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      Haily's Comet No it’s not just you how awkward it is interacting people your age, hey please follow me on Instagram

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      I work in a Walmart bakery helping the Baker and OMFG! I hate it!
      One time (my personal job is to basically, bag the bread, stock the bread, and clean after the baker)
      There was one day my formal Department manager (she stepped down) was in charge of ordering all the supplies we need in order to perform our jobs. She didn't order a set of bag I needed for an very important part of my job. So our co manager had to literally run to another store, in another city, 30 minutes after I had to leave, to grab a box of them... and my formal department manager blamed me for her mistake.
      Then the day I had an anxiety attack because it was my first holiday and no one could help me perform my job. I ended up staying more than 3 hours past my scheduled time trying to keep everything filled.
      Then there was another time I had to clean the oven which we had to use heavy and heavy chemicals, I nearly blacked out and a manager had to take over for a few minutes as I coughed out the chemicals out of my lungs. Then I got back to work after my head stopped actually pounding.
      Then the new manager took over all of our schedules and one of my main jobs is to clean AFTER the Baker: there were some days I had to leave a hour before the baker, some days I had to leave right when the Baker had to leave, and some days I was lucky and she allowed me 15 minutes after the Baker to clean... lucky me. But it pays good and there is no other place that will hire me so I'm kinda stuck.

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    Should’ve handed cherry dude a paper towel and pulled out your litttle trash can

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    Astrid 2 days ago

    Hey my name is Hailey and I work at a Walmart :O

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    OMGosh! This is my first time watching one of your videos and I already Love You ♥️♥️ seriously you’re great

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    I liked your comment about the cherry pits on the conveyor belt. That happens to me all the time. We don't have trash cans outside so people bring in bags full of garbage and hand it to me expecting me to throw it away. I started telling people the bathroom is right there and has a garbage in it. I told my manager about it and she laughed and said "You go girl!"

  • Miranda Coker
    Miranda Coker 4 days ago

    If anything working in a fast food industry is just as hell as retail, I remembered working at a fast food joint for a year or so and I remembered they gave me good hours and the pay was good and mind you, I was still in high school and was a minor, I remembered when I turned 18 they put me to work 8 hour shifts and I thought that was fine and etc. but ever since my coworkers started leaving and when a new manager started working there, she made it hell :/ I swear every time I would come for my shift she would always find a tiny exscuse to yell at me and always degrade me as a person and this bitch had the audacity to cut my hours and put me on weekends working almost 9 hours and when I would politely ask her for more hours during the week day she would tell me ‘yeah sure’ weeks go bye, nothing has changed and at this point I was getting fed up bc I was so stressed out focusing on school and maintaining my grades and earning enough credits to graduate and I was sick slaving up my weekends just to get constantly yelled at and getting rushed at work but I completely lost it when one of the managers was talking shit about my mom working part time at a restaurant and I told her nicely ‘it’s not your concern to worry about my mom and I don’t appreciate you talking about my mom that way’ I said this in Spanish bc she doesn’t speak any English and shortly after I got fed up with everything at work and I found a new job at a retail store and when I put in my 2 weeks all my managers raised hell on me and they told me and I remembered to this day I accidentally dropped a sauce packet on the floor and before I picked it up one of my managers came up to me and she told me ‘if you fuck up like this at your new job they’re gonna let you go’ like??????? Bitch who do you think you are to talk to me like that?? Anyways I quit that job

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    Amy Marie 5 days ago

    I was in a motor chair pregnant and I got the dirtiest looks. I wanted to scream I'm carrying twins on bed rest.

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    I had a lady come in my store (I worked at a shoe store), and started crying when we didn’t have her size of Star Wars shoes. She had such stinky feet that it stunk up the whole front part of the store where she was trying on shoes. But she wanted us to put her shoes on for her and I declined because I’m not touching her fungus feet. Safety issue and we can decline if need be. She stayed almost an hour after we closed and we had to tell her we needed to shut down the registers. Then she went to pay and pulled change out of her boob. I had to decline that as well. We had to disinfect the shoes she tried on which was a lot! And she yelled at us the entire time she was there. Just, no filter and every thought she had, she said.

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    Ann Talmadge 7 days ago

    I had to pay with change one time, (not nearly as much $50) but it's all I had, but the cashier was direct and said "We cannot accept all that change". I HAD to go to coin changer. Take charge and don't be afraid to be direct especially if you KNOW that it will not fit in your drawer. As you get older, people become less intimidating. I was painfully shy and afraid of confrontation, but as I got older, I totally got over it. You can be kind and firm at the same time.

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    Krystal Garcia 9 days ago

    Omg I wish you were my friend or something you're literally me when it comes to customers who act like these customers 😂😂😂

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    maya gutierrez 9 days ago

    Who else gets the “oh there’s no price tag on it. It must be free” thing. Like, I get they’re tryna be funny but I just get it so much

  • maya gutierrez
    maya gutierrez 9 days ago

    I work at khols and I get people who come in and ask if I’m open to any “job opportunities” which is always code for “pyramid scheme” so if you get someone like this, don’t give them your time unless you really want to get roped into that

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    Destiny L 10 days ago

    A chick in line was being very extra asking for a lot of extra thing . I didn’t care tbh then she gave me a ton of change and didn’t count it so it took me a while then it was done she left. The lady that was next was basically was asking calling me stupid because I took longer than usual.long story short she makes stupid jokes to me every time she shops . SHE CHOOSES TO GO IN MY Line EVERY FUCKING TIME!

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 12 days ago

    Obama was an awful President because of his politics, not his skin color.

  • Ashley Whitlow
    Ashley Whitlow 13 days ago

    I had a guy come in when I first worked at walmart(was about 2 months shy of 19 the age to sell alcohol in indiana) and this guy came up(even though we had signs up saying I cant sell it) with a case of alcohol and some type of meat I think a pork loin maybe. Anyways this guy starts cussing me out and cussing out the manager who came over because all the commotion just because he didnt want to go to the next line to buy his stuff and he ended up black listed and i got an extra break because i was crying for being screamed at

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    Xeno-Life 14 days ago

    As a retail worker : I can relate so much to what you’re saying !

  • Jacob Miller
    Jacob Miller 15 days ago

    I get the worst of both worlds I work in a grocery store that also has a restaurant in it, and I work in between the two I work at a station that both has a register and also takes and serves food orders, so naturally I get the rude people from both sides of the coin and also since my station is kind of away from the rest of the registers if an issue arises a manager could take upwards of a half hour to get here as they kind of ignore us, one time a lady ONLY brought a gift card with her to pay for some premade food (separate thing from the restaurant) and when it didn’t cover it she had no other money but had already swiped the card so at this point there’s nothing I can do so I call a manager to refund her gift card and it takes a while but he finally gets here refunds and says we’re all good to go, and the lady proceeds to say “well what am I supposed to do here, you need to have food I can afford” and we both are just kind of like standing there in shock and the manager decides the arguement isn’t worth the extra dollar or two or whatever it was and just makes something up and gives it to here for less

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    bad 15 days ago

    i work as a hostess at a restaurant. usually i don't have a hard time with other customers unless they want to sit at a booth but there's only 2 of them (we always put parties of 3+ at booths because we have limited table space and we are a very busy restaurant).... sometimes people get really fuckin angry when you put them at a regular table instead of a booth. but saturday last weekend, we were super busy so we had a long ass waitlist for tables. the longest wait times i've seen since working at that restaurant. it's not like a hostess can speed up the wait times though.
    i was the second hostess that night, so i clocked in at 6:00. our sushi happy hour ends at 6:30 every day, but some people who were waiting for a table were looking at the sushi menu with the happy hour prices since it wasn't 6:30 yet.... but the wait for a table was rly long, so some people had to wait past happy hour ended. right at 6:30, this lady i'd never seen before (she was put on the waitlist by the other hostess before i even clocked in) comes up to me and is like "hey uhhh so we have been waiting for a really long time. can we put our order in now and get happy hour prices for sushi?" and there's LITERALLY no way to do that if they don't have a table yet. i'm not a server, i'm a hostess. i can't just put in an order for sushi unless it's for a to-go order (which is marked up in price anyway for the to-go containers, so the happy hour price is negated entirely), and they were fully intending on sitting down at a table to eat. we also can't predict which server's section they were going to sit in, so it's not like we could just go in and place an order under a server's account. not to mention that the computer system automatically switches happy hour prices to regular prices at 6:30, the exact time she came up to me. so there was physically NO way i could help her. a manager would have told her the same thing.
    i told her ALL of that. i made eye contact and explained politely every single reason why it wasn't possible to put in an order....... well this bitch just kept standing there with the menu in her hand staring at me like i'd fuckin killed her firstborn or some shit. she gave me this long, uncomfortable silence where she just looked at me. and finally she broke her silence, but she just kept saying "well how do we put in an order for happy hour then? we've been waiting since before happy hour ended. we've just been waiting for so long." like sure you've been waiting a long time. i wasn't the one who told you it'd take 20 minutes when in reality it was closer to a 40 minute wait because i wasn't even HERE when you came in. and i can't just go around asking tables to hurry up and leave so you can get seated faster and put in your happy hour order.
    anyway, i couldn't say anything else because i gave her all i could. i really couldn't do anything. she literally just kept standing there less than 3 feet away from me, staring, as i helped other customers who were coming through the door. eventually the other hostess came over and SOMEHOW talked her way out of things.... wild...
    some people just really don't take what employees tell them. like PLEASE cut me some slack... i genuinely want to help you and i want to make this as pleasant as possible for everyone involved. that's what i'm paid to do, and i don't ever want to tell you no just because it brings me joy or whatever. sometimes things are literally IMPOSSIBLE to do!!!! i will NEVER understand people who treat employees like shit. in the end, isn't an employee just a stranger who's doing their job? don't you treat strangers with kindness? people who feel entitled to everything, even how minimum wage employees do their job, make me sick.

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    Autumn Noxx 17 days ago

    OMG! The cherry pits!!!!! I thought I'D seen everything in the 7 years I worked retail ages ago! Damn!

  • Jonathan Ryan
    Jonathan Ryan 18 days ago

    Wal-Mart will screw you over in so many ways, it doesn't matter what u do! You are screwed from the start

  • Shae Mumford
    Shae Mumford 18 days ago

    I can’t stand entitled and racist people.😑

  • Mar
    Mar 19 days ago

    Holy shit I did not notice the background music until 13 minutes in

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    I know there are tons of crazy rude people living here but I just hope I won't encounter them anyway.

  • Summer M
    Summer M 20 days ago

    $9 an hour? America is crazy, I'd assume living costs are a little cheaper but damn... My country is $15-17 minimum wage but living costs are crazy stupid high :/

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    Tianna Enas 21 day ago

    Thought you were gonna talk about employees and security and why there never are enough cashiers open. All you doing is ranting on people out there like tf

  • Emma G
    Emma G 21 day ago

    Everyone should be required atleast once in their life to work retail so they know how to be a good customer

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    ChrissyBlitz 21 day ago

    I worked the cosmetics counter around christmas and black friday and i got a man buying hair dye for someone and said to me. "People who dye their hair should be Shot" and ive dyed my hair so much my face got so red and he didnt even apologize for the comment he just left and im left there like..are you kidding me??

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    My new fav......................................hi

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    movie end 22 days ago

    Some of your stroies you obviously made it up, bc it says walmart but you say target :) it's okay if you like to write stories.

  • Tanya.
    Tanya. 23 days ago

    Yes! I loved this! 😂 but I worked as a stocker at Walmart and had more encounters with employees and some beef in the back room but some of your stories are so relatable!!!

  • Bath House Becky
    Bath House Becky 25 days ago

    That whole filling up the cart without calculating your limit thing drives me nuts. I do all my shopping once a month for a family of 3 & always get made fun of by friends for being that bitch with the calculator, notebook & pen. But I have to stay in my budget! I don’t care how crazy I look! Now I’m glad that I do it because I’d hate to be the asshole that makes a cashier have to deal with that mess PLUS put all the groceries back.

  • Rud3 b0y
    Rud3 b0y 25 days ago

    @ the little racist farm lady, I'm a trump supporter but like bitchhhhhhh don't be being all racist and Shit like its super easy to have an o p e n mind

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    Soy Sauce Father 26 days ago

    did you tell your manager what the first girl actually did???

  • Sheyland
    Sheyland 28 days ago

    When people do the coin thing we tell them they have to bring them in rolls otherwise we can’t take them

  • Ruby Black
    Ruby Black Month ago

    I'm so confused. Aren't you beauty backlist????? WHATS GOING ON

  • War pig Hammer
    War pig Hammer Month ago

    Thumbnail says Walmart stories of horror. You say target ???
    I’m confused.

  • Stephanie Renee
    Stephanie Renee Month ago

    Bro I worked at target in the clothing department for about a month and it was the WORST besides the fact that they give you good breaks. I had one lady pay for a 300$ transaction in like 15 gift cards and as a target employee you know how that goes. Another time I had a lady bring me TWO BASKETS FULL of TINY CHRISTMAS CLEARANCE ITEMS and I kid you
    Not I spend half a fucking hour ringing her up.

  • Angela Deibler
    Angela Deibler Month ago

    I worked at ACME when I was like 16 and I had just clocked out and was leaving the store when some lady angrily shouted at me "excuse me! excuse me! are you kidding me?! there are seriously only two registers open?!" as if I, the 16-year old minimum-wage earner who had to work extra to deal with having a shortage of employees for the last four hours, was in charge of making the schedule for all of the employees.
    Although looking back, that small event was nothing compared to all the sh*t I've seen while working in food, lol

  • razorjake
    razorjake Month ago

    A friend of mine, YES a friend... XD I never worked at wally world. Anywho, she got a customer who wanted to price match pears that were .60 cents MORE at Shity Market, and she INSISTED on price matching the MORE pricier price than they were at wally world. XD She did her BEST to explain that THEIR price were CHEAPER than Shity Market and sure enough.... -_- she did it. She made them MORE expensive. Oh, and when i was pregnant, i got yelled at by a lady for calling her 'Ma'm. So, my coworker informed her that she was yelling at a VERY PREGNANT woman and what if i had a high risk PREGNANCY and by yelling at me.... XD i could go into labor at any moment. ..... She broke down and apologized. XD i forgave her because she apologized.

  • razorjake
    razorjake Month ago

    COINSTAR PEOPLE! XD Us CASHIERS will GREATLY appreciate it. ^_^

  • Nyx Park
    Nyx Park Month ago

    Hey Haily, just so you know, some disabled people can actually....use their legs! And yes, run too! When I was pregnant I had severe sciatica pain. This prevented me from walking a good portion of the day, every single day. But during a few hours of the day, I was as mobile as most any other able bodied person. By the nighttime I had to be almost carried to the bathroom if I had to pee, but otherwise I could not leave my bed. A few of the better days I could chase my nieces at the park, but it always resulted in my inability to walk most of the next day. Most of your views, politically and socially, are great! Please don’t be ignorant about the ways disabilities can manifest!

  • Jazz Sophia
    Jazz Sophia Month ago

    I work at a cinema and one time we were closing up but hadn’t locked the doors yet so there were no staff members in the front of the cinema. A grown ass man walked in, went behind the til and started making himself some slushies. When the staff eventually saw him and asked what he was doing he said “oh I thought it was self serve” like WHAT. When has any cinema been self serve 😭

  • Brandi Armstrong
    Brandi Armstrong Month ago

    what's so wrong with coins? That's why the Walmart we shop from has a coinstar coin counter. Yes, it charges 11 cents per dollar, but it's a lot better than making a cashier want to cry having to count a big jar of coins. The cashier even pointed it out to me, since I'd gone to the store without my glasses that day. Dumb move, I know, but the cashier lady was so nice about it. Especially after the look of horror at $15 in quarters left her face.

  • tee kay
    tee kay Month ago

    i've worked both retail and food service. one time, i ended up having a dude stalk me and try to find me on facebook only to find out that he lived in the same apartment complex as me (small town). i avoided the hell out of that section of my apartment. i also hid in the back of my workplace any time he walked in. :'''''')

  • Kelsie Lovel
    Kelsie Lovel Month ago

    Guuuurl yes! I don't think that I have ever agreed with anyones opinions or views more!

  • Hayley T
    Hayley T Month ago

    I work retail, but I work in the back. I cannot deal..

  • AngelinBlack
    AngelinBlack Month ago

    You might enjoy the pub Industry

  • Megan Nicole
    Megan Nicole Month ago

    I wouldn’t last two seconds in the service idustry

  • Daniel Valdez
    Daniel Valdez Month ago +1

    That old lady was wrong.. obama didn't ruin the nation cause he was black. He ruined it because he's a dumbass....

  • Brandy Boone
    Brandy Boone Month ago +1

    For the first story, yo I would've called the manager over and been like "Look, this is what happened." And then tell said manager that if he didnt believe me to look at the footage and then nail them for trying to steal

  • Game Guild
    Game Guild Month ago

    It's that I want to hear some horrey storry, buy your voice sounds like somone gos with his nails over a chalkboard

  • E M C
    E M C Month ago

    this was everyday for me working at Toys"R"Us and i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who had ppl like this. The only big things i hated about working there was when ppl wanted to price match things or use coupons. ppl always gave me a hard time about those. even though our price match & coupons policy was at every register. I had one old lady that wanted to price match & use a coupon on the item she was price matching. I told her we can't do that because its against our price match & coupons policy and i showed it to her. Then she starts yelling saying that i'm refusing to help her. then she walks away calling me a bitch and left her stuff at my register. at that point i had a big ass line & i'm the only cashier. So i call my manager over to avoid out her item so i can cash out the other ppl. After my manager come over to avoid out her item & i start cashing out other ppl, the lady comes back and continues to yell at me and calls me names, until my other manager steps in.

  • DJ Cogdill
    DJ Cogdill Month ago

    I pushed carts at a Walmart in South Carolina for a little over a year and some of the people I had to deal with were absolutely rediculous and I can't tell you how many times I almost got hit by people because they weren't paying attention in the parking lot so I, along with many others, feel your pain

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    Legit just found this channel, so glad I did you're freakin amazing, subscribed

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      Simply Subliminals welcome to the family ❤️

  • Teri Girth
    Teri Girth Month ago

    This video is a few years old but here I am:
    I used to work at Joann Fabric and Crafts in Houston, TX. At one point we had a GIANT influx of people in town from Dubai. No one in the store knew why but they were all at Joann and we were the busiest we've ever been next to Black Friday. So I am working at the fabric cutting counter and helping an older white lady while my coworker on the next station over is helping a Dubai family. Towards the end on my interaction with this white lady, she seems to overhear the Dubai family speaking Arabic to one another and makes some high and mighty(but only loud enough for me and another white lady to hear) comment about how there are free English lessons and local community center. I have to take a moment to not say something that might get me fired and then politely inform her that the family was speaking to each other and when they spoke to my coworker, their English was fine and very understandable. She got quiet after that and waited for me to finish before bolting.
    We later learned that there was new Mosque opening and a very important Islamic holy leader was going to be there and that was why there were so many visitors from Dubai for a couple weeks.

  • Ashley G
    Ashley G Month ago

    I was into this story until it got all political and judgy

  • Hannah Bruner
    Hannah Bruner Month ago

    I fuckin hate people lol ugh

  • Maria Pena
    Maria Pena Month ago

    One of my worst experience was when a customer came to the store to return an item we did not sell.

  • Hi im D A I S Y
    Hi im D A I S Y Month ago

    Love the video, but you need to put more makeup on your forehead. I can see where it stops around your eyebrows lol

  • PurpleMask131
    PurpleMask131 Month ago

    Racist customers are the worst. I’ve gotten to the point where i just stare at them so they know i don’t agree. But i don’t say anything, so my managers can’t say anything.

  • Tessa Rowell
    Tessa Rowell Month ago

    Wow!! I've seem people pay for a pack of cigs with change but not $50... wow. I would have quit! Lol
    I did have a lady buy a comforter set that was $180... she used 5 gifts cards... she said one had $4, one had $10.57, one had $25.00 and so on... one card had only 5 cents on it!! So after the $46 in gift cards were taken, she started counting out one doller bills....just ones for the rest of the transaction!!!! Ugh

  • Kayyy Hasss
    Kayyy Hasss Month ago

    Yeah I definitely feel weird when having to deal with someone the same age as me at work. Idk why. But I thought I was the only one!

  • reverendsquirrel
    reverendsquirrel Month ago

    Living the dream, eh? My last retail job was at a pet store in the pet department. Okay, major pet peeve: people who don't research the animals they are purchasing for the child that will lose interest in a week. Cages in pet stores are NOT ACCEPTABLE HABITATS. Please, please, please, anyone reading this, do research before getting ANY animal. This is another life you are caring for and it deserves proper care. If you, as the adult, are not going to take responsibility for this creature, don't get it. Ok, rant over. It was way longer, but it kinda veered and I'm not trying to look like a whack-job.
    So, in the store we had "Oops" Stations all over the store for pet messes because dogs get excited and pee and poo. It happens. You would not believe the number of people who WATCH THEIR DOG SQUAT TO POOP AND THEN DRAG THE DOG THROUGH THE STORE WHILE IT'S POOPING!! REALLY? SERIOUSLY? Who behaves that way?? I got so fed up with it that I started actually confronting people, telling them to let their dog finish pooping, and then I directed them to the Oops Station so they could clean it up. Your parents didn't raise you right, you still gonna act right. I wasn't supposed to do that, but what are they gonna say, "she made me clean up my dog's shit that I trailed through the store"? No. Also, I had SO many people come up to me and say, "Oh, my dog peed, sorry" and then try to walk away. Really? No. So I would point them to the nearest Oops Station: "Oh, there's an Oops Station right over there for ya!" Some of them would give me dirty looks like, "what, you're not going to clean this up for me?" No. No, I'm not. Take responsibility. The obvious exception being that the person was handicapped and physically unable to do it. I didn't mind doing it for them, actually. We have the most entitled people here, tho.
    If you're still reading, bless your heart.

  • Jade Gourley
    Jade Gourley Month ago

    I work at a toy and calendar store around the holidays every year for extra Christmas cash and since it's that season I make a habit of saying happy holidays to all of my customers. This one lady comes in and gets like $100 worth of just calenders, which is a lot by the way, and I ring her up like normal. As I am hand her her bags of calenders I say thank you very much ma'am happy holidays. Then this lady starts going off on my about how its MERRY Christmas and that I'm everything that's wrong with the world because my generation is all liberal gays that hate god and were all going to hell. So after about 10 minutes of this rant I get real fed up so I calmly say "I'm sorry Ma'am, I'm Jewish"

  • lifeisawar zone
    lifeisawar zone Month ago

    i worked at best buy for three years part time and every customer i had was easy to deal with always in a good mood even if i was not something about a computer store i guess not sure

  • lifeisawar zone
    lifeisawar zone Month ago

    thats funny, ok thats what we are doing, this is really happening, right, funny

  • Jocelyn Ruvalcaba
    Jocelyn Ruvalcaba Month ago

    Hahaahahahhaha. Damn some people are crazyyyyy

  • Kate Lamb
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    I love how your nails match your lips. On point girl!💅🏻👄👍🏻👍🏻💕

  • Samantha Anne
    Samantha Anne Month ago

    I used to have this old lady that demanded I dump the Tylenol she bought into a pocket in her purse. As in take it out of the package, break the seal, and dump it into the pocket then throw the package away. She also lived at a care center at the time that I had previously done clinicals at, so I knew they weren’t allowed to have over the counter medication because it could react badly with their medicine or others if they gave it away. Regardless of the care center’s policy it was a policy of my store to not dump the pills because of something happened, the woman may try to hold us accountable. So each time I told her no (respectfully) and each time she would scream and yell at me and treat me like total garbage. She also would get the “crazy eyes” and act like she was going to swing on me. Eventually she got the idea that I wouldn’t dump her pills and gave up trying. But this happened at least 2-3 times a month. Which makes no sense because she was buying bottles of like 200 pills. There is no way she could be using them in just over a week

  • Kaytie Buckhalt
    Kaytie Buckhalt Month ago

    "I'm taking my business across the street."
    Me: "That's a good idea. I'm sure they would love to have you. Have a nice day. Thank you."

  • Kaytie Buckhalt
    Kaytie Buckhalt Month ago

    When I worked at Burlington Coat Factory, there was an old lady who would come in every single day and put a ton of stuff in lay away, and then ask to pull out every single thing she already had in lay away. We would lay the items (piles of stuff) out on the counter, she would look over all of it and pick out what she wanted to buy that day. Then we would have to put all the rest back in lay away for her to look at tomorrow. We were like her personal mall.

  • Simone Pinto
    Simone Pinto Month ago +1

    Wow! i really like how do you behave with people, and how you trained yourself to be a people-pleaser. :D If you write a course (on a platform like udemy ) on how to do service, and how to be a people-pleaser (including the most common customer-cases, how to deal with difficult customers, and what tones of voice and facial expressions to use to be more pleasant), i would definitely buy it! :D Have a nice day!

  • Mary Joana
    Mary Joana Month ago

    She should've said "thanks" for the price-matching-oranges-guy, when he said he will put them back himself. :D

  • Antonia bayford
    Antonia bayford Month ago

    Your humour literally cracks me up 😂😂 brilliant

  • Capri Lica
    Capri Lica Month ago

    I mean u r really liberal soooo

  • Del Rey
    Del Rey Month ago

    8:06 I snorted🤣

  • Greenly S
    Greenly S Month ago

    One last story...
    So I use to work in a store that sold liquor and tobacco products. The law is ANYONE OVER THE LEGAL AGE OF 21 WHO WANTS TO PURCHASE ALCOHOL BEVERAGE OR TOBACCO PRODUCT NEEDS TO HAVE VALID ID.
    Doesn’t matter how old you look, how old you say you are, you still have to a valid ID to purchase. ID Like state ID, Drivers license, or even a passport will work. Your birthdate needs to be verified.
    And in some stores you have to either manually type in the birthdate or scan the back of the ID before you continue with the transaction.
    So because of the law associates are to ask for ID.
    So I had this gentleman come to my counter and asked for a brand of cigarettes. I turned behind me grabbed the cigarettes he requested and than I politely asked for his ID.
    And all hell broke loose.
    He say’s “Are you serious?”
    ME: yes I’m serious I need to see your ID please.
    HIM: Are you serious!
    ME: Yes sir
    HIM: look you have got to be kidding me I come in here all the time and they’ve never asked for my ID.”
    ME: well I apologize for that sir but all associates are supposed to ask for ID on alcohol and tobacco purchases
    HIM: come on I am in my fifties I don’t need to show my ID
    ME: Sir I understand that you are of age but this is the law and I have to follow it, you have to show ID to purchase
    HIM: Well I don’t have my ID with me
    He even insulted my intelligence but I can’t remember what he said.
    ME: well I’m sorry sir but if you don’t have your ID than I can’t sale these to you
    HIM: this is ridiculous, I going to another store and I won’t step foot in here again!!!
    ME: Okay sir have a nice day
    He storms out of the store
    After that he of course came back, he was actually a regular customer and when he purchased his cigarettes he always had ID. And the good thing was he was never that rude to me ever again.
    I had some rude customers but I also had some really kind customers.

  • Greenly S
    Greenly S Month ago

    I use to work at a pharmacy drug store. I won’t name the company for personal reasons. But in the store there were sale tags on certain items throughout the store. But in order to get the sale you had to have a store card.
    The store card wasn’t a credit card it was just a savings card. That would help you save a few dollars on regular priced items in the store.
    The sign tag would literally say something like “Sale with Card, 1.99 for Frosted Flakes, Regular price 4.99”
    Meaning you can only get the sale with the store savings card.
    So anyway I had this customer come through my line I politely greeted her as usual and she said to me.
    “If these items aren’t on sale than I don’t want them.”
    I said okay. Of course being a retail associate it’s impossible to memorize every sale item in the store especially because a new sale starts every week. So I had no clue if her items were included in the sale or not.
    So I scanned her items, and of course the items were regular price because the items don’t discount until the store card is scanned in the POS system.
    So at this point I asked if she had a store card or a phone number that I could enter to pull up her membership.
    She said with an attitude “no I don’t have a card, the items should be on sale. I shouldn’t have to have a card to get the sale. If your not going to give me the sale automatically then I don’t want the items.”
    I said “well I can give you the sale if you sign up for a card. It only takes a minute or two and it’s free, and you’ll continue to save money.”
    “No, I don’t want a card, I just want the sale. This is false advertising...”
    Mind you the sale tag literally says “sale with card”
    At this point I’m highly frustrated and there is a person in line behind her and they look frustrated too and so they just hand over their store card to me to help this customer get her sale. I thanked that customer for being so kind and gracious. I finished up the transaction and the customer left without a thank you to me or the person behind her that had given their card for her to use. 🤦🏾‍♀️
    Yeah working retail is FUN!!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Raymond13557
    Raymond13557 Month ago

    I'm a janitor, and i seen it all.. even the paranormal.

  • Neokogirl
    Neokogirl Month ago

    The cherry pit thing, I would have sat my garbage can on the belt and told him "Here ya go, just place them in there." and if he argued Id be like nah, germs. Then again I've been in retail for a really long time and just don't have it in me to be bothered lololol
    As for a story, I had this old lady get really rude with me cause I didn't know the name of the toy she was looking for. Then come back later when I was helping a customer, get in between us and ask me if she was rude earlier and all I could think was "Like you are right now?" The customer I was helping walked off angry and i ended up telling her no to which she walked off yelling at her husband how she wasn't rude lmao

  • Angelreborn Kuroko
    Angelreborn Kuroko Month ago

    Ive lost faith in humanity after working food/retail customer service for 7 years, the ratio of bad to good is kind of heartbreaking

  • TJ Cofer
    TJ Cofer Month ago

    Wait the goal for this vid was 500 thumbs up XD

  • Angela Wilson
    Angela Wilson Month ago

    I feel ya with the cherries. I've found cherry pits on the milk shelves before 😞🙄

  • The King
    The King Month ago

    lmao whats the name of the branded clown paint you're wearing?

  • Lisa Apodaca
    Lisa Apodaca Month ago

    My son was a night manager they treated him like crap!

  • meredith castro
    meredith castro Month ago

    General public thinks good customer service is employees letting them do whatever they want in the store even if that costs them their job

  • Bunnygirl
    Bunnygirl 2 months ago

    i always pay with coins but i take them out b4 i even go 2 the register and i’m always very fast ‘cuz i don’t want 2 be a bother

  • Jessica Davis
    Jessica Davis 2 months ago

    I work for a large cell phone company & fix phones when they dont work or if people need help moving content, etc. So first of all, people are terrible. I've been flashed lots of gross things (just pervs! They contacted tech JUST to be nasties!) One time I had a guy call & I was like,"Thanks for calling such&such how can i help"? Dude says,"Do you consider yourself strong"? I was like, "Yeah I like to think so anyways"
    He says, "Do you have broad shoulders and a large upper body....."?
    Me: "Uh do you have a problem with your phone"!?
    Also there were sounds that haunt me to this day.
    Not to mention people who tell me I'm guessing or blame me bc their phone is broken (probably bc they broke it too).
    Tech supporters are people too! 😭

  • June_Bug99
    June_Bug99 2 months ago +1

    One time me and my dad were in line to check out in walmart. The line was long and we both decided to get a drink from one of the little fridge things next to the checkout. My dad, being the jackass that he is, opened up his bottle of coke, started chugging that bitch, drank half of it in one go, and then PUTS IT BACK IN THE MINI FRIDGE. I just kinda look at him like wtf? And he just cheeses at me and hold up a "shh" finger. Then we move up in line and he gets ANOTHER bottle of coke from a different fridge and DOES THE SAME DAMN THING. We finally check out and he makes a joke about only having to pay for one bottle since he technically only drank one (but he really was only joking and he payed for both bottles so it was all good). Then, as we are loading up our bags into our cart and getting ready to go, we hear behind us "dude, I think someone drank half this coke!" And then further back "oh my God someone drank half this coke and put it back what the hell?!" We were trying so hard not to laugh and we booked it out of there. I nearly slipped and fell on my face cuz I was laughing so hard.
    And that's what it's like shopping with my dad 😁

  • Kaylin Branstetter
    Kaylin Branstetter 2 months ago

    I work in food service at the moment and i understand the stories people have. Ive had plenty so far.

  • Juno Gonzalez
    Juno Gonzalez 2 months ago

    When they tell me they want a discount because they want a fresh new pair of shoes that no one has tried even though it was a new pair and they tried it and were the only ones that have tried it like what 😬

  • Emma Shaw
    Emma Shaw 2 months ago

    I work at Walmart and I've had customers complain and yell at me because of "poor customer service because we wouldn't price match an item or because an item will be a different price than they saw. My biggest pet peeve is when the customer yells at the cashier for the price being wrong but it's not the cashier's fault. I just started training at the service desk and obviously I'm pretty new up there and I had a customer like a week ago come up to return Christmas lights and on the receipt it shows that she paid with a debit card and the policy for debit card returns is we have to verify the card in order to give the refund in cash, and this lady didn't have the card with her so I told her that I could give her store credit because our policy states that we have to verify the card in order to give cash, and I was very professional and nice about it but she was not having it, also keep in mind, I was so sick with a fever and I did not want to be there but I need the money so I don't feel good and I have this lady screaming and angry at me. She tried to tell me that, that has never been the policy and that she has returned before without showing the card and she asked me to show her where it said that in the policy so I showed her and she said, "Well this is an updated policy" but we only updated the policy for checks and money orders. The debit card has always been the same. So I'm finishing out the transaction and I apologized that I couldn't give her cash, I told her that I was new up there and I'm following all the policies that I'm suppose to. I took a deep breath because I was sick and having a hard time breathing and it was obvious that I was sick but I kid you not this lady goes, "You can huff and puff all you want but I'm not leaving until I get cash." That made me SO mad, like I was literally breathing????? but okay sis go off. So I call my manager over and she just says, "Take care of the customer." Now I look stupid because I didn't give this lady the cash but my manager just told me to do it. As she was leaving she turned around to the whole line of customer and says, "Hope you don't get Emma, she's a shitty employee" ?????? I'm??? What? I'm shitty because I was following the policy and didn't want to get in trouble especially since I'm so new up there??? Okay, cool. Moral of the story, she . made me cry and I clocked out early and slept the rest of the night.

  • Chelsea Hurley
    Chelsea Hurley 2 months ago

    Haha i love your mannerisms. And I’m a bartender, I got some great stories. I just hate typing 😂😂😂

  • InigoMontoya Primalsource

    Barack obama was NOT a good president, but it didnt have anything to do with his race, geez.

  • Phoenix Rayne
    Phoenix Rayne 2 months ago

    I would have just stared at the old woman until she felt so awkward she left...

  • Phoenix Rayne
    Phoenix Rayne 2 months ago


  • Roxas Riku
    Roxas Riku 2 months ago

    Cute, your experience of retail compared to mine is like a new born 10 yrs at Walmart 2 Target 10 at Gas station 2 McDonald’s, I seen Arrows launched from sporting goods and a guy riding a barbie bike a 300lbs guy... i seen trannys come in from a convention and go straight to the men section dressed in drag

  • Snow Pea
    Snow Pea 2 months ago

    You're very racist and judgmental and such a millennial

  • Melina Regoord
    Melina Regoord 2 months ago

    yeah i was at a restaurant with my grandmother and mom, and our server had a lip ring, my grandmother works at a store. once the server leaves, my grandmother leans in to me and says "ya know, at my store, they wouldn't allow that. its so unsanitary!" I just looked at her and looked away legit I think she realized that her saying that even offended me. I was soooooooooooo surprised, because my grandmother and my dad are so, like how dare u say anything negative about someone, and like i just couldn't even. if i had said anything about it i would've been yelled at right then and there and they wouldve caused a whole scene

  • Korina Protsyuk
    Korina Protsyuk 2 months ago

    I work as a cashier in a retail store & this women comes in with her 2 kids who all seemed fine and nice until I see the the ‘adult’ mom INSIDE the cart she got and her kids were pushing her down the aisles.... she was telling them what to get and what she wanted. Anyway my manager had to tell her to get out of the cart because she’s too big and could break the cart.. let’s just say She didn’t like to be told what to do....