(Russian for beginner) 1. Russian Alphabet 1

  • Published on Feb 15, 2011
  • (Russian for beginner) lecture pdf note goo.gl/W5h3uA
    1. Russian Alphabet 1 tvclip.biz/video/wOX7EsDvJ8U/video.html
    2. Russian Alphabet 2 tvclip.biz/video/1XLpmPLecWE/video.html
    3. Basic phrases - How are you? tvclip.biz/video/9tXRSqV9xsY/video.html
    4. Nouns and Pronouns tvclip.biz/video/4NdRw69UMVo/video.html
    5. Verbs and conjugations tvclip.biz/video/PKziZdRyzwE/video.html
    6. I love ... tvclip.biz/video/oHOkvL8sCnE/video.html
    7. Places and Prepositions tvclip.biz/video/m5GLtGhs9vo/video.html
    8. I have a son. tvclip.biz/video/plBOUHjzLM8/video.html
    9. How old are you? tvclip.biz/video/IcXmEJC_1SM/video.html
    10. About myself tvclip.biz/video/M2ZRDXZbZLM/video.html
    (Survival Russian for Travelers) lecture pdf note goo.gl/Cf9yHp
    1. Greetings. Everyday expressions Спасибо tvclip.biz/video/X2tHqL4crlE/video.html
    2.Meeting people-My name is, What's your name? Меня зовут tvclip.biz/video/5RAPxowcgOs/video.html
    3. Meeting people 2 - I'm from England. tvclip.biz/video/Z2oJwQ9YkTc/video.html
    4. Money expressions tvclip.biz/video/HhFaiLkjvqQ/video.html
    5. getting around, Asking directions tvclip.biz/video/E9TpV5xpJu4/video.html
    6. At a hotel tvclip.biz/video/OwZrmqG8A7Y/video.html
    7. Shopping expression tvclip.biz/video/9VRzyOrLZ90/video.html
    8. eating out 1 tvclip.biz/video/7youNTWeIYg/video.html
    9. eating out 2 tvclip.biz/video/8qG0mL-2Iz0/video.html
    10. Emergencies expression tvclip.biz/video/Wr2WMej-n68/video.html
    seemile Korean language in TVclip tvclip.biz/video/0ZhOeA0RD9o/video.html
    seemile Chinese language in TVclip
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  • Baldoxxx4000
    Baldoxxx4000 11 days ago

    anyone remember that Kazakstan girl living in korea teaching russian?

  • Master Dribbling
    Master Dribbling Month ago

    I feel sick whenever anyone speak russians

  • Al Nec
    Al Nec 3 months ago

    Her voice is ASRM.

  • Vicki Tan
    Vicki Tan 3 months ago

    I notice that different teachers pronounce the Russian alphabet differently. 🤔

  • Insane Sounds
    Insane Sounds 3 months ago

    *asian teaching russian in english*

  • Masatoshi Kento
    Masatoshi Kento 4 months ago +1

    My name is Masatoshi I am from Japan, I want to learn Russian but don't know how to can anybody teach me

    • Anatoliy Shtinov
      Anatoliy Shtinov 4 months ago

      Hi, Masatoshi! You can start by downloading Duolingo app, it has Russian course for English speakers. I've used this app for 2 languages, and it worked really well for me.

  • Display Name
    Display Name 4 months ago

    Моя цель - стать тройным шпионом КГБ-ЦРУ.

  • AsYouSee :3
    AsYouSee :3 5 months ago

    Thanks. But... what means cyka blyat idi nahui?

  • Игровой Портал

    Как интересно каким трудом они учат русский язык, как и мы английский язык

  • rinokaz
    rinokaz 6 months ago

    Suka blyat nahui

  • RussianForDummies
    RussianForDummies 6 months ago

    Very useful let’s learn Russian

  • Святой Блинчик

    Приятных мучений, иностранцы))))

  • NDA cadet Army
    NDA cadet Army 7 months ago

    I'm now puzzled and how to learn Russian language is still a dilemma for me,,
    Love from India

  • Millnius K. Lee
    Millnius K. Lee 8 months ago

    I love your english accent

  • sphinx d2
    sphinx d2 8 months ago

    Чудесная методика, за 5:40 удалось освоить язык в совершенстве. Спасибо!

  • chhay lam
    chhay lam 8 months ago

    How do study Russian effectively?

  • pearl nuri
    pearl nuri 8 months ago

    I was only wondering "Why are Russians commenting on this and what are they commenting ?"

    • Anatoliy Shtinov
      Anatoliy Shtinov 6 months ago

      +pearl nuri yes

    • pearl nuri
      pearl nuri 6 months ago

      +Anatoliy Shtinov
      Are you Russian too ?

    • Anatoliy Shtinov
      Anatoliy Shtinov 7 months ago

      They are either wondering how they ended up on this video or wishing luck those who study Russian.

  • pOtatO
    pOtatO 8 months ago

    The pronunciation is easy, but hard to remember the letter at the same time. And fuuuuuhhhh lot of tounge twisted..... hope this is a good start

  • Railong
    Railong 8 months ago

    Hello Im Ruslan , i want to learn English , my native languge Russian , go in skype please)))

  • Tyulenin SFD
    Tyulenin SFD 8 months ago

    Ебануться и не встать, ноги мне в руки и нахуй идти.

  • The Living Mortal
    The Living Mortal 9 months ago +1

    Как много… Кина, Русский, и английский.

  • mihanich
    mihanich 10 months ago

    Охуенно, после просмотра данного видео я в совершенстве освоил русский язык.

  • Меру ЕРТ
    Меру ЕРТ 11 months ago


  • Данил Дубров
    Данил Дубров 11 months ago

    Мне кажется, что все учителя русского для инастранцев в ютубе засланные КГБшники

  • Randall Gordon
    Randall Gordon 11 months ago

    How to aswk " where do you want his trailer" in R

  • Евгений Юртаев

    С самого начала - вранье.
    10 paired volwes: а-я /a-ya/, э-е /e-ye/, о-ë /o-yo/, и-ы /i-y/, у-ю /u-yu/.
    21 consonants (paired: б-п /b-p/, в-ф /v-f[ph]/, г-к /g-k/, д-т /d-t/, ж-ш /zh-sh/, з-с /z-s/; unpaired: й /j/, л /l/, м /m/, н /n/, р /r/, х /h/, ц /ts/, ч /ch/, щ /sch/).
    2 unpronounced signs: ъ /"/, ь /'/.

  • E L L I S ãńd Pâìñt
    E L L I S ãńd Pâìñt 11 months ago +1

    Русские у вас не получилось английский учить вы решили русский вспомнить? Хотя половина русских не знает алфавит

  • Neno Martínez
    Neno Martínez Year ago +2

    0:55 and you forgot to mention that this script was invented in Bulgaria!!! 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

  • Originally Brat
    Originally Brat Year ago +1

    You know... thank you! I was looking for some cool lessons, and I find it! А теперь для русских, бля ору.

  • SkyDog
    SkyDog Year ago

    ххах учите

  • Andrey Greshenko
    Andrey Greshenko Year ago

    This is very good!

  • Alex_ Gamesツ
    Alex_ Gamesツ Year ago +1

    Блин она вообще слова без окцента говорит

  • Vishnu Mishra
    Vishnu Mishra Year ago

    She is nervous

  • даша котик

    Русские атакуееем

  • Night Crawler
    Night Crawler Year ago

    cyka blyat

  • Cjamz Rbhbkkjdf
    Cjamz Rbhbkkjdf Year ago


  • Cjamz Rbhbkkjdf
    Cjamz Rbhbkkjdf Year ago

    Я одна зашла чтобы посмотреть как там они мучаются?

  • Robert Yu
    Robert Yu Year ago

    Frankly, i'd rather to pick up some Russian for the sake of this lady...

  • Милана Мороз

    Тут русские

  • Super Zitrone
    Super Zitrone Year ago

    Russian!Russian?Russian Russian Russian?!?!

  • TheTopGamer 227
    TheTopGamer 227 Year ago +3

    4:27 лох😂

  • Jong Jin-Ho
    Jong Jin-Ho Year ago +1

    Мне кажется, что 70% из просмотров- это русские, как по-другому

  • Jaap de Vries
    Jaap de Vries Year ago

    U slav?

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon Year ago

    Господи, как я сюда попал?!

  • Andriy Li
    Andriy Li Year ago

    Nice video, I am learning Russian!

  • Peter Pechinin
    Peter Pechinin Year ago

    Лол, лох. 4:28

  • MajorTom
    MajorTom Year ago

    When you're getting ready for the imminent war

  • Nguyễn Hoàng Khánh Hà

    What's am I doing?
    Learning Rusian from the Asian girl in English? @@
    But she's so beautiful.
    Thanks for the very first lesson! :D

    • Nguyễn Hoàng Khánh Hà
      Nguyễn Hoàng Khánh Hà Year ago

      Thanks, Ivan. My first sight of her is the Asian-Russian, but ya, you're right. :D

    • Ivan Petrov
      Ivan Petrov Year ago +1

      she is Russian, at least she speaks purely Russian

  • Julian890216
    Julian890216 Year ago

    Your leason was really usefull....
    By the way You are really beautiful :)

  • ishant guleria
    ishant guleria Year ago

    how to say " I love you " in russian ??? :p

  • valentin sanchez
    valentin sanchez Year ago +1

    i know my English, Spanish, Zapotec and now i want learn Russia to make more Russian friends . водка для всех моих друзей

  • Viki Tóth
    Viki Tóth Year ago

    She's from some Asian country, so she probably speaks an Asian language. But she speaks in English, while explaining us the Russian alphabet. 😐

    • Viki Tóth
      Viki Tóth Year ago

      leann neall oh, my bad, sorry :)

    • Nim Kati
      Nim Kati Year ago

      She is russian korean. Russian is her native language.

  • Wonder Wonderin
    Wonder Wonderin Year ago

    многим русским тут есть, чему поучиться :)

  • Moquito SEA
    Moquito SEA Year ago

    some letters sounds exactly as Vietnamese letters

  • Soundwave :З
    Soundwave :З Year ago

    Удачи с деепричастием и причастием :D

  • Борис Птицын

    loch лох

  • Bonu Kurbanova
    Bonu Kurbanova Year ago

    О нас что занают ?😂

  • Дай мне нежность

    Зачем я это смотрю

  • DoshoGaming HD
    DoshoGaming HD Year ago

    Удивительная русская клавиатура когда-либо нахожу, имея кратные темы, мне понравилось

  • Eminem Vevo
    Eminem Vevo Year ago

    Why a Japanese woman teaching Russian language

    • Nim Kati
      Nim Kati Year ago +1

      Not japanese, but korean. There is half a million of russian koreans. Russian is their native language.

  • •so show me•
    •so show me• Year ago

    Зачем я это смотрю? Я же Русская,мне вообще матешу решать пора...

  • Shaka C
    Shaka C Year ago

    Russia always fascinated me. I still remember, In my early childhood days, used to read children story books from Raduga Publishers. They have more than what we can expect. Awesome 👏

  • Christopher Paclibar

    Спасибо! For videos 1-4 still working on learning them though.

  • Jyothi Lakshmi
    Jyothi Lakshmi Year ago +2

    I am 13 now
    I want to learn Russian language bcoz it is most important qualification to become an astronaut

  • Jeff Yu
    Jeff Yu Year ago +1

    what is her name??I wanna
    lear more

  • Flax Player
    Flax Player Year ago

    Это вы ещё русскую грамматику не учили

  • Prabhat Tiwari
    Prabhat Tiwari Year ago

    Mam I want to learn Russian lanuage

  • Red Nikov
    Red Nikov Year ago

    I went to Russia and some random Russian guys come to talk to me but all in Russian and i understand nothing and it was pissing me off so here i am

  • zadose
    zadose Year ago +2

    Lol, this is gonna take a while, keep reading russian letters like English letters. lol

  • Soco
    Soco Year ago

    learning russian is difficult and i have duolingo and duolingo flash cards on my phone, is there an easy and effective method of learning a new language

  • Naresh Kumar Sharma

    You taught this lesson very easily and it is really helped.

  • Egor Sap
    Egor Sap Year ago


  • anonymous person
    anonymous person Year ago

    Самое главное в русском языке, это маты. Без них никак)

  • Abel Aguilar Zamora

    I was raised speaking two languages at the same time, and I thought a third would be an excellent idea. I tried Italian, but I didn’t find it very useful. I met this Ukrainian girl a few months ago, she tried to teach me Russian, but I wasn’t very successful until I tried this out bit.ly/2HkHhcm for a couple of months. Ended it up loving It and now I’m able to hold a conversation with her.

  • Gamal Zayed
    Gamal Zayed Year ago

    Really thank you :)

  • Дарья Степенина

    2:22 у неё плохо получается! Как будто она говорит "д"

  • Дарья Степенина

    😂😂😂 я из России боже мой

  • Velfed
    Velfed Year ago

    Не завидуют им, когда они будут изучать синтаксис

  • Natsuki
    Natsuki Year ago

    Так блэт
    Я же к экзаменам готовился...

  • Харе Кришна

    Your voice is so pleasing to hear. wonderful presentation.

  • Некто Дмитрий

    If someone wants to learn russian I can recommend you new useful telegram channel about russian language: t.me/nativerussia

  • bendygirl
    bendygirl Year ago

    Would I be understood if I don't roll my 'r's? I can't.

  • Игорь Заборенко

    А я умею разковаривать

  • Алексей Зинченко

    Она так мило говорит "Ррр...")))

  • Marley Perlman
    Marley Perlman Year ago

    i already know russian why am i hear

  • Vlad Skorodumov
    Vlad Skorodumov Year ago

    Говорят, что русский сложный язык. Даже Русские с ним не всегда справляются 😂

  • Raziah Aysam
    Raziah Aysam Year ago

    So, here is an Asian looking woman, who speaks English, with British accent, and is teaching you Russian.
    What a world we live in..

  • bertolicore
    bertolicore Year ago

    U are a great teacher! Thanks

  • Nika Ponomarenko
    Nika Ponomarenko Year ago

    Расскажите им про спряжения падежи разбор по составу

  • Gyzel Asylghzhina


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  • КРОК2 за 3 дні

    russian lessons easy and with fun tvclip.biz/video/aY5rnXfZKyM/video.html

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    Marshall Mathers Year ago

    4:25 лох

  • alexander palchekh

    Ну и что тут сложного ёпт?

  • Аня Сладкой

    В русском языке 10 гласных, й-это согласный!!

  • I'm Your God
    I'm Your God Year ago

    уверен, что большинство людей, просто русские и решили посмотреть этот урок из-за интереса, русский никому не вьебался, он никому не интересен, расходитесь

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    Anatoly Miller Year ago

    Hi , are you Stady Russian language?

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