Why Japan's Great Pyramid of Giza Can't be Built Until 2110

  • Published on Oct 1, 2018
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    London. October, 1992. A Japanese man entered a government building near Chancery Lane, and made his way up to an office on the first floor - this was the London branch of the UK’s Patent Office.
    You see this man was there on behalf of Japan’s renowned Shimizu Corporation - a leading architectural and engineering firm that was and is among the top in the world; and he was there to apply for a patent. (Note, to secure their ideas globally it was necessary to apply not just in Japan). Now this particular patent, was for no ordinary idea; it was for something grand - something spectacular; the idea was to build giant pyramids in the middle of some of the largest and busiest urban centers in the world; starting with Tokyo. These infrastructures would be so large, they could house entire cities.
    But why? What was this for?
    And who exactly is the Shimizu Corporation?
    To understand this, we need to go back in time, back over 200 years ago to the company’s inception.
    This video covers:
    - Shimizu Megacity Pyramid TRY-2004
    - Megastructures
    - Pyramidal structures
    - Japanese architectural & engineering companies
    - Kisuke Shimizu
    - Edo period
    - Japan's population decline
    - Tokyo's overpopulation & overcrowding
    - Large scale construction projects
    - Floating cities, underwater cities, space hotels
    - Blade Runner (Tyrell Corporation headquarters pyramid)
    - Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza
    - Burj Khalifa & Jeddah Tower
    - 2 kilometer high building
    - Tokyo Bay
    - Megatrusses & suspended skyscrapers
    - Renewable energy of solar, wind, algae & waves
    - Japanese earthquakes & tsunamis
    - Pacific Ring of Fire
    - X-Seed 4000 (Taisei Corporation)
    - Mega-City Pyramids in Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Delhi & Dhaka
    - Largest man-made structure in history
    - Hong Kong's Kowloon Walled City

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  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  3 months ago +1331

    Been a while, but I'm alive! Hope you like the video.
    Edit: The English pronunciation of the word 'patent' outside of North America tends to be 'pay-tent', and within North America 'pat-tent'. Neither are wrong. (There may be a few regions that don't follow this rule exactly, but in general I think it tends to be the case).
    Correction: Before 1868 the capital was Kyoto, not Edo. Also forgot to include that a major reason the Giza pyramid is mentioned in the video is because the Shimizu pyramid is meant to have the exact same (relative) dimensional proportions.
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    • Rafa Salcini
      Rafa Salcini 9 days ago

      Kento Bento w

    • Ibunda Ulfatun
      Ibunda Ulfatun Month ago

      We must;
      make Kind of HELP
      FOR, Sink-{ing}>country-ies,
      (be;Cause= "GL0BAL~WARMing"
      the,NSc= NationState-country{ies} llke place_ses present there in Oceania_pacific;
      Like: KiRiBaty(+Samoa-east) so NEED HELP to buoy
      From SiNk.
      Greeting from @SEAn, aSEAn

    • DELTACX10
      DELTACX10 Month ago +1

      Kento Bento well i think people should spread out a bit more

    • Ibunda Ulfatun
      Ibunda Ulfatun 2 months ago

      can be exactly
      to be ; DEVelop contruction
      the _ PyRAmiD
      greeting /Aisatsu
      from /Asean

    • Zak Blacker
      Zak Blacker 2 months ago

      When will you next upload???

  • LeTheGenD
    LeTheGenD 8 hours ago

    But wouldn't such massive and expensive building be a huge and easy target at the event of a war?

  • Broseph Thomas
    Broseph Thomas 9 hours ago

    Great, I'll be a whopping 116 years old when this craps done

  • Positive Vibes Only
    Positive Vibes Only 14 hours ago

    You can't take egypt pyramids do you people even know why the nephilims built the pyramids do you even know the reason why the nephilims took time to build them you can't just go and take something and call it you're own... Ugh I hate Japan and Tokyo they always try to take what's not there's just like the whites try to take control over everything like fuck people have a mind of you're own. You people have you're own culture you people have you're own beliefs and you're own race so use it stop using Egyptians and Greeks pyramids have a mind of you're own... This really upsetted me I'm so glad these slanted eye fucks didn't build the pyramids they know they need the big giant nephilims no human on earth can build a pyramid not even a strong machine can't even pick up the 1st block of the pyramids

  • Jason Lankino-Bandara
    Jason Lankino-Bandara 18 hours ago

    4:50 There is a growing body of serious research to suggest that Great Pyramid pre-dates the classical Egyptian period circa 2,500BC.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 20 hours ago

    Doesn't the fact the the population of Tokyo is rapidly declining, actually negate the need for such a structure.

  • Charcol Vlogs
    Charcol Vlogs 20 hours ago

    2110-2019=91years 😭

  • Charcol Vlogs
    Charcol Vlogs 21 hour ago

    Sounds like a great idea honestly. I would live there.
    Also I as an Australian opt for Australia to take the idea. We have no earthquakes.

  • evangelionomegafan 1995

    If the pyramid gets built everyone in earth will turn into orange tang because of a giant blue haired girl that's fused with an ancient god

  • evangelionomegafan 1995


  • Matten rocker
    Matten rocker Day ago

    Ayyyyyyyyy way to start a completely seperated society. Only the smart, rich, and famous get to live in this "place ahead of it's time". Great Idea.

  • Lilyo so
    Lilyo so Day ago

    That’s Culture appropriation

  • Dream0fSkye
    Dream0fSkye Day ago

    The wheel of time turns, and ages come and pass...

  • Anastasis Makrypodis

    what about the social problems that this will cause?

  • Sajal Rastogi
    Sajal Rastogi Day ago

    fuck skillshare

  • the comments section is in anarchy

    Although unlikely, a large enough meteor can destroy the thing even if from far away let alone a direct hit. But its true that the pyramid itself is the biggest threat.

  • Samurai King
    Samurai King Day ago

    So basically their making a mountain

  • World Weaver
    World Weaver Day ago

    actually didn't the aztecs/mayans have their capital city on lilypads/the lake? but still thats one hell of a feat if they can pull it off.

  • MoustachePig43 PGN
    MoustachePig43 PGN Day ago +1

    But then it'll be even easier for godzilla to destroy

  • Bon Bon Mon
    Bon Bon Mon Day ago

    Noise pollution tho

  • Daniel Trevino
    Daniel Trevino 2 days ago

    *The Pyramids of Egypt has joined your game*

  • Ham Sandwich
    Ham Sandwich 2 days ago


  • Mr Domo
    Mr Domo 2 days ago

    HK...........more people than the land we have.....a home is super expensive

  • Portal Player
    Portal Player 2 days ago

    Video: Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Dhaka

    I am from Bangladesh. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh by the way.

  • Knawlege
    Knawlege 2 days ago

    91 years from now

  • jaguar warrior
    jaguar warrior 2 days ago

    That doesnt sound awesome at all

  • Agent 00Meme
    Agent 00Meme 2 days ago

    what is a paytent

  • arte0021
    arte0021 3 days ago

    Looks very sci fi

  • arte0021
    arte0021 3 days ago

    Things every freaking youtuber advertizes : Skillshare, Audible, Vikings War of clans.

  • Yuqi is my Goddess
    Yuqi is my Goddess 3 days ago

    The idea is flawed, why a super piramid costing 600+ billion for only 1 million ppl when you can just make Tokyo bigger, Tokio have many free space on it's borders, JUST MAKE TOKIO BIGGER WITH LESS THAN 10BILLION rather than spending 600billions (money that Japan doesn't have) on a freaking Piramid

  • RedRathKid
    RedRathKid 3 days ago

    That's just the Geofront from Evangelion.

  • Theorist number 1 1
    Theorist number 1 1 3 days ago

    Ahhh so it’s the 1984 headquarters

  • adamklam1
    adamklam1 3 days ago

    I prefer the Geofront idea.

  • Dave Vira
    Dave Vira 4 days ago

    shit he got me at the end when he announce skillshareXD

  • Romeo Duque
    Romeo Duque 4 days ago

    I feel like this whole fucking video was just a set up for a Skillshare ad

  • Thanos Car
    Thanos Car 4 days ago +1

    Just invent a life prolonging pill already so I could see all these happening before I die.

    • Sunshine Phish
      Sunshine Phish Day ago

      Thanos Car its thought that the first human to live a millennium is alive today

  • brett
    brett 4 days ago

    fuck (pornstar getting fucked voice)

  • Guilherme Silva
    Guilherme Silva 4 days ago

    Never seen anyone introducing ads so smoothly...

  • francois dinauto
    francois dinauto 5 days ago

    Im not saying anything, BUT
    Code Geass did it first Japan.

  • Veritech Girl
    Veritech Girl 5 days ago +1

    Discovery channel has a good documentary on this.

  • Elektronica
    Elektronica 5 days ago

    They won't do that it needs a lot of money and resources

  • Sol Zaer
    Sol Zaer 5 days ago

    Terrorist will destroy it within a week.... God forbid.

  • PIcoAirBearings
    PIcoAirBearings 5 days ago

    This utopian massive public housing project will be different.

  • Stoopio's Productions

    Imagine if some Egyptian offspring sued them for this lol

  • 00Sosdarksword00
    00Sosdarksword00 5 days ago

    Why are your ad reads so slick

  • All In
    All In 5 days ago

    city in the city

  • Marty -
    Marty - 5 days ago

    Why would they bother

  • Shine XBO
    Shine XBO 5 days ago

    How about something along the lines of this but underground. Like a Fallout shelter on steroids.

  • Lydie Wainhouse
    Lydie Wainhouse 6 days ago

    Ring of Fire: *gently nudges away from Australia..* Nobody’ll notice..

  • AlexikFTW
    AlexikFTW 6 days ago

    Subbed, really good video. Love the editing

  • skoøt
    skoøt 6 days ago

    PATent not PAITent

  • Zulhardika Rendy Permana

    *Aliens entered the chat*

  • Fred Rick
    Fred Rick 6 days ago

    I'm Honestly convinced that the EGYPTIANS Are not human beings 👽👾. ..

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez 6 days ago

    They need vibranium

  • Sulfer X
    Sulfer X 6 days ago

    They need a Mega-Pyramid for internet memes. There’s too many!

  • Jesus From Hyrule
    Jesus From Hyrule 7 days ago

    Wouldn’t the pyramid attract more tourists therefore making Tokyo more dense with people

  • Zack Sauce Child
    Zack Sauce Child 7 days ago

    Im a egyptian i live in giza now im gonna nuke the prymaid when they build it

  • Snipez
    Snipez 7 days ago

    why don't people from Tokyo just go somewhere else (in Japan) instead of building a giant and ridiculous pyramid

  • Gaming Limited
    Gaming Limited 7 days ago

    I think this is pretty stupid and not so realistic.

  • IcyLegend Gaming
    IcyLegend Gaming 7 days ago

    Ok now i have a couple things to say.
    The great pyramids of giza were built with absolutely no technology or even concrete it was built somehow in a way that it never falls without concrete or anything holding it from the bottom it was built just by men and rocks or whatever it was.
    And it was built when humans had barley any idea of what engineering is and they probably didnt know electricity too.
    It was just built on sand like just sand and the rocks that were used in it are probably bigger than your mom.

  • Extreme Eric
    Extreme Eric 7 days ago

    Whoa whoa whoa wait

    What about the XSeed 4000 it's much more taller and planned to build in Tokyo too

    EDIT:ok IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII should always finish the video first before commenting innit

  • Raihan Gaming 27
    Raihan Gaming 27 7 days ago

    Form finding fire
    To nuclear
    To weapon
    To futuristic

  • vBrxckn
    vBrxckn 7 days ago

    how do u segway to ur sponsors so well, it genuinely annoys me

  • Cubic Meter
    Cubic Meter 7 days ago

    This sounds so fucking stupid... Great way to have a population that is 110/100 claustrophobic, depressed and anxious 100/100 of the time. Also, having people just live in on the connectors, it looks like a huge waste of space, hell, probably better to just keep building Tokyo through the suburbs. How will you manage traffic to get down ? what happens if one of the transporter elevators thing breaks down, how many people will have to wait, how long will it take to navigate this mess of a pyramid once inside ? And if anyone ever wants to attack Tokyo with any sort of projectile, it would be easy to just shoot the base, or even more likely if an earthquake hits (as stated in the video) no architectural marvel will be able to survive if a crater is formed, no one would like to live in this shithole and so it will probably never be built, thank god

  • Vietnamkid1993
    Vietnamkid1993 7 days ago

    That was one of the smoothest ad transitions I seen in a while

  • DrummerDucky
    DrummerDucky 7 days ago

    So that's where Evangelion, Patlabor : The Movie and other classic animated media got their idea, huh. I always assumed the trope had just popped up one day from a screenwriter, not an overzealous architect.

    RPC NATION 7 days ago

    what about the scary part NATURALDISASTARS

  • Always Decent
    Always Decent 7 days ago

    Seems pretty silly

  • Bradley Dragon
    Bradley Dragon 7 days ago

    wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. GIZA PYRAMIDS ARE NOT TOMBS, stop saying they were tombs. THEY WERE BUILT BEFORE THE EGYPTIANS EVER CAME TO THE AREA. recent evidence proves that the pyramids were built to be used as power plants by an ancient high tech civilization that got wiped out over 13,000 years ago.

    • Bradley Dragon
      Bradley Dragon 7 days ago

      +Raheel Abeed Alam im serious. look it up. its fact. i mean, just think about it. humans have been around for 200,000 years and we only have record of the last 10,000 years... wtf were we doing for 190,000 years?

    • Raheel Abeed Alam
      Raheel Abeed Alam 7 days ago

      This is a good example of "when you try to be funny (using a joke) but pretty much no one laughs."
      Well, atleast ya tried.

  • Faethair Escaethorne

    Japan's population has been declining since much earlier than 2010. It's been declining dramatically since the 1940s when women received "legal equality".

    TEKIT 7 days ago

    it looks like the nerve geofront in eva lol

  • Jamez123
    Jamez123 7 days ago


  • Spielmann
    Spielmann 8 days ago

    Don't know, but 1 million people really doesn't sound like that much. Especially considering we ar talking about another 90 years of pop growth until the proposed completeion (which btw, does sound awfully arbitrary)

  • DarkErrorCode
    DarkErrorCode 8 days ago

    the jeddah tower is called the Kingdom tower, and i doubt that it will be done in a year (i live in jeddah so i know)

  • MightyDue
    MightyDue 8 days ago

    Its actually Nerv HQ

  • RY/\/\/ STR/\CK
    RY/\/\/ STR/\CK 8 days ago

    They’re experts in making things earthquake and tsunami proof?!?!!!?

  • aeroaa2
    aeroaa2 8 days ago

    0:35 Dont wanna sound like a sjw or something like that, but, dont japanese people hand over things to others with both their hands ?

  • Pluto :
    Pluto : 8 days ago

    This solves nothing. It is pointless and not space efficient.

  • Tasty Tinfoil
    Tasty Tinfoil 8 days ago

    It took you this long to see that episode of extreme engineering? bruh, that came out in like 2000.

  • Pavel Drexler
    Pavel Drexler 8 days ago

    This project doesn't solve overpopulationg problems.
    1 000 000 people packed so close together still need to eat and dump.
    What happens if they dump in one moment? Tsunami?

    • Raheel Abeed Alam
      Raheel Abeed Alam 7 days ago

      *Top 10 Deadliest Natural Disasters that ever happened.*

      #1 *Poop Tsunami*

  • Vacnol
    Vacnol 8 days ago +1

    Not a bad video, not a terrible concept, however you did get the Giza facts wrong including its age and purpose.

  • CTU Official channel BF4

    I hope they get it done

  • Deco
    Deco 8 days ago

    God damn it skillshare

  • The cool Gamer25
    The cool Gamer25 8 days ago

    I will be 101 in 2110

  • Matt Banka
    Matt Banka 9 days ago

    All i can say is, it better have a way to knock out large sections of itself and *STILL* be able to evacuate each and every citizen without worry.

  • Tomas Roque
    Tomas Roque 9 days ago

    Upvoted just for that sponsor transition

  • Kool Aid
    Kool Aid 9 days ago +1

    Or you can just develop other cities in your respective countries by providing them with access to everything that a few dozen mega corporations need to sustain themselves like Water, electricity, land space & most of all incentives to the owners upon building the companies there
    This will significantly take the load off Megacities in the world and at the same time provide employment opportunities for millions of people
    It's a win-win, but then again it will probably require multiple hundred billions of dollars per city so 😑

  • Harrison Winton
    Harrison Winton 9 days ago

    Are you sure that station footage isn't Osaka because they're the only city in Japan to walk on the right? I dunno, I just thought it odd.

  • marat61
    marat61 9 days ago

    amazingly stupid idea

  • TFAearthquake
    TFAearthquake 9 days ago +1

    Like if you are watching 100 years later in 2119. I hope yt is still around and maybe we can get 1 mil subs by then

  • Eric Roberts
    Eric Roberts 10 days ago

    Obligatory comment about how wrong you say "Pay-tent". Its PAT-ENT. *smirk*

  • harrison routh
    harrison routh 10 days ago

    6:25 venice bro

  • GamingwithJesse YT
    GamingwithJesse YT 10 days ago

    If it was in Singapore, I could visit it one day.

  • GamingwithJesse YT
    GamingwithJesse YT 10 days ago

    Japan has turned into Egypt

  • writer 88
    writer 88 10 days ago

    Surely... surely you could just use graphine. It's stronger than steel and a small percentage of its size.
    Couldn't you make them into thick layers to create immensely strong parts although construction and cost of materials will be ludicrous so... ye

  • Manasseh Restored
    Manasseh Restored 10 days ago

    I got suckered😗 And I like skillshare. Not cool😕Not Cool😤

  • Matthew Maxson
    Matthew Maxson 10 days ago

    People who think The great pyramid was built in 2500BC or even that it was kufus tomb... spoon fed lies.

    KROSS777RLSH 10 days ago

    As soon as i saw this shot i though
    To myself dame...0:58
    Thats like blade runner or some cyber punk style stuff right there
    3:50 then it pops up LMAO
    Didnt know this was a thing . its awesome to find this out.

  • Sägemehl
    Sägemehl 10 days ago

    "Japan's Great Pyramid of Giza"

  • Why so serious
    Why so serious 10 days ago

    I think China or Dubai or Qatar would be the first to do something like this