Megan Mullally Hijacks A Stranger’s Tinder | Vanity Fair

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  • mia rose
    mia rose 3 hours ago


  • Alisky
    Alisky 5 hours ago

    Megan: Do you scrapbook?
    Guy: Nope
    Megan: Fuck off
    I died at this xD

  • Gloria
    Gloria 16 hours ago

    Best one yet so funyyyyyy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gable Brannigan
    Gable Brannigan 16 hours ago

    This is the funniest one I've seen

  • Colineo
    Colineo 20 hours ago

    This is fucking excellent!

  • Jasmine B
    Jasmine B 23 hours ago

    hahaha I love her

  • Becca
    Becca Day ago

    Oh my gosh, this was my favorite tinder takeover 😂

  • Darla Machado
    Darla Machado Day ago

    whos the bitch?

  • JeevesReturns
    JeevesReturns Day ago

    Guys can indeed be douche bags. (Guy, not D-bag) I am one, so I’m an authority on this. We take way longer to mature and develop focus, so always opt for a guy who’s a few years older and house-trained.

  • Kenny Thompson
    Kenny Thompson Day ago

    Best one

  • Ian Reed
    Ian Reed Day ago

    She's easily the best one of these so far, hahaha

  • Austin Martin
    Austin Martin 2 days ago

    Literally none of the other ones of this series are funny but holy SHIT Megan is soo ballsy. Laughed my ass off hard as hell.

  • Omar Hesham
    Omar Hesham 2 days ago

    This is as good as the Eric Andre one :D so funny

  • BigSirZebras
    BigSirZebras 3 days ago

    I've watched 4 of these in a row, this was the funniest.

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles 3 days ago

    nas is breaking into a car...

  • MrRobot600
    MrRobot600 3 days ago

    I didn't really find it funny after a while since she went so hard. Almost cynical

  • Colton Young
    Colton Young 3 days ago

    So perfect. I love her and nick offerman a ton. This is probably my favorite tinder hijack. Either this or the Eric Andre Hannibal. Burress.

  • Mackenzie Mullett
    Mackenzie Mullett 3 days ago

    The chaotic energies coming off of this video are off the charts

  • Batman M
    Batman M 3 days ago

    Megan Mullally looks like her own vagina; used up!

    • Batman M
      Batman M 3 days ago

      S Cal60 Laugh Out Loud

    • S Cal60
      S Cal60 3 days ago

      Batman M - Harvey Weinstein, is that you. I thought you were going to rehab?

  • Cullen Cochran
    Cullen Cochran 3 days ago

    Funniest one yet. She's just so fucking cool man.

  • Anoud
    Anoud 3 days ago

    i need Ryan Reynolds to do this soooo bad it would be hilarious

  • Somaya
    Somaya 3 days ago +1

    Oh god I laughed so hard at this my stomach hurts 😂💔

  • J Bat
    J Bat 3 days ago

    YAS YAS YAS! Like I don’t want to see anyone else!

  • Armando Carrillo
    Armando Carrillo 4 days ago

    Wait.....since she hijack some one els tinder isnt that stealing his identedy?

  • Lr Cssn
    Lr Cssn 4 days ago

    Admito que entré al video por que se parecía a Johanna rants

  • Luther Jones
    Luther Jones 4 days ago +1


  • jaduu jae
    jaduu jae 4 days ago

    i fucking LOST it at "i'm a murderer" these fuckers will do anything to get some im dying

  • Karolin M.
    Karolin M. 4 days ago +1

    I need part 2!

  • hpcrazy06
    hpcrazy06 4 days ago

    i've seen all of the videos from this series, and this is hands down the funniest one lmfao

  • Jay Wright
    Jay Wright 4 days ago

    this is the best one

  • nateisgreat108
    nateisgreat108 4 days ago

    Oh my god Megan is so funny I love it

  • Katherine Henry
    Katherine Henry 4 days ago

    I wish shed done all of these in Gale's voice

  • Amel
    Amel 4 days ago

    this is honestly one of the funniesst ones hands down

  • Idk Man
    Idk Man 4 days ago

    Tammy 2

    Get out

  • Lauren Sadrin
    Lauren Sadrin 4 days ago

    I think this is the best one yet lol

  • Sabine Wren
    Sabine Wren 4 days ago

    Is there a part 2?

  • Jenna Craig
    Jenna Craig 4 days ago

    I love how Megan Mullally is pretty much just 'Karen' from Will & Grace in real life.

  • misosoupsoul
    misosoupsoul 4 days ago

    love this & megan :) !!! Maybe someone out there can help me feel like i'm not crazy, was this posted previously prior to 2 days ago? I thought I already watched it, perhaps it had to be taken down and reposted? or im having weird deja vu haha

  • Alex Slaughter
    Alex Slaughter 4 days ago

    I haven’t had a good crying laugh in a while and this perfectly solved that problem

  • Kelsey Carbary
    Kelsey Carbary 4 days ago

    omg. I love her

  • Amanda L
    Amanda L 4 days ago


  • Natalia Lima
    Natalia Lima 5 days ago

    Please more videos more more mooooree

  • Janinho897
    Janinho897 5 days ago

    now imagine how funny her jokes would have been if she didn't deliver them in such a dry, unenthusiastic way...

  • Jordan
    Jordan 5 days ago +1

    The best one yet!

  • Potato Lord
    Potato Lord 5 days ago

    God damn what happened to Tina Fey?

  • sl4gath0R
    sl4gath0R 5 days ago

    More of this omg

  • Oreste Gallo
    Oreste Gallo 5 days ago +1

    Her laugh is the best

  • Blesson George
    Blesson George 5 days ago

    My favorite so far

  • Joel Piccolo
    Joel Piccolo 5 days ago

    Tinder is disgusting

  • Adam Hlavac
    Adam Hlavac 5 days ago

    Absolutely hilarious!

  • killing field
    killing field 5 days ago

    this was one of the best ones, megan mullally, are you on tinder? ;) <3

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  • shloopy5
    shloopy5 5 days ago


  • hannah kendall
    hannah kendall 5 days ago

    This is the best one of these.

  • Nicole O.
    Nicole O. 5 days ago

    Im a murderer

  • ECKVue19
    ECKVue19 5 days ago


  • 94JAVS
    94JAVS 5 days ago

    Someone stole my Mullally pop

  • Hammy Technoid
    Hammy Technoid 5 days ago

    She sounds just like Gayle from Bob's Burgers........ lol, I know... she is....

  • seekandestroy77
    seekandestroy77 5 days ago

    First it was the foot, then the hand, then the height....... and now in 2017 it's the fucking "nose"? Women, I swear. I'm gonna start judging their gap size by the size of their breast; the bigger boobs, the bigger the fucking hole. Lol cause-you kno that makes complete sense.

  • AmericanMetalhead100


  • laceypennies
    laceypennies 5 days ago


  • Ri Fenty
    Ri Fenty 5 days ago +1

    "whos the bitch?" jsbshsb she is amaxing hahss

  • Kalyn Williams
    Kalyn Williams 5 days ago +1

    “Do you scrapbook?”😂😂😂😂 im done

  • in the honey honey
    in the honey honey 5 days ago


  • Guava Memories
    Guava Memories 5 days ago

    Funniest so far. Please get Tina Fey on this

  • Christopher Jared
    Christopher Jared 5 days ago

    i usually hate these but shes amazing omg 😂😍😂😍😂😍 i want her as my mom

  • Nichole
    Nichole 5 days ago +1

    I love Megan and these Tinder hijacking videos.

  • Nujad Bolivar
    Nujad Bolivar 5 days ago +1

    Probably my favorite one

  • DavidVsNorm
    DavidVsNorm 5 days ago +8

    Ricegum took the L

  • NDBit
    NDBit 5 days ago

    If I found Megan Mulally on Tinder, I'd never let her go

  • Ocean's 8 is coming in 2018

    Tammy 2

  • Chaucer Dai
    Chaucer Dai 5 days ago

    That Ryan guy is totally worth to dating with. He is so cute cause his seriousness

  • LunazulBaraka
    LunazulBaraka 5 days ago

    She looks 10 years younger than 20 years ago on Will & Grace

  • Kristina C
    Kristina C 5 days ago +2

    Funniest shit ever 😂😂😂😂

  • Megan Balliet
    Megan Balliet 5 days ago

    Probably my favourite so far. Megan mulally is a riot

  • Shuji Okishima
    Shuji Okishima 5 days ago

    Is it just me or Megan kinda looks like Kristen Wiig?

  • Sarah
    Sarah 5 days ago

    "I'm a murderer, is that cool?" hahahaha

  • RandomCrap
    RandomCrap 5 days ago

    This is the best one ever. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kyle Rosalez
    Kyle Rosalez 5 days ago


  • Spencer Chase
    Spencer Chase 5 days ago

    Very few people are as funny as this amazing lady! I could watch this all day!

  • Jermey Billo
    Jermey Billo 5 days ago

    she looks way different without her makeup 💄

  • Christine Ann
    Christine Ann 5 days ago

    Fuck Donald Trump

  • tyrenebanks72
    tyrenebanks72 5 days ago

    Megan Mullaly is a savage supreme!

  • The Pretentious V.D.

    I wish there was a Geico movie.

  • HeyJess27
    HeyJess27 5 days ago

    this killed me omg

  • kemocoso
    kemocoso 5 days ago

    wasn't fucking up ron's life enough?

  • ragglefraggle
    ragglefraggle 5 days ago

    Go fuck yourself Megan

  • teeej49
    teeej49 5 days ago

    These are absolutely hilarious. MORE.

  • fitztastico
    fitztastico 5 days ago

    Omfg, most of the stars feel bad for sending ridic, funny messages but she is SAVAGE and gets straight to work!!

  • Ryan Coatney
    Ryan Coatney 5 days ago

    So funny!

  • highgreenful
    highgreenful 5 days ago

    best one

  • irreplaceable02
    irreplaceable02 5 days ago +1

    I feel like Zach Woods would be fucking awesome at this.

  • john smith
    john smith 5 days ago

    Thank you so very much for making the case for MGTOW, in spades. Women prove our points for us. Enjoy the pump and dump headed your way. Cheers.

  • mattromano83
    mattromano83 5 days ago

    I could watch her do this for hours

  • tallasianchick
    tallasianchick 5 days ago +1

    I'm laughing so hard at this Honda dealership. I look like a crazy person.

  • dubtat
    dubtat 5 days ago

    That old lady is a real twat.

  • Artemicion Kupo
    Artemicion Kupo 5 days ago

    I dont have a tinder but this seems like fun to just fuck with people. She has exactly my sense of humor. Love her!

  • Antelopes don't cook very well

    Girls should not do this

  • Noah Fick
    Noah Fick 5 days ago

    by far the best one yet