    Oh I feel for you! I’ve worked in retail and hospitality and the medical field and I could totally relate. Once upon a time u weren’t supposed to ask people who they voted for it was considered really rude. I pull that card out when I need to.

  • Jennifer Barney
    Jennifer Barney Month ago

    So funny!!!

  • Tina J
    Tina J Month ago

    i have a story but its about a worker but i cant be sure its his fault what happened or not but anyway im in line with my items to pay and i gave him two 5 dollar bills and he drops one behind the register then he's telling me i only gave him 5 bucks not ten but i did and i saw him drop it so i had to tell him hey you dropped it on the floor please check and see that he dropped it because thats my money and hes like he didnt drop it but i saw him do it. i had to tell him 3 times to look and he finally did and he picked it up and was like oh yea ok but he was kinda old so idk if he attempted to do that or it was an accident but still frustating

  • Misfit from toy island.

    Those people are hoping the people behind them will pay.

  • missrissa37
    missrissa37 Month ago

    First time viewer-Wow the end was the best and I don't say that bc the vid sucked,it was great, I just love Britney and wasn't expecting that 😂

  • Genesis Botello
    Genesis Botello Month ago

    I've gotten maggots all over me from a customers reusable bag and all they said was Oh soRRy like it was nothing I legit had a mini panic attack and stood still for a cool minute

  • Katie Graham
    Katie Graham Month ago

    Aww man I’m glad that I didn’t get the cashier position. But I have so much respect for you guys!

  • hannah reed
    hannah reed Month ago

    When I worked at a produce stand an old guy came in and emphasized how lucky he was to have a boy because girls nowadays have something wrong with them and I had blue hair and he was like yeah just like your hair. My grandson has NATURAL bright red hair. See how I emphasis NATURAL. I just looked at my boss like wtf.

  • Vanessa Alarcon
    Vanessa Alarcon Month ago

    “She has this, can i talk to your manager haircut?” Lmao

  • Bebe Swt
    Bebe Swt Month ago

    Wow talk about MURICA Canada Walmart’s aren’t like this cause Canadians are just so well mannered 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Erin Meadows
    Erin Meadows Month ago

    People are always always given misha about coupons because their coupons didn't take well then they throw this big bitch fit. Had one guy at Walmart while ringing him up he bought a pack of lighters and he came back because he couldn't find them even though I have placed him in his bag while hes sitting there looking at me coming to report that he didn't find his lighters and I was like I know good and well I put them lighters in there and he must have just been blind and not seen them even though they're bright colorful little small sticks of lighters And throws this huge fit over a $2 pack of lighters which was just ridiculous. And then had this one lady tell me because we're in Florida and it was when the hurricanes were coming through that the Shells work stopped because people were buying stuff because they were panicking freaking out about the hurricanes and comes to tell me that T shelves needed to be start quickly She was like" I just wanted to let you know about it so a way you could tell somebody " and i said "yes ma'am I'll get right on that". And continues on that tangent for the next 5 minutes annoying every other person who is a my line and there are looking at her like hurry the h*** up go lady. I mean the pay is it the greatest at Walmart but having money is nice but dealing with people that come in through Walmart sometimes it's OK is sometimes it is like on my God shut up please

  • Kelly Ganey
    Kelly Ganey Month ago

    OMG! I'm DEAD! I just had 468 strokes just watching this and thinking about how I've dealt with the EXACT SAME TYPES of WEASELS working customer service.
    People just can't understand until they walk in your shoes. EVERYONE should have to spend at LEAST a MONTH working customer service. Then they'd have a different attitude when they are put in the customer's position.

  • Sally Colbert
    Sally Colbert Month ago

    To be clear, go to a really upscale store.