Jacques Pepin Reacts To My Omelet Video !


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  • dohnjoe706
    dohnjoe706 11 days ago +3309

    This reply from Jacques has made my day... I can't imagine how you feel! Both of you, keep up the amazing work.

    • pappafrito
      pappafrito 7 days ago

      Very awesome! Great job!

    • yamaksy
      yamaksy 8 days ago +1

      U r the only one! Watch his series and u will comprehend our euphoria! Pepin is a humble GOD! Extremely hard working. Never wasting food. Impressive imagination and in the same time - incredible discipline to keep the old tradition of classical French cuisine alive! He is an international treasure!

    • Halil Şen
      Halil Şen 9 days ago

      I cannot be the only one getting the snobby and belittling wibe..

    • Caieja Hassan
      Caieja Hassan 9 days ago


      NINA STAR 10 days ago

      wow, perfect

  • Nic Dale
    Nic Dale 3 hours ago

    Look forward to your chicken boning video @AlexFrenchGuyCooking. The gauntlet has been thrown down!!

  • DigitalBlank
    DigitalBlank 12 hours ago

    wait, you've been on TV alex?

  • candyj522
    candyj522 21 hour ago


  • getliquified
    getliquified Day ago

    A response from the Legend is the greatest honor. O_O

  • Raver Magik
    Raver Magik Day ago

    Oh no.... lol he said now you need to make bone marrow chicken.... I think you have a new mentor.. Would love to that.

  • Embecmom
    Embecmom Day ago

    I used to watch Jacques back in the 90s on US TV and bought two wonderful books that helped me understand cooking so much more... wonderful chef and nice to see him again.

  • TheKamoteKing
    TheKamoteKing Day ago

    I love that Jacques not only congratulated your success, but threw down the gauntlet - time to buy some chickens!

  • saggydogs
    saggydogs Day ago


  • Maurice Martinez
    Maurice Martinez 2 days ago

    Damn dude, you definitely need your own PBS special. I watch Jacque on PBS and many others like you on TVclip and I keep on learning.

  • Justin Doan
    Justin Doan 2 days ago


  • legion999
    legion999 3 days ago

    I liked Pepin's cooking show, very classy

  • Ivelina Simeonova
    Ivelina Simeonova 3 days ago

    Go to hell Jacques Pepin

  • Allan Stokes
    Allan Stokes 3 days ago

    This could only be improved by a clip of Jacques seated at his iPad, biting his knuckle while studying Alex mass produce ramen noodles, before jumping on his bicycle for a quick trip to the French cooking store to procure a pair of basic-black ramen noodle nylon kneading socks.
    Monogrammed noodle socks could be a big xmas winner, Alex. You're famous now. Just remember-you heard it here, first.

  • Ivelina Simeonova
    Ivelina Simeonova 3 days ago

    Does he react Alex?

  • Teknics
    Teknics 3 days ago

    He's challenged you to a chicken dish...

  • Tarok nath
    Tarok nath 3 days ago

    wow !

  • grape ape
    grape ape 4 days ago

    This is amazing!

  • Chris L. Robinson
    Chris L. Robinson 4 days ago

    ROFL! Great job, Alex! Funny because I watched your omelet video, it reminded me of Pepin, I looked him up and saw him debone a chicken, something that I've wanted to do for twenty years. On Sunday, I finally did it! Your turn!

  • ddoyle11
    ddoyle11 4 days ago


  • Craig Nevermind
    Craig Nevermind 4 days ago

    Thanks to both of you for speaking English, so more people can understand you. Two French guys speaking English.

  • Craig Nevermind
    Craig Nevermind 4 days ago

    I always giggle when I remember Jacques saying on one of his videos: "hello, today I'm in the chicken.......chicken? No, the kitchen!" 😄😄 it was funny.
    I still can't bone a chicken like he can.

  • Craig Nevermind
    Craig Nevermind 4 days ago

    Do you know just how big of a compliment that is, Alex?
    I'm sure you do. Congratulations, well deserved.

  • Primal Survival
    Primal Survival 4 days ago

    With a challenge! Let’s see that chicken deboned.

  • Nancy Levin
    Nancy Levin 4 days ago

    How exciting to get Jacques Pepin to comment on your cooking,,,,good work Alex,,,keep the videos coming,,,

  • luhemapo
    luhemapo 4 days ago

    That's amazing mate keep it up!

  • Thomas Cameron
    Thomas Cameron 5 days ago

    He told you what to make next!! you have to do it!

  • michael fosbrook
    michael fosbrook 5 days ago

    Alex congratulations,that is an honor not anyone could even dream of however,I find myself rather sad, did you catch my request/idea for a new ramen addiction episode? If not, it's on your perfect soft-boiled egg video, free ideas that make money are always helpful, and I would love a deeper look on the matter, of course I realize alot is subjective but I follow your word religiously, please continue the series with a deeper look into the soft-boiled egg for ramen specifically! Salut!

  • fortheloveofchocolat

    I'm so happy for you Alex. WOW!!

  • Steve Washington
    Steve Washington 5 days ago

    Completely awesome Alex!

  • T. Meriadoc
    T. Meriadoc 5 days ago

    This is so sweet what a great man

  • NutritionalZero
    NutritionalZero 5 days ago

    C'est super mignon, omg

  • 5argeTech /\
    5argeTech /\ 5 days ago

    The master has spoken. Wow got to love that.

  • Cheeto Ayon
    Cheeto Ayon 5 days ago

    ohh shiiiet! This is amazing!

  • laladie999
    laladie999 6 days ago


  • jocax188723
    jocax188723 6 days ago

    So...has Alex stopped bouncing off the walls squealing yet?

  • Rachel Rausch Johnson

    So Cool!!!

  • Lisa Moore
    Lisa Moore 6 days ago


  • J374338
    J374338 6 days ago

    This is a "Sensei notice me" moment
    You must've felt that intrinsic reward

  • Roman Klein
    Roman Klein 6 days ago

    DID you hear what He said DID YOU HEAR what the man himself said at the end of the Video NEXT is to bone out a CHICKEN you need to do this it id destiny

  • Joenar Bronarsson
    Joenar Bronarsson 7 days ago

    Solid work bud.

  • Timothy Mckee
    Timothy Mckee 7 days ago

    Jacques is a classy guy.

  • daniel wijaya
    daniel wijaya 7 days ago


  • burlymugg
    burlymugg 7 days ago

    YESSSSSSS he saw it!

  • Nikolay Kanelov
    Nikolay Kanelov 7 days ago

    *Pepin, you are drunk, go home*

  • The Graceful Savage
    The Graceful Savage 7 days ago

    Alex, Im waiting for your video about boning out a chicken....

  • vuel987
    vuel987 7 days ago

    what are we doing to the chicken?

  • Joydeep Bardhan
    Joydeep Bardhan 7 days ago

    "next is to bone out of chicken" + That specific smile = Mr. Miyagi moment :)

  • Alper Erbasi
    Alper Erbasi 7 days ago

    Congratulations man! You make cooking easy to understand for people like me. And even without cooking part it's really enjoyable to watch. Greetings and respect from Turkey.

  • Taylor Cavale
    Taylor Cavale 7 days ago

    Don't stop until he visits your studio!

  • Alexis petitprez
    Alexis petitprez 8 days ago

    Génial !

  • mark2500
    mark2500 8 days ago

    It was actually the slow motion hairflip that did the trick.

  • Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe Schroeder 8 days ago

    Congratulations! This is quite an achievement! Personally I don't like Omelettes, but I do know it's not easy to make a traditional french one.

  • enrique kahn
    enrique kahn 8 days ago

    Senpai noticed you

  • boycy69
    boycy69 8 days ago

    Well deserved! What a great guy.

  • Abdoul Aziz Nafiou Mourtala

    yata mafita

  • Mikakester
    Mikakester 8 days ago

    Jaques is literally my idol this is amazing.

  • Arti For'Chok
    Arti For'Chok 8 days ago

    Because you deserve it… Therefore you can be proud, and respectful. But now… new challenge !

  • Marc Right
    Marc Right 8 days ago

    You and Mr. Pepin are educational and classy chefs!

  • Leah Laushway
    Leah Laushway 8 days ago

    Notice me, senpai! 😂

  • Andy Bihlmaier
    Andy Bihlmaier 8 days ago

    he is my all time favorite chef. Must be stoked!

  • Call me Meili
    Call me Meili 8 days ago


  • CptShiba
    CptShiba 8 days ago

    Alex + Pepin collab incoming? The new Jamie + Gennaro? One can dream

  • Pauline House
    Pauline House 8 days ago

    I teared up thinking how happy this must have made you. I admire Chef Pepin for his work, his excellence as a chef and just his overall lovely style of friendliness and good humor. Amazing to be complimented in such a way.

  • Crypto Cannibal
    Crypto Cannibal 8 days ago

    How nice of him to say. Keep up the good work! I enjoy your channel

  • Pam Fridell
    Pam Fridell 8 days ago

    wow! what a testimony for you Alex! congratulations! i'd be on cloud nine too.

  • Marissa Goettling
    Marissa Goettling 8 days ago

    This makes me so happy for both of you and all of us! Thank you both!! Perfectly stated reply, you are one slick genius in the kitchen, Alex!!

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    من شكلك الضهر انك مصري

  • المصمم بلكي نسسونا

    ولله ما فهمت شي بس على كيفك😂😂🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

  • New England Gardening

    WOW What an honor to be congratulated by Jacques Pepin. Still like to watch episodes of Jacques Pepin and Julia Child when I happen across one on TV.

  • Ridwan Khan
    Ridwan Khan 8 days ago

    Sounds like the legendary Chef Gusteau

  • MalleusSemperVictor
    MalleusSemperVictor 8 days ago

    A good omelette is a heavy omelette. It is the only way.

  • Ben Redder
    Ben Redder 8 days ago

    Yessssssssss way to go dude

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature 9 days ago

    So, now that you two have cross-pollenated, when can we expect the babies?

  • LaLaLaAllDayLong
    LaLaLaAllDayLong 9 days ago

    Oh my goodness soooooo adorable

  • verdatum
    verdatum 9 days ago

    I friggin' grew up with this guy. This is so cool.

  • Bipolar Bettas
    Bipolar Bettas 9 days ago

    Can’t believe he’s still kickin

  • David Slone
    David Slone 9 days ago +1

    Mazel tov!

  • The Eating Annoyance


  • good guy
    good guy 9 days ago

    I watch Pepin, On pbs great show

  • P W
    P W 9 days ago

    How can you not adore this man?

  • Paul Ansick
    Paul Ansick 9 days ago

    I wonder if you're going to take him up on the challenge and bone out a chicken

  • Mathew Taylor
    Mathew Taylor 9 days ago

    Super cool video Alex, merci d'avoir partagé!

  • Syon Reddy
    Syon Reddy 9 days ago

    Nice job man!

  • snip3r416
    snip3r416 9 days ago

    I’m so lost but awesome video

  • Dorje Dixey
    Dorje Dixey 9 days ago

    #29 trending, congrats bro

  • akindofmagick
    akindofmagick 9 days ago


  • Shannon Lambert
    Shannon Lambert 9 days ago

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (happy squeals) YAY ALEX!!! Congrats!

  • JasonS
    JasonS 9 days ago

    Congrats Alex, this is amazing!! How does this feeling compare to achieving 500k subs?

  • Garrett Norris
    Garrett Norris 9 days ago

    next up: get Binging with Babish to notice you

  • jasiel delgado
    jasiel delgado 9 days ago


  • Alan Hamilton
    Alan Hamilton 9 days ago

    I knew Alex was good when I started watching and gained about 20 pounds. Good that you've been recognized as the real deal.
    Agent 86 out

  • Lawman212
    Lawman212 9 days ago

    Share the love! Link back to Jacques social media. Make the world win-win.

  • Model Trains & Planes Channel Steam Trains too

    Go read someone' else's comment

  • KingOfHere
    KingOfHere 9 days ago

    I LOVE Jacques Pepin!

  • John Durham
    John Durham 9 days ago

    WARNING: Do not accept his challenge to 'de-bone' a chicken!!!!! I have tried to do it his way and it works....in fact, it is great. Unfortunately, Jacques does it in about 1 minute....it took me 30. When you see him do it, the years of experience that he has hits you right in the face. The challenge will NOT be to just de-bone as he does...it will be to do it as quickly and capably as he does. If you can...be proud. His techniques are well worth learning and practicing.

  • Patrick Horgan
    Patrick Horgan 9 days ago

    This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dinklenoot Gaming
    Dinklenoot Gaming 9 days ago

    I could never bone out a chicken.

  • s.m. s.m.
    s.m. s.m. 9 days ago

    Now you have to buy tons of chicken to debone :D

  • McEvoyBulldawgs
    McEvoyBulldawgs 9 days ago

    He is a legend!! Absolute icon. I would have freaked out if he reacted to my vid!