The Perfect Upside-Down Pizza, According to Scarr Pimentel | Food Skills

  • Published on Jul 10, 2017
  • There's no worse feeling than biting into a slice of New York pizza, only to find soggy bread, congealed sauce, and a thin layer of dried-out cheese. Though it rarely gets enough shine, the enigmatic "upside-down" Sicilian has an answer to these common pizza problems, topping its melted mozzarella with ladles of steaming tomato sauce. Scarr Pimental-the owner of Scarr's Pizza on the Lower East Side-is bringing the city's upside-down Sicilian to the masses, building on a style made famous by NYC pizza masters like L&B Spumoni Gardens in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Crisp, fresh, and packed with flavor, upside-down pizza proves there's no such thing as "too much sauce" when it comes to the perfect slice.
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Comments • 276

  • Patrick McGee
    Patrick McGee Month ago

    I would love for Action Bronson to come through Scarrs... I love the spot and I’m a str8 up pizza snob... I think it has the vibe Bronson would appreciate

  • Chris Catan
    Chris Catan 3 months ago


  • Al Lubis
    Al Lubis 4 months ago

    Scarr's pizza blew my d*ck off, their pizza is sublime. Distinct taste. Vegan pizza also on point, they don't mess around.

  • BillHicks420
    BillHicks420 5 months ago

    Not sure if the dude is making life hard on himself, or actually producing a great product.

  • liberty belle
    liberty belle 6 months ago


  • Eric Liestoh
    Eric Liestoh 7 months ago

    That looks tasty, but way too damn thick for me. To each their own.

  • Alexander Daniels Escobar

    Pizza looks yummy and he seems like a cool guy!

    DEAD CROONER 8 months ago

    How's that hand-milled tomato sauce that's totally not hipster?

  • john degraw
    john degraw 8 months ago

    That looks like gross pizza....L n B is not good pizza at sure his regular slice is good

  • James Fitzpatrick
    James Fitzpatrick 8 months ago

    Scarrs is the real deal. I’ve had a regular and a Sicilian slice there. They have the best slice and Sicilian slice I’ve EVER had. The sauce is absolutely phenomenal. Scarr’s pizza is an easy 9.4

  • zemekiel
    zemekiel Year ago

    Geez that is a massive carb attack!

  • davefish84
    davefish84 Year ago

    One of the best pizza's ever created

  • Jennifer Reyes
    Jennifer Reyes Year ago

    Thank you scarrs, appreciate the real ny philosophy

  • sugreev2001
    sugreev2001 Year ago

    Is the special ingredient in his pizzas his forearm hair?

  • John Yi
    John Yi Year ago

    L&B spumoni gardens has the best upside down Sicilian

  • Paul Godenitz
    Paul Godenitz Year ago

    Is this pizza boneless?🍕

  • Avant-garde Student

    The whole organic fad is bullshit but that pizza looks delicious.

  • Benjamin Fredrick

    Upside down? Yeah, it's called Chicago style.

    • EdgeOI
      EdgeOI Year ago

      Yeah no it's not.

  • Joseph Morales
    Joseph Morales Year ago

    Damn, throwing shade at Brooklyn. What does he feel about Best Pizza?

  • Geeeeee23
    Geeeeee23 Year ago

    That Sicilian slice looks fucking bangin!! 👍🏻

  • Sharon Segal
    Sharon Segal Year ago

    *heavy breathing*

  • lpt421
    lpt421 Year ago

    Doesn't beat new haven apizza

  • A
    A Year ago +1

    being from Buffalo where there are tons of pizza places with amazing pizza, I have to respect these guys. It sounds like they really use top ingredients and have amazing pizzas, I'll have to hit them up next time im in NYC

  • AIS
    AIS Year ago

    swear munchies was just here lol

  • Ivan Rodriguez
    Ivan Rodriguez Year ago

    that looks so fucking good. definitely gonna stop by

  • Sixgorillionshekelbergswindler Shlomo

    GTFO! Not an Italian making the pizza!

  • Eduardo Real
    Eduardo Real Year ago

    that made me hungry.

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    I thought for a second based on the title that Scarra was going to be in this video...

  • MrVinny333
    MrVinny333 Year ago

    What do people have against toppings?

  • moria golden
    moria golden Year ago

    the only thing real is those old school shortz

  • moria golden
    moria golden Year ago +2

    dont they do a vegan cesear. i saw them on munchies

  • CypyCup
    CypyCup Year ago

    I feel like i'm watching vice back when it was good

  • kahea2018
    kahea2018 Year ago

    Looks Delicious!

  • Hugh Gagnon-Smith

    mans a beast

  • Stubs24
    Stubs24 Year ago

    No joke. You guys are the Top Gear of food. This is the type of content I love to see. Keep it up!

  • MWYANT19
    MWYANT19 Year ago

    looks good

  • volkermuller55
    volkermuller55 Year ago

    I'm usually a Chicago pizza guy, but this shit looks good as fuck!

  • snodemon540
    snodemon540 Year ago

    do something sous vide even if it is in house!! great content BTW keep it up!!

  • C Scott
    C Scott Year ago

    This some science shit

  • LadyMaltese
    LadyMaltese Year ago

    Whoa. Now T-H-A-T looks like a seriously delicious pizza with many quality ingredients. Best of luck to you and your 'za stop. Next time in the area I will make an order.

  • SIOrlove1
    SIOrlove1 Year ago

    Come on man. just own the fact that you're ripping off L&B. There's really nothing wrong with that IMO. That pie looks awesome.

    • EdgeOI
      EdgeOI Year ago

      Because it's cheese below sauce? L&B isn't the first or even close to it.

  • ryunnz17
    ryunnz17 Year ago

    little Cesar's doesn't used can tomatoes... I didn't know little Cesar's was artisan

  • Chris LeDoux
    Chris LeDoux Year ago

    Looks so damned good....

  • Random49558
    Random49558 Year ago

    I don't know why I watch amazing food videos on TV and TVclip that I will never get a chance to eat. Looks incredible.

  • Alex Monterville
    Alex Monterville Year ago

    that pizza looks f***** amazing

  • Slobbo
    Slobbo Year ago

    Goddammit, one or two is okay, but at this rate basically all pizza joint in NY is amazing, and if all of em are amazing then none of em are.

  • Daniel Moon
    Daniel Moon Year ago

    Huge fan of pizza, fan of this channel, fan of good food, working in this industry, not trying to hate, would love to try this place....but is that mold in the insert @ the 1:04 mark?

  • WhizYT
    WhizYT Year ago

    Good video, sweet shop

  • Fran Sinclair
    Fran Sinclair Year ago

    why have i never considered doing it like this? this is amazing!

  • Nick Diaz
    Nick Diaz Year ago

    I was expecting toppings as the base, then cheese, sauce, crust.

  • Minioo Muntslag
    Minioo Muntslag Year ago

    Brooo i'm hungry then a mf watching thiss mennn #ChrisTuckerVoice

    MEMATRON Year ago

    Damn this guy looks like and sounds like a friend of mine.

  • Oswaldo Contreras

    That first background track is dope. Anyone know the name?

  • Ankri
    Ankri Year ago

    What's "upside-down" about it? Seems like an ordinary pizza. I don't get it.

  • Stacy Pennock
    Stacy Pennock Year ago

    OMG, I want that pizza in my facehole right now!

  • Juan Meneses
    Juan Meneses Year ago

    I've seen this video a million times; I'm mesmerized.

  • R.C. Whitehead
    R.C. Whitehead Year ago

    I can trust any man in a Carhartt pocket tee shirt.

  • Jason Sawatsky
    Jason Sawatsky Year ago

    Oyster quartz? Interesting.... Great video. Love this guy!

  • Bad Santa
    Bad Santa Year ago

    Would be awesome if this pizza had some fucking toppings.

  • spykebaxter
    spykebaxter Year ago

    that pizza looks fucking legit. I'm hungry as fuck now

  • Jordy
    Jordy Year ago

    ''Nothing's canned except the olive oil.'' I like that.

  • Sebastian Shammer

    This is probably the best food you've ever shown on your channel. The love, the details, the time, everything about this just shows how much that dude cares about his pizza. Awesome.

  • MauiWowieOwie
    MauiWowieOwie Year ago +1

    I'm so fucking sick of people saying x-pizza is different from x-pizza. Shut the fuck up and eat it, it's fucking pizza.
    Our pizza is different cuz it's square! Our pizza is different cuz it's thin! Our pizza is different cuz it's deep! Get the fuck over yourself guys....

    • sinnison23
      sinnison23 Year ago

      Gasoline, diesel and alcohol are all liquid fuels, get the fuck over yourself guy and just fill your tank.

  • MR tony
    MR tony Year ago

    try to get tyler the creator on Hot Ones

  • jluis90s
    jluis90s Year ago

    too bad that shits only in new york

  • SUP3RB
    SUP3RB Year ago +3

    That looks fucking gross.

  • Shawn Moore
    Shawn Moore Year ago

    If and when I finally make it to NY, I'll be stopping by for a slice.

  • swagzilla3000
    swagzilla3000 Year ago

    i wanna go here :(

  • Johnny Dueñas
    Johnny Dueñas Year ago


  • Angel medrano
    Angel medrano Year ago

    Gay we want the white guy to run everything

  • GrumblesLeCube
    GrumblesLeCube Year ago

    I'm really appreciating the love this guy puts into his pizza. Just cause you sell slices in a little shop, doesn't mean you can't make dope ass food. He knows.

  • Samual Iam
    Samual Iam Year ago

    Not so much upside-down but layered. Making it upside-down would mean crust on top. But then that wouldn't be pizza.

  • motive
    motive Year ago

    This is taking over Munchies. Great videos

  • Javier Fernandez
    Javier Fernandez Year ago

    pimentel. okay.

  • Keegan Miller
    Keegan Miller Year ago

    Dang that pizza looks incredible!

  • Steve Eric Jordan
    Steve Eric Jordan Year ago +3

    That's actually fucking real.

  • jimbo jones
    jimbo jones Year ago

    Tomatoes are fruit. No need to add sugar. I despise a tomato sauce with sugar unless we're talking crappy chef boy-R-dee. The poor person inside me still likes to indulge in that from time to time.

  • Mike Macneil
    Mike Macneil Year ago


  • Shaun DYST
    Shaun DYST Year ago

    I never find any songle slice shops outside of NYC. I wish people would expand out. I'd pay $5 for a single slice over an entire shitty little ceasers hot n ready.

  • potlovingchef14
    potlovingchef14 Year ago +1

    fukin pizza is the reason i didn't die
    cause i would miss PIZZA

  • John James Rambo
    John James Rambo Year ago +2

    Sorry the dough doesn't look like any pizza i have ever eaten. It looks like a fat mans American wannabe pizza

    • sinnison23
      sinnison23 Year ago

      It's a Sicilian, have you not seen Sicilian pizza before?

  • anokajdm
    anokajdm Year ago

    Munchies went there so FWF definitely in tow.

  • T 25
    T 25 Year ago

    Bich I wan pzz

  • Craig O' Reilly
    Craig O' Reilly Year ago

    Not to self: Do not watch any of these videos unless I am stuffed.

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker Year ago

    Hes a real one.

  • Lol
    Lol Year ago

    why is there a potrait of gucci on the wall? hahahahha

  • ComicBook Chaos #27

    all i saw was FRESH ingredients.. on my bucket list when i hit NY next year...
    anyone got anyone posts they can't shoot my way? 😅

  • minge9
    minge9 Year ago +2

    Literally just watched his night out on Munchies, cool ass dude

  • Despite37
    Despite37 Year ago

    These guys just did a video for Vice

  • Gus Lopez
    Gus Lopez Year ago

    2:07 Employee of the month: AKEEM ! LOL

  • D C
    D C Year ago

    Completely unrelated to the pizza, but I really dig the interior of that store.

  • Argus Plexus
    Argus Plexus Year ago

    That looks like the best Sicilian pizza EVER

  • DonJuanDingDong
    DonJuanDingDong Year ago

    definitely gonna drop by next time i'm in new york

  • Raye Navar
    Raye Navar Year ago +3

    Sean, get LIL DICKY on hot ones. You HAVE to give the internet what it WANTS!

  • Ikiratuki
    Ikiratuki Year ago

    Epic meal time can eat their hearts out.

  • Future Lurker
    Future Lurker Year ago

    First time I've even heard of upside down pizza.

  • Luís Barbosa
    Luís Barbosa Year ago

    B O N E L E S S P I Z Z A

  • blingximus
    blingximus Year ago +3

    people rly like eating cheese only pizza?

  • ziljin
    ziljin Year ago +7

    damn that pizza looks real good

    • Mike Macneil
      Mike Macneil Year ago +1

      what!!! 100% on point looks delicious and dude is well spoken and confident and likable give this man a channel at least and I don't even know his name! want that upside down now😊