Top Plays: Adrian Martinez Highlights vs. Ohio State Buckeyes | Big Ten Football

  • Published on Nov 4, 2018
  • Adrian Martinez threw for 266 yards and a touchdown and added 72 yards rushing and two rushing touchdowns,but it wasn't enough as Nebraska fell 36-31 to Ohio State in Columbus.
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Comments • 30

  • Airmett
    Airmett 9 days ago

    The Huskers lowered their shoulder so much more at the end of plays in this game it seemed. In their first two however games of 2019 it seems they always like to just stop running when a defender gets in their territory. Same coaches, mostly same players, further detached from Riley. This regression is a real head scratcher

  • Jake pyzer
    Jake pyzer 3 months ago

    We have great starting drives then they start shutting down after that, doesn't help the defense isnt helping, 2019 should see ALOT of improvement on both sides of the ball

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson 4 months ago

    Kids got the best arm and highest IQ the Huskers have ever had in its entire history at the QB position. Just raw Aztec God talent. Can’t say much for the under athletic achievers Huskers have brought aboard.

  • Billy D Baker
    Billy D Baker 10 months ago

    2-7 with two home games against Troy and Bethune-Cookman. Unbelievable. Poor Nebraska seniors...its pathetic.

    • HuskerMotion
      HuskerMotion 3 months ago

      @Frio 2000 x CGONTHEBEAT37 Not so sure about that one, we got rid of him because of his short temper attitude and how he treated our players. Scott Frost is making way more of a change than you think, and it is happening way faster than you would think as well.

    • Chris Herbek
      Chris Herbek 4 months ago

      CGONTHEBEAT 37 we want more than a “decent” coach 9 wins consistently is good but there wasn’t any improvement

    • Frio 2000 x CGONTHEBEAT37
      Frio 2000 x CGONTHEBEAT37 10 months ago

      @Billy D Baker Really shouldn't have he was a decent coach.

    • Billy D Baker
      Billy D Baker 10 months ago

      @Frio 2000 x CGONTHEBEAT37 We all know that fact and it's an embarrassment. Thanks. We play two cupcakes at home and still lose to one of them. We should have never gotten rid of Bo.

    • Chris Brening
      Chris Brening 10 months ago +1

      Didn't even know what games Nebraska lost, if you're going to troll at least know what you're talking about

  • Rohan Patel
    Rohan Patel 10 months ago +4

    A lot of credit to Nebraska and martinez for competing with Ohio, but Ohio defense is pretty much garbage.

    • Chuck R
      Chuck R 8 months ago

      @Rohan Patel Well after OSU absolutely murdering Nebraska the previous two years I am not going to get hung up on OSU having a garbage defense. I was just glad Nebraska didn't get embarrassed again.

    • Rohan Patel
      Rohan Patel 10 months ago

      tbone 88 nick bosa left

    • tbone 88
      tbone 88 10 months ago +1

      How did that happen? Back in September all the analysts were touting how great the Buckeye D is.

  • Kyle Z
    Kyle Z 10 months ago +22

    Compared to Haskins, Adrian's highlights are badass!

    • jacob pulse
      jacob pulse 4 months ago +1

      People sure do underestimate us though. Even our fans. We just needed work on D is all really

  • Ritz TV
    Ritz TV 10 months ago +4

    Change his jersey number to 12 the GOAT

    • Jackson Thorne
      Jackson Thorne 10 months ago

      Rodgers or Brady

    • imapenguin2340100
      imapenguin2340100 10 months ago

      depends on the 12 your talking about.. if it's the guy in New England who is wearing 12 then he won't be able to run(which is important in a spread offense) or catch a pass when his team needs it in the biggest game.. I think hes ok with the number he has..

  • Kirk Kirkendall
    Kirk Kirkendall 10 months ago +28

    Only a true freshman, big ten. Get ready

    • tbone 88
      tbone 88 10 months ago +4

      Michael j is a hypocritical troll. Dismiss any of his comments.

    • Michael j
      Michael j 10 months ago

      if you would say what you mean I wouldn't have to guess what you mean. do I watch nu ball you ask? for the last 45 years son.@Kirk Kirkendall

    • Kirk Kirkendall
      Kirk Kirkendall 10 months ago +10

      I mean he's getting better each week. He started out as a true freshman and is growing before our eyes. Didn't think it needed explained that much my god man do you even watch football??

    • Michael j
      Michael j 10 months ago

      games over why get warmed up?@Kirk Kirkendall

    • Kirk Kirkendall
      Kirk Kirkendall 10 months ago +1

      @Michael j Martinez is now warmed up..

  • William Murphy
    William Murphy 10 months ago +20

    Nebraska might be nice next year