Why Tacos Al Pastor Are the Perfect Bar Food | Food Skills

  • Published on Sep 11, 2017
  • Inspired by Lebanese shawarma and served with a slice of warm pineapple, tacos al pastor have become one of Mexico's most beloved street snacks. At Empellón Al Pastor, chef and owner Alex Stupak revels in the taco's complex cultural heritage. Rubbing his pork shoulder in a chile-packed adobo, and folding it an endless supply of fresh tortillas, Stupak marries the melting pot of Mexico City to the grit of the East Village at one of Empellón's most beloved outposts in NYC.
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Comments • 911

  • Boxing guru
    Boxing guru Hour ago

    Quality of the tacos look good. They get an A for effort and I can see the effort that went into creating this want to be seedy bar. Pero esta cabron, asta los tacos de “cactus” 😂 nopales are $5 😂. Definitely NOT marketing to a common taco eating customer such as we have out here in California. Tacos for us are street food not bar food but I love the concept and next time I’m in NY I’ll go check it out. Regarding the price for the tacos it think it’s just what it takes to stay in business in NY.

  • Angel Cedillo
    Angel Cedillo 3 months ago

    Respect for keeping it true to the identity of a real taco. But you messed up on the price, a taco is supposed to be cheap. Its the food of a nation, Mexico's great equalizer.

  • BMW W.
    BMW W. 4 months ago

    I love when white dudes, know a shit load about authentic mexican. And mexicans get their chones in a twist when this happens

  • bigj2637
    bigj2637 4 months ago

    "traffic light chromatography" ok bro whatever you say.

  • freewinonaradio1
    freewinonaradio1 5 months ago


  • SGO010
    SGO010 5 months ago

    So he saying if colombus did it why cant i lol

  • anonymous user
    anonymous user 7 months ago

    Drunk people aren't looking for your overpriced gourmet taco and I wouldn't go to a place that thought I was dumb enough to buy this shit.

  • Martin M
    Martin M 7 months ago

    I give this caucasian a bit of credit. Overall it looks like a pretty legit taco alpastor.

  • FieryEasy
    FieryEasy 8 months ago

    'Cee-lantro' no ty, bye bye

  • J G
    J G 9 months ago

    I respect that that man is sticking to be as authentic as possible and 5$ is crazy but it is New York and this isn't catering to the Working class demographic it's the bar scene in NYC which isn't cheap

  • Cole Friedman
    Cole Friedman 9 months ago

    ur a bar snack

  • Cristina Sanchez
    Cristina Sanchez 10 months ago

    He needs to rename his taco creation , cause is not al pastor

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez 10 months ago

    Sorry I ain't saying nothing bad about the food it's just u got it wrong , it's not just pork , it's pork mix with beef and u have to had the pineapple , dude I'm from Mexico trust me , I know

  • Carlos Salcedo
    Carlos Salcedo 10 months ago


  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez 10 months ago

    I can eat 6 tacos, Wow!! it will be like 40 bucks adding a drink and taxes.

  • A Titanium
    A Titanium 11 months ago

    5 dollars is pricey but hes a business man salsa and tacos and really good after getting drunk

  • Crancky Dancky
    Crancky Dancky 11 months ago

    Only real ones know Atlantic Boulevard in Cali

  • Crancky Dancky
    Crancky Dancky 11 months ago

    5 dollars for a taco fuck no I can get one for a dollar

  • 312vandal
    312vandal 11 months ago

    Hipster over priced bullshit.

  • ED
    ED 11 months ago

    5 is pretty steep for a taco

  • JustARandom Kid
    JustARandom Kid 11 months ago

    Making the tortillas wrong and its 5$

  • Rudy R. A.
    Rudy R. A. Year ago

    FOH with that price. $5 for one damn taco?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Rudy Straight
    Rudy Straight Year ago

    Another white man stealing another culture..smfh

  • Tlaloc
    Tlaloc Year ago

    this guy nows whatsup

  • Ubaldo Herrera
    Ubaldo Herrera Year ago

    No double tortilla??

  • snilrach
    snilrach Year ago

    I like him. He's very respectful of the history of the cuisine.

  • Jonathan Gurowsky

    Its a bar, you pay more to lounge and have a good exerience w/ others... If you don't want to pay then take your broke ass to a street vendor.

  • roger robie
    roger robie Year ago

    "you can start to extrapolate" "traffic light chromatography" bit of a tool aren't you?

  • roger robie
    roger robie Year ago

    there's no roast on that pineapple

  • Dominic Tafoya
    Dominic Tafoya Year ago

    $5 dollar tacos fuck you. There are people who sell tacos outside their homes who I can guarantee are better than this guy.

  • Draxus Magnus
    Draxus Magnus Year ago

    Watch as all the gringos try to americanize this

  • TheBebop09
    TheBebop09 Year ago

    5 dollar tacos, thats around 80 pesos. For that I could buy 3 tacos in the most expensive taqueria in Mexico or 7 tacos plus a drink in one of the many corner taco stands. They look good and apparentley have enough meat, probably taste good. Also, tacos in a bar? Usually you eat tacos after the bar, that way you get enough grease on your system to battle the drunkness and hangover the next day. No reason to go for the priciest and/or best cuts of meat, usually taqueros go for the cheapest ones and manage to give it a good flavor on the grill.

  • Eamonn
    Eamonn Year ago +1

    cant wait till my dad buys me a bar

  • Sshooter444
    Sshooter444 Year ago

    Only hipsters would pay $5 for a AL Pastor taco

  • Lincoln Strong
    Lincoln Strong Year ago

    Go to taco mix in east Harlem to get real al pastor tacos

  • peace and love
    peace and love Year ago

    This look tastey but more of an adobo Trompo pork taco from North Western Mexico than an al pastor taco from Mexico city. They are both good, and similar but different, the al pastor is superior because of the mixture of ingredientes of the marinating sauce

  • Taco House Pattaya

    Looks excellent.

  • Misheard Metal
    Misheard Metal Year ago

    Good looking food, and great taste in music.

  • A Mango
    A Mango Year ago

    Al pastor or De pastor. I have never heard anyone say al pastor before. The people around me always say De pastor.

  • mmddyyyyalphabet
    mmddyyyyalphabet Year ago

    A 5 cada taco? No mames, güey. Those better be some outta-this-world tacos for that price. They look great, but I think he's taking advantage of the fact that tacos may not be too well known in his areas, thus he can charge more since people have no frame of reference for pricing.

  • xdeadmeatx
    xdeadmeatx Year ago


  • TheEpicDuck23
    TheEpicDuck23 Year ago

    5 dollars for a taco lmao

  • 007 3
    007 3 Year ago

    5 dollars ? Esta pero bien pendejo

  • Aaron Jessome
    Aaron Jessome Year ago

    Faggot keeps saying sea-lantro

  • La flama Blanca
    La flama Blanca Year ago

    Keep the cilantro

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez Year ago

    They gentrifying tacos y'all

  • Greyson Wayne
    Greyson Wayne Year ago

    He's just cashing in...and trying to hard

  • manduheavy vazquez

    Congratulations. Greatness.

  • Sergio Velasco
    Sergio Velasco Year ago

    Pizza, Hamburgers, Tacos al pastor.
    What do they have in common apart from the obvious?
    They were made by immigrants in a new country. Sure italy has pizza, but not the pizza we all love.
    Same with Germany having the Hamburg steak but it lacks the buns.
    And for tacos al pastor, the Lebanese gave Mexico a true cuisine masterpiece.

  • Sergio Velasco
    Sergio Velasco Year ago

    5 dollars per taco, holy mess. Does it come with the cow and the pineapple tree as well?

  • Taco House Pattaya

    All the cheap charlies complaining about price....

  • The Commentator
    The Commentator Year ago

    sea lantro

  • Benjamin Llamas
    Benjamin Llamas Year ago

    this guys definitely knows his deal. congrats. very respectful to the traditional taco al pastor. cheers.

  • Reydel Sandoval
    Reydel Sandoval Year ago +1

    They spelled AL wrong. It's EL PASTOR 😂

  • Poop Master
    Poop Master Year ago

    Fuck this guy.

  • b3an3er
    b3an3er Year ago +1

    Just had some of these but half the size of the ones in the video 😂😂

    • b3an3er
      b3an3er Year ago

      Gotta love Mexico 🇲🇽 😂

  • Tom Praytor
    Tom Praytor Year ago

    how do you broke bitches think 5 dollars for a taco is a lot? yall eating trash.

  • Mario Pineda
    Mario Pineda Year ago

    Im mexican and love al pastor. Great job sir! FYI you dont need to be mexican to love al pastor.

  • PublishedRope
    PublishedRope Year ago

    Todo meco ese vato siono rasa?

  • DNCipher
    DNCipher Year ago


  • Miguel Holguin
    Miguel Holguin Year ago


  • jacasforever
    jacasforever Year ago

    those tacos are not that good


    me encantaria comer unos tacos de pastor en ese lugar 😍 .. YO MONTO TROMPOS DE PASTOR AQUI EN LA CIUDAD DE MEXICO ... !! SALUDOS ¡¡ 👍🖐

  • theblackslcmamba
    theblackslcmamba Year ago

    Hmmmm, looks bombing 🤤!!!

  • martian78
    martian78 Year ago

    My favorite tacos 🌮!!!

  • xploitedx
    xploitedx Year ago

    quit putting videos on first we feast without sean!!!

  • Wisam AC
    Wisam AC Year ago

    so basically selling a shawarma with pork instead of lamb and pineapple instead of garlic lmao AND for $5 foh


    Los de mexico son mejores

  • Calvin
    Calvin Year ago +1

    Too much money. Too big of a slice of pineapple. Too big of a tortilla it looks like. Fuck you

  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez Year ago

    Fuckin gringo

  • Mike Oglesby
    Mike Oglesby Year ago

    Damn them looked good!

  • gez239
    gez239 Year ago

    smh . . white people

  • Dead men tell no tales 1914

    Well that's warned me not to go there. Ever.

    ABBAOPAXO Year ago

    esos son unos buenos tacos

  • Cory the Dinosaur


  • Cafekun
    Cafekun Year ago

    and here i am opening a can of spam for the night.

  • Marcus Coster
    Marcus Coster Year ago

    Been in California 8 years, eaten plenty of Mexican food and Al Pastor is my favorite meat, never even heard of pineapple on a taco. Where the hell is it that this is supposedly well known?

  • Nthouse12
    Nthouse12 Year ago

    "...traffic light chromatography..."
    yup, stealing that one.

  • victor2hood
    victor2hood Year ago

    Those tacos look bomb af

  • TheFerdado
    TheFerdado Year ago

    429 donald trumps don´t like this

    SHINX Year ago

    I would pay 5 dollars for that because if something cost highly then buy it it's always worth it .

  • a979259
    a979259 Year ago +1

    Pretentious douche tricks rich white people into paying $5 a taco by faking a bad Spanish accent when he says cilantro. Smh embarrassing

  • Pygmalion Aprilis


  • Savaged Pepe
    Savaged Pepe Year ago

    Fat and lean if you know what I mean.

  • NMDA
    NMDA Year ago

    This looks so good!

  • RottedDollFace
    RottedDollFace Year ago

    I freaking love tacos al pastor, since the first bite!!

  • VoiceOfMan
    VoiceOfMan Year ago

    Wish they had shown them building the meat tower to completion. I have questions that need answers damn it.

  • young sirloin
    young sirloin Year ago

    Best tacos in nyc are sunset park area of brooklyn my personal favorite is el tenampa if you a real nigga you know about this

  • Hello
    Hello Year ago

    Got me fucked up with that nasty ass shit

  • Ricardo Alvarez
    Ricardo Alvarez Year ago

    I think that his location is the biggest contributing factor for the high price. If he leases the place he may be paying around 300k a year. Nevertheless fuck you and your 5 dollar taco. The Luniz would not have 5 on it.

  • gliese media
    gliese media Year ago

    Rich Jew kid opening up a bar with his mommy and daddy's money...

  • Connor Fisher
    Connor Fisher Year ago

    dude repping the cryptopsy shirt!

  • Clayton bigsby
    Clayton bigsby Year ago

    bullshit ass tacos..charging 5$ for a taco being greedy and shit.thats why u ain't getting no Love in this feed. change your perspective on life and quit trying to get over on people and maybe people will actually support u.

  • BeefGenocide
    BeefGenocide Year ago

    $5 a taco. Hey the way I see it if you're stupid enough to spend $5 on a taco then you deserve it.

  • DJTEDDY507
    DJTEDDY507 Year ago

    Why Gringos love Mexican food so much

  • Crooked_MX-5
    Crooked_MX-5 Year ago

    Its a fucking bar people, have you ever eaten cheap food at a bar?

  • Elykus
    Elykus Year ago

    jesus fucked christ that looks good

    DJ SOFTLOCK Year ago

    this didn't answer the title question at all, this guy just told us some taco history and jacked off about his (admittedly, super fucking dope-looking) bar for 3 minutes.
    i'd still go though.

  • KevDaSavage
    KevDaSavage Year ago

    You guys just figured out!?!?

  • B erber
    B erber Year ago

    Dude needs to chill with that $5 taco. It's actually quiet cheap to make.