A YANDERE AND A TSUNDERE | Gacha Life Story Reaction w/ Bijuu Mike

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
  • Reacting to another Gacha Life, Gachaverse, or Gacha Studio story. This story is called "A Yandere And A Tsundere" and I thought it was perfect to read with Bijuu Mike!
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Comments • 10 476

  • The life of Alexis
    The life of Alexis 8 minutes ago

    Is it me or is this super confusing because they dont use names, also who is the yandere and who Is the tsudere?

  • BlueKitGachaplayz Kampala
    BlueKitGachaplayz Kampala 57 minutes ago

    Maybe Camron was gay

    Every thought about that Alice

  • Mark Watches Dragon Ball Heroes

    *I like anime too but only in Super Dragon Ball Heroes*

  • enzo79r
    enzo79r Hour ago

    lauren she's actually a wolf girl

  • mahi vlogs
    mahi vlogs Hour ago

    Daniel:my moto is............
    DIE BRUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marco Melo
    Marco Melo Hour ago

    Me: what are you doing bro?
    Brother : aaaaaaaaaaaaaa play.
    Me: what are you play?
    Brother : fornite 😅😅😅😅😅 😅.
    Me: WTH mom isse cana be mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brother: a oh
    Mom : son~
    Me: bye

  • Marco Melo
    Marco Melo Hour ago


  • Marco Melo
    Marco Melo Hour ago

    Say dfsdsdsdsdsdsdsd. Are you sure the your the older brother?

  • Aaliyah’s Birthday party

    OMG you watch t my video 🤯🙀🙉

  • Fashion Girl
    Fashion Girl 3 hours ago


  • lulu damir
    lulu damir 6 hours ago


  • Ariana Perez
    Ariana Perez 7 hours ago

    I am sick. You Macked me happy

  • Melted Cookiez
    Melted Cookiez 8 hours ago

    10:35 This is just Mike or I mean GACHA Mike Being smooth as hell.
    Just turns around be like AHEM -cough- -cough- *yeah?*

  • Clara Gabardo Ortiz
    Clara Gabardo Ortiz 9 hours ago

    The girls were wolfs

  • xXNatalie_Studi0sXx Gacha

    ''Then..where are they?''
    Lauren: JAIL!
    Me: *Chokes* *and* *spits* *out* *water*

  • Gacha Spark
    Gacha Spark 9 hours ago +1

    I choked on my skittles watching this

  • Gacha Spark
    Gacha Spark 10 hours ago +1

    Yandere X Tsudere (Daniel X Summer)
    Please excuse my bad grammar :3

  • Aquarius Gacha
    Aquarius Gacha 10 hours ago

    that made NO sense... ;-; no hate to the creator

  • night wolf35
    night wolf35 10 hours ago

    10:35 yeah (that Adatude tho)

  • Glowing gacha Light
    Glowing gacha Light 11 hours ago

    This is Filipino language 24:07 ._.

  • Leny Tri yuliati
    Leny Tri yuliati 12 hours ago

    That is indonesia ore malaysia speek

  • Madhorsegirl 64 22
    Madhorsegirl 64 22 13 hours ago +1

    What if the backbiter is the girl summer saw kissing Zack

  • Tabia Megananda
    Tabia Megananda 14 hours ago

    I think realy manly
    Its my language.
    Bahasa indonesia
    I live there.

  • Ida Holyone
    Ida Holyone 17 hours ago


  • dat boi
    dat boi 18 hours ago

    She's a wolf •-•

  • yeti natural
    yeti natural 18 hours ago

    Meh role play name is alice 😺

  • wolflie wolflife
    wolflie wolflife 19 hours ago

    -I now ship bijuu mike and Lauren.. Someone help me.-

  • Mike Jess Johnshoy
    Mike Jess Johnshoy 21 hour ago

    0:29 then how come the title says bijuu mike and not gacha mike hmmmm?

  • BTS Gurl
    BTS Gurl 21 hour ago

    Did anyone else hear Gacha Mike say hell? 22:24

  • Isha’s Life
    Isha’s Life 21 hour ago

    React to “mommy” in gacha life its sad

  • Minty Angel
    Minty Angel Day ago +1

    Gacha Mike sounds like mickey mouse to me when he was voicing the female so i was srsly dying XD

  • Kawaii Scrub
    Kawaii Scrub Day ago

    Bujjuu you soud like shadow the hegog

  • Emma_becool 123
    Emma_becool 123 Day ago

    U can't just go around killing ppl!!!!😡😠🤬

  • Berenice Luevano

    She is a wolf

  • kaylee the gamer

    FOR THE LAST TIME SHE ISNT A CAT SHE IS A WOLF!!! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • uni-love155 345
    uni-love155 345 Day ago

    reminds me of twilight 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • wolfwarrior 1809

    Or fox..

  • wolfwarrior 1809

    She's not a cat she's a wolf

  • Jacqueline Chan
    Jacqueline Chan Day ago


  • Jacqueline Chan
    Jacqueline Chan Day ago

    She is a wolf acalluy and Daniel is a werido mere mere mere merl ;-; Hehehehehheehehehehehehehhehehehehehe it happens -_-

  • Terry DiRobbio
    Terry DiRobbio Day ago


  • ¿Møchi ¿
    ¿Møchi ¿ Day ago

    Mikes head phones where see through

  • Alrazan Zachary
    Alrazan Zachary Day ago

    Perasaan sangat eh lelaki ni: Language: Indonesian (btw I know cuz I am Indonesian that's just good at English :P )

  • Mallory Houston
    Mallory Houston Day ago

    Did this make anyone think of Doki Doki Literature Club?

  • Aldrin Monjardin

    The part where you guys didn't know what they mean that's a different language it's bikol/Tagalog cause in the Philippines people say those kinda words you know why I know? Because I live in the Philippines!

  • Alycia Bianca
    Alycia Bianca Day ago

    Summer said it in Bahasa Indonesia...

  • Sgt. Veemo
    Sgt. Veemo Day ago

    12:23 *don’t get cooked, stay off the hook*

  • Gacha Unicorn Girl

    Hey Yall :3

  • ilivaditis
    ilivaditis Day ago +1

    Lauren. You got me triggered when you said that Summer was a cat. She was a wolf.

  • Savannah Gates
    Savannah Gates 2 days ago

    Your a wolf

  • Brooke Bailey
    Brooke Bailey 2 days ago

    I had to play 6:56 over and over again XDD

  • GACHA _Girl
    GACHA _Girl 2 days ago

    Lauren she is a wolf....

  • Gustav Øistensen Aaberg

    laurenz IS A WOLF NOT A FOX OR A CAT YOU ....

  • Filip Brlosic
    Filip Brlosic 2 days ago

    React to my bully loves me pls pls

  • Cadbury Cill
    Cadbury Cill 2 days ago

    24:05 if you want to know what it is actually, it was Indonesia or Malay language

    (sorry for grammar)

  • PeliKorpraali
    PeliKorpraali 2 days ago

    that the worstest gacha lide story i ever watched

  • Vivi enne
    Vivi enne 2 days ago +1

    Brother: and stay away from boys me: bruh you are a boy

  • yuka coon
    yuka coon 2 days ago

    Baka means something like STOP or AHHHHHHHHH I HATE YOU in Japanese

  • Anna Brown
    Anna Brown 2 days ago

    She’s a wolf woman

  • Assia Sadir
    Assia Sadir 2 days ago

    They are not cats, they are wolves.

  • Galaxy_Pheonix999 K
    Galaxy_Pheonix999 K 2 days ago

    Ur a wolf Lauren -.-

  • Kirsten Lolling
    Kirsten Lolling 2 days ago

    Did anyone notice how gacha Mike's headphones are green so they go early with the video😂

  • V & V Sisters
    V & V Sisters 2 days ago

    They're Language is Filipino Thats My Language UwU

  • •Addison Tales•
    •Addison Tales• 3 days ago


  • Sophia GachaGamer
    Sophia GachaGamer 3 days ago

    Ur a wolf not a cat....

  • jonah henson
    jonah henson 3 days ago

    the kid (just saying kid because that's usually what they are) has better vocabulary then then gacha mike and lauren

  • Fortnite guy
    Fortnite guy 3 days ago

    11:18 Who is bijuu mike

  • Michael Barry
    Michael Barry 3 days ago

    They are wolfs

  • Gacha Meep
    Gacha Meep 3 days ago

    That awkward moment when technology fails and thinks your head phones are a green screen, .....

  • Melissa Douglas
    Melissa Douglas 3 days ago

    when i ask my mom to watch on the computer.......
    me:hey mom can i get on the computer
    me:BuT i WaNt To WaTcH gAcHa
    mom:*mind:my dauter has gone crazy*
    mom:......FINE........NOW GO AWAY.............
    me:thank you mom!!!!!!!!!!
    me:*mind:yay i have not got to watch gacha in a while*

  • Other Lunar00927 Gaming

    26:06 thats indo i understand dat

  • galaxy 109 daisy
    galaxy 109 daisy 3 days ago

    Gacha mike

  • melissa ocic
    melissa ocic 3 days ago

    hi i love your video's soooooooo much

  • Zafyrah Johnson
    Zafyrah Johnson 4 days ago

    Brother:oh I see. Me:😂🤣😭

  • Zafyrah Johnson
    Zafyrah Johnson 4 days ago


  • gachatuber101
    gachatuber101 4 days ago

    whos YOUTUBZ is this in the ReAcT

  • Lola Moon
    Lola Moon 4 days ago

    Mike's green headphones blending into the background are totaly the best thing in this whole video.

  • Gacha_gamer2010 Cookie world

    Are they siblings!?!???!?!?!?

  • the docky18 docky
    the docky18 docky 4 days ago

    Hi Good morning loking Nooooooo

  • CuteKawaiiCookie
    CuteKawaiiCookie 4 days ago

    It’s a fox or a wolf not a cat

  • Feegie Weegie
    Feegie Weegie 4 days ago +2

    The longest but most Entertaining / Enjoyable Gacha reaction I have ever seen

  • Kitten From Paris
    Kitten From Paris 4 days ago

    20:24 when I saw alice’s face I immediately thought of todoroki

  • Stacey Birkett
    Stacey Birkett 4 days ago

    It's actually a wolf not a cat

  • Chelsea Pannett
    Chelsea Pannett 4 days ago

    Hi biju.. i mean gacha mike

  • Gacha Paints
    Gacha Paints 4 days ago

    woohoo Lauren spoke Malay!

  • Kawaii Sweet Cat Bunny Fluffy Candy Unicorn

    Hey lauren Please reacth this it called The crush song the video is by Toidara
    can you watch it with Yammy and Bijju mike please

  • 1 Shot 40 Kills
    1 Shot 40 Kills 4 days ago

    She didn't saw me right


  • Ginnine Petree
    Ginnine Petree 4 days ago +3

    Gacha Mike: *puts out knife*
    ME: lol why that would scare the living hell out of her. Come on dude.

  • Ginnine Petree
    Ginnine Petree 4 days ago

    At 15:37 it was like
    The video: *gril is a Murder*
    Gacha Mike: *drinking water* ohoh
    Me: *laughing my head off*

  • Gacha Ash
    Gacha Ash 4 days ago

    Gacha Lauren

  • Ava Mangan
    Ava Mangan 5 days ago

    11:20 Somethings not right...... *GASP* IT SAYS BIJUU MIKE!!! NOT GACHA MIKE!!

  • Ava Mangan
    Ava Mangan 5 days ago

    Hello, welcome to the best pick up lines of 2019!
    So today's is...
    *She so cute when she sleeps*

  • Ava Mangan
    Ava Mangan 5 days ago

    Ugh bar codes are on my face. 😤

  • ItsZeAndre
    ItsZeAndre 5 days ago

    Why was mike's headphones invisible?

  • Wolftaco Love
    Wolftaco Love 5 days ago

    Uhhhh it’s a wolf not a cat Lauren anyways I’m a huge fan *hugs*

  • Minecraft kid girl
    Minecraft kid girl 5 days ago

    “*So much random stuff in the beginning*”😁😆

  • Gacha Girl11
    Gacha Girl11 5 days ago

    She’s a wolf 🐺 actually you can tell by the ears cat ears are different. Duhhhhhh!

  • lolliepup 321
    lolliepup 321 5 days ago

    Wow look at those fancy indivisible headphones bijuu mike has.

  • Francis Ginatilan
    Francis Ginatilan 5 days ago

    hahhahahahahhahah its so funny the most funny part one is that bijuu mike said yeah when the girl said daniel wait and when daniel wink and said ihave my ways😂😂!!!!lolololololoololololol and also i❤ur vids guys its funny and fun bye love you both best youtubers