tom holland and zendaya being a married couple for 4 minutes and 12 seconds

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • Brownie points if you get the thumbnail ;)

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  • Veronica K
    Veronica K  6 months ago +5413

    Hi everyone! So first and most importantly thank you so much for getting this video to 1 million views. This video was literally just an idea I had and wanted to post to my Twitter but it ended up being too long. I never expected this kind of response and I'm glad a majority of you like it! I just want to do an update on a few things:
    1. I added subtitles to the video since there were some complaints about the background noise being too loud. I'm very sorry about that!
    2. I know TVclip keeps changing the video length by a second so it keeps not being consistent with the title, but I'm not changing it so oh well.
    3. Yes I did see the photos of Tom and another woman which uh... I talked about on my twitter lmao.
    4. Lastly thank you all for subscribing but if I'm, being honest I probably won't be posting a lot on here. I do have an idea for another video, but besides that I got nothing. If you wanna see more from me I'm most active on my Twitter which is @spiideychelle :)

    • Nour Kaddoura
      Nour Kaddoura 13 days ago

      Veronica K how about u turn down the fucking music and turn up the audio in the videos i can’t hear what zendaya and tom r saying half the time

    • Nana Payton
      Nana Payton 14 days ago

      You know what the weird thing is my first name is Veronica spelled the same way and my last name starts with a k

    • urmom_kaylie
      urmom_kaylie Month ago

      Kyah Hawley do you not know how to read. i stg.

    • LL Sings
      LL Sings 2 months ago

      Who else didn’t read it

    • Kayla .Kenndy
      Kayla .Kenndy 2 months ago


  • Vũ Hoàng Phương
    Vũ Hoàng Phương 10 hours ago

    Do we even need the disclaimer in the beginin

  • X X
    X X 17 hours ago

    I feel bad for Jacob my man had to witness all of this go down

  • v a ñ t a é b ö ó
    v a ñ t a é b ö ó 19 hours ago +1

    My favorite part is: _THAT'S IT THAT'S THE VIDEO_

  • Peni
    Peni Day ago

    That’s not what I call being a married couple

  • PixieIra
    PixieIra Day ago +1

    I really don’t ship them cause I just kinda feel like Tom deserves someone better..? 💕Please don’t hate or have another opinion.

    • itimelord
      itimelord 15 hours ago +2

      PixieIra no hate just wondering why?

  • LiGHT Gaming
    LiGHT Gaming Day ago

    Video starts at 0:17
    So not 4 mins and12 seconds

  • Leo Pål
    Leo Pål 2 days ago


  • EpicFire 1108
    EpicFire 1108 2 days ago +1

    Lol if they would get together it would destroy their friendship

  • FlashingLights Scribs

    It's not for 4:12 min but for 3:55 min

  • hoi
    hoi 2 days ago

    Technically it was for 3:55 minutes🤓

  • Lee-Lee wilson
    Lee-Lee wilson 2 days ago

    Hey u
    Yes u

    Ha!! I made u click now u have to like this

    • Mr. Shank Shank
      Mr. Shank Shank 2 days ago

      How did that made me click and don’t even start

  • Gamer Buddy
    Gamer Buddy 3 days ago

    Look at saloha! He's almost like get a room you two! He's bored and annoyed as fuck!

  • Valentina Pazos
    Valentina Pazos 3 days ago

    Jacob be the third wheel

  • TheSneakyRifle
    TheSneakyRifle 3 days ago +2

    Title: 4 minutes 12 second
    Video: has a 10 second intro
    Wait that’s illegal

  • Dawn Quinn
    Dawn Quinn 3 days ago +1

    He is the HOTTEST spider man

  • Pika Sapien
    Pika Sapien 3 days ago +1

    such a great vid 😂

  • Brandon Paloza
    Brandon Paloza 3 days ago

    Who is the random bald guy?

    • 侘寂`
      侘寂` 2 days ago

      Hes peter's bff. His name was ned in the movie if im not mistaken

  • C.H.O.P nGuYễN
    C.H.O.P nGuYễN 4 days ago +9

    The title is “tomholland and zendaya being a married couple for 4 minutes and 12 seconds” but the intro took literally 17 seconds and the ending took 6 seconds

  • katie katie
    katie katie 4 days ago

    When did they get MARRIED ???

  • Matteo Perinetti
    Matteo Perinetti 4 days ago


    ITS 4:12?

  • Hexo Hajong
    Hexo Hajong 4 days ago +2

    Title: 4mins 11sec
    Actual: *4mins 12secs*
    Me: No wait that's illegal

    • Aesthetically Me
      Aesthetically Me 2 days ago

      Hexo Hajong yh but all the subtitles isn’t actually showing zendaya and him together. The substitles take up 1 sec😏😏😏

  • Weaboo Nation
    Weaboo Nation 5 days ago

    0:37 Can Tom dance, fast forward to lip sync battle

  • Ana Jakovljević
    Ana Jakovljević 5 days ago

    hey no. tom is ours

  • Thunder Killer
    Thunder Killer 5 days ago

    Dont know whats worst the fact that this video exists or that im watched the whole thing

  • *•Summer•*
    *•Summer•* 5 days ago +5

    Jake Gyllenhall: *crying in the corner*

  • M Nation
    M Nation 5 days ago

    My performing arts professor is a friend of tom... I'm jelly >.

  • thicc squid
    thicc squid 6 days ago

    tom: gemini
    zendaya: virgo
    astrology: they’re not compatible
    me: *f*

  • Desro Ytore
    Desro Ytore 6 days ago

    2:06 the Zendaya tag got me dead. 🤣🤣

  • * Coccoi*
    * Coccoi* 6 days ago

    He's too innocent 😂

  • Hmm Neb
    Hmm Neb 6 days ago +1

    you know it's on when that theme plays.

  • Mexican G n b
    Mexican G n b 6 days ago

    The bald one looks like an egg 🥚 his head rlly built like 🥚

  • Evie Moyle
    Evie Moyle 6 days ago +1

    For 4 minutes and 11 seconds..
    Video 4 minutes and 12 seconds
    Me : WHYYYYY

  • Hashim Legend
    Hashim Legend 6 days ago

    Technically its 3min and 55seconds

  • 『Rain』
    『Rain』 6 days ago

    I’m just cringing on how someone became a third wheel for 4 mins and 12 secs

  • Havoc
    Havoc 6 days ago +4

    Tom: *I wanna know what love is*
    Zendaya: *I want you to show me*
    Thats what i want to see haha

  • sara miranda masanti

    That make me feel jealous 🙃

  • Cohen Cowart Flips
    Cohen Cowart Flips 7 days ago

    No one asked for this

  • Be Confident
    Be Confident 7 days ago

    The caption should be the fat guy being ignored for 4 minutes and 12 seconds

  • Lilly KnowItAll
    Lilly KnowItAll 7 days ago

    The title should be:roasting Tom Holland and zendaya for 4 minutes and 12 seconds

  • Kyla Sharma
    Kyla Sharma 7 days ago


  • Marek.
    Marek. 7 days ago


  • btrain 234
    btrain 234 8 days ago


  • 김이정
    김이정 8 days ago


  • Earl Emperor
    Earl Emperor 8 days ago

    Poor Jacob

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 8 days ago +6

    2:51 My two friends talking and having the best time ever. (Tom and Zendaya)
    Me chilling next to them (Jacob)

  • Morpxy
    Morpxy 8 days ago

    *Poor Jacob*

  • ugu vr tv7vtv6 vid
    ugu vr tv7vtv6 vid 9 days ago

    First 16 seconds were dope

  • The Hyper House
    The Hyper House 9 days ago


  • Sp1ke
    Sp1ke 9 days ago +2

    Tom Holland being bae for 4 minutes and eleven seconds

  • Johnson Smith
    Johnson Smith 9 days ago

    Am disappointed

  • Walter ManyBallz
    Walter ManyBallz 9 days ago +58

    "I wanna know what love is."
    "I want you to show me."
    .. ... wait what?

    • Tyler Stewart
      Tyler Stewart 39 minutes ago

      The way it had to load before hes like oh haha

    • Dharkan
      Dharkan 5 days ago

      @Walter ManyBallz ahahahah

    • Walter ManyBallz
      Walter ManyBallz 6 days ago

      @Dharkan nope. I meant what I said lmaoo.

    • Dharkan
      Dharkan 6 days ago

      Yeah it's by Foreigner. Oh I didn't get it, my abd then. (I'm sure your meant Zendaya btw XD)

    • Walter ManyBallz
      Walter ManyBallz 6 days ago +2

      I know haha. It's by Foreigner, right? This was just my take on tom's response to zenyatta lol.

  • victoria regia
    victoria regia 9 days ago

    4 minutes and eleven seconds

  • Deepti Mohun
    Deepti Mohun 9 days ago +1

    I guess Noah Schapp has left the chat...

  • Serella & BitterJoy
    Serella & BitterJoy 9 days ago

    You said 4 mins and 11 seconds you lied to me

  • EnderMaster 47
    EnderMaster 47 10 days ago

    I can't stop laughing at how the guy laughs at that Instagram picture

  • Demie Oxley-Bryan
    Demie Oxley-Bryan 10 days ago

    No !!!

  • Assa Darlingtoni
    Assa Darlingtoni 10 days ago +3

    Tom and Zendaya - My friends who are dating
    Jacob - Me

  • Fhdang 897
    Fhdang 897 10 days ago +15

    There so cute together especially the “why don’t you show me what love is” I wanted the two to start dating right then

  • Ella Thompson-Smith
    Ella Thompson-Smith 11 days ago

    4 minutes and 12 seconds