THESE PENS DO WHAT?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Highlighters and Erasable Pens

  • Published on Jan 26, 2019
  • I was at a loss with these supplies until inspiration struck. Don't be afraid to mindlessly doodle. You never know when a weird or cool idea might strike!
    Papermate Micro Chisel Highlighters - Assorted Colors:
    Pilot Frixion Ball Erasable Pen:
    Pilot Frixion Light Soft Erasable Highlighters:
    Sharpie Permanent Marker
    Sharpie Ultra Fine Marker
    Pentel Paint Marker, Extra Fine Point (Silver):
    [I could only find these available to buy from their website]
    Norfolk Cartridge Paper 210 Gsm
    ►If you like the character, I made some line-art! Its free, here:
    ► (For Prices and More Information.)
    ► Featured Artist: SpotGirlDesign
    You should trying drawing something with the prompt, "Pastel Petals" for the #scrawlrchallenge and see what you come up with!
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  • Lottie Cat
    Lottie Cat 6 hours ago

    4:48 if you havethe subtitles on it says the Pentel Pain Marker XD

  • Lily and Tony The pony

    You should use the sticker

  • cookie smith
    cookie smith Day ago

    I love your channel and I use your ideas

    Like if you do as well

  • Unrealistic_Toot Ramos

    "Las aventuras de Florcita"

    Me viene a la mente cuando veo lo que ella dibuja al principio que tiene pétalos violetas y todo lo demás verde

  • Lily Dement
    Lily Dement Day ago

    Sharkie I love it I will call them sharkies for now

  • Foxy Lovelace
    Foxy Lovelace 2 days ago

    I love how she explains her creative process. It always starts with "what if...." [insert ideas]

  • Kara Poindexter
    Kara Poindexter 3 days ago

    I used frixon pens for a few weeks in high school. Wrote my notes with them. Did my homework with them. Left my backpack in my car on a nice 95 degree florida day. My notebooks were empty. Everything gone. I cried. Forgot they existed until this. I'm traumatized.

  • Willyssa Catcheway
    Willyssa Catcheway 3 days ago +2

    Oooh... those pens squeaking and scratching on the paper sure raised my skin though... shivers!!!! lol

  • Yareli Montane
    Yareli Montane 5 days ago

    Here is an idea 🤔
    The Tin Man walking near a flower bed of pastel flowers
    Night sky with a bright background of flowers
    Hope you can picture what I'm picturing or if this makes any sense
    (^ν^)Have fun trying the idea out if you do try it!!

  • LizaXhdn
    LizaXhdn 6 days ago +2

    DON'T put the friction pens in warn places I used them in my school in Germany and every one used those pen's
    We had an exam in the middle of summer and the teacher left the paper's in the back of her car and when she came back the writing disaperd
    So the ink disappeares in heat

  • Fiona Davis
    Fiona Davis 6 days ago

    He girls face looks like all might
    Fight me

  • Rush In a LIFE
    Rush In a LIFE 7 days ago

    @9:16 I like petal power but it was perfect for petal to the metal

  • Michelle Cramer
    Michelle Cramer 8 days ago

    2:10 to 2:14 Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton should take that advice.

  • nicola inman
    nicola inman 8 days ago

    I'm from the UK but I actually don't know that type of sweet (candy)

  • michelle calpo
    michelle calpo 8 days ago

    Sorry a sharkie

  • michelle calpo
    michelle calpo 8 days ago

    It say on the menuuu its a sharie nop its a pen i fricking love you so much

  • michelle calpo
    michelle calpo 8 days ago

    I love art can you do a only red art that you have plz 😔😟😢 if you do do it i will be like this 😊😋🙂❤🧡💛💜

  • Greenflowers
    Greenflowers 8 days ago

    The purple one you used to color in the flower matched your nails😃

  • Selena Smith
    Selena Smith 9 days ago

    Her slogan could also be, 'petal to the metal'

    Ill leave

  • Francesca J
    Francesca J 9 days ago

    Did anyone else see an eye instead of a mouth for a while......
    I’m embarrassed...😳

  • Jocelyn Tjioe
    Jocelyn Tjioe 9 days ago

    I need friction pen somuch

  • Maria _dance
    Maria _dance 9 days ago

    We have added to the waffles dictionary ... The sharkie

  • XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX
    XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX 9 days ago

    Isn’t that candy kinda old when u ordered it and then u wait til it arrives?

  • Mariam Elkhouly
    Mariam Elkhouly 11 days ago

    Love you waffles

  • Berserker !!
    Berserker !! 11 days ago

    I freaking love those lines, I'm more of a thick geometric (curvy+straight) lineart artist.

  • Maisie Lemon
    Maisie Lemon 12 days ago +1

    I thought she is an artist turns out she a genius artist😁😅

  • Aurora Togni
    Aurora Togni 13 days ago +1

    I used that erasable pen when I was in elementary school!!! 😍😍 (Italy)

  • NaroaLaCanoa _
    NaroaLaCanoa _ 14 days ago +1

    WOW girl you are so cool 💗❗️

  • Nurisa Jasarevic
    Nurisa Jasarevic 15 days ago +4

    I draw all most every day
    Me: I draw every day. . .

    Mostly because of school

  • Cole King
    Cole King 16 days ago

    Man I hated it when I left my books in my desks at school over the weekend and the friction pen would completely disappear from the heat that’s the only downside about them

  • Crystal Lilac
    Crystal Lilac 18 days ago

    We’re learning about friction in science 😂

    xxARMYTRASHxx 19 days ago

    when I was in forth grade, (10 years ago) My class was doing a project, and I was writing mine in one of those friction erasable pens. The teacher then took our compleated work, and laminated them. Turns out the erasable ink on mine had melted in the Laminater, and all my work was completely GONE. I had to restart mine, and it took about five days. My poor 9 year old self :(

  • Laforce 16
    Laforce 16 20 days ago

    How long have you been drawing because you are soooooooooooo good

  • ellarisamusic
    ellarisamusic 20 days ago

    how does scrawlrbox ship to you in the US?!?!

  • Renata Serra
    Renata Serra 22 days ago


  • CBA
    CBA 22 days ago

    Cyber Diva?

  • Ana Baltazar
    Ana Baltazar 24 days ago +3

    Rin: "I can't draw doodle art"
    Rin: *proceeds to draw amazing and cute doodle art on the scrawlr box sticker*

  • Adarshya Hari
    Adarshya Hari 24 days ago

    But petals don't help in photosynthesis D': leaves do

  • M Williams
    M Williams 25 days ago

    Have you done a drawing with only black supplys? If you haven't did it you should do it
    P.s I subscribe and pushed the bell and the like button

  • Grace Haus
    Grace Haus 27 days ago

    But what about “Petal to the metal”

  • Mona Ragone
    Mona Ragone 27 days ago +1

    her long bangs could be like her super hero mask

  • Mona Ragone
    Mona Ragone 27 days ago +2

    the character kind of reminds me of that one girl in the old TV show, "Code name: Kids next door" that always had her bangs in her face

  • Katie Dillon
    Katie Dillon 29 days ago

    The black rub out pen is really popular in my school and i use it as i have a pen licence

  • Kittens Donutz
    Kittens Donutz 29 days ago

    I really really really would suggest to collab with Appleminte! You guys would be awesome!

  • Kitakat
    Kitakat 29 days ago

    I'm from the uk and i have no idea what tgat candy/sweet is

  • Stephanie Rose
    Stephanie Rose 29 days ago

    Every. Single. Video.:
    What if I take the challenge word, and make it...

    A C U T E G I R L

  • Kayla Egas
    Kayla Egas Month ago

    Those frixion pens- I have those - they are my favourite for bullet journaling and for school notes

  • Savy Stuff
    Savy Stuff Month ago

    Those erasable pens came from jermany! (To lazy to explain how I know this)

  • BabyPooh Mejia
    BabyPooh Mejia Month ago

    I live in the us so no free shipping for me

  • Aprilkatiehope _21
    Aprilkatiehope _21 Month ago

    You should have drew the flower

  • Janessa DeLong
    Janessa DeLong Month ago

    what happend to power pedle

  • Space Geek 85
    Space Geek 85 Month ago

    My idea when we got the petal prompt, the metallic pen(marker?), and the sharpie was to draw a metallic cherry blossom tree with a black backdrop. Use the highlighters for the petals first, then color over everything else(or maybe just a rectangle around it, but that might take away from the mysery) with a black sharpie, then go over the tree again with the metallic pen/marker, and possibly makin some little plants at the bottom for ground. I might actually draw this.

  • Myrthe Kamoen
    Myrthe Kamoen Month ago

    its so funny how you still have the reflex of wiping the paper after erasing at 9:39 even though its not necessary with the pen. its clearly a strong habit haha

  • Consultant ProAms
    Consultant ProAms Month ago

    The postcard is for drawcember

  • Lovely Elle Belle
    Lovely Elle Belle Month ago

    I wonder how many stickers you have just from the scrawler boxes

  • Perfectly G&R
    Perfectly G&R Month ago

    Those highlighters are like £4 and everybody in british high school has them 💀

  • Kaissu
    Kaissu Month ago

    I actually find that the frixion highlighters are really great for pastel colors when drawing with cheap/regular pens/pencils art supplies at work.

  • Glenela Rajpaul
    Glenela Rajpaul Month ago

    Sailor moon flower editions 💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Lauren O'Quinn
    Lauren O'Quinn Month ago

    Pretty but dumb... I know more than a few people that this would fit perfectly

  • Silly Willy Lewis
    Silly Willy Lewis Month ago

    Can you do a draw my life

  • Hapa Mama
    Hapa Mama Month ago

    Ooh! I have some of the Frixion erasable highlighters and they are so cool! Really nice pastels and the erasability is so awesome.

  • Wednesday Roberts
    Wednesday Roberts Month ago

    The thumbnail reminded me of my friend.😂

  • Love Anime
    Love Anime Month ago

    I love how she draws the flower girl within minutes that would take me hours to finish

  • tired sparkles
    tired sparkles Month ago

    Those erasable pens are a STAPLE PIECE in Australia. As soon as you get your pen license in primary school, your mum takes you out to get a whole bunch of pens. You get one of every colour (even though you're only allowed red, blue and black). And you go into class the next day, a hero. You made it. You can officially write in pen... You did it kid. You're in the big leagues now.

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood Month ago +1

    Glacier fruits, I love them! (I live in Sheffield)

  • Naomi Art
    Naomi Art Month ago

    Your nails match the Scrawlr Box!

  • How to deal with it

    Omg i have the exact same erasable pen and i use it for writing haha

  • Jessie Lanterne
    Jessie Lanterne Month ago

    Would you recommend copics or ohuhus

  • Ali Queens
    Ali Queens Month ago

    Your petal power girl could be called Petil

  • Eden Wilson
    Eden Wilson Month ago

    I've always wanted a erasable pen

  • Sailor Draw
    Sailor Draw Month ago

    what cute draw!!!

  • Chase Mayer
    Chase Mayer Month ago

    Between 10:50 and 10:53 she drew that scribble really fast

  • Fluffy Eevee
    Fluffy Eevee Month ago

    I love the poses you draw. I can't draw limbs and hands and feet :')

  • Anne-Marie Montel
    Anne-Marie Montel Month ago

    Can we ever see your face? You sound so lovely I'd like to see what you look like!

  • Giraffe Girl
    Giraffe Girl Month ago

    I have a erasable purple highlighter to!!

  • Nana Huang
    Nana Huang Month ago +2

    hey, you should try zebra mildliners!

  • RcknRainbow
    RcknRainbow Month ago

    If you did a cyborg petal hero, then you could’ve had the catchphrase be “Petal to the metal!”

  • GiGi Collections76
    GiGi Collections76 Month ago

    This is so off topic but I love your nails

  • ajessica _Gaming
    ajessica _Gaming Month ago


  • Debbie Martin
    Debbie Martin Month ago

    I have the rub out pen

  • InvokeArtSense
    InvokeArtSense Month ago

    The colors would be cool to use in a sketchbook as a loose drawing.

  • Elise Lebens-Bohn
    Elise Lebens-Bohn Month ago

    I love frixion pens. I’ve used them for years. What’s cooler than “invisible” ink? I love making the ink disappear and reappear.

  • Rosette Serrano
    Rosette Serrano Month ago

    Just an FYI if you heat this picture the lines you did with the friction pens will disappear to include the highlighters.

  • josie seay
    josie seay Month ago

    Paint pens work well on walls. My sister had tons when I was little and would draw on her walls and write quotes. Could be fun to do if you are able

  • B-ichi the tsundere

    OMG!, I love this!

  • Alyce Shabtai
    Alyce Shabtai Month ago

    hi i love ur channel i watch all ur videos and u inspired me as a young girl who love to draw to keep drawing. u helped me find my style! thank you ! you are the best artist ever!keep doing awesome!

  • Kay Li
    Kay Li Month ago

    oh gosh please put those caps back on the right colours. That is going to bother me forever...
    Also I really liked the outcome of the art! Very nice despite the limitations in using the highlighters.

  • Khai_Hisan
    Khai_Hisan Month ago

    If you did the metal/cyborg look to your drawing, the catch phrase could've been Petal to the Metal XD

  • Ashley Fuller
    Ashley Fuller Month ago +1

    Love ur art ❤️❤️❤️

  • Cris Romero
    Cris Romero Month ago

    I just thought of ouran host club.. there were always petals floating around everytime the guys appear 😂

  • SayAnka BisWas
    SayAnka BisWas Month ago

    6:38 plants donot perform photosynthesis with petals😕. They do it with leaves🌿

  • Klea Gjurgjaj
    Klea Gjurgjaj Month ago

    You could of done a eye with flowers in the middle the paint pen could of been the highlights I think that would of looked cool aswell

  • Habiba Gewely
    Habiba Gewely Month ago

    I was so excited and printed all your drawings that u shared and joined😂 do more of them and I LOVE YOU

  • nadimishmael
    nadimishmael Month ago

    My first thought: Write?

  • Geraldine Burrow
    Geraldine Burrow Month ago

    I love this drawing and how you conjured up the idea of her! ❤️

  • Shayla Morris
    Shayla Morris Month ago

    I bought those erasable highlighters but threw them out the second day I had them cause they sucked! Good thing they were like two dollars am I right?😂

  • Seema Nair
    Seema Nair Month ago

    I have the same pilot pen

  • AliciQ The Broken Jem Shard

    I thought that noodle went blonde and got hair extentions for a second

  • tinks Patel
    tinks Patel Month ago

    Starkey is way better then sharpie

  • Cali TOP
    Cali TOP Month ago

    Hey Waffles! I just wanted to let you know that before I started watching you, I wasn't a very good artist and was never really "inspired" to draw. I began watching your videos and I really enjoyed to do so. you always inspire me to draw something new everyday and actually try to draw something cool, and now I enjoy drawing, all thanks to you. Ilysm! You are a great artist 💞💞 don't give up on drawing!