Top 10 Game of Thrones Actors Who Sound NOTHING Like Their Characters

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • We would have never guessed! Welcome to Watchmojo UK, and today we are looking at the Game of Thrones actors who sound nothing like their characters. Whether its Sandor Clegane, Tyrion Lannister or Joffrey Baratheon, these actors' real voices will leave you shook! Which actor sounds least like their Game of Thrones character? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Lalith Sampath
    Lalith Sampath 18 days ago

    This narrator is dumb af.

  • Red Five
    Red Five Month ago


  • Charlie Ryan
    Charlie Ryan Month ago

    Apple pie is British

  • softluvies
    softluvies 2 months ago

    Where’s Dean-Charles Chapman and his Essex accent though? :(

  • The Sleeping Panda
    The Sleeping Panda 2 months ago

    When Jaimes actor spoke I was shook

  • Kimberley Morris
    Kimberley Morris 3 months ago

    List on actors who put on accents to play a part??? Ffs watc mojo you need to STOP these bull shit lists!!

  • Triple 4
    Triple 4 3 months ago

    This was a waste, first: I heard no difference in most of their accents, second: you talk too fuckin much .. .I think I'll unsub this bullshit channel

  • Best Tutorials
    Best Tutorials 3 months ago

    Follow me I ll follow u back!

  • Ricky Crawford
    Ricky Crawford 3 months ago

    Rose Leslie should be No1

  • Justin Sias
    Justin Sias 3 months ago

    As usual host talks the entire time. F#ck you Watch Mojo. Secondly, where the hell is Ygrittre? Can get much different than her onscreen/offscreen accent.

  • horsepackage
    horsepackage 3 months ago

    His name is Ashley? Fuck that.

  • Shawn Rakes
    Shawn Rakes 3 months ago

    Yeah they sound pretty much the same to me. Not much of an accent change.

  • James Strong
    James Strong 3 months ago

    I wonder if Jack Gleason has ever been stared down so hard 🤨🤬 in public hehe. 🤣

  • James Strong
    James Strong 3 months ago

    #1 Dinklage 🙃🙃🙃

  • Rui Almeida
    Rui Almeida 3 months ago

    "feel bad about your language prowess yet" - No. I'm Portuguese, fluent in english, french and spanish. I speak a little german and japanese too. By the way, most people under 50, in Portugal, are also fluent in English and French, as it's mandatory to take 7 years of english and at least 3 years of french in school

  • AngryLittleGnome
    AngryLittleGnome 3 months ago

    That's not how you pronounce "rhetoric" 🤦‍♂️

  • J0ckel
    J0ckel 3 months ago

    Hello! Apple pie is as european as real Football!

  • Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett 3 months ago


  • Josh Carmona
    Josh Carmona 3 months ago

    3Head haha

    PIXELMENTIA 3 months ago

    Most of these sounded like their characters.

  • Joyce Johnson
    Joyce Johnson 3 months ago


  • vernon Rob Brodie19
    vernon Rob Brodie19 3 months ago

    That's why its called acting !!!!!!

  • Smack
    Smack 3 months ago

    The narrator appears to be in love with his own voice more than any of the actors featured. A side by side comparison would have been better. Also, the video would be much improved if the narrator spoke around 75% less.

  • HRRoach
    HRRoach 3 months ago

    I cannot tell a great difference in most of these accents, maybe the narration was to blame but not really. I am American, so only the guy from texas was different to me. The British accents from place to place are less obvious to me.

  • Adam Turner
    Adam Turner 3 months ago

    How about dundarion? He’s Irish too

  • Gameboob
    Gameboob 3 months ago

    Skip to 0:55

  • AngelNClown
    AngelNClown 3 months ago

    Why is Peter Dinklage number 2, my dear fellow Brit??? 👀

  • Moon in Joon
    Moon in Joon 3 months ago

    It’s a huge credit to their acting skills, the accents are perfect

  • Mustseenow!!!
    Mustseenow!!! 3 months ago

    intro too long

  • sami ahmed
    sami ahmed 3 months ago

    Where is the mountain?

  • SarahJay55
    SarahJay55 3 months ago

    So what I learned from this video is that actors act as characters that aren't actually themselves. Wow. Mind blown....
    Now I'll see if I can find a video showcasing the actors' real accents, because I think that would be really interesting.

  • Johnny Mac
    Johnny Mac 3 months ago

    10. No chance! Rory McCann actually lets his Scottish accent slip on countless occasions.
    9. Literally no accent change.
    1. Jorah at number 1? Now you're just taking the fucking piss.

    Where's Davos? For so long I had no idea he wasn't really a Geordie!

  • Brandrider1989
    Brandrider1989 3 months ago

    ok... anybody else find this video unbearable to watch because of this narrator?? his voice is so hard to listen to!

  • David Claudino
    David Claudino 3 months ago

    Apple pie IS very european

  • Pete Turner
    Pete Turner 3 months ago

    "As European as baseball and apple pie" ... hate to break it to you, but apple pie was around in England in the 1300s ;)

  • holleysdotcom
    holleysdotcom 3 months ago

    What?! No Kate Dickie?! She's got one of the thickest accents of the entire lot.

  • bartman999
    bartman999 3 months ago

    You left out Rose Leslie - Ygritte

  • 2004mojo
    2004mojo 3 months ago

    So the real life actress is a different personality from the character she played that lived in the dark ages. Wow. I'm shocked.

  • Stevo's YouTube
    Stevo's YouTube 3 months ago

    Can this bellend just shut the fuck up a minute so we can hear the accents? This video could be about 10 minutes shorter.

  • Irene Ange
    Irene Ange 3 months ago

    Fact. Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey had such a bad break up, they had in their contract to never shoot in a scene together...

  • Lucas Alves
    Lucas Alves 3 months ago

    Sandor era um dos melhores!!!

  • Oliver Brown
    Oliver Brown 3 months ago

    Anyone else think he said "I'm actually with watch mojo UK"?

  • Marvin Husbands
    Marvin Husbands 3 months ago

    Telling us their nationality before revealing their accent is mild - moderately infuriating.

  • LiamE69
    LiamE69 3 months ago

    Apple pie IS European though you spastic.

  • Alexandra Armstrong
    Alexandra Armstrong 3 months ago

    I would rather hear them talk than the narrator running their mouth

  • Will Hesselton
    Will Hesselton 3 months ago

    you just love to talk dude.

  • Blob Fish
    Blob Fish 3 months ago

    I thought Emilia Clarke had a difference in her normal voice than her role Daenerys

  • Jon Craig
    Jon Craig 3 months ago

    OMG! Actors acting like someone they're not? Crazy!

  • chucky
    chucky 3 months ago

    boooooring... mostly hearing some announcer 90% of the clip.. thumbs down

  • Ian McKillop
    Ian McKillop 3 months ago

    Couldn't listen to this guy droning on for more than a few minutes and the whole premise is ridiculous - changing your accent on a show is called ACTING, dude. And anyway, how could this list not include Conleth Hill who "disguised" his broad Ballymena (N. Ireland) accent brilliantly. If only the voice over guy could have done the same with his accent and especially his annoying delivery, I might have been able to watch this video without muting the sound.

  • witch blade
    witch blade 3 months ago

    And sansa is a bitch

  • Eivind Magnus Kyte
    Eivind Magnus Kyte 3 months ago +1

    What about Littlefinger and Varys

  • Thomas Sylvester
    Thomas Sylvester 3 months ago

    Have you heard Alfie Allen's real voice? He sounds absolutely nothing like Theon.

  • Emmi Cousland
    Emmi Cousland 3 months ago

    God I love Rory McCann and Liam Cunningham 🤤♥️

    PATTY PERRY 3 months ago

    anyone else here find this guy talking wayyy too much ?and who is just reading comments and planning on thumbing down this video? i know i will bye bye

  • Hobbes Caltous
    Hobbes Caltous 3 months ago

    wait a second.. ian glenn is #1??? i think the texan =had it hands down, people.

  • Michael T
    Michael T 3 months ago

    Khal Drogo??

  • mjp407
    mjp407 3 months ago

    Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to have the narrator's voice take up like half the time on this video? I can't even finish

  • Laurens Feijten
    Laurens Feijten 3 months ago

    It's sort of endearing but rather nationalistic to think Americans invented apple pie

  • Jane Kirk
    Jane Kirk 3 months ago

    They’re supposed to be able to put on different voices- they’re actors, it’s part of the job.