Lessons from a Grandfather | Jacques Pépin | Food & Wine Classic in Aspen 2018

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
  • At the 2018 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Chef Jaques Pépin, along with his daughter Claudine, prepares his version of a casual lunch including pan-seared Arctic Char, Deviled Eggs with Caviar, and sautéed Spinach with Croutons.
    Chef Jaques Pépin’s latest book:
    A Grandfather's Lessons: In the Kitchen with Shorey
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Comments • 15

  • felipe castellon
    felipe castellon 4 days ago

    I love Jaques Pepin but his daughter is extremely annoying and stepping all over his toes.

  • Jefferson Martin
    Jefferson Martin 20 days ago +1

    Where was the lesson from the grandfather?

    • P Donahue
      P Donahue 12 days ago

      ? I believe all of it. Cooking the fish skin side down and covered, without turning.... making a simple sauce from just a fresh tomato...butter roses....all of the egg tips....

  • queenmargot94
    queenmargot94 22 days ago

    He is amazing 😉 and every time I watch his video game I learn something new. Thank you, 👨‍🍳!

  • P A
    P A 2 months ago

    Even God needs to learn cooking from Sir J.P.
    What a joy to see Papa and daughter cooking. He's the Legend of Legends. Thank you Food&Wine and Kitchen Aid, for bringing this to us. Love you Sir

  • Val McAndrews
    Val McAndrews 2 months ago +2

    That daughter is as insufferable as ever - dumbbell

    • WastrelWay
      WastrelWay 5 hours ago

      I think she has some cooking knowledge (how could she not?) and they work together with some entertaining banter. Her face is a Bozo clown face, and maybe that's what bothers you.

  • uh oh whoops
    uh oh whoops 4 months ago +3

    Shut the hell up Claudine! Way too much talking... just let the man cook!

  • ColonialDagger
    ColonialDagger 4 months ago +3

    > Sponsored by Kitchen Aid
    Claudine: This Kitchen Aid (Food Processor) is perfect!
    Jacques: Yeah, ok...

  • Wateringman
    Wateringman 5 months ago

    NO FRAKKING WAY!!!! AHHH! 😮 This is not just a regular chef...this is JACQUES PEPIN!!! THE GOD!!! 😫
    He did not touch the Salmon roe with a metal spoon! The camera had to lie! 😟
    Black Sturgeon caviar roe comes in metal tins that are laminated, so the metal will not come in contact with the eggs. Spoons are to be made of an inert material such as mother of pearl, plastic, bone, etc...BUT NEVER METAL SHOULD TOUCH THE EGGS. This prevents a chance of a metal imparting a metallic taste to the caviar. Whether is Sturgeon or Salmon is irrelevant
    This is tradition...this is technique...this is high end cuisine dogma. And Jacques Pepin is the altar.
    And the tomatoes...he cut the top green off; instead of coring it, and left the bottom green on. And it was not skinned! Who cares if it is pureed. It is still high end technique and it was broken. Oh my god!! Anyone else I would not have cared. But Jacques Pepin!? My heart aches. My mind is shocked. My spirit is in turmoil. This is not possible. 😩😰
    Beautiful recipe. Wonderful banter between him and his daughter. But my soul is despondent.....😭😪

    • Wateringman
      Wateringman 4 months ago

      @Niftynorm1 Jacques Pepin himself has taught about this for years. I have followed him for decades, and consider him very special. Amazing that you only have the ability to insult, and not provide a decently intelligent remark.

    • Niftynorm1
      Niftynorm1 4 months ago +2

      Try hard to not be a know it all butt head. Try enjoying the video .

  • J W
    J W 5 months ago +1

    Jacques Pepin... I feel your pain.

  • selenia Rivas Sharma
    selenia Rivas Sharma 6 months ago +4

    I enjoyed Claudine a lot this time. She is very entertaining and on spot. You can tell she is a pro in the kitchen. Love it. thanks

  • MC Pick
    MC Pick 7 months ago +5

    Great interaction between Chef Pepin and his daughter, thanks!