MEGAVALANCHE 2019 | Fighting for 1st place! | FULL RACE x Kilian BRON

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
  • Mon run complet de la Megavalanche 2019! 2ème sur 1400 participants!
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    Après mon Holeshot sur le glacier, grosse bagarre avec José Borges sur cette nouvelle édition de la Megavalanche!
    100km/h sur la neige et au rupteur de haut en bas pour tenir le rythme.
    Merci à tous pour vos encouragements...J’ai tout donné! On remet ça l’année prochaine!
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  • pablo inspire
    pablo inspire 13 hours ago

    I wonder what speeds they achieve. Looks fast

  • X
    X 20 hours ago

    Grande José Borges! Força Portugal

  • Carson Fang
    Carson Fang 22 hours ago

    downhill domination remastered looks fantastic

  • bbc b
    bbc b Day ago


  • fidan2fast
    fidan2fast Day ago

    The wind: I call this next song shdshsfsghsvsshshscsg

  • mooglely
    mooglely Day ago

    Oh my gosh, when you get into the green landscape it's gorgeous!

  • Anthony Lemutant

    20:22 did he just push him like that?
    The guy who won must have been way heavier than Killian… A disadvantage uphill but definetly an advantage downhill - which is the most part of the race…
    Of course he’s definetly more fast in the technical parts, and he definitely played it well as he somehow didn’t force it in the force parts, but to get such an advance so fast, weight must have played a role, as he doesn’t seem to be that much powerful when the track goes up.

  • Michael Etzel
    Michael Etzel Day ago

    Every grandparent's description of their journey to school, both ways of course.

  • Machine Man
    Machine Man Day ago

    Tried that a while ago, these people are nuts

  • The Sloth
    The Sloth Day ago

    Cycling fans have got to be the most annoying of any sport.

  • Kemmar Hayles
    Kemmar Hayles Day ago

    That second rider shows how truly fast paced the race is.

  • Green Life
    Green Life 2 days ago

    Rather watch this than t.v.100%

  • Casey Caldwell
    Casey Caldwell 2 days ago

    Add 5 more hours for me to cross the finish line with skinned up knees and elbows carrying a couple bent rims and what used to be a bicycle frame.

  • Milan Lajčiak
    Milan Lajčiak 2 days ago

    OMG, wow, awesome 👌👍

  • VTT LivEnduro
    VTT LivEnduro 3 days ago

    Very nice !

  • Bog Donkey
    Bog Donkey 3 days ago

    Great video!!

  • Gandhi The Wise
    Gandhi The Wise 3 days ago

    It's ultrasmooth if you play this in 2x

  • Fred Flynstone
    Fred Flynstone 3 days ago

    nice run but why are you going so goddamn slow?

  • Gary Solo
    Gary Solo 3 days ago

    I was pooping my pants just watching this.... BRAVE dude!

  • Жизнь в деревне.

    I even sweated while I watched. super

  • Andreas Hoppe
    Andreas Hoppe 4 days ago

    There is two types of downhill cyclists:
    Those breaking records
    And those breaking bones

  • nill nill
    nill nill 4 days ago

    Just liking and commenting to feed the algorithm. You worked hard and deserve the youtube payout. :)

  • frenchfry farmer
    frenchfry farmer 4 days ago

    As a rider back in the 1980's when suspension was unheard of...and downhills were pretty brief affairs...many things stike me. First, the durability of the bikes..i had folded both rims (simultaneously, broken forks).WOW what equipment!
    Secondly, what incredible skills...I ride Enduro motos, one misstep and they are mortally injured...trees, rocks, ...cliffs.
    Third, the endurance of the riders.
    Today, I am just a AWE! Bravo!

  • Cal Y
    Cal Y 5 days ago

    00:40 - Has absolutely no idea what the fuck is (literally) about to hit him........

  • craig curlee
    craig curlee 6 days ago

    This makes me out of breath just watching it!! Wow, the endurance levels for this must be insane!

  • I Am The Walrus
    I Am The Walrus 7 days ago

    The people yelling are fucking annoying.

  • 耿真真
    耿真真 7 days ago

  • Siddhar
    Siddhar 8 days ago

    This is pure. Thanks! I'd love to experience these kinds of races someday, but for the moment, your videos will suffice. No music, no asking for subscription nor likes, it was beautiful to listen to the wind blow as you cycled through the course, thanks again :D
    Edit: Forgot to mention I literally loved every second of this!

  • Secret Files Of The Snow Monkey

    Is there a speed which the bike becomes unmanageable? What geometries help stabilize the bike at highest speeds?

  • Il Fantino
    Il Fantino 8 days ago

    How is this sport called?

    • MrJyp13
      MrJyp13 6 hours ago

      Down hill marathon

  • McRocket
    McRocket 8 days ago

    That was amazing. SO intense. He was faster downhill - but you killed him on the flats.
    Just incredible.

  • McRocket
    McRocket 8 days ago

    0:35 - 'where the heck is that rider I paid to take out the leader? Oh...there he is....'

  • flyingchic3n
    flyingchic3n 9 days ago

    fucking sick

  • maurizio castro
    maurizio castro 9 days ago

    Where is the place ?

  • Joshua Bernal
    Joshua Bernal 9 days ago

    That guy in front was up to something

  • Jefferson Jefferson
    Jefferson Jefferson 10 days ago

    What’s with all the peddling down a hill🤣👍. Cool video👍

  • Greenwoods
    Greenwoods 10 days ago

    Men you are a super human .. unbelievable !!!!.
    Al the people doing this are boss Bigtime! .

  • Erfan
    Erfan 11 days ago +1

    Bruh these bikes must be expensive!! AMAZING

  • Dono 59 GMT
    Dono 59 GMT 11 days ago

    Good bro 🔥💯

  • Steven
    Steven 11 days ago

    What the hell, he done went from snow mountain to people in shorts? How many damn miles was this?

  • Steven
    Steven 11 days ago

    Keep worrying about the camera lense and get passed.

  • Motero75
    Motero75 11 days ago

    Merecía perder por idiota. Todavía va en segundo lugar y se preocupa mirando hacia atrás a ver quién lo sigue. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • betino velasco
    betino velasco 12 days ago

    This is in michoacan mexico

  • David Arcelio Ureña Mena


  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo 12 days ago

    Dude in the lead seemed to have an extra gear!

  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo 12 days ago

    Watching him chase the leader made me realize how bad ass these guys are on bikes.
    It was amazing.
    I kept thinking, “Damn! How’d he do that?!”

  • Mega chevalier
    Mega chevalier 12 days ago

    Let's Go ! Make sled with sound bicycle high alight ful moutain for snow on a place lost Oh this Good It do have colde and sol slips when this is snowy !

  • Alin Leonard
    Alin Leonard 12 days ago

    I go in this race if I have 2 lives only :),

  • Ray Boden
    Ray Boden 12 days ago

    I thought this was a fucking PS4 game!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gazoo
    Gazoo 12 days ago

    Who else was tilting their head and leaning their bodies to help get around the corner?? Lol

  • Tony Hidalgo
    Tony Hidalgo 13 days ago

    Ok this was cool but I want to see a compilation of all the crashes

  • Shaun Lake
    Shaun Lake 13 days ago

    I would not let my mom or dad do that lol

  • bobolinkr
    bobolinkr 13 days ago +1

    The winner was hungrier, didn't clean his gopro.

  • Radim Mynář
    Radim Mynář 14 days ago

    this is a great experience. But I love myself so much to do it with my friends :) They jump with paraglyding, ride this bicycle crazy road in Klokocov, near Cadca in Slovakia. Must try this there too :) Before Cristmas last time when the weather was good even if winter time. I think about do this too but next time :) maybe again... it is crazy

  • Radim Mynář
    Radim Mynář 14 days ago

    this is a great experience. But I love myself so much to do it with my friends :) They jump with paraglyding, ride this bicycle crazy road in Klokocov, near Cadca in Slovakia. Must try this there too :) Before Cristmas last time when the weather was good even if winter time. I think about do this too but next time :) maybe again... it is crazy

  • Ivanete Gentil
    Ivanete Gentil 14 days ago

    Tome like já sou inscrita

  • Flange
    Flange 14 days ago


  • Matt Jarrett
    Matt Jarrett 14 days ago

    Fantastic, but now I want to see the video from the winner!!

  • DAViD
    DAViD 14 days ago

    wow, that is awesome

  • budemmichalmaziarz
    budemmichalmaziarz 14 days ago

    Coś wspaniałego oglądając to, piękny sport i bardzo wielka odwaga tak jeździć. Szacunek. Pozdrawiam Cię