Binging with Babish: Bear Stew from Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Published on Nov 6, 2018
  • Food in video games has seen a renaissance in the past few years, with vittles playing a pivotal role in your mere survival as a character. Rockstar games inches ever-closer to real life in video game form with Red Dead Redemption 2, where you can buy, hunt, cook, steal, and eat your nutritional requirements every day. You never seem to need to go to the bathroom though...
    Special thanks to Justin Bailey, a wilderness expert without whom this episode would not have been possible! Go check out his Instagram:
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  • Team Black Ninja
    Team Black Ninja 17 hours ago

    I though the tumbnail said beer Stew

  • chubb chubbs
    chubb chubbs Day ago

    Oh arthur. 💔

  • CytruzErizonit
    CytruzErizonit Day ago

    By far the best BWG video to date

  • Default Donnelly

    Hey babish, I’ve got a great idea for your next video but you just need a bit more MONEH

  • ArasMX
    ArasMX Day ago

    Loved the video and Arthur's voice!

  • Plolsteg 770
    Plolsteg 770 Day ago

    Hehe… dutch oven

  • supahReford ;p
    supahReford ;p Day ago

    Cookin` with cowboy!

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Day ago

    Red neck

  • roham parsa
    roham parsa Day ago


  • Jaren Draws
    Jaren Draws Day ago +3

    Every wildlife organization: save the bears
    Binging with babish: uh

  • Craig
    Craig Day ago

    Wow, Just Wow

  • Eric Christian
    Eric Christian 2 days ago

    Hey uh babish... Why you always gotta be making my fat ass hungry at all times of the day........

  • Joshua Andrea
    Joshua Andrea 2 days ago

    Why bald guy video is good watching for? Just like this guy, jerry rig guy, taras russian guy, johnny sins, etc

  • Genji, Reaper, and McCree

    O K A Y I L L C A T C H Y O U L A T E R T H E N

  • Will Willson
    Will Willson 3 days ago

    Rootin Tootin Cowboy Shootin 2

  • BigBallsKing 100
    BigBallsKing 100 3 days ago

    Ayyy, The Great Takamura killed the bear!

  • Gavin
    Gavin 3 days ago

    this video inspired me to eat more vegetables

  • Blackwolverine 31
    Blackwolverine 31 4 days ago

    You look like coyote Peterson

  • BOOM! idc Tv
    BOOM! idc Tv 4 days ago

    Who else thinks he could win 1000's on a cooking show

  • Croach Likes to draw

    DANGIT I liked that voice

  • David Kotlarz
    David Kotlarz 4 days ago

    That ynneL Easter egg at the end just beautiful 😂

  • Shaun Sanders
    Shaun Sanders 4 days ago

    Dutch Van Der Linde oven AKA “Plan” oven

  • Winter Obsidian
    Winter Obsidian 4 days ago

    Babish is a badass cowboy

  • A Legend that eats lunch at 11:27 am

    *damn thing wont just defrost*

  • Skyfall uno
    Skyfall uno 4 days ago

    4:23 what is that?

  • Indy
    Indy 4 days ago

    I had bear stew at a game supper when I was about 15 years old, and it literally tasted like vomit. Either that cook was an idiot, or bear is just terrible. I also recently binged Masterhef, and not once did they get challenged to cook bear.

  • Jason Brody
    Jason Brody 4 days ago

    After watching Pearson The stew contains, Whole potato(2), Whole carrot(6), What ever wild meat you find, and lots and lots of salt.
    Make sure you cut the potato and carrot.

  • Pierson McLean
    Pierson McLean 5 days ago

    The weirdest thing about this whole video, is my name is Pierson and I love to cook, no joke.

  • James Vaughn
    James Vaughn 5 days ago

    The “Lennaaay!” At the end completely and wholeheartedly made me love you! Lmao wasn’t expecting it at all bro haha

  • Erik Ahl
    Erik Ahl 5 days ago

    *Literally drooling.* 🤤

  • Michael a
    Michael a 5 days ago

    That venison looked so fkn good

  • Don’t read my profile picture


  • Civilization Committee

    Filmed in New Hanover

  • Ruth Juarez
    Ruth Juarez 6 days ago

    This 👀 looks like the same set up for when brad did an outdoor episode lol

  • Guilherme Atencio
    Guilherme Atencio 6 days ago +2

    I'd like to know more about that knife.

  • Todd
    Todd 6 days ago

    You had me until the trichinosis.

  • Chefboiardee 445
    Chefboiardee 445 6 days ago

    Just finished the game and it was great

  • Rhondrark
    Rhondrark 6 days ago

    In reality, it isn't stew unless you got doughboys in the pot and bread and butter to sop up the gravy. looked good though, like something we'd cook up during deer season up to camp while on a drunk.

  • Dan Witzke
    Dan Witzke 6 days ago +1

    Babish why are you using metal utensils with cast iron? You're scraping away your seasoning, wooden utensils would've been period correct.
    That said this looks delicious

    ANGERY BOI 7 days ago

    Isnt arthur dead??

  • I Knew it
    I Knew it 7 days ago

    I only skinned like 3 rabbits in that entire game

  • Supa Breezer
    Supa Breezer 7 days ago

    You ate bear.. WTF

  • Hentaiweeb69
    Hentaiweeb69 7 days ago

    Anyone who dislikes this has *LUMBAGO*

  • Bautista Molinari
    Bautista Molinari 7 days ago

    Alright boah

  • Draginz TOPMELON
    Draginz TOPMELON 7 days ago

    theme song?

  • Lolificator
    Lolificator 7 days ago


  • I Hate Click Bait
    I Hate Click Bait 7 days ago

    A Hat Is Important

  • Lester Crest
    Lester Crest 8 days ago

    What’s the difference between kosher salt and normal salt?

  • Ari Moss
    Ari Moss 8 days ago

    Did he just call Arthur... 'Too yellow'?

  • Johnny Pearseed
    Johnny Pearseed 8 days ago +10

    Imagine you're in the woods and you random see Babish in full cowboy getup making stew over a fire

    • PheenixGryphondor
      PheenixGryphondor 2 days ago +1

      Johnny Pearseed
      I'd be like: "Hello stranger, how bout's ya pour me some of dat' tasty stew 'dere?"
      Then hope he'd let me have a bowl.

  • Jimmy Deneus
    Jimmy Deneus 8 days ago

    The cooking show

  • John Ishmael
    John Ishmael 8 days ago

    Sad that deer meats banned because of the whole Zombie Deer epidemic going on.

  • Eruda
    Eruda 8 days ago

    Will Arthur be returning in future videos?

  • Angel25XX
    Angel25XX 9 days ago

    **hears Arthur**

  • Nut Meg
    Nut Meg 9 days ago

    I love when Babby takes the show on 'location'.

  • Karuna Rai
    Karuna Rai 9 days ago

    Today we are making Bear Stew

    *Cocks* *Shotgun*

  • Bear Jaws
    Bear Jaws 9 days ago


  • Jpertubal4
    Jpertubal4 9 days ago

    "Dutch" oven u said?

    MEMEYBOI 10 days ago +5

    He purposely went out of his way to keep the footage of him falling and recorded him saying "uhp!" gotta love him

  • I Will Smell The Hair Ok?

    Is it the same stew from the incest brother and sister where making? If you can't afford the meat what other subsitute can I use.

  • Media Phantom
    Media Phantom 10 days ago

    Can I make the stew inside or not?

  • HOBBS 1998
    HOBBS 1998 11 days ago

    I want to make this so bad

  • JK Kay Kay
    JK Kay Kay 12 days ago

    PETA does not approve of this message

  • She loves Julian
    She loves Julian 12 days ago

    Why does he sound so much like Arthur

  • Connor Brown
    Connor Brown 12 days ago

    Quick question: where did you buy bear? I thought it was illegal to sell wild game.

  • CQ The Kid
    CQ The Kid 13 days ago +1

    The Voice Actor for Authur Morgan, Everyone (I know he isn't, but this is one of the best voice impersonations I've heard for Authur. He's a good cook AND a Voice Actor, nice.)

  • DungeonDude 01
    DungeonDude 01 13 days ago +4

    Tbh I first thought it said ‘Beer stew’ and I was like *channels inner alcoholic*

  • Avoyt
    Avoyt 13 days ago +1

    I always thought bear meat was toxic. I guess that's just polar bear meat?

    • do nont eat the vegetals
      do nont eat the vegetals 12 days ago +1

      D O N O T E A T V E G E T A L

    • Avoyt
      Avoyt 12 days ago

      +do nont eat the vegetals Ohh! Huh! That's very interesting, thank you!
      ...are the vegetals safe to eat tho

    • do nont eat the vegetals
      do nont eat the vegetals 13 days ago +1

      Bear meat is safe to eat. Most deaths from eating polar bear was due to eating the polar bears liver, which is super full of vitamin A which is dangerous in high amounts, causing vitamin A poisoning and death.

  • Félix TG
    Félix TG 13 days ago

    Holy crap this sounds delish. I need to make that one

  • Harvey Williams
    Harvey Williams 13 days ago

    Ok if you’re doing games now, please do Skyrim!

  • Zeemz
    Zeemz 13 days ago

    lol great vid

  • El Nino
    El Nino 13 days ago +1

    But WHERE IS LENNY...!!!??

  • The lone Cowboy
    The lone Cowboy 13 days ago

    But of course

  • The Finsoccer
    The Finsoccer 13 days ago +5

    Imagine being a bear and thinking like: I’am going to be hunt down for a TVclip video. Well atleast that bear is famous now.

  • Feisal K. Irfansyah
    Feisal K. Irfansyah 14 days ago

    This is better than some stupid videos that went viral

  • I dont know What i want to be called

    That bear stew is, oh dear, unbearably good!

  • Nodel Oliver
    Nodel Oliver 15 days ago

    You should have said 'BOAH!' and waited for your horse.

  • pO0t _
    pO0t _ 15 days ago

    “...til’ everyone is brown and happy.”

  • jamaila smith
    jamaila smith 15 days ago


  • Hayden Thomason
    Hayden Thomason 15 days ago

    What's with the hate for pearson

  • Rindurs
    Rindurs 15 days ago

    Where tf do you even get bear meat

  • Thicc Zucc
    Thicc Zucc 15 days ago


  • Alex R.
    Alex R. 17 days ago

    I miss Arthur 😭

  • jaden Rolon
    jaden Rolon 17 days ago

    Now imagine if i bear came similar to the intro x)

  • stargirlsasch
    stargirlsasch 18 days ago

    Cowboy daddy

  • Joshua Pearson
    Joshua Pearson 18 days ago

    Can confirm everything said about Pearson is true.

  • Goku
    Goku 19 days ago

    I think my only question is where the hell are you?

  • wank stain
    wank stain 20 days ago

    You should do the lambs fry and lobster bisque too, they look delicious

  • young boi
    young boi 20 days ago

    Back ground music ?

  • Purple Tomato Studio
    Purple Tomato Studio 20 days ago

    I remember first time eating bear, I threw up when I was told what I was eating. I love bears but I don't want to eat them.

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II 20 days ago

    *l e n n e y*

  • Morgan Rose
    Morgan Rose 21 day ago +1

    got to say, that voice was pretty close

  • RannPNut
    RannPNut 21 day ago

    I’d love if you’d make something from Breath of the wild

  • Muhammed Ali Inamdar


  • The Coffee Cook
    The Coffee Cook 22 days ago

    He sounds exactly like Auther from red dead redemption 2

  • 504 fishing
    504 fishing 22 days ago

    In Colorado if you want to find better deer meat that is a bit more gamey it's prefer that you go to a local shop or you go hunting for the deer yourself

  • MetalizedButt
    MetalizedButt 22 days ago +1

    Fucking looks amazing

  • Dark Eye
    Dark Eye 22 days ago

    I do have one question. Is there a replacement for the tomato products?

  • Joshua Awesome
    Joshua Awesome 22 days ago

    Well i found a new camp stew after shooting a bear this year looks pretty good

  • Neo Xiao Long
    Neo Xiao Long 22 days ago

    that is the most delicious looking stew i have ever seen