Buy a Video Card Without Getting SCREWED

  • Published on Apr 16, 2018
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    In these dark times, the mines are depleting our GPU resources. How can you still get performance without paying the mining tax?
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Comments • 4 386

  • anti/HUMAN Designs
    anti/HUMAN Designs 2 hours ago

    Well, here in Sweden, I bought my GTX 1080 for 7500 SEK, about 2 years ago, and they now sell for about 1000 SEK less, so I don't really see a problem. Sure the price could be lower, but it's lower than I bought it for when GTX 1080 were new.

  • Gamegangstertje 7
    Gamegangstertje 7 18 hours ago

    600eu for 1080

  • 0x1A3C3E7
    0x1A3C3E7 2 days ago +1

    ASIC mining replaced GPU mining years ago so the prices on GPUs today reflect the spread of ignorance and hype.

  • Jack Davies
    Jack Davies 3 days ago

    Linus: ‘Maybe it’s finally time to..’
    Me: ‘start a new scrapyard wars!’
    Linus: ‘...expand the collection’
    Me: *sigh*

  • supermarble94
    supermarble94 3 days ago

    Do you still feel good about your GPU mining videos?

  • Naurava_Pottu Peruna

    3:49 when people from NA try to cheeki breeki

  • Ryan Perrin
    Ryan Perrin 5 days ago

    Who is watching when you can get a 1080 for about $550-600?

  • Jonathan Wellington
    Jonathan Wellington 6 days ago

    you could get an AMD apu instead?

  • Al-Jonathan Domingo
    Al-Jonathan Domingo 6 days ago

    Hi Linus Tech. I'm New here. I am wondering if I can get direct tips from you. I have an old PC. What GPU that will work best on a core i5 3340 CPU and a ASrock H77 board. Thanks in advance!

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 6 days ago

    dönt förget with a new card you get less pöwer usage so at least 100 euröhs per year XD
    wanted a 470 but över? 30 percent more powR usitch ön vidöes / öffice ? nhah amd ^^
    plus the 1700 - 2900 scam ^ ^
    oh you can clock our new cpu as high as intel we just hadnt made enough möney b4 the 1700...
    next stöpp will be intel. alöne för the pads instead louzy pinz -.-

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 6 days ago

    nice 980 ti is old and doesnt even get an evga garantee anymöhr -.-
    (who bought 5 years ^ ^)
    will nöt buy anthing but evga bc of
    1 warrantea with external coolr tho youd have to backbuild?
    2 5 - 10 year warrantea
    3 tru warrantea even for ebayers
    id sea zöötägs 5 year is a chip trick ^ ^

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 6 days ago

    strange there never seems to be a shäbby ´´unrepaiRäbbel´´ nötböök shörtitch -.-
    ger webchöppe 2 asus strix 80 ti one 1150 other 850 least 200 euros möhR ^ ^

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 6 days ago

    power supplies ? why ^ ^
    i guess nön G€Rm küstömähRz ^^

  • TheMagicalCarrot
    TheMagicalCarrot 7 days ago

    as of right now a gtx 1080 costs bout a 1000 dollars in India, thanks import duty

  • Fromkin1
    Fromkin1 8 days ago

    That random fart lmaooooooo

  • Bob A. Dilla
    Bob A. Dilla 9 days ago

    cuz im also canadian

  • Bob A. Dilla
    Bob A. Dilla 9 days ago +1

    can i have one?

  • Ellimino Pea
    Ellimino Pea 10 days ago

    i bought a 1080 founders edition from a friend for 400$ because he wanted to buy some coke

  • Mike Oleksa
    Mike Oleksa 16 days ago

    Still happily running an EVGA GTX 780ti Dual Classified on my X470 mobo with a Ryzen 5 1600X.

  • Sean Korch
    Sean Korch 17 days ago

    the ad is yiay

  • Tea Kay
    Tea Kay 23 days ago

    bought a 1080 watercooled from gigabyte for €500

  • Domingo Rios
    Domingo Rios 23 days ago +1

    god damn miners. ..........

  • Seth Reign
    Seth Reign 25 days ago

    The only thing I've had trouble taking apart with the ifix toolkit is a 1k vita because the screws are just barely too far down the hole for the bit to reach it.

  • James Hall
    James Hall 26 days ago

    I have a terrible system. Amd Phenom x3 720, evga gtx 650, random gigabyte motherboard, 8 gigs of ddr2, and a 1tb hard drive. I can't play overwatch 1080p at the lowest settings smoothly and at 60 fps... LOL.

  • Jordan Robinson
    Jordan Robinson Month ago

    Managed to get an Aorus GTX 1060 6GB off Ebuyer for £300 exactly, still up there for about £320 I’d snap it up lads

  • Matthew Wolfgram
    Matthew Wolfgram Month ago

    Idk if you could call this a good deal, but I got a brand new overclocked 1080ti for around $970 that was sold and shipped by newegg from their website (it was surprisingly in stock too).

  • Sellyei
    Sellyei Month ago

    In Slovakia (Europe) 1080TIs were going for from 830€ to 950€ depending on brand and classes.
    With the crypto craze, not only they were not on stock, but their prices jumped to the heavens.
    The cheapest cards were going for 1150€ + and those were the Gainward and the lesser known brands. MSI,ASUS and others were not priced and only could be bought by pre-ordering.
    Now (16 May 2018) the prices went lower to 930€ - 1100€ but thats still a shitload of money and I dont think they will drop anytime soon.
    The sellers will keep it up there so they can milk you and then drop prices with "HUGE" discounts (to previous MSRP) because of the new cards coming our way a few months down the road.
    Its bullcrap all around.

  • CruncH
    CruncH Month ago

    but what about 4k ?

  • Joseph Melancon
    Joseph Melancon Month ago

    Wow! A wild dickbutt!

  • Matthew Hilton
    Matthew Hilton Month ago

    Gigabyte gtx 1060 6gb for only $250 usd. Only downside is no sli. Good mid tier card and plays almost anything max settings

  • Nightquaker
    Nightquaker Month ago

    Steep discount = $10-20 LUL

  • Против Глобал

    New scrapyard war, *please* !

  • Lord Zordid
    Lord Zordid Month ago

    I still have a MSI 750 TI. I really want a new GPU, but I refuse to pay a massive overprice because of this mining scourge. I wonder how long this will last and if my stubbornness wears off.

  • Lothar Scholz
    Lothar Scholz Month ago

    I thought this was about buying GPU's from chinese ebay scammers.

  • Adam Rath
    Adam Rath Month ago

    It's insane how someone can feel LUCKY for paying MSRP ($699) for a GTX 1080 TI. And having to order within minutes of stocking, before they disappear.

  • Tatsuhiro Satou
    Tatsuhiro Satou Month ago

    Well im seeing gtx 680s for over $200 us.

  • 1 Schlag Sahne
    1 Schlag Sahne Month ago

    Wow, that you Linus. I was actally about to upgrade my r9 280x toxic to an 1070 but I'm a student so my money actually hurts and than this whole mining shit. Anyway I didnt knew that you can get an 980ti for just ~400€. You saved my pocket :D

  • X TECH
    X TECH Month ago

    You have bought GPU recently with iPhone guy in China

  • Richard Morici
    Richard Morici Month ago

    Got lucky, micro center had a price match 1070ti ftw2 for 510 then returned that for a open box strix 1080 at 530 👌🏻👌🏻

  • guguigugu
    guguigugu Month ago

    fukin miners

  • Beluga Studios
    Beluga Studios Month ago

    My gpu is a potato, I have to run cities skylines at all low settings, 720p, and I get an average of 10 fps!!!!!

  • Universal Union
    Universal Union Month ago

    It's all the Miners fault, I hope they all get cancer!

  • Alexan146
    Alexan146 Month ago

    2:37 that dickbutt though

  • Zer0Sec
    Zer0Sec Month ago

    I bought a GTS 250 for £15 last week. Pretty good deal

  • noleftturnunstoned
    noleftturnunstoned Month ago

    Love memory express

  • ron shhi
    ron shhi Month ago

    is no MINERS
    is only 2 amd or gtx..
    need new gpu linus gpu :D jjhh

  • Mitzael Serna
    Mitzael Serna Month ago

    I like so much the videos when you record outside

  • Adriano Tironi
    Adriano Tironi Month ago

    Its may 3rd now and prices are fairly normal rn

  • Intro Boiz
    Intro Boiz Month ago

    I shoud've saved my 50$ for a future card but due to my haste and shit decision making i bought a fcking HD 6750 1GB that the seller said to be 4GB so i bought it and.....It crashes when i play High End Games...... Fuck i got screwed

  • Divine King
    Divine King Month ago

    Hey Linus, I have been looking for a GTX 1080 Founders edition. I found a promising seller on eBay but I am still unsure about getting "scammed". Any advice?

  • SweetyHeaven
    SweetyHeaven Month ago

    no no no no i have 7970 and i want to upgrade, impossible to play over 60fps in many games

  • John Cottrell
    John Cottrell Month ago

    Just for kicks, ever thought of testing GPUs from Geek? They're deals are too good to be true but, I always wondered what you would actually get.

  • Wolfy GT
    Wolfy GT Month ago

    J U S T B U Y L A P T O P

  • gravis778
    gravis778 Month ago

    I wish this video had come out a couple of months ago. My fan went out on my 970, and I may have killed the gpu. I just could not find anything in stock, and ended up way overpaying for a 1050, which is not as fast as my 970 was.

  • Yukterez Net
    Yukterez Net Month ago

    What budget video card to buy (or what specifications to watch out for) when looking for a GPU not for gaming, but for accelerating computations (Photoshop, Premiere, Mathematica etc)?

  • Ezequiel Meriggi
    Ezequiel Meriggi Month ago

    What about the gtx 1060 6GB? They're around 299 to 400. I think maybe you can find one at 275

  • J0nsku
    J0nsku Month ago

    Here in Finland a new gtx 1070 ti costs just over 500€

  • LimitLyss
    LimitLyss Month ago

    Tip 1: Locate the warehouse
    Tip 2: Break in and take a GPU

  • JHN Studio
    JHN Studio Month ago

    We should EMP on those Cryptocurrency Miners who are the reason for shortage on both electricity and GPUs as they buy thousands of GPU for mining >_

  • Distinct
    Distinct Month ago

    So did i get any good deal by buying a rx 580 8gb for 364 usd back in nov-dec of 2017?

  • Rob Cowie
    Rob Cowie Month ago

    Can anybody recommend a decent GPU for streaming 1080p (with a capture card from console) as an upgrade from my weak-ass r9 280? I need an upgrade, but also need to pay my mortgage. Cheers!

  • Jupet
    Jupet Month ago

    Well I can confess. Still have my old Galaxy 770 4 GB ( Purchased directly from directCanada RIP) from 2013 and my i5 2500 k from 2011 and can play every game at 1080p 60 fps at high setting.
    Now the new kicks though is 2K/4k + at 144 fps. So if that what you want. You need a faster GPU.

  • Max Gaglio
    Max Gaglio Month ago

    0:26 *soorry*

  • Dan Tech Tips
    Dan Tech Tips Month ago +1


  • Jimmeyz
    Jimmeyz Month ago

    Just managed to score a gtx 970 for $150 NZD through a Facebook listing!

  • ClectaSkiMusic
    ClectaSkiMusic Month ago

    Buy a PS4, Gaming problem solved!

  • VekiBro
    VekiBro Month ago

    0:55 Canadian rubles???

  • Dem0nflare
    Dem0nflare Month ago

    And now that he made this video all 980 are 400 min thx

  • Jamil Saleh
    Jamil Saleh Month ago

    "Yes hello I'd like to buy ur used 1080 ti pls"
    "that'll be 1400 dollars"
    "you realize that there are entire systems out there with that same card that cost less than that, right?"

  • Archaotist
    Archaotist Month ago

    RIP Gunny

  • Dai Phelion
    Dai Phelion Month ago

    Caveat emptor!

  • Flaviu H
    Flaviu H Month ago

    2 mo ago I bouth a second hand GTX 660 Ti with 60$ and runs very well. I know It's old, but light games like cs go, fortnite, pubg, gta5, rocket league etc. Runs at 60fps with medium to high settings. And I can always overclock it

  • jeremyjw
    jeremyjw Month ago

    when non-geeks ask me what video card to get
    i typically tell them to look for "last year's top-of-the-line" --
    all of the consumer-beta-testing will be finished
    the driver bugs will be fixed
    and you won't be paying brand new prices

  • ChozoSR388
    ChozoSR388 Month ago

    Jesus...I can pay my rent for two months with how much some of those cards cost...fuckin' highway robbery right there.

  • iWillWakeYouUp
    iWillWakeYouUp Month ago

    I see Linus is incorporating "them memes" to catch the youngins of today's interest.

  • Dawn Ripper
    Dawn Ripper Month ago +1


  • ibarix
    ibarix Month ago

    this video is brought to you by cryptocurrency mining shitters ;)

  • Gargie396
    Gargie396 Month ago

    So glad I got my 1080ti before this shit hit the fan.

  • phillip olsen
    phillip olsen Month ago

    i dont know why but i love the way he baits you into an ad..... love it

  • H.A.M
    H.A.M Month ago

    How much do you OHP Linus?

  • AwpWilliams
    AwpWilliams Month ago

    Of course graphics cards went up in price right when I got a job.

  • Bastet Furry
    Bastet Furry Month ago

    Well, your scrapyard budgets are way over the top anyway. Do a SYW with a budget of 100€/120US$ and you can call that a Scrapyard War, everything else is a budget that others use for a new PC.

    RAW TOPSHOT Month ago

    I had a nightmare last night...
    Linus did one of those " Will it Blend " videos with a 1080ti
    I woke abruptly in a cold sweat whilst involuntarily shouting " B#stard! "

  • Mikey Hope
    Mikey Hope Month ago

    Luckily walked into my Best Buy and walked out with a 1080 founders for 549

  • hlbatesjr
    hlbatesjr Month ago

    Why don't you sell those gpu's to your subs for a great price instead of letting them sit there on that shell collecting dust.

  • fenbekus
    fenbekus Month ago

    just buy a console

  • Linus Phillips
    Linus Phillips Month ago

    Im trying to get a Vega64 but, the struggle is real! Appreciate this video.

  • rampage335
    rampage335 Month ago

    Man i'm just stuck on whether to buy a 1080 and wait for the new gen cards and sell the 1080 to upgrade. Considering it's almost 300-400 cheaper then a 1080ti right now.

  • Johnhitbox
    Johnhitbox Month ago

    So its now april 21 2018 and the Prices are higher theb the time of this video.

  • Devil's Offspring
    Devil's Offspring Month ago

    Jeezuz, the price of vid cards has gone batshit. I pity the foo that's trying to cobble together a decent gaming rig today. Seriously, people, $500 for a f@cking GTX 1060?!?!?!!
    When I bought my new GTX 1070, it cost me $400. Now they're about twice that--and the 1080 Ti has been out for a while!! Those stupid Bitcoins can't be worth THAT much bread!!

  • Joshua Clark
    Joshua Clark Month ago

    But did his voice break yet?

  • InfernoDukem
    InfernoDukem Month ago

    2:12 He put a dickbutt on the rear window of his car...

  • Sayed Hashim
    Sayed Hashim Month ago

    Do you want to trade with gtx 660 ? Come on dude let me show you the way

  • Forza Modz
    Forza Modz Month ago

    But prices have come down i got a 1070 for £300 and rx 580s are £200

  • George Orwell
    George Orwell Month ago

    so could i put a titan v or a gtx 1080ti in a surface pro?
    or beside it.

  • Yvon Nadeau
    Yvon Nadeau Month ago

    The Strix 1080 A8G was never $600 Canadian Dollars " not Rubles" lol when it came out at, it was $ 990.00 thank you very much. Today at it's $1050.00, so i don't get where you got them price for half, which would be $500 bucks.

  • Haji Me
    Haji Me Month ago

    Linus you really got to take a break from work, your eyes look way tired and swollen from when I started watching your videos year and half ago.

  • Scummers
    Scummers Month ago

    Hey, I bought from memory express a while back and I’m all the way in Ontario. Good prices

  • Vincent Koech
    Vincent Koech Month ago

    The car you drive ......

  • Tricus
    Tricus Month ago

    Ha, *not shit*