10 Cancelled Mcdonald's Items That People Still Talk About

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • Here's a list of 10 Cancelled McDonald's Items That People Still Talk About! Today we count down the top 10 discontinued McDonald's menu items people want brought back!
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    Love it or hate it, McDonald’s is here to stay. And whether you have a table with your name unofficially on it in your favorite McDonald’s outlet, or you haven’t been to the place in a long time, there are certain menu items that you still remember either fondly or not. Truth is, every now and then McDonald’s would surprise us with an item that would leave us gobsmacked. And by the time you collect your jaw off the floor, that item has vanished. Just like that. And then you’re left with nothing but memories of all the good times you shared together and all the fireworks it ignited on your tongue. So let’s take a walk down memory lane and relive the ten cancelled McDonald’s items that people still talk about.
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    0:42 McSalad Shakers
    1:53 Arch Deluxe
    3:03 Big N Tasty
    4:25 McSpaghetti
    5:41 Hula Burger
    6:45 McLobster
    7:54 Angus Third-Pounder
    9:08 McDLT
    10:32 Onion Nuggets
    11:41 Orange Hi-C
    - McSalad Shakers came in a tall transparent cup with a lid like a dome, what could possibly go wrong? Nothing. This was McDonald’s way to celebrate the new millennium.
    - Arch Deluxe was McDonald’s attempt to reimagine itself as a place for grownups. Ronald McDonald and the kid play area in the stores were associating the brand with children. So how do you appeal to adults who don’t have kids to steer them to the entrance of the arched potato fries? Enter Arch Deluxe.
    - The Big N Tasty was McDonald’s answer to the Burger King’s Whooper. Competition runs deep between the fast food giants. And when a food item works somewhere, there’s no shame in borrowing the idea, repackaging it and offering it to your own customers.
    - In the late 80s, McDonald’s ventured into the sauce soaked world of Italian food. McSpaghetti was just one idea. There was also McPizza. And you can guess why neither of them has survived even as a faded memory in our collective conscience today.
    - The Hula Burger recipe was simple. Take out the meat and replace it with a slice of pineapple. Oh, and the pineapple is grilled of course. Stuff it with cheese in a bun and it becomes a non-meat alternative to a regular burger.
    - So what was the McLobster? It’s a hot dog bun stuffed with lobster meat and special sauce. And in 1993 was selling for $6. Sounds like a deal, right?
    - It was the first addition to the menu since Big N Tasty had made its appearance in 2001. The Angus Third-Pounder was born in 2009. Right from the start, it boasted a few tantalizing factors that were guaranteed to make it a success.
    - The McDLT is a real classic. It first appeared in 1984. And it wasn’t just the sandwich itself which was innovative, but also the packaging was quite elaborate and, let’s just say, complex.
    - McDonald’s decided to roll out this revolutionary concept and see how the customers reacted. Onion Nuggets were just diced onions mixed with bread and fried. In other words, the onion was getting the chicken nuggets treatment and it was loving it.
    - People just loved their burger with Orange Hi-C. And when it was discontinued, not only did the customers complain, but even the staff at McDonald’s outlets were still moaning about it months after it disappeared.
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  • BabbleTop
    BabbleTop  3 months ago +114

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    • Last Trump Sounding
      Last Trump Sounding 28 days ago

      The cheese danish wasn’t far the best thing McDonald’s ever had on their menu. Amazing to me that it wasn’t mentioned.

    • Joel H
      Joel H Month ago

      You always use too many side vids. It’s annoying.

    • Kongwe Sullivan
      Kongwe Sullivan Month ago

      Hey wrong the Italian menu is still in Florida at the largest McDonald's in the world

    • Brady Lollis
      Brady Lollis Month ago

      They could be in maine too

    • Brady Lollis
      Brady Lollis Month ago

      Mcspaghetti 😲

  • Jpgundarun
    Jpgundarun 35 seconds ago

    You call Burgers - Sandwiches . What the hell is wrong with Americans?

  • calvin771
    calvin771 Hour ago

    TActually the Big Tasty is currently one of the best selling items in some european countries

  • chaoschief
    chaoschief 2 hours ago

    There's no such thing as McLobster in Canada for those asking. McPineapple and McShrimp can be bought in Hong Kong

  • Desirae Ivy
    Desirae Ivy 3 hours ago

    My favorite was chicken fajita it was my go to for my off camas lunch in high school

  • Griffin Peter
    Griffin Peter 4 hours ago


  • CharlieTrash
    CharlieTrash 7 hours ago

    My McDonalds still has orange hi c

  • Cute Critters and Friends

    No one
    Absolutely no one
    Marvel fans: FUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • Ashley Campbell
    Ashley Campbell 8 hours ago

    Omg bring back Onion Nuggets

  • Amethyst91
    Amethyst91 9 hours ago

    The hula Burger was a complete abomination. Whoever thought of that should be arrested, absolutely disgusting.

  • Flamin Saida
    Flamin Saida 10 hours ago

    in my country we have big n tasty and its actually better than burgerking and we have fillet o fish too

    xXALEX_MLGXx 10 hours ago

    How do people talk about burger and pineapple if pizza don't go in pineapple

  • Willie Bunch
    Willie Bunch 12 hours ago

    Who ever remove the hi-c your momma is a Hoe

  • Samuel Jespersen
    Samuel Jespersen 14 hours ago

    you can still get big tasty in denmark and also double big tasty

  • Mindy Cope
    Mindy Cope 18 hours ago +1

    I loved the 1/3 pounder angus burgers! I really mis the mushroom and Swiss.

  • sararose10712
    sararose10712 Day ago

    I still remember the chicken fajitas. I wish they bring those back!

  • Donnie Lockard
    Donnie Lockard Day ago

    I used to work for McDonald's corporate and the bottom line is always the buck. With such a well selling item as Hi-C I'm sure Hi-C was beginning to make unreasonable demands. Everybody tries to shake down the golden clown. Homie don't play that and that's why they are where they are today.

  • Krazy Kanuck
    Krazy Kanuck Day ago

    I miss McPizza

  • Joseph DeFabrizio

    Number 11: The McDick

  • D P
    D P Day ago

    What are these McDonald's "Outlets" she speaks of?

  • Xx_Blazer _xX
    Xx_Blazer _xX Day ago +1

    This bitch way too exited over salad

  • Leon Galehart
    Leon Galehart Day ago

    Umm..12:36 did you call Hi-C an Orange Soda?

  • cole sutra
    cole sutra 2 days ago

    I miss the sweet chili sauce, and the Fish McBites..

  • Randy Plumb
    Randy Plumb 2 days ago

    Peoria, AZ still has Hi-C

  • MiggiGAMES
    MiggiGAMES 2 days ago

    McSpaghetti is available in the Philippines

  • Ash Purple
    Ash Purple 2 days ago

    I miss the mcskillets(big breakfast burritos) they were the ish

  • Peter El-arif
    Peter El-arif 2 days ago

    Yall dont know what ur talking about I live in Canada and u cant get a mc lobster I got it once or twice when i was younger but not anymore

  • Max Rodriguez
    Max Rodriguez 2 days ago

    bring back the Hi-C and also the deep fried artery clogging apple pies. Now those were the best.

  • Mark Rosier
    Mark Rosier 2 days ago

    You can fool some of the people all of the time--that's your profit margin, all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

  • Mahvelous 21
    Mahvelous 21 2 days ago +1

    Fish McBites

  • Edward Darby
    Edward Darby 2 days ago

    Ok so you’re doing spiff on Onion nuggets but show everything but that

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  2 days ago

      Did you like the video Edward Darby? 😄

  • P ZYGZ
    P ZYGZ 2 days ago

    I want my McRib back

  • Johnny Cage
    Johnny Cage 3 days ago

    Everything you eat from mc donalds isnt real meat or real food at all

  • Kerri Nunes
    Kerri Nunes 3 days ago

    We want the McRib and orange hi-c back! Oh and snack wraps ! I live in New England and we don’t have the mclobster ( not like I would order it though )

  • Bob Conrod
    Bob Conrod 3 days ago

    The big & tasty is still available at McDs in Asia

  • GherkinTV
    GherkinTV 3 days ago

    In Britain. I still remember the McChicken Premiere Burger, loved that was devastate when they cancelled it.

  • SkyBlueInkling
    SkyBlueInkling 3 days ago

    Does no one remember the mars bar milkshakes.

  • Christopher Padilla
    Christopher Padilla 3 days ago

    I miss the skillet burritos

  • fbi forces
    fbi forces 3 days ago

    The spaghetti is yummy im filipino i agree a yes

  • JustActing
    JustActing 3 days ago

    Apple pie and Icecream

  • Louis Laszlo
    Louis Laszlo 3 days ago

    I miss the Arch Deluxe.

  • Little One
    Little One 4 days ago

    We had the pizza in Canada in the early 90s. It was really good. It’s one of the things I wish they would bring back . The chicken fajitas were good too just need better quality meat. Had to add also how VERY good the Mc chicken sauce was back in those days. It had to be kept refrigerated because their was real ingredients in it. The good old fries 🍟 cook in BEEF fat and some mc chicken sauce to dip them. I wish I could back in time 😋

  • Dave Shaw
    Dave Shaw 4 days ago

    Very funny, but no one gave a crap about the environment in the 80’s...

  • Dave Shaw
    Dave Shaw 4 days ago

    “Spread the yummy goo all over the green bits...”

  • Barry Werdell
    Barry Werdell 4 days ago

    When I was a child there was a small local chain called "Fryer Tuck Chicken" it was really good and they had "Little John Fries" which were basically what Onion Nuggets were but people loved them. Sadly only one remains as part of a bar.

  • HannahDog
    HannahDog 4 days ago

    In 2019 My country still gets the chicken wraps, mc salad, mc bites, mc rib and the shake fries Yayy

  • Nathan Lam
    Nathan Lam 4 days ago

    Hungry jacks beats McDonald's better burger and chips and they come up with onion rings!

  • Duckles
    Duckles 4 days ago

    mcdlt and big n tasty is the same thing

  • Shanny Boo2
    Shanny Boo2 4 days ago

    That wasn't the original reason they made the Hula burger, but it did inspire the fillet o fish. It wasn't cos of the Catholics it was a different religion. I know that for a fact

  • Mermaid Life
    Mermaid Life 4 days ago

    I loooooved the McSalads!!

  • Josh Benoist
    Josh Benoist 4 days ago

    Miss the old BIG N NASTY!

  • Sonic57053 Transit/Gaming

    I remember eating the chicken mcbites

  • I.D
    I.D 4 days ago


    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  4 days ago

      Sorry you do not like my narration! 😢

  • Roxy Cole
    Roxy Cole 4 days ago


    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  4 days ago

      Where (city, state "province", country)?

  • TubeDeviant
    TubeDeviant 4 days ago

    The fuck are you talking about..!?!? Their pizza was GOOD..!! BRING IT BACK..!! It was ALWAYS fresh as well..

  • Megan026825
    Megan026825 4 days ago

    When you thought you were the biggest fan of McDonald’s but then you don’t know anything on this video ;-;

  • Michael Roy
    Michael Roy 5 days ago

    Does anyone remember penny cones? Those tiny ice cream cones McDonalds sold for just 1 cent? I miss those.

  • Jamie Risso
    Jamie Risso 5 days ago

    You need to add the steak, sausage and chicken mcskillet wraps with the potato, onion, pepper, cheese and salsa on a 12inch tortilla wrap.
    And also to my recent discovery, the steak& onion, chicken and sausage bagel!

  • Lychee Myusic
    Lychee Myusic 5 days ago +1

    where are my CINNAMELTS

  • preston white
    preston white 5 days ago +1

    Big n tasty was what you get walking home from school 2001 the days when people wasn't so sensitive😎

  • JC 3
    JC 3 5 days ago

    The angus third pounder was one that I tasted as a kid and loved. I still can’t believe I remember it.

    PaWEL_PLAYsS 5 days ago

    Catholics can eat meat on Friday dumb cunt I'm over 14 an Catholic there's no such thing instead for Easter in certain parts of the world

  • tony gilbert
    tony gilbert 5 days ago

    damn I miss the big n tasty

  • StayRich BigSplash
    StayRich BigSplash 5 days ago

    Sick about that orange hi c

  • I burn Ritz Crackers
    I burn Ritz Crackers 5 days ago +1

    They forgot Mc.Cardi's fishy falafel sandwich.

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 5 days ago

    They need to bring back the egg steak &cheese bagel,best item ever on there menu.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  5 days ago

      Pray for it to come back Star Lord! 🙏 Did you like the video?

  • inco gnito
    inco gnito 5 days ago +1

    Big and tasty is still in romania

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  5 days ago

      Thanks for your feedback inco gnito! 😄 Did you like the video

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 5 days ago

    It's odd to me that Onion Nuggets were introduced in the 70's yet the Chicken McNugget wasn't brought out until the early 80's. So, yeah, they had onion nuggets before chicken nuggets.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  5 days ago +1

      Did you like the video Michael Davis? 😄

  • Passionate Patriot
    Passionate Patriot 5 days ago

    Pretentious poopy place to consume food. Last time I was there was to pick my ex and kids up,when she left the headlights on.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  5 days ago

      Ok. Did you like the video?

  • Ra Hab
    Ra Hab 5 days ago

    0:22 ok

  • A Erin A
    A Erin A 6 days ago

    huh the big tasty never left tho, i’m confused

  • gei ko
    gei ko 6 days ago

    The quarter pounder and the spaghetti still lives here in the Philippines

  • Filipe Luz
    Filipe Luz 6 days ago

    Well big tasty is very famous in Portugal we still have it though

  • Lilyyy Q
    Lilyyy Q 6 days ago

    the angus were sooo goood

  • Simeon Anderson
    Simeon Anderson 6 days ago

    Spaghetti lmfaoo get TF outta here 🥴😆

  • Mohammed Alkahlout
    Mohammed Alkahlout 6 days ago

    Did this woman just call HI-C a soda

  • shishtar
    shishtar 6 days ago

    the big tasty still exists in the netherlands

  • DigitalCrickets
    DigitalCrickets 6 days ago +1

    "collective conscience?"

  • TheFlyingDutchman
    TheFlyingDutchman 6 days ago +1

    2019, we are still eating Big Tasty's here in the Netherlands 🇳🇱

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  6 days ago +1

      Bedankt voor je antwoord! Vond je de video leuk? Doei! 😄

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 6 days ago

    Why am I here?

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  6 days ago

      Because you love our videos! 😉

  • Ghostly Bio
    Ghostly Bio 6 days ago

    Uuuhh did anyone remember the date (the food) pie? I don't know if there only exclusive in my country but that cancelled food was really god damn good

  • Eric Zepeda
    Eric Zepeda 7 days ago

    Anyone remember the Cajun mcchicken?

  • Julia P
    Julia P 7 days ago

    I miss the breakfast bagels!

  • Vfor Park
    Vfor Park 7 days ago +1

    We still have big tasty's in the UK!

  • Geno2733
    Geno2733 7 days ago

    Orange Hi-C is awesome. This other shit is gross.

  • Jorge Diaz
    Jorge Diaz 7 days ago +2

    I need the breakfast bagels with that sauce omelette bagels or something

  • ckrtom2
    ckrtom2 7 days ago

    What about the little boxes of cookies...And later the fresh baked cookies? Or do they still have those?

  • Jonathan Compton
    Jonathan Compton 7 days ago

    Mcpizza was the best!!!

  • Kiyanaw Daniels
    Kiyanaw Daniels 7 days ago +1

    you can't order a mclobster in Canada..

  • yogibear2k10
    yogibear2k10 7 days ago

    I LOVED the Big 'n' Tasty! It was called this in the U.K. And, it was the only one in your list that we had over here.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  7 days ago

      Thanks yogibear2k10 You Rock! 🎸😃 Please show your love by subscribing to us! 😍😜 goo.gl/Grh1Wg Clicking that notification bell 🔔👍

    • yogibear2k10
      yogibear2k10 7 days ago

      +BabbleTop To be honest, I would of preferred it without the bits in the middle, you know the Skits what I think they are called, but, that's because I am just the facts man, man and probably a boring old fart. But, all in all it was great to see what we were missing out on here in the U.K.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  7 days ago +1

      Thanks for your feedback yogibear2k10! 😄 Did you like the video?

  • Mottaz Jaara
    Mottaz Jaara 7 days ago +1

    Big tasty is still in some country’s

  • Trishy Angel
    Trishy Angel 7 days ago +1

    In England, they removed the smarties McFlurry and all of the sundaes.

    • Trishy Angel
      Trishy Angel 6 days ago +1

      BabbleTop *_Yeah - they’re great!!!_*

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  7 days ago +1

      Thanks for your feedback Trishy Angel! 😄 Did you like the video?

  • jblackwell4679
    jblackwell4679 7 days ago

    You can still get the lobster in new england, maine, Connecticut, some parts of new york, and rhode island during lobster season.....its called the lobster roll and its $10

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  7 days ago +1

      Thanks for your feedback jblackwell4679! 😄 Did you like the video?

  • Sierra Guske
    Sierra Guske 7 days ago

    I miss the chicken fajitas mcdonalds had i swear they were like liquid crack lol

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  7 days ago

      Thanks for your feedback Sierra Guske! 😄 Did you like the video?

  • Rob Mack
    Rob Mack 7 days ago

    McAngus was good and big enough to share. I do miss that one. Never had most of the other ones.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  7 days ago

      Thanks for sharing this Rob Mack! 😄 Did you like the video?

  • Hex Kobold
    Hex Kobold 7 days ago

    Arctic Orange Shake!

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  7 days ago

      Did you like the video Hex Kobold? 😄

    • Hex Kobold
      Hex Kobold 7 days ago

      +BabbleTop I miss it

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  7 days ago

      What about Arctic Orange Shake?

  • luvprue1
    luvprue1 7 days ago

    I love the Angus burger.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  7 days ago

      Thanks for sharing this luvprue1! 😄 Did you like the video?

  • luvprue1
    luvprue1 7 days ago

    I liked their onion nuggets. I similarly hated the big & tasty. The hula burgers was a stupid idea. They could have made a veggie burger , or fish sandwich.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  7 days ago

      Thanks for your feedback luvprue1! 😄 Did you like the video?

  • Matt Martineau
    Matt Martineau 7 days ago

    1: Never saw the shakers (Canada)...
    2: Arch delux: Over-rated. Still edible.
    3: Big and tasty: Don't remember: (Again, Canada)
    4: McSpaghetti: Again, Canada, don't remember it. McPizza: was actually not too bad. Especially at the price point.
    5: Hula burger? Again, Canada.. tho sounds.. interestin.. but, with cheese??
    6: McLobster: YUCK... was around for a while. Have not seen a McLobster in Ottawa in near 2 decades, thank god...
    7: 1/3 pounder Angus: THINK they still have that here in Canada, or, at least the Angus burgers. Pricey. At least it's not a gross-out.
    8: McDLT again, over-rated, over priced.
    9: Onion nuggets: WTF? Never heard of them, but, WHERE CAN I GET 'EM!!! Tho, rings, or something like it would be nice...
    10: high-C: Don't remember it: Never tried it elsewhere. Good? bad? dunno.
    11: McRib: 80's, 90's version was... ICK!!!!!! More recent short run. Edible, but... meh.
    12: Classic shake: Sadly, it has been replaced by the Triple-thick milkshakes. YUCK!!! Nuff said... There was another version in the 90's, a yogurt based shake that made me sick, as well.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  7 days ago

      Thanks for your feedback Matt Martineau! 😄 Did you like the video?