Alex & Sierra - Sultry Cover of Britney Spears' "Toxic" - THE X FACTOR USA 2013

  • Published on Sep 12, 2013
  • This couple from Florida is hoping the chemistry they share with each other won't come across as "toxic" to the judges.
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    The award-winning international phenomenon THE X FACTOR is back. In Season Three of the hit competition series hosted by Mario Lopez, THE X FACTOR judges will travel the nation searching for talent 12 years old or over -- both solo artists and vocal groups -- who are willing to brave the panel for a chance to make their dreams of becoming a superstar come true. Auditions for THE X FACTOR were held this spring in Los Angeles, CA; Charleston, SC; New Orleans, LA; Long Island, NY; and Denver, CO.
    Contestants will audition in front of THE X FACTOR judges, including Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland, Paulina Rubio, and an audience of thousands. This will be the ultimate test to prove they have the vocal ability, charisma and stage presence it takes to become a global superstar or breakout music act and win a recording contract with Syco/Sony Music.
    Those contestants who survive the first auditions will be divided into four categories: Boys, Girls, Over 25s and Groups. Each category will be mentored by one of the show's judges. Not only is it a competition between the hopefuls to stake their claim for the coveted win, but it's also a showdown among the judges as to whose acts will dominate the competition and make it to the finals. The judges may have their say in how the competition progresses, but it will be up to America to decide who ultimately has THE X FACTOR.
    Meet Alex and Sierra - THE X FACTOR USA 2013
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Comments • 22 605

  • Dhian Prasetyo Hadi
    Dhian Prasetyo Hadi 8 hours ago

    They're broke up! and than i am done foy your fans! 😐

  • Ákos Lengyel
    Ákos Lengyel 9 hours ago

    They are the most loveable couple on the world. :)

    WILL I AM 19 hours ago

    Young love, oh to have that again.

  • Bmw Girl
    Bmw Girl 20 hours ago

    I actually like this version better 😋

    DAN MEHAIL 21 hour ago

    "We decided to come o stage because I *think* the chemistry we have...."

  • lisa gordon
    lisa gordon Day ago

    Why did Simon STOP the audition?

  • AshleyKaye Salinas

    Looks like Phil of the future

  • McKayla Woods
    McKayla Woods Day ago

    Just learned from the comments a few seconds ago that they are no longer together and she is dating luke hemmings... WTF WHEN AND WHYYY?!?!

  • rusty nail
    rusty nail Day ago

    It's like they are snowflakes on the verge of melting.

  • hoan vu
    hoan vu Day ago

    2018, are they still together?????

  • Erke Kovács
    Erke Kovács 2 days ago


  • Danny Walls Pratt
    Danny Walls Pratt 2 days ago

    They were great. and I'd fuck her too. so there's that

  • Lu Sando
    Lu Sando 2 days ago

    whyyyy the broke up mannn?😭they were sooo beautiful together

  • Trucker Baty
    Trucker Baty 3 days ago

    They are horrible

  • dysmissme
    dysmissme 3 days ago

    Damn they’re so young!
    21 and 22

  • nella bruna
    nella bruna 5 days ago

    merci pour les sous- titres, je les adore

  • ELSGaming
    ELSGaming 5 days ago

    *good save*

  • Diário da Celly
    Diário da Celly 6 days ago

    Assita é não esqueça o Like!

  • Monae Williams
    Monae Williams 7 days ago +3

    I can see why they broke up now after going through Sierra’s (2018) Insta page. She’s completely changed. She doesn’t even look the same. Looks like she got her lips filled and botched up. Sad really.... her and Alex was the best together... idk who she is now :( she seemed so real here and now she seems fake. I was so in love with Alex&Sierra when they were on XFactor kinda sad to see how people change.

    • Grace Rapula
      Grace Rapula 3 days ago

      True. I love how raw she was here and that's what made them beautiful. Oh well 💔

  • Mungs Horam
    Mungs Horam 7 days ago

    I love the way u r together please don't break up

  • michelle garcia
    michelle garcia 7 days ago


  • Mark Laurent
    Mark Laurent 7 days ago

    Still wishing Simon had not stopped them. I totally wanted to see the end of the song!

  • love _bozz
    love _bozz 7 days ago

    Little do you know

  • Kunal M
    Kunal M 8 days ago +1

    I cringed a lot 🙉

  • duke49 duke49
    duke49 duke49 8 days ago +1

    Did everybody think that Alex & Sierra beautiful or am I in a class by myself can I get an amen

  • Ella Ekendahl
    Ella Ekendahl 9 days ago +1

    They copied Melanie Martinez cover!! I'm sooo upset):

    • jinseul
      jinseul 7 days ago

      hm no, they didn't

  • Belu JiMe
    Belu JiMe 9 days ago

    Gracias por hacerme llorar de amor 😭😭😭 siempre que ve este video pienso es magia tal como lo dice Lovato ❤️

  • Abi Assi Raymond
    Abi Assi Raymond 10 days ago +1

    they sing really good but the girl was annoying af

  • Jana Amr
    Jana Amr 10 days ago

    I teared💔

  • Jéssyca Maraiza
    Jéssyca Maraiza 11 days ago

    Que versão maravilhosa!!! Amei.

  • Shahani Braga
    Shahani Braga 12 days ago

    Lmao another indie sounding voice 😂

  • johana
    johana 12 days ago

    shes cute

  • Brainz
    Brainz 14 days ago

    he reminds me of jim from the office

  • bubgum00
    bubgum00 14 days ago

    You guys need to get back together.

  • Man Koilher
    Man Koilher 14 days ago


  • wayne gilbert
    wayne gilbert 14 days ago

    All I got to say is what a lucky man look at that beautiful women are you kidding wow!!!

  • Lexipretty GT
    Lexipretty GT 15 days ago

    Alex and Sierra, go away luke.

  • Ayse Nacar
    Ayse Nacar 16 days ago +1

    She's dating with Luke Hemmings now.

  • fabrizio bizzi
    fabrizio bizzi 16 days ago


  • MORRIS6161
    MORRIS6161 16 days ago

    I feel like she may have issues'

  • Lauren Downs
    Lauren Downs 17 days ago

    she’s dating luke hemmings now so sister is WINNING

  • Irene Cvietkovich
    Irene Cvietkovich 18 days ago

    They sound great

  • David Hill
    David Hill 18 days ago

    I wish X Factor USA is still on the air. I’m fed up with The Voice. Bring back The X Factor USA.

  • Angel A
    Angel A 19 days ago +1

    I wanted to hear more 👌🏽

  • Samy Elmeskini
    Samy Elmeskini 20 days ago +1

    This version is by melanie martinez

  • RaVoK.
    RaVoK. 20 days ago

    Too much fuckin show off. But love ya voice

  • Gn5uhtj E 4hn4h
    Gn5uhtj E 4hn4h 20 days ago +1

    They copied melanie martinez

  • dennis c
    dennis c 20 days ago

    This Version blows away Brittany Spears version

  • Florrie McCarthy
    Florrie McCarthy 22 days ago

    pretty obvious they were gonna break up. hes kinda creepy

    TH3SULK 22 days ago

    A bit behind comments on this but, how f*cking much do they love each other? And they ain't too bad either... You ever get lost girl, I'm here!

    • Stay-C
      Stay-C 21 day ago

      They are no longer together.

  • oldnikonian
    oldnikonian 22 days ago

    Who is that blonde judge in the red?

  • James Makar
    James Makar 23 days ago

    At 4:21 the wife is yelling at her husband to stand up.....thats REAL WORLD love. lol

  • stan infinite
    stan infinite 23 days ago

    she's so cute im in love with her luke im sorry

  • ego 256228
    ego 256228 23 days ago

    How fast "ur my favorite person in the world" changes

  • xbrxken souls
    xbrxken souls 23 days ago

    They copied melanie's version of the song. Can't believe the judges let it slide.

  • Andualem Assefa
    Andualem Assefa 24 days ago

    They were not only art but love inspirations!

  • Flexnation TV
    Flexnation TV 24 days ago

    Same awesome performance. Click here to watch more.

  • e L L
    e L L 24 days ago

    50 is the new 20.

  • Baba D
    Baba D 24 days ago

    Alex and Sierra

  • AntiSocial Misfits
    AntiSocial Misfits 24 days ago

    *The dude.. his voice in the back..*
    *Made this so much better for me..*

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 25 days ago

    WHy people breakup??

  • Nik Mistry
    Nik Mistry 25 days ago

    Who's single here?😂😂

  • Airam Oh
    Airam Oh 25 days ago

    I’m still thinking what they will feel if they watched this audition of theirs, now that they’re not together.. 💔

  • peter haitch
    peter haitch 25 days ago

    why did he stop the song - damm u simon, this is by far the best duet ive ever seen/heard and only just saw it , tx youtube for the suggestion !!

  • Kunal Vats
    Kunal Vats 26 days ago +1

    Who's watching this with me in 2019?

  • Luis Fernando Yepez Silva

    X factor has not comments about Anton Stephan.And what about of the rights of the public?

  • dani899067
    dani899067 26 days ago

    I love the show the X Factor is such a great show to watch on You Tube

  • RpdrDrugAddict Oh honey

    *checks their instas*
    *turns out their not together anymore*

  • Vicent Tigre
    Vicent Tigre 27 days ago


  • Dynamita s
    Dynamita s 27 days ago


  • lolove yass
    lolove yass 27 days ago

    2018? im crying😭

  • Georgie Fisher
    Georgie Fisher 28 days ago

    Omg Luke was 17 when they did this

  • Madi Ignacia
    Madi Ignacia 28 days ago

    Two couples named Alex and Sierra. They are so cute. I love seeing love
    Edit: I found out they broke up

    J C MARTE 28 days ago

    Damn, really wish he let em finish, they were on roll

  • edda lovisa
    edda lovisa 29 days ago

    whos here after they broke up

  • Valyn Khoo
    Valyn Khoo 29 days ago

    And now they broke up :(

  • Theazy Hunnit
    Theazy Hunnit 29 days ago

    Damn she’s super hot

  • Kai
    Kai 29 days ago

    I think I re watch this every month lol

  • Poppy Barber
    Poppy Barber Month ago +1

    The fact that Sierra dates Luke now fucks me up

  • Robert Maile
    Robert Maile Month ago

    Who else just saying #goals

  • Maddie Everett
    Maddie Everett Month ago

    Y’all here commenting how you don’t like Luke her new bf. Like she is happy.

  • Diogo Amaral
    Diogo Amaral Month ago

    Meu Deus eu shippo demais kkll❤

  • Xerious_
    Xerious_ Month ago


  • MichaelIsADickToLuke backup

    *"you're really in love aren't you"*
    Little did she know she'd be dating Luke Hemmings

  • Cindy Victoria
    Cindy Victoria Month ago

    They highkey blew up I mean we been knew

  • Rossi
    Rossi Month ago +1

    They broke up.

  • Jose Alvarenga
    Jose Alvarenga Month ago

    Who thinks its sad that they broke up 🙌😞

  • Phan.Ryden.Destiel
    Phan.Ryden.Destiel Month ago

    not original. you shouldn't have won.

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg Month ago

    Sierra is HOT!!! Wow what a lucky guy that dude is.

  • Mr Beasrt
    Mr Beasrt Month ago

    💘Please subscribe💘

  • John McNabb
    John McNabb Month ago

    lucky bastard

  • K Leshea
    K Leshea Month ago

    she kinda sound like amy winehouse

  • Lilia Jimenez
    Lilia Jimenez Month ago

    Se defecan durisisisisisiimo. pd:en la leche

  • Vasco Costa
    Vasco Costa Month ago

    I get pissed that they didn't get to finish this song!

  • JS Neto
    JS Neto Month ago


  • Mert Emek
    Mert Emek Month ago


  • Faith Galindo
    Faith Galindo Month ago

    Oof I wonder what luke thinks

  • Ashna Vora
    Ashna Vora Month ago +1

    You're the one that I want

  • Timothy Lashes
    Timothy Lashes Month ago

    I love how they did this one but did anyone ever notice that its almost just like the version that Glee did at the beginning of their version? 😉

  • Bea Badjar
    Bea Badjar Month ago

    You don't have to tell people that.😂