Binging with Babish: Bear Stew from Red Dead Redemption 2


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  • BN_Deadshadow 9360
    BN_Deadshadow 9360 51 minute ago


  • Special Fex
    Special Fex Hour ago

    That sexy voice tho...

  • Emma Beal
    Emma Beal 2 hours ago

    Does anyone know where this took place? Love the background

  • Bubbagump Shrimp
    Bubbagump Shrimp 2 hours ago

    Heh. Dutch oven. Dutch. Heh.

  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez 3 hours ago

    What’s herbs did you use because I heard bay leaf but I didn’t catch the other one

  • MORTER!!!
    MORTER!!! 4 hours ago

    If someone spoiles this game for me than i Will get tubacolosus die and hand over my things to John.

  • Dapper Bee
    Dapper Bee 4 hours ago

    Ain’t a stew without celereh

  • Aydin aalam
    Aydin aalam 5 hours ago

    *Western Outro Music*

  • L O V E, V E N U S
    L O V E, V E N U S 9 hours ago

    He always shakes his hand after he takes a bite of food

  • onz lo
    onz lo 12 hours ago

    "Head is so far up his ass he is fishing for cow pies" - Babish 2018

  • whats good mi hood
    whats good mi hood 13 hours ago

    Hey babish is it possible to subsitude bear with beaf?

  • Justin Lybbert
    Justin Lybbert 18 hours ago

    No continue the accent! Continue!!

  • Mathias Ahrensberg
    Mathias Ahrensberg 22 hours ago

    A *DUTCH* oven

  • Kaedo -
    Kaedo - Day ago

    Can we take a moment to look at THE FORK OF LONGINUS?!

  • Jhersey James Gamboa

    Bless this man for making a video of Red Dead Redemption. And for thosewho know this game, one like equals one prayer to those who died, a dislike will be considered as one more bullet hole in Micah

  • Beonym Panaung
    Beonym Panaung Day ago

    Bear meat exists
    Lemme hv it

  • ahmad bakrie
    ahmad bakrie Day ago

    please make a food from anime

  • David R. Cohen
    David R. Cohen Day ago

    the right ti bear stew

  • Mason Coffey
    Mason Coffey Day ago

    "I usually have pearson do this, but his head is so far up him ass that he is fishing for cow pies" I thought this was a family show but still funny asf 0:58

  • Eri Lassila
    Eri Lassila Day ago

    The world needs more videos narrated in that voice. Plus both Arthur and Babish are total hotties which is just another reason why.

  • 36 nuts
    36 nuts 2 days ago

    All of this amazing looking food and I cant even make it because he doesn't say what temperature to preheat the fire to.

  • Lance Ortiguero
    Lance Ortiguero 2 days ago

    is that coyote peterson?

  • TheIzoneGamer
    TheIzoneGamer 2 days ago

    The ending in the game😢

  • Vinicius Cabral
    Vinicius Cabral 2 days ago +1

    is this a cure for L U M B A G O ?

  • Connor Edwards
    Connor Edwards 2 days ago

    But what is he deglazing with?

  • Rose Tyler
    Rose Tyler 2 days ago

    As someone with leporiphobia, the mere thought of eating rabbit, having rabbit meat INSIDE OF ME, made me puke in my mouth a little bit. So gross.

  • Laffinty
    Laffinty 2 days ago

    Sound like BBQ pit boys. Lol

  • Travis Whitworth
    Travis Whitworth 2 days ago

    This might be a little too authentic for me DX

  • Cleavon LoAsioe
    Cleavon LoAsioe 2 days ago

    Does the rabbit taste like chicken or does the chicken taste like rabbit ????

  • Laffy joe Bro
    Laffy joe Bro 3 days ago +1

    A DUTCH oven hehe

  • Joanne smallwood
    Joanne smallwood 3 days ago

    I am impressed by your dedication to this. Bet you had fun.

    RTK FOREVER 3 days ago

    That voice sounded more like you were trying to do your best Stone Cold Steve Austin impression lol

  • Crunk Dill
    Crunk Dill 3 days ago

    You look like a gay cowboy in this

  • I like Turtles
    I like Turtles 3 days ago

    wait so those vegetables and meats been sitting for over 100 yrs

  • AmericanNicoli
    AmericanNicoli 3 days ago

    What did he deglaze with

  • Patrick Suto
    Patrick Suto 3 days ago

    but does that dutch oven have a plan

  • Dutch van der linde
    Dutch van der linde 3 days ago

    I could probably make that...but i just need some money

  • SuperGamer0217 !
    SuperGamer0217 ! 3 days ago

    This is an actual decent Arther voice impression nice one babish

  • Bacon Toast Bob
    Bacon Toast Bob 4 days ago

    Did you say a DUTCH oven?

  • LittleDwarf
    LittleDwarf 4 days ago

    cosplaying with babish

  • Art & Junk
    Art & Junk 4 days ago

    I shouldn’t be watching this when I’m sick and hungry

  • Jacob Meier
    Jacob Meier 4 days ago

    Where did he get the bear meat? I actually want to try this recipe

  • cool dude
    cool dude 4 days ago

    LARPing with Babish

  • Ze AnceøGamer
    Ze AnceøGamer 4 days ago

    Pretty good impression u need more hair tonic tho beard isnt big enough u need at least a 8/10

  • SimMaster
    SimMaster 4 days ago

    I wanna make this but don't really fell like it cause I have terminal lumbago

  • Tucker Priest
    Tucker Priest 5 days ago

    Now you have to prepare fresh mangoes from Tahiti

  • Brawler Haus
    Brawler Haus 5 days ago


  • matthew key
    matthew key 5 days ago

    Don't eat it its lumbago

  • Funnyman1
    Funnyman1 5 days ago

    I wonder how much it would cost to have babish cook you a meal

  • Kimira Kash
    Kimira Kash 5 days ago

    Take it easy I’m just needling ya