Why Japan's Great Pyramid of Giza Can't be Built Until 2110

  • Published on Oct 1, 2018
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    London. October, 1992. A Japanese man entered a government building near Chancery Lane, and made his way up to an office on the first floor - this was the London branch of the UK’s Patent Office.
    You see this man was there on behalf of Japan’s renowned Shimizu Corporation - a leading architectural and engineering firm that was and is among the top in the world; and he was there to apply for a patent. (Note, to secure their ideas globally it was necessary to apply not just in Japan). Now this particular patent, was for no ordinary idea; it was for something grand - something spectacular; the idea was to build giant pyramids in the middle of some of the largest and busiest urban centers in the world; starting with Tokyo. These infrastructures would be so large, they could house entire cities.
    But why? What was this for?
    And who exactly is the Shimizu Corporation?
    To understand this, we need to go back in time, back over 200 years ago to the company’s inception.
    This video covers:
    - Shimizu Megacity Pyramid TRY-2004
    - Megastructures
    - Pyramidal structures
    - Japanese architectural & engineering companies
    - Kisuke Shimizu
    - Edo period
    - Japan's population decline
    - Tokyo's overpopulation & overcrowding
    - Large scale construction projects
    - Floating cities, underwater cities, space hotels
    - Blade Runner (Tyrell Corporation headquarters pyramid)
    - Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza
    - Burj Khalifa & Jeddah Tower
    - 2 kilometer high building
    - Tokyo Bay
    - Megatrusses & suspended skyscrapers
    - Renewable energy of solar, wind, algae & waves
    - Japanese earthquakes & tsunamis
    - Pacific Ring of Fire
    - X-Seed 4000 (Taisei Corporation)
    - Mega-City Pyramids in Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Delhi & Dhaka
    - Largest man-made structure in history
    - Hong Kong's Kowloon Walled City

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  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  Month ago +1154

    Been a while, but I'm alive! Hope you like the video.
    Edit: The English pronunciation of the word 'patent' outside of North America tends to be 'pay-tent', and within North America 'pat-tent'. Neither are wrong. (There may be a few regions that don't follow this rule exactly, but in general it tends to be the case).
    Correction: Before 1868 the capital was Kyoto, not Edo. Also forgot to include that a major reason the Giza pyramid is mentioned in the video is because the Shimizu pyramid is meant to have the exact same (relative) dimensional proportions.
    Available Subtitles so far: ENGLISH, SPANISH, INDONESIAN & ITALIAN (click 'CC')
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    • Ibunda Ulfatun
      Ibunda Ulfatun 2 days ago

      can be exactly
      to be ; DEVelop contruction
      the _ PyRAmiD
      greeting /Aisatsu
      from /Asean

    • Zak Blacker
      Zak Blacker 4 days ago

      When will you next upload???

    • Golden Eagle
      Golden Eagle 23 days ago

      Where is Nina?

    • Adolf Meschugener
      Adolf Meschugener 29 days ago

      Its been known the great pyramids aren't burial chambers for around 8 years now suspected for around 15 years now. They never found a burial chamber in the pyramids.

    • Skeeter Saurus
      Skeeter Saurus Month ago

      I'm 60 years old, and until 2018, had NEVER HEARD ANYONE pronounce 'patent' as 'pay-tent', either in the U.S. OR in England (South Britain)...so not really sure what '20-something' came up with this idea...but it is NOT historical, by any means...

  • ArabianCamels
    ArabianCamels 3 hours ago

    This looks so overly expensive and way too elaborate and honestly not efficient looking.

  • Mila Stojanovska
    Mila Stojanovska 3 hours ago

    what are the songs they used does anyone know?

  • South Vader
    South Vader 4 hours ago

    Too bad Japan will be under water by then.

  • Gekkigheid
    Gekkigheid Day ago

    this is kind of a irl equivalent of vaults.

  • Samuel Maurer
    Samuel Maurer Day ago


  • Gordon Cavanaugh

    And what do you do when the pyramid reaches the end of its economic or physical life span as all buildings do? Demolishing the pyramid would be a gong show of mega proportions.

  • Glade Dextrose
    Glade Dextrose 2 days ago

    *giza is in egypt*

  • you're nan
    you're nan 2 days ago

    this pyramid would be an amazing location for a Blader Runner type film, imagine the lower levels being dirty, grimy and dangerous and the upper levels being wealthier and more futuristic. It could be the type of film where they take down an evil company or like a Blade Runner film and be about a detective trying to solve a murder, along the way finding out about these hidden secrets of the pyramid. Or another one (I am getting carried away here) where they are taught the outside world is dangerous and they have to stay inside all the time.
    Wow, what was going through my head! Anyway, great video!

  • Comrade Nobi
    Comrade Nobi 2 days ago

    Oh well, I'll be dead by then.

  • Captain Morgan
    Captain Morgan 2 days ago

    Shimizu Corp is the real NERV.
    Just watch people turn into pools of LCL in 2115

  • Kvlkvndzis
    Kvlkvndzis 2 days ago

    It sounds like Futu.re book, don't you think?

  • SameBasicRiff
    SameBasicRiff 2 days ago

    The great pyramid was not a chamber for khufu but cool

  • Xiotix
    Xiotix 3 days ago

    What anime is this?

  • EthanTheeGuy
    EthanTheeGuy 3 days ago

    Why can't it be completed in 2112?

  • I Worried About The Worlds

    Why communism is bad people are bad

  • micha McV.
    micha McV. 5 days ago

    anyway i stopped after i saw this MISSCONSTRUCTION ... at 7:00, i dont get why u reven research this phantasie stupidness?
    but great thing that even the HOLLYWOOD photoristic designed pyramids looked more realistic than this childs play
    great thing because this is the first good news about hollywood in years :-)

  • micha McV.
    micha McV. 5 days ago

    the oldest books from the greeks professionels saved from the great bibliothek from alexandria only state that even they over 2000 years ago DIDNT know who build the pyramid of Gyse..

  • 88waco
    88waco 5 days ago

    I used the wrong Giza pyramid. That's not the greate pyramid of Giza

  • Trippy Pimp
    Trippy Pimp 5 days ago

    One of my favorite concept architecture designs was for the X-Seed 4000, essentially a pyramid that was supposed to house 1,000,000 residents. I believe the location was placed in Japan as well, but as far as I've read it was only a contest entry of sorts.
    (Then you show it in the video, haha)
    It would be an interesting concept, but do you have even half the resources to spare for such a structure? That is always a question I think of when it comes to looking at the drawings.

  • CrazyTofu
    CrazyTofu 5 days ago

    Sounds like a video game plot

  • Lance Alaan
    Lance Alaan 6 days ago

    Here comes 911

  • DJJonPattrsn22
    DJJonPattrsn22 6 days ago +1

    Others have surely sure noted this, but you have recited as fact many very suspect and unproven theories about the Giza pyramid.

  • Lucky Missy
    Lucky Missy 6 days ago

    Mind blowing.

  • Bob Burton
    Bob Burton 6 days ago

    The Great Pyramid had nothing to do with Khufu and was never a tomb. Wow.

  • Tmc YT
    Tmc YT 7 days ago +1

    thats a Geo-Front and you know it

  • Hamada Taleb
    Hamada Taleb 7 days ago

    New Egypt's capital is bigger than Singapore The new Egyptian obelisk in the new capital is the tallest building in the world. Suez Canal in 2016. The new city of Alamein on the Mediterranean Sea

  • Garngad Gamers
    Garngad Gamers 7 days ago

    That skillshare edit though

  • Ghost Acez
    Ghost Acez 7 days ago

    Just build it out of graphene.

  • Fraser Myles
    Fraser Myles 7 days ago

    Is this real?

  • Tibor Matošević
    Tibor Matošević 7 days ago

    NO GOOD .

  • Hayden Earl
    Hayden Earl 7 days ago

    if Japan continues to lose population, and Tokyo's population gain is due to people relocating from other parts of the country, then won't Japan's falling population eventually be reflected by Tokyo, meaning the problem would solve itself?

  • MalGamer
    MalGamer 7 days ago

    One worry about this pyramid is that it will also be safe against terrorism because since 9/11 we saw what people were capable off to destroy each other and how much chaos was made by making a few buildings collapse

  • pulpnonfiction
    pulpnonfiction 8 days ago

    *[gets hit by a tsunami]*
    Oh shit, is it raining outside?

  • Hildebert
    Hildebert 8 days ago

    I would like whats the patent about. You cant patent the idea but the way you build it. The details. I would like the details.

  • DC Hall
    DC Hall 8 days ago

    The Great Pyramid of Giza was NOT a burial chamber.

  • Gold Hunter
    Gold Hunter 8 days ago

    The pyramids are far older then 2500 BC and were not tombs.

  • Adam Ferraro
    Adam Ferraro 9 days ago

    All lies! Great pyramids were built before the flood.

  • Can we get 500 subscribers without content

    I have a idea stalinium

  • Ariel Shikoba
    Ariel Shikoba 9 days ago

    Can you imagine if something went wrong and effected everyone in there! 😨

  • Mizushima Fujin
    Mizushima Fujin 9 days ago

    Might as well be called pyramid of Ginza lol

  • Mandella Canadian
    Mandella Canadian 10 days ago

    Was not a burial chamber in fact there is no proof of this and that is something we here in the west if we never visit them will never truly know. They were built as generators not a burial chambers

  • -SpecVi-
    -SpecVi- 10 days ago

    But We have graphene....

  • NegatingSilence
    NegatingSilence 10 days ago

    Carbon nanotubes are not coming

  • Puddintane
    Puddintane 10 days ago

    The engineering is one thing, but what you say at 10:49 is near utopian.

    There is absolutely no reason to believe that the residents of this gigantic pyramid would either:

    -be well governed,
    -be "forward thinking," (which I hope isn't supposed to mean they some how shed their human nature),
    -be more efficient because of diversity,
    -or feel community.

    At least, not inherently.

  • Foundation
    Foundation 10 days ago

    It could've been done 3 years ago from now. Nerv did it.

  • jorgepeterbarton
    jorgepeterbarton 11 days ago

    the Geofront from Evangelion?

  • dot nig
    dot nig 11 days ago

    it took 11 minutes to explain an adveetisment

  • Patrick Ong
    Patrick Ong 11 days ago

    There is a material, it is AIRCRETE. Cement foam. It creates a hard cement that floats.

  • Prabij Shrestha
    Prabij Shrestha 11 days ago

    Are saying next 1000 years or my calculations got wrong

    • Redz o_o
      Redz o_o 11 days ago


  • misterFazel
    misterFazel 11 days ago

    Take the pyramidal dome out and you find just an ordinary city of buildings connected by roads. Am I missing something ?!!

  • tim olson
    tim olson 11 days ago


  • E C
    E C 11 days ago

    big pile of nothing

  • mlc449
    mlc449 12 days ago

    By the time this becomes technologically feasible overpopulation won't be a concern any more. Human growth rates are slowing down worldwide, declining even in many countries. The real problem will be under-population where our world's economy cannot sustain so many old people.

    BLUE MARAUDER 12 days ago +1

    problem, overpopulation in THE CITIES. solution leave the cities the world is massive and has space enough to house a population so diverse and spread out in the 10's of billions comfortably. we all choose to flock to the same areas and then live there and then complain about it. someone in new york right now is complaining about it but then if they took a fucking moment to travel and say they drive outwest and discover as there driving miles and miles of land just open and vast, would they learn the necessary skills and do what they can to live there? do your research people cause once you start digging the you'll find the real obstacle. how we defeat that is up to you.

  • Simmer_Scape
    Simmer_Scape 12 days ago

    I’m sorry who the fuck said they were gonna build something like that 😂

  • jonny bolt
    jonny bolt 12 days ago

    long as youtube is paying you i guess thats all that matters screw the facts i use adblocker plus

  • jonny bolt
    jonny bolt 12 days ago

    the pyramid of giza was not a tomb and it is way older then you say

  • jonny bolt
    jonny bolt 12 days ago

    they all gonna die from fukushima

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 13 days ago


  • Mountain Top77
    Mountain Top77 13 days ago

    Wtf. We are in the year 2018, not in the year 4018. So shut this down, right now. Nobody is trying to live inside a soulless pyramid right now. You sir, can go F yourself.

  • Tom Little
    Tom Little 13 days ago

    If you went to watch Blade Runner and got 'good ideas' from observing the proposed society in the film. You either missed the point of the movie or you have problems, and should not have the power to bring those problems to everyone else.

  • crabby crab
    crabby crab 13 days ago

    So the president on the top floor then rich people on that then average then hobos

  • Dev Thakur
    Dev Thakur 13 days ago

    Are you dead

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez 14 days ago

    That was the best damn skillshare plug I've ever seen

  • Ryan Gamer
    Ryan Gamer 14 days ago

    I would be like a 100 years old by 2110

  • Nate Wolfe
    Nate Wolfe 14 days ago

    What about the shadow it will cast

  • John Boss
    John Boss 14 days ago

    The ending reminded me of Rapture from bioshock

  • Silent Rosier
    Silent Rosier 14 days ago

    does it means, Japan would build modern or futuristic Babel Tower..???

  • o o
    o o 14 days ago

    Judge Dredd reporting for patrol

  • Enrique Cruz
    Enrique Cruz 14 days ago

    This is part of the ascencion project together with the pyramids in giza. WE GONNA ACTIVATE THE MERKABA

  • Victor Ivanov
    Victor Ivanov 14 days ago

    The voice he uses to say "But Skillshare" lol

  • 3DGEM3
    3DGEM3 14 days ago

    The egypt pyramids are far older then 2500 years ago.

  • Josh Guyette
    Josh Guyette 14 days ago

    pa-tent* omg unwatchable

  • Vitor Miranda
    Vitor Miranda 14 days ago

    This is what i call long-term planning...

  • Prashanth M.C.
    Prashanth M.C. 15 days ago

    Awesome idea. Just a correction...."khufu" pyramid was never built as a tomb for anybody...it was used like a inter-stellar-teleportation, etc...on a quantum-level. Pyramids like the Giza's won't collapse b'cos of its very design. its a very very strong design.

  • Wella Grey
    Wella Grey 15 days ago

    wooooow 😲

  • Cameron Moisan
    Cameron Moisan 15 days ago

    There TVclip, I watched it.

  • 青黃山駅
    青黃山駅 15 days ago

    10:09 Hong Kong is overcrowded because of the migaration

  • DJR
    DJR 16 days ago

    This idea is very Romdeau/Ergo Proxy. Would be so badass though.

  • Loplop azO9
    Loplop azO9 16 days ago


  • Helix
    Helix 16 days ago

    Let them build it like how egyptians did it, lets see.

  • Dazarabia
    Dazarabia 16 days ago

    That looks like hell. Give me real nature any day

    SPIRIT DOT 16 days ago


  • BoujeeKami
    BoujeeKami 16 days ago

    humans need nature to be happy, its a physiological fact

  • BoujeeKami
    BoujeeKami 16 days ago +1

    some more facts here, the pyramids currently can resonate when a certain frequency is played. and they were masters of that why? well using resonation means you can move objects the maximum distance with minimum force through vibrations. THE PYRAMIDS LAUNCH ALIENS!!

  • Løs HH
    Løs HH 16 days ago

    Put homeless people in the pyramid! Don’t just let them die!

  • Song for xx
    Song for xx 16 days ago

    I was with you up until the end where you just went all New World Order Communism/Socialism.

  • donna hazen
    donna hazen 17 days ago

    But hey guys......skillshare

  • Moraco Mole
    Moraco Mole 17 days ago

    talk talk talk, pause enunciate

  • Exstordenary Joshua
    Exstordenary Joshua 17 days ago +1

    Zorgo diffuse 11:32

  • Exstordenary Joshua
    Exstordenary Joshua 17 days ago +1

    Zorgo diffuse 11:31

    MUZUTO 17 days ago

    Lost me at the Pyramid of Giza was probably a burial tomb and built around 2500 b.c. After all the phenomenal research that's been done by all types of scientist and credited architects proving that is all nonsense people are still peddling that bullshit. Damn!

  • Bip Nop
    Bip Nop 17 days ago


  • Abdi Lio
    Abdi Lio 18 days ago

    I love the video and the way you explained everything...seems like you've had so much practice before uploading this...thanks though,it was nice...I like the one about North Korea too

  • G_Hacker Seven
    G_Hacker Seven 18 days ago


  • d muir
    d muir 18 days ago

    The workers of Khufu were here!Well I wrote some grafiti on the Brooklyn bridge ergo I built the Brooklyn bridge!

  • Mat G
    Mat G 18 days ago

    The entire life / dynastie / history of Shimz corporation was made to plug this Skillshare ad at the end of this video.

  • Fath Aja
    Fath Aja 18 days ago

    If not for Skillshare presentation, I'd have given this a thumbs up

  • Fath Aja
    Fath Aja 18 days ago

    Literal Tower of God lol