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  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
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  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye  Month ago +12057

    Punch that like button for jacksepticeye to be in Smash

    • Wolfy rosen
      Wolfy rosen 7 hours ago


    • DominusG
      DominusG Day ago

      Can we get a L A U G H if we do

    • Dave W
      Dave W Day ago

      LOL YES you know what when I get the smash I WILL MAKE JACK

    • dagamer broz
      dagamer broz Day ago

      Smash that like button in the face, LIKE A BOSSS

    • Sans the Skelepun
      Sans the Skelepun 2 days ago +1

      One: I made a mii of Jack in Smash
      Two: I would love to see the whiteboard get revenge by you drawing a hand that's slapping on it, standing in front of it, then have horrible acting like you're falling over

  • KatiePie TheCat
    KatiePie TheCat 11 minutes ago

    Jack is SOOO GREAT!, Better than Felix!

  • Jeffrey McCormack
    Jeffrey McCormack 54 minutes ago

    Jacksepticeye is the best TVclipr and if you disagree with me I will cut off your knees and then shut to your throat

  • Waflel plays64
    Waflel plays64 Hour ago

    Jack is great

  • ko pelskey
    ko pelskey 2 hours ago

    Jackie boi is awesome

  • Boy Destroyer
    Boy Destroyer 2 hours ago

    Amicably is amazing

  • Zala and Jose
    Zala and Jose 3 hours ago

    Jacksepticye is the greatest youtuber i know.

  • R2 Phizz
    R2 Phizz 3 hours ago

    You did it

  • Jaxon Miller
    Jaxon Miller 4 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye is great pleeease

  • Annet Armendariz
    Annet Armendariz 4 hours ago

    jacksepticeye is great !!!!!

  • Tooth Vomit
    Tooth Vomit 5 hours ago +1

    10:28 THAT WAS PERFECT OMG!!!😱💞💞

  • Mr.paradise
    Mr.paradise 5 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye is cool

  • Grace KELLY
    Grace KELLY 5 hours ago

    Jack is great

    Hope you get that sponsership😊

  • Mystique W. F the Furry

    Jacksepticeye is GREAT! LAUGH!

    I wonder... Would Dark and Anti be gay? And if so, could there be a chance of Danti? Ohh I would soo fuckin' love that. Like a skit or somethin' with Dark x Anti?

  • Thinkachu Gaming
    Thinkachu Gaming 6 hours ago

    7:36 But you lost to the whiteboard

  • Korinna Canible
    Korinna Canible 8 hours ago

    Jackie bOi is GREAT!

  • Gaming Dragon
    Gaming Dragon 8 hours ago

    Jack is great!

  • Lichen468
    Lichen468 9 hours ago

    Jacksepticye is great!

  • UNREAL_ Envyyy
    UNREAL_ Envyyy 9 hours ago

    Jacks thirsty 😂😂

  • Stephanie J Martin
    Stephanie J Martin 9 hours ago

    This video: gets published
    The government: sees the beginning
    5 minutes later: FBI OPEN UP!!!!!

  • Gamer Xox
    Gamer Xox 12 hours ago

    Jack septic eye is great 👍🏼

  • Missy Briggs
    Missy Briggs 13 hours ago

    jacksepticeye is great

  • Brenda we only missing to kill bendy

    Jack:???white board:i hope you enjoy this (slaps jack)

  • Matthew Sage
    Matthew Sage 17 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye is GREAT

  • Adam Stover
    Adam Stover 18 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye is great

  • Erin Callander
    Erin Callander 21 hour ago

    Jacksepticeye is great cuz he made a fucking John Mulaney reference!!!!

  • cRaZy Cole
    cRaZy Cole 22 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye is awesome

  • Rico Malabag
    Rico Malabag 23 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye is awesome

  • Reese Powers
    Reese Powers 23 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye is great ☺️

  • Epic Robloxian
    Epic Robloxian 23 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye is the best, already licked the video, oh yes AND I clicked that bell button LONG TIME ago

  • christhinks gaming

    Did anyone else get a coke zero ad before this?

  • Ava moon
    Ava moon Day ago

    Jackseptice is GRAT

  • Ex Machina
    Ex Machina Day ago

    jacksepticeye is grr-eat

  • Isabelle Brogdon

    Your awsome

  • Sabrina vlogs
    Sabrina vlogs Day ago

    Can you do memes about the office

  • Hyped Harvey
    Hyped Harvey Day ago

    Jacksepticeye is greath!

  • kyle hanas
    kyle hanas Day ago +1

    Jacksepticeye is the best. Nicest most boss.youtuber on this planet. And that’s y u should hit that like button in the face (LIKE A BOSS) and subscribe to see his super funny and entertaining videos

  • Cjsmith 2323
    Cjsmith 2323 Day ago

    Jack is as best

  • Dark Dagger Dark Dagger

    Use is awsome

  • Dark Dagger Dark Dagger

    Use is great

  • Steffani McConn
    Steffani McConn Day ago

    My name in Irish is Ireland can you find out what my name is

  • Amanda Cooper
    Amanda Cooper Day ago

    Jackcepticeye is a BOOOOOOOSSS

  • Jayla 2344
    Jayla 2344 Day ago

    Jacksepticeye is great


  • ThePlanetOf Gaming

    Jacksepticeye is great.

  • Stalker O’ Flame

    F NINJA I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!

  • Başar Basık
    Başar Basık Day ago


  • I'm definitely not cool Help

    "Jack is greeaaat"
    Also yes lol

  • Jaxon Justason
    Jaxon Justason Day ago

    Jack a boy is great

  • Rosefire-cookies

    Jacksepticeye is great!!😊

  • kyle terblanche
    kyle terblanche Day ago

    Your the best

  • tanman6944
    tanman6944 Day ago +2


  • dagamer broz
    dagamer broz Day ago

    Bring Sam back. Like if u agree

  • MR WITHER115
    MR WITHER115 Day ago

    You look just like my grandfather, you both have a long beard, long hair, and a small ponytail!

    LADY ATLAS Day ago

    Jacksepticeye is great 😄❤️

  • Tarkodile Tarkodile

    How dare I drink a solo while watching this video

  • Blake Gaming
    Blake Gaming Day ago

    Jacksepticeye Is Great

  • Retr0
    Retr0 Day ago


  • Asia Fortson
    Asia Fortson Day ago

    13:14 did anyone see the little tiny Anti next to the meme?

  • BubblegumGamer 007

    Jacksepticeye is awesome

  • Christopher DUNSHEA

    its a sad day when he sees the sub count but I just checked and ninja has 23 million jack has 22 million 1 like =1 prayer and sub for jack

  • Saki Kiko
    Saki Kiko Day ago

    If this gets 500 likez jacksepteceye has to dye all type of his hair green

  • lolokittens
    lolokittens Day ago

    Coke Zero needs to sponcer jacksepticeye or I will call them and make them😀😀

  • Adrian Wilson
    Adrian Wilson 2 days ago

    Jacksepticeye is great

  • Ryan Beman
    Ryan Beman 2 days ago


    I'm serious

  • Devon Harris
    Devon Harris 2 days ago +1

    This video is sponsored by pepsi

  • ireland ashley
    ireland ashley 2 days ago

    Jack! I tried to play soccer...There was tryouts...aaand freaking it was for like an $1,000

  • Jaylenb 32
    Jaylenb 32 2 days ago


  • Jaylenb 32
    Jaylenb 32 2 days ago


  • Jaylenb 32
    Jaylenb 32 2 days ago


  • Zenith -3X3-
    Zenith -3X3- 2 days ago

    jacksepticeye is great

  • Ricky Ramsay
    Ricky Ramsay 2 days ago

    Jack septic eye is great 👍

  • Medic Edgelord
    Medic Edgelord 2 days ago

    Jackcepticeye is awesome

  • Fortnite epic games playing addition Gg

    I have subbed and turned on post notifications and liked the vid

  • Fortnite epic games playing addition Gg

    Jackaboy is awesome sauce like Vanilla Coke going smoothly down your throat. Pls give me a shout out in the next vid!!! If You do thanks. 👌🏻☺️👌🏻👌🏻🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤😂

  • Manuel Perez
    Manuel Perez 2 days ago

    Jack septic guy is great

  • Linda Jones
    Linda Jones 2 days ago

    Jack is great :)

  • Conn O Driscoll
    Conn O Driscoll 2 days ago

    My second name means son of messenger so basically ur Neptune and I am mercury

  • Grace Liston
    Grace Liston 2 days ago

    Does YOUR whiteboard have a nipple

    What can question is that

  • Lilliam Capote
    Lilliam Capote 2 days ago

    Jacksepticeye is great
    I've been subbed since you started
    I liked the video

  • golden octopus
    golden octopus 2 days ago

    jacksepticeye is great

  • Sadie Depue
    Sadie Depue 2 days ago

    jacksepticeye is great!!!!! :3

  • Emma Cassell
    Emma Cassell 2 days ago

    Jacksepticeye is GREAT

  • Connor Barlow
    Connor Barlow 2 days ago

    Jack is cool

  • Avs Animations
    Avs Animations 2 days ago

    Jacky is great

  • Brenda No
    Brenda No 2 days ago

    Jacksepticeye is *Great* !!!

  • dark knight
    dark knight 2 days ago

    I'm going to play subnuatica

  • zegy426
    zegy426 2 days ago

    Jackcepticeye is great

  • Sharon Sayre
    Sharon Sayre 2 days ago

    Jack is great bich

    Coke vanilla


  • Toxic Gamer
    Toxic Gamer 2 days ago

    Jacksepticeye is great!

  • Osvaldo Crorna
    Osvaldo Crorna 2 days ago

    You know a good joke a joke is you

  • Amirul _ Adnan
    Amirul _ Adnan 2 days ago

    Jacksepticeye is a great Irish youtuber! And yes, there's still a youtuber who still put like goal this day. For example, H2O Delirious!

  • Tracy Small
    Tracy Small 2 days ago

    Jacksepticeye is the best TVclipr and we all love him so dearly

  • Abigail Hoier
    Abigail Hoier 2 days ago

    Jacksepticeye is awesome ♥️

  • Rbomb
    Rbomb 2 days ago

    Jackcepticeye is grate

  • Dougie Barrett
    Dougie Barrett 2 days ago

    Jacksepticeye is the BEST!!!

  • Samantha Cabell
    Samantha Cabell 2 days ago

    I'd actually love to see Jack do r/nosleep

  • MagicManHorse Mtg
    MagicManHorse Mtg 2 days ago

    If this comment gets 1k likes I'll write a song about Jack's man bun

  • Gachaverse Girl
    Gachaverse Girl 2 days ago +1

    Jack I’m a giant fan of u and Brooklyn 99 so seeing you and them together made me almost faint 🤣

  • Signe Marie Bandlien

    Jackoboy is så amazing