We Quit Sugar For A Month, Here's What Happened

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
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Comments • 24 714

  • Vinicius RDLP
    Vinicius RDLP 6 hours ago

    This guy is funny.

  • Aaron Rodriguez
    Aaron Rodriguez 20 hours ago

    I could not watch the whole video, your voice is kinda annoying. Lol!!!
    Who wants to live forever anyway XD

  • Thales Nemo
    Thales Nemo Day ago

    There is absolutely no need for any carbohydrates in human diet! No grains , no potatoes,no fruits and no added sugars!

  • X averius
    X averius Day ago

    Live your life the way you want. You decide what is worth your time.

  • Alex Fraser
    Alex Fraser Day ago

    Enjoyable vid. Good news 100% chocolate exists, certainly in UK. A quick Google gives US sources. It's not sweet but packs a chocolate punch.100% Cocoa is sugar free, gluten free, soya free and dairy free. @Inefable Theo: excellent points regarding different kinds of sugars..

  • Windar
    Windar Day ago

    good job, you woke up my dog in the very first 3 sec. dislike. ignorelist.

  • Emilia Berndtsson

    Omg you are te man from Bright side🤩🤩

  • Jessica Torres
    Jessica Torres Day ago

    So just stay away from added sugar?

  • Jasmine Griffin
    Jasmine Griffin Day ago


  • Anju Godinez
    Anju Godinez 2 days ago

    Once you said System of a Down, I liked the video 😂

  • Blaine Cameron
    Blaine Cameron 2 days ago

    Pretty humorous video. Another one, try eating food that doesn’t have corn starch in it. I have a corn allergy and was surprised to see how many different food products contain cornstarch or other corn derivatives in it. BTW your baby is super adorable. I can’t wait to see what her sense of humor is going to be like in 12 years. Blessings to you and your family. BC

  • CitizenJ1
    CitizenJ1 2 days ago

    Hilarious! Subscribed

  • Lunadish
    Lunadish 2 days ago

    System of a Down song *Dead 😂 *

  • Si mon
    Si mon 2 days ago

    i find it astounding we live in a society where not eating food with added sugar is labelled "extreme"

  • Benjamin Sutton
    Benjamin Sutton 2 days ago

    3 pounds in a month? you didn't quit sugar. You quit "added" sugar and replaced it with tons of processed carbs.. Which are sugar. Great job morons lol

  • babbisp1
    babbisp1 2 days ago

    3:16 in what world is that a waffle?

  • Nova N
    Nova N 2 days ago

    we may of already downloaded our countenance onto a computer

  • OliverfromDenmark
    OliverfromDenmark 3 days ago

    I've carried on for a little over a month now and it's still quite hard. I crave sugar just as much as the first week. The headaches are gone tho.

  • Yv Kishna
    Yv Kishna 3 days ago

    This is my dillema for life, healthier or enjoying my fav foods and snacks

  • Knight aliraqi
    Knight aliraqi 3 days ago

    Less than 2 minutes and I subscribed 🤣🤣

  • Jim Newberry, Sr.
    Jim Newberry, Sr. 3 days ago

    Eight days of no sugar= no appetite.

  • Stumpguy
    Stumpguy 3 days ago +1

    buy a bigger shirt

  • MostUnsavoury
    MostUnsavoury 3 days ago

    No sugar equals extra bum gas for me :(

  • Danny McCune
    Danny McCune 3 days ago

    Compared to high fructose corn syrup, sugar is health food.

  • Neil Crowe
    Neil Crowe 3 days ago

    Why go back

  • Aiah Zohar
    Aiah Zohar 3 days ago

    Replace the eagle with a baby.

  • Isosceles Kramer
    Isosceles Kramer 3 days ago

    The sugar I consume is tied up in fruit, veggies and the occasional dose of rice. And chocolate two or three times a year.
    For the same reasons you are ADDing here.

  • Astral Power
    Astral Power 4 days ago

    It's fine. I did keto for a month - this is nothing before my new powers.

  • Welsh 123
    Welsh 123 4 days ago

    What an annoying idiot

  • Joel Rankin
    Joel Rankin 4 days ago


  • Alex ia
    Alex ia 4 days ago

    Same same, new here. This was a hilarious info vid...will check out other vids on this channel.

  • John Powers
    John Powers 4 days ago

    Nice job guys. Entertaining too. Once you know where added sugars and bad carbs (wheat flour) hide, you automatically avoid a lot of foods.

  • Yank  ee
    Yank ee 4 days ago +1

    No get that stupid ring out of your nose.

  • laura
    laura 4 days ago

    subscribed bc of your mom

  • renee smith
    renee smith 4 days ago

    Why was the mom scrolling like that lmao!!!

  • Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones 4 days ago

    Yes!! Even apples taste sickly sweet,so glad i did the no sugar 2 months and feel better!!!and won't go back,for my family its not any incovience as i have always made lunches,dinners and breakfast,i find the dishes a pain lol!!

  • Jack McKenna
    Jack McKenna 4 days ago

    sounds a lot like quitting weed. Grumpy at first, then you feel better, then realize the world hasn't changed and you have not become a superhero, so you start back up and it's less for a while, then eventually back to normal consumption levels.

    • Yank  ee
      Yank ee 4 days ago

      Tough shit. That's your problem. I quit smoking thirty years ago, and alcohol about twenty years ago. ...Don't miss either one and never experienced any withdrawal. There's no such thing as actual physical withdrawal. It's all what one anticpates.

  • Randy Earles
    Randy Earles 4 days ago

    good video. easy to cut down , hard to quit altogether.

  • NOE3ON
    NOE3ON 4 days ago

    I quit sugar on Dec 30th. With no other change in diet Ive lost 30 pounds, my BP went from 168/118 to 128/78, my cholesterol stabilized, my thyroid is now normal, and body soreness as decreased significantly. Good health isnt as difficult as I had once thought.

    • NOE3ON
      NOE3ON 4 days ago

      My organ functions were pretty normal, aside from the thyroid and bp, which was surprising. I rarely drink alcohol so that may have something to do with it.
      I really just got to a point where enough was enough and try something new. I watch my caloric intake as well as minimizing carbs, it really is the best decision for me going forward. Not sure how it affects others but it's working for me.

    • Yank  ee
      Yank ee 4 days ago +1

      It's a good thing you quite when you did. If the changes in your numbers were that radical it means your liver was laboring.

  • Heather Robinson
    Heather Robinson 4 days ago

    Warning: Cutting out added sugar makes your shirt shrink. Thumbs up and open up the top button :D

    • Heather Robinson
      Heather Robinson 4 days ago

      I went a few months without sugars or excessive starches and was flabbergasted by how much weight melted off. I stopped getting hunger pains too. It definitely re-calibrated my system into not craving sugar, making sweets taste hyper sugary, and craving unprocessed foods instead. Not bad at all, definitely a systemic change occurred.
      I really dug the apples w/ PB too, and still do! Try with a sprinkle of cinnamon mon. Allowing myself a small scoop of sugar free ice cream some nights helped ease the transition (yeah processed junk but my overall diet was MUCH healthier).

  • 3ye3ye3lack3ird
    3ye3ye3lack3ird 5 days ago

    Y'all have excellently hilarious chemistry together. Bravo and kudos to your video. Super funny. Loved the it was e/i as channel 39 says, it's education and informational. But also funny as fuck. Especially when you called your wife sweet and your parents went on a binge about the sauce. Lol. 👍💖

    • Yank  ee
      Yank ee 4 days ago

      "funny as fuck." A line only a jackass would use.

  • Steve Ohler
    Steve Ohler 5 days ago +1

    I like this guy! ....... but not as much as I like sugar!

  • Jane Kaye
    Jane Kaye 5 days ago

    yer funny. that was great.

  • Thomas Swayzee
    Thomas Swayzee 5 days ago

    Your mom is awesome.

  • Dream Diction
    Dream Diction 5 days ago

    This guy behaves like a juvenile jabbering idiot.

  • becks431
    becks431 5 days ago

    Absolutely hilarious.

  • Bugsy
    Bugsy 5 days ago

    Just go vegan lol

  • 19dec1981
    19dec1981 5 days ago

    8:50 hahahahahaaaaa

  • Jimmy Arthur
    Jimmy Arthur 5 days ago

    You're wife is gorgeous. You chose the right one!

    • Yank  ee
      Yank ee 4 days ago

      First of all, she isn't gorgeous by a long shot - she's very pretty; there's a difference.I was married to two gorgeous women. They were both a pain in the ass. Don't be fooled.

  • manu de backer
    manu de backer 6 days ago

    Just did 6 weeks of keto, no sugar. Fuck keto, fuck feeling great and renewed. Why bother stay of it, it's a shitty world, shitty life, pretty soon i 'll die anyway. whatever. Nothing works.

  • XanaduXanadu
    XanaduXanadu 6 days ago

    I went through some big bad sugar withdrawals when I did a no carb diet! Oh boy was it difficult. Actually a doctor gave us a lecture once about white sugar and before humans had access to white sugar our teeth were healthier and heart disease was less. He was in Kenya when carbonated drinks started being distributed around 1960s and he said the teeth of the children went from being pure and cavity free to utterly destroyed. And growth of children seemed a bit stunted as he felt the kids drank less milk after having soda drinks but he had no numbers for that second observation. The company knew but they didn't care. Big name company.

  • Kelsey Kelsey
    Kelsey Kelsey 6 days ago +1

    I quit sugar awhile ago. Any time I start to crave it I think about how in one study 94% of rats chose sugar over cocaine, and that just says it all for me.

    • Debra Charles
      Debra Charles 3 days ago

      Kelsey Kelsey obviously the rats never had cocaine

  • Chulws
    Chulws 6 days ago

    he´s definitely back on the sugar.

  • W Tski
    W Tski 6 days ago

    My doctor told me to give up sugar a few years ago. After educating myself (and seeing lab rest results from a physical), I agreed.
    I lost fifteen pounds in almost no time (age 65) with no other changes in lifestyle. I had no idea how much sugar I was consuming. I know now.

  • Susanna
    Susanna 6 days ago +7

    I’m inspired and motivated..
    1 like is 1 week no sugar

  • duck
    duck 6 days ago

    Not sure you saved money. Usually when you try to buy healthier foods with less sugar you find that they cost more.

    • duck
      duck 4 days ago

      +Yank ee I didn't say anything cost more because it had no sugar, I said when things are said to be healthier they cost more. Companies love to charge a premium for "health" foods. And if you want to look at the cost of food on a dollar per calorie methodology you will find that vegetables are astronomically expensive given the amount of calories they contain.

    • Yank  ee
      Yank ee 4 days ago

      Vegetables cost more because they have no sugar in them? When did this happen?

  • qaximi
    qaximi 6 days ago

    Nice tatoo

  • genesis prado
    genesis prado 6 days ago

    He looks eerily like my ex....... like exactly like him. I wonder how he’s doing

    • Yank  ee
      Yank ee 4 days ago

      Call him - asshole!

  • Sevinch Orujova
    Sevinch Orujova 6 days ago

    Anybody want to hold that cute little baby Bee ? Or it is just me?

  • Hayley Felkins
    Hayley Felkins 6 days ago

    I clicked on this with half a brownie in my mouth oops

  • Eyedunno
    Eyedunno 6 days ago

    I'm basically on a no sugar diet, though I'm less anal than this. Like I'll allow a gram, maybe even 2g of added sugar in things I only eat infrequently. It might add up to 20 grams of added sugars a month, compared to probably 300-400g a DAY at my worst.
    More importantly, I allow aspartame, some sugar alcohols, and monkfruit and stevia, but in practice this mostly just means I still drink caffeine-free Diet Pepsi (though things like protein powder and gum have some sugar alcohols).

  • John Casy
    John Casy 6 days ago

    Fuck you you're funny i liked and subscribed

  • Karen Session
    Karen Session 7 days ago

    This guy is HYSTERICAL! He should do stand up! And if those were really his parents, they were funny too. :-)
    FYI...Suge Knight is in prison!

  • nathan alleyne
    nathan alleyne 7 days ago

    Why is your yogurt stored on a shelf and not in a fridge?

  • In CogNito
    In CogNito 7 days ago


  • Enrique García López

    I've been going without sugar and anything that contains it, especially soft drinks. I'm also free of milk and bread and tortillas (true torture for a Mexican)
    This is day three. I intend to do it for two weeks and if I see good results I will complete the whole month.

  • Monsterbass
    Monsterbass 7 days ago

    WHY PUT SUGAR IN "PASTA SAUCE"?! WHY?! Disgusting!!!

  • Ramneek Lamba
    Ramneek Lamba 7 days ago

    Ok so wait, were you allowed to have raw sugar, as a part of natural sugar? Or not, coz it's ....sugar?

  • Marian Chriswell
    Marian Chriswell 7 days ago

    Loved this! And, those parents...hilarious!

  • Josie Pinkston
    Josie Pinkston 7 days ago

    First video I ever watched and I had to subscribe. This is EXACTLY my type of humor.

  • kay coon
    kay coon 7 days ago

    stop drinking soda for a month depression went away

    • Yank  ee
      Yank ee 4 days ago

      So you can only wonder what drugs (any drug - even weed) is doing to people. Yeah, go ahead, somebody tell me how weed relaxes you and how your grandmother smoked it for eighty-three years. Keep bullshitting yourself.

  • YogiB
    YogiB 7 days ago +3

    I just use Stevia in my tea. It slowly grows on u.

  • Very Doge
    Very Doge 8 days ago

    I did this a while back. It quite literally is a psychological battle with yourself.
    I stopped my habit of drinking soda for lunch was, "IT literally tastes the same as it did 10 years ago. You're not missing out on anything." I only eat unhealthy food like twice a month. It eventually just feels like the norm.
    BUT IT SUCKS THOUGH, cause literally everything you once liked now tastes like overly sweet mess and you feel like scavenging for water. Chocolate Cake is the worst now lol

  • Susan Whitney
    Susan Whitney 8 days ago

    First time viewer...gonna become a habit!

  • Karen LaRosa
    Karen LaRosa 8 days ago

    Hey,....WheezyWaiter,. you might want to let people know about Palm Oil as well......it's in a LOT of things too!! Check your labels,.....any form of it, & you'll find it for sure!!
    The companies & farmers are destroying the rain forests, which is wiping out Orangutans, & a lot of other animals in the process!! PLUS it's horrible for our bodies to ingest. Just FYI.

  • Karen LaRosa
    Karen LaRosa 8 days ago

    P.S.,....loved the clip with your parent's,....how hilarious!!!!

  • Karen LaRosa
    Karen LaRosa 8 days ago

    This was a great 11:44 video!! An eye-opener for sure!! My 1st WheezyWaiter video!!
    Thanks!!! This was well done, plus, it was quite funny!! LOVED IT!!! Keep up the videos!!
    Maybe this will help a LOT of us who should get off sugar entirely, OR teach us to look at the labels better!! YES, why DO ALL the manufacturers put sugar & all the other sweet things in OUR FOOD???
    Maybe we should start a revolution about getting the sugary stuff out of our foods!!!
    We'd have less obesity, less diabetics, & a healthier nation!!

  • Monte Cristo Morillo

    super cute baby! 😊

  • Jake R
    Jake R 8 days ago

    Healthier in the long run to reduce added sugar intake (by a lot), rather than trying to cut it out completely.

  • nspencer257
    nspencer257 8 days ago

    You have the most supportive parents ever ha ha!

  • Mein bhi Topper
    Mein bhi Topper 8 days ago

    8:11 I really feel bad for the baby. Look at her

  • rach rach
    rach rach 8 days ago

    DADY FOR 2019

  • rach rach
    rach rach 8 days ago

    this beard is taken design

  • Tarik Gradascevic
    Tarik Gradascevic 8 days ago

    Good video, putting it in my favs to show to the wife. We'd definitely benefit doing it.
    And your parents are rocking it.

  • Janini 123
    Janini 123 8 days ago

    I still dont get the rules. If a product, for example tomate sauce has the ingredients „Tomatoes, Salt“, but in the nutrition information, there is sugar. Is that sugar free? Cause the same amount of sugar would be in tomatoes if i made the sauce myself, right? But with the apple juice, it seems like the same thing, but that was not allowed.

  • Juan Lobos Martin
    Juan Lobos Martin 8 days ago

    I and my wife stop to drink soda, after that we stop to eat sugar, one month later was impossible to us drink soda... But we drink, water, green tea (without sugar), Black coffee (without sugar)... And we eat chocolate, a lot of chocolate 85-100% Pacari. I can not eat a 60% chocolate bar, is too sweet... And I started to don't like sweet things, like cakes... But now I feel better.

  • Ciel_ Nadouch
    Ciel_ Nadouch 8 days ago

    Wait your daughter's name is ADA😍I love that name so much, and BTW mine is NADA💙💜💙pretty close.

  • Memenator
    Memenator 9 days ago

    I just quit salt for 12 years and counting

  • Alric_
    Alric_ 9 days ago

    I reduced me sugar intake to a minimum for a month and it really isnt hard,
    theres tons of good food that has low sugar.

  • har shiv shambhu
    har shiv shambhu 9 days ago

    Ur parents r also awesome

  • har shiv shambhu
    har shiv shambhu 9 days ago

    Man u r awesome

  • ServantoftheKing
    ServantoftheKing 9 days ago


  • ServantoftheKing
    ServantoftheKing 9 days ago

    When chyna said ok google my google home started answering the same question

  • chrnb
    chrnb 9 days ago +1

    Next time go whole plant based, with no added oils.

    • Yank  ee
      Yank ee 4 days ago

      Vegetable oils aren't hurting you, unless you're drinking them from the bottle to the tune of a quart a day.

  • Steven Delaney
    Steven Delaney 9 days ago

    You guys are the sweetest but I refuse to quit you

  • erik molina
    erik molina 9 days ago

    Badass parents

  • Swamp Yankee
    Swamp Yankee 10 days ago

    ...hell ya sugar momma! If those are your folfs I'm subscribing for that fact alone. Those two are, as my Irish friends would say, "some craic"

  • Maelficis
    Maelficis 10 days ago

    I love you videos (not seen that many YET though). I wondered if you could link some of the recipes you mentioned. Looks well tasty and I'm always on the lookout for some healthier options. Cheers, keep up the good work

  • Tank Tamer
    Tank Tamer 10 days ago

    Loved the system of a down reference

  • Candra Restu
    Candra Restu 10 days ago

    if i did not eat/drink sugar for 1 day my body became hot like fever, i often drink a cup of tea with sugar to get rid of it