How To Ruin Your Favorite Sitcoms With Simple Math - After Hours

  • Published on Mar 20, 2017
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    How To Ruin Your Favorite Sitcoms With Simple Math TV sitcoms The Cosby Show
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Comments • 2 077

  • rudylikestowatch
    rudylikestowatch 6 hours ago

    Cody Johnston has the channel, Some More News with a podcast version featuring Katy Stoll.

  • Kiki C
    Kiki C 12 hours ago

    "I do like power...."
    😅 Soren's the best lol

  • irllcd13
    irllcd13 4 days ago

    She loves Friends but hates Frasier?
    Come again?

  • doritoeater212
    doritoeater212 6 days ago

    this episode gets SO MUCH darker when you realise that a LOT of the analysis of Norm also applies to Micheal Swaim. Was this the After Hours version of an intervention?

  • Hannah More
    Hannah More 14 days ago

    Mom. The show. Where are the kids that were there in the first episode?

  • Erin Malcolm
    Erin Malcolm 23 days ago


  • John Demetriou
    John Demetriou 25 days ago

    So Cosby was a pervert even in his own tv show?

  • Joe Gillespie
    Joe Gillespie 25 days ago

    So is anyone else realizing that the friends thing would imply somewhat insect since phibe? is given an egg which is fertilized by her brothers sperm, and she is giving birth to her brothers son?
    Also if that was just Cracked's theory and doesn't stand up truly, disregard what I just typed

  • morphman86
    morphman86 26 days ago

    To everyone talking about the beers, remember what they said: He's drinking at more than one bar. The 486 beers are the ones we know from Cheers in 2 years. Then we know he drinks from at least one more bar. So yes, 243 beers from one bar is less than one a night, but we see him drinking 2-4 per episode, and we know he goes to at least 1 other bar, not unreasonable to think he's going to at least 2 more, so he could be drinking himself into a stupor every night of the year with thousands of 1980's dollars in debt. That's tens of thousands of dollars in today's money.

  • Elijah Bailey
    Elijah Bailey 26 days ago

    "Don't hurt it with math." I'm using this😂😂😂

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 27 days ago

    Oh Bill Cosby hurting women what a surprise, he said wearing the sarcastic as fuk hat

  • steampunkilljoy
    steampunkilljoy Month ago +1

    "don't ruin it! don't ruin it with math!"

  • Joshua Cox
    Joshua Cox Month ago

    Bonnie, from family guy, was pregnant for seven seasons.

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis Month ago

    Time without pooping? 1 month/28 days... the ER doctor was *horrified*

  • charmedfan7704
    charmedfan7704 Month ago +1

    MASH is probably the worst, but they didn't really have a choice. The show lasted nearly 4 times longer than the actual war did.

  • Leo Yohansen
    Leo Yohansen Month ago

    Don't even get me started on the Simpsons.

  • Xu Zu
    Xu Zu Month ago

    That actually sounds just about right for Cosby with his track record.

  • Leland- BoB Palmer
    Leland- BoB Palmer Month ago

    What about the supposed days "episode" days weren't in these "shows" /"Lives"

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper Month ago

    I didn’t like any of those series. “Friends” was one I thought was exceptionally dumb, and unfunny. But I realize the shows I did like and watch are also vulnerable to math attacks. M*A*S*H was supposed to be set during the Korean war, which lasted from 1950 to 1953. Yet the TV series ran for nearly 11 years, from 1972 to 1983. The odd fact that it was taking 11 years for 3 years to pass was never mentioned in the show.

  • Ponz
    Ponz Month ago

    Funny video.

  • Kerry Baldino
    Kerry Baldino Month ago

    My god I miss this show

  • Kaila Kruger
    Kaila Kruger Month ago

    The only thing about the Pheobe problem is that she couldnt have already been pregnant or they wouldnt have allowed the IFV needed to carry Frank and Alices babies.

  • Darkshark24
    Darkshark24 Month ago

    20% of 14$ is 2.8$

  • Sympathy Devil
    Sympathy Devil Month ago

    I was not a fan of Friends.

  • Micah Allison
    Micah Allison Month ago

    In Frasier, Frasier makes several allusions to him just coming back from visiting Frederick

  • Ethan Scheck
    Ethan Scheck Month ago

    Hi, I'm over a year late but I wanted to say that they should've researched the Frasier dog because they were completely wrong.
    Moose, the original Eddie, lived until 2006. One of his pups, Enzo, did his stunts in later years died in 2010. Both made it past the end of the show. You might as well use John Mahoney's death to ruin the show. It's very possible they used other dogs that aren't publicized as much that died, but either way they got the facts wrong, which is annoying in a show that's supposed to be about fact-checking essentially. Still fun tho!

  • downhell666
    downhell666 Month ago

    there is an app fro that intro joke

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole Month ago

    Friends is the one show that I know doesn’t add up. Especially their ages

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole Month ago

    Math and birthdays never hold up in sitcoms. They like to keep things vague

  • mur B
    mur B Month ago

    this is another great era of cracked, sadly ptooo... gone because of im sure stupid reasons... then there was s.w.a.i.m., the upside happy honeymoon of alcoholism... thanks bro, fuck you his liver

    • Rimuru Tempest
      Rimuru Tempest Month ago

      mur B Cracked fired all of their youtube staff and decided to focus on their website. Which means, yeah, it’s because of a stupid reason.

    • mur B
      mur B Month ago

      oh and peace out clippy, whatever the fuck you are

  • skyler glasper
    skyler glasper Month ago

    Yea there's an episode of the cosby show that definitely says Claire and cliff are 4 years apart

  • walter conley
    walter conley Month ago

    Wait... if it was, according to you, his junior exams that he was taking during Claire's prom, and if we assume that by 'prom' we mean senior prom, wouldn't that make the difference in years only about... 3?

  • fanofeverything
    fanofeverything 2 months ago

    BREAKING: Michael Swaim was at Dave Chappelle's Netflix special!

  • Drake Kay
    Drake Kay 2 months ago

    1:11 Every recipe Ever concocted has MATH.....

  • Mulberryman
    Mulberryman 2 months ago

    norms drinking is hardly excessive, including the other bar he apparently frequents and beers not counted on his tab he drinks maybe a 6 pack a night wich is *FAR* from excessive
    hell when I was Norm's age I drank close to 4 times that a night, and still got up and went to work the next day

  • Marcelino Dreams
    Marcelino Dreams 2 months ago

    You suck Cracked for firing everyone. You know that.

  • Peter Hoang
    Peter Hoang 2 months ago +2

    I miss these guys

  • Big Dawg Grill cook
    Big Dawg Grill cook 2 months ago

    for Norm its less than a beer a day. and the worse part of Frasier is his parents were supposed to be both Dr.s and the actor who plays his dad on Frasier was a jingle writer on a episode of cheers

  • Ben Phillips
    Ben Phillips 2 months ago

    Couldn't they have bought the Knicks tix in September/october for the next regular season?

  • Alex King
    Alex King 2 months ago +1

    I miss Cracked

  • Sevanni Black
    Sevanni Black 2 months ago

    but if norm drank every day thats 365 over a period of years. so........then he drinks more than one beer a night at Cheers, don't forget the playoffs where he snagged four beers and sought another when the game came on and Sam ran out of beers to pass down the shuffle line. Hi. This might work with people way young, like yall, but not us who actually watched the show. And she's wrong too. Let us not forget the many mentions of Frasier going to Boston and obviously he would see Freddy when he did so. Also, the length of the visits, not to mention the phone calls we never heard about.

  • stalker7d7
    stalker7d7 2 months ago

    Goku is still a worse father.

  • Steven Gamble
    Steven Gamble 2 months ago

    Here's some sad math for this series... Cracked - All my Favorite Players = Sadness...
    RIP Cracked.
    You can catch Michael and many of the guys/gals at this link:
    I was so happy to see this come around!

  • NJGuy1973
    NJGuy1973 2 months ago

    These people better not try to figure out the timelines of daytime soap opera characters. Their heads would explode.

  • Zolanis1
    Zolanis1 2 months ago

    rewatching these, it really seems that Katie really goes out of her way to say at least one "woke" thing in every episode

  • Karl Striepe
    Karl Striepe 2 months ago

    What I worry about most (well, not much, because, well, entertainment is low-down in my world-concerns), buI worry that this obvious advice is being ignored. I'm not one to blame capitalism as it has lifted millions out of poverty rather than killing millions like communism, but clearly there are market failures, and it needs some nudging.

  • Youpeople Arecrazy
    Youpeople Arecrazy 2 months ago

    Looking back, the Cosby thing shouldn't really be a surprise.

  • Ciaran Lynch
    Ciaran Lynch 2 months ago

    The Frasier one is stupid , the show doesnt show every day of his life

  • Stranded73
    Stranded73 2 months ago

    We writers don't always math so well...

  • Sabrowsky
    Sabrowsky 2 months ago

    I miss this show

  • Josiah Sanchez
    Josiah Sanchez 2 months ago

    This episode is sadder now that I realize everything Daniel talks about with Cheers is something that Michael is going through at this point in his life. Fuck what a trip

  • Khrista Tompsett
    Khrista Tompsett 2 months ago

    I miss this so much

  • Ty Zwisler
    Ty Zwisler 2 months ago

    this shit sucks

  • GreyDuck Productions
    GreyDuck Productions 2 months ago

    Cosby Show doesn't hold up anymore...

  • Jessica Baum
    Jessica Baum 2 months ago

    How I Met Your Mother: In season 4 episode 22, Barney supposedly sleeps with his 200th woman. Throughout the episode characters constantly say that 200 is too many but 200 is actually too low of a number.
    Barney is 32 in this episode and we know he lost his virginity when he was 23.He meets Ted when he is 25, and he is already living this lifestyle at that time. If we only look at the time he has known Ted, we are looking at 7 years of sexual activity.
    Based on his character's behavior up to this point in the show, he is likely sleeping with more than one new woman each week, but let's pretend it's just one in a week. If it's one a week, then it would take less than 4 years to reach 200 women (as there are 52 weeks in a year).
    If we look at it the other way, (supposing that 200 women is correct, still only considering the 7 years he has know Ted) then Barney has slept with 28 or 29 new women each year (28.57 women, rounded to whole numbers, as he can’t sleep with .57 of a woman). This comes out to approximately one new woman just shy of every two weeks (12.74 days, rounded to the nearest whole day is 13 days).

  • Legend Ary
    Legend Ary 2 months ago

    so why couldn't monica have gotten the tickets for the next year and given it to them before the regular season started or just after in september/october

  • Loïc P
    Loïc P 2 months ago +4

    I miss this series, it was amazing

  • greendayfecer
    greendayfecer 2 months ago

    Oh man, Soren is me with math especially when you need to tip at a restaurant. I never know the exact amount to give. One time I went to a restaurant with friends and we all decided to go halves on the tip. They all had the money they were gonna give the waitress. Meanwhile my bad at math struggling self was going into a black hole. One of my friends had to help me with how much I needed to put on the table. To this day, I still don’t understand math. Including college math that shit is so complex.

  • Murray H
    Murray H 2 months ago

    I miss new After Hours.

  • Ярослав Курганский

    Why didn't you assume that Cliff just went to college later in life? You can go to college at 25, you know

    • Hrishi Venkatesh
      Hrishi Venkatesh 2 months ago

      Ярослав Курганский they later mentioned his wife having to miss her prom because he had junior finals.

  • timspellman47
    timspellman47 2 months ago

    This video is horrible. Quit trying to ruin good things.

  • T L
    T L 2 months ago


  • H Yu
    H Yu 2 months ago

    actually, cosby show would still hold up. just would be like the real cosby

  • GoneZombie
    GoneZombie 2 months ago

    I'm really happy you guys were here to make this. :)

  • Lee Anderson
    Lee Anderson 2 months ago

    Hey everybody, MASH had four christmas episodes and one new years episode. That's not a math crime. Dear Dad, Dear Sis, Death takes a Holiday, and The Day After Christmas.

  • Takara Ackerman
    Takara Ackerman 2 months ago

    Ah the subject of math... the epitome of evil and the destroyer of all things enjoyable. I don't have a favorite out of these four, they're all awesome

  • Tacheon Black
    Tacheon Black 2 months ago +1

    Damn shame that Cracked killed Cracked

  • Arthur Vandeliegh
    Arthur Vandeliegh 2 months ago

    In Saved By the Bell they had 2 senior proms and graduated twice but with a few different people.

  • Diego Ochoa
    Diego Ochoa 2 months ago

    Ugh I can't stand the terrible overacting. If any show is ruined by anything it's this show by its annoying characters.

  • Graysonn1
    Graysonn1 2 months ago

    watching this just makes me sad that Cracked fired all these guys. Stupid cracked.

  • Simone Cointreau
    Simone Cointreau 2 months ago

    486 Beers paid during two year that is less than one beer per day. But we clearly see him drink waaaay more than that every episode. Which proves that Norm was truly a master, the true master at getting free drinks.

  • Adrian D
    Adrian D 2 months ago

    The Cosby show thing totally checks out.... :S

  • Alan Maslowski
    Alan Maslowski 2 months ago

    “If we’re throwing logs on the fire...”
    Then... Friends.
    Was that a segue?
    Get it?

  • Ocean DeBarros
    Ocean DeBarros 3 months ago +1

    Q U I C K M A F F S

  • Unemployed Superheroes
    Unemployed Superheroes 3 months ago

    Oh, the Cosby show

  • Nyero
    Nyero 3 months ago


  • kev3d
    kev3d 3 months ago

    If you think going to the same bar every day after work and having a beer or three is excessive or weird, clearly you have never been to the UK or Australia.

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez 3 months ago

    That's totally consistent with what we know about Cosby.

  • Alex Quirke
    Alex Quirke 3 months ago

    Pregnancies with multiples are usually early.

  • AmronFortis
    AmronFortis 3 months ago

    The Cosby show doesn't add up like they are claiming. He was studying for finals during her PROM. Doctors go to school for up to like 6 - 8 years. And if she had prom she might have been 17-18.

  • 《PattiRose》
    《PattiRose》 3 months ago

    For real tho, where *DOES* the poop go if you wait too long?

  • Dragonhunter1805
    Dragonhunter1805 3 months ago

    Are you suggesting that leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, transferring for work and not carrying out wacky sitcom-esque hijinks with his son makes Fraiser a bad father? It's made very clear that he loves spending what time he can with him, and it's never suggested that the episodes are representaive of his normal life.

  • Cat Karkosky
    Cat Karkosky 3 months ago

    Daphne isn’t an illegal alien. We here about her immigration in an episode where they cross the Canadian border and she says it violates the terms of her visa.

  • Howdy Dave
    Howdy Dave 3 months ago

    I always wondered how Norm got away with pounding 8+ beers a night when he’s mostly unemployed lol

  • Storm Blessed
    Storm Blessed 3 months ago

    The ending when Soren asks Michael where he thinks his poops go if he doesn’t poop lol. Sounds like he’s asking a toddler a delicate question. Damn I’m going to miss this show/channel.

  • Jason PypsAeris
    Jason PypsAeris 3 months ago

    And mr. Cosby is now in jail for life. How ironic

  • Cornerstanding
    Cornerstanding 4 months ago

    That Cosby shit was Twisted.

  • The Woman
    The Woman 4 months ago

    My parents are 10 years apart, but they met when my dad was 25 and mom was 35. 😂

  • Butt Soup
    Butt Soup 4 months ago

    RIP Cracked

  • Alex Hardy
    Alex Hardy 4 months ago

    This aged well with The Cosby Show

  • Jack'n the box Productions

    Given the content of this episode. It can be inferred that Dans brain moves about 10-15 times faster than the average brain

  • Fif0l
    Fif0l 4 months ago

    Yada yada math is useless.
    For every 100 kids who will grow up to despise math, there will be 1 who will go on to become an engineer and use it on a daily basis to make sure your comfy life behind a camera gets even more comfy.

  • Blood Thane
    Blood Thane 4 months ago +66

    I miss these guys. 😢

  • Abel Feltes
    Abel Feltes 4 months ago

    Wasn't it always obvious without math that Frasier was a shitty person in every way possible. I thought that's what the show was about.

  • kaza12345678
    kaza12345678 4 months ago

    Take a hit of meth every time they say math

  • Peter Bryan
    Peter Bryan 4 months ago

    Math won’t help GunSmoke . Math won’t help most cop shows. Math won’t even help the Big Bang Theory. Science proves it. That it is an echo of a deeper thing. Talking pre - time & math won’t even help that. Math helps myriad things, yet theatre creates a dimension beyond that. I lose count of how many dimensions that becomes.; String theory?

  • sickid41
    sickid41 4 months ago

    it took me awhile but i figured it out its 83 percent.

  • Alberto Pérez
    Alberto Pérez 4 months ago

    Sorry but... you didn't need math to ruin the Cosby Show 😂

  • Juan Shirley
    Juan Shirley 4 months ago

    no Cliff, went to the Navy first, then college, by the time Claire Graduated from high school they would go to college at the same time

  • Megatron Don
    Megatron Don 4 months ago

    Lol... Cosby is gross