St. Louis Cardinals vs. Atlanta Braves Highlights | NLDS Game 2 (2019)

  • Published on Oct 5, 2019
  • The Cardinals stunned the Braves in game 1 and have their ace Jack Flaherty on the mound for game 2. The Braves will call on Mike Foltynewicz and look to tie the series at one a piece.
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Comments • 12

  • TrueRGM
    TrueRGM  11 days ago +14

    I will be making highlights for every single postseason game, subscribe to follow along!

  • colin0622
    colin0622 11 days ago

    Where's Matt Carpenter?

    • TrueRGM
      TrueRGM  11 days ago

      Edman has been playing better

  • Josh Rhode
    Josh Rhode 11 days ago +2

    We did all that on flaherty which is the cards best pitcher. We shut out the cards with jack flaherity pitching. We good guys. #CHOP ON

  • CoolCat 33
    CoolCat 33 11 days ago +9

    Well we lost the game we were supposed to win and won the game we were supposed to lose. Now we have Soroka for game 3. Taking a 2-1 series lead would be huge.

  • Bob Steiner
    Bob Steiner 11 days ago +5

    I was there... great experience chop on

    • tomitstube
      tomitstube 11 days ago

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    • Jim Web
      Jim Web 11 days ago

      @tomitstube woah that's really toxic

    • tomitstube
      tomitstube 11 days ago

      how about stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

  • Cookie_ ninja500
    Cookie_ ninja500 11 days ago +16

    Needed this. Especially against the cards ace. Great job by folty and Duvall was clutch. If the Braves play their game, the Cardinals are not good enough to win this series.#Chopon #Relentless