Unlimited Rice Pudding

  • Published on Oct 31, 2018
  • Oh and happy Halloween you big sillies.
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    The obvious question is: Why wouldn't you just take weapons back in time? Well this all felt like a bit more fun if we stayed Doctor Who about it and tried with just knowledge and nylon. Arbitrary, I know.
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  • Nam Nguyen Huy
    Nam Nguyen Huy 35 minutes ago

    Probably the world nowadays is one already fixed

  • Burnt Taco Conspiracy
    Burnt Taco Conspiracy 50 minutes ago

    Well, this was an experience.

  • BgFreny
    BgFreny 58 minutes ago

    are u bulgarian

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith Hour ago

    What savage puts milk in there earl gray

  • Sean Joung
    Sean Joung 3 hours ago

    i love this channel

  • Tormod Rygh
    Tormod Rygh 4 hours ago

    Literally eating rice pudding right

  • The Aesthetic Owl
    The Aesthetic Owl 4 hours ago

    I just wanted pudding

  • JeffTheAntisocialPiano

    Nah I will shape everything on Memes.

  • kraze251
    kraze251 8 hours ago

    oh, my, god.. i'm loving these vids!!!

  • Ri3m4nn
    Ri3m4nn 9 hours ago

    Unlimited rice pudding indeed

  • Dickhead7410
    Dickhead7410 10 hours ago

    How to get fucking smited (Working)

  • Felix Live
    Felix Live 11 hours ago

    Irl civilization VI let's play

  • sterling archer
    sterling archer 11 hours ago

    I actually know exactly how time travel works (if it does exist) i dont know how to achieve it but i can tell you exactly how it would work if we did achieve it. To put it simply, time isnt a loop or a straight line. But is an infinitely dividing "tree" you cant go back in time and change something, and you cant travel back to the original timeline that you came from. If someone were to go back in time and kill hitler, it wouldnt affect us at all, because wed still be living in this specific branch of an infinitely dividing time tree. all it would do is change the timeline for whoever it was that killed hitler. If they managed to create a time machine that can travel in two directions (back and forth), went back and killed hitler, and then traveled forward in time, all they would be doing is traveling forward in one of the infinite prexisting time branches where hitler was killed. They'd have no control over where they end up, and it would be impossible to travel back to the time that they originated from. Wed still be living in a timeline where hitler killed himself, and theyd be stuck in a completely different timeline where hitler was murdered. In short you can never change time, you can only control which timeline YOU are traveling along. And even then youd have virtually no control. I can go more into detail, but i doubt anyone will read this anyway

  • Jonathan Tra
    Jonathan Tra 11 hours ago

    well how about.....A FUCKING SPACE SUIT!!! LMAOOOOOO

  • Mr Skwiggz
    Mr Skwiggz 11 hours ago

    Is this a mobile game

  • Ivan Lopez
    Ivan Lopez 11 hours ago

    How to make the imperium of man 101

  • Mirajane Strauss
    Mirajane Strauss 11 hours ago

    One day I will make a movie about this. One day

  • MicroChipz Shepton Mallet

    This is like having the combined works of Monty Python, Douglas Adams, Rob grant and the Naylors, Noam Chomsky, Stephen Hawking, Terry Pratchett and Moss from the IT Crowd among other iconic figures of comedy, philosophy and science shotgunned into my ear holes by an Savant Misanthrope that simply has nothing better to do. I find it quite enjoyable, so thanks.

  • Eoin Harrison
    Eoin Harrison 13 hours ago

    Thus began the origin of the Warhammer 40k Universe

  • Jaxon W
    Jaxon W 13 hours ago

    That got really fucking Warhammer toward the end

  • AntU77 Ozy
    AntU77 Ozy 13 hours ago

    I like your videos man

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla 13 hours ago

    Insta sub

  • Autistic Memester
    Autistic Memester 14 hours ago

    Now i want to taste rice pudding

  • Amelia Millay
    Amelia Millay 15 hours ago

    nice Warhammer reference

  • Edward Anderson
    Edward Anderson 15 hours ago

    Maybe pack a book or 200 instead of remembering everything

  • Truwire33
    Truwire33 15 hours ago +1

    These would be 2 dope movies

  • Lollyczyk
    Lollyczyk 16 hours ago

    Someone watched classic doctor who

  • Justin  Vlad Tarcău
    Justin Vlad Tarcău 16 hours ago

    Yo, why memorize eclipses? Take a couple of phones filled with info that you might need, a couple of serious power solar panels, some hundreds of sd cards with it and begin your "exploration" of the past, but most would take an AK and be done with it :))

  • Mark JBN
    Mark JBN 16 hours ago +1

    Here’s one of the tweets that the woman who posted that video of MAGA kids shouting had made. i.redd.it/7qaaz0ooexb21.png

  • John Ergon Golpe
    John Ergon Golpe 16 hours ago

    This may be a good reason why I shouldn't have a Time Machine...

  • John Ergon Golpe
    John Ergon Golpe 16 hours ago

    1:54 2 qualities that fit Doctor Who!

  • Alex
    Alex 16 hours ago

    wow, this is the best video on the internet! but where can i buy me one of these machines?

  • Scathing Lemon
    Scathing Lemon 18 hours ago

    I just wish I could see the shock upon a Roman generals face upon demonstrating to him the effectiveness of a modern assault rifle.

  • Vasuki Gowda
    Vasuki Gowda 18 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Joseph Koester
    Joseph Koester 18 hours ago

    Anybody read a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court.

    WSADKO 18 hours ago

    lol, you got me xD, brb in 200 more yrs

  • Sebastian Spranger
    Sebastian Spranger 19 hours ago

    Btw. We are at the center of the universe, because it ist expanding.

  • Faith we call it
    Faith we call it 19 hours ago

    You scare me. Fucking lunatic cunt

  • Arsène Ntibushitse
    Arsène Ntibushitse 19 hours ago

    Just li Christopher Colombus when he met "the Indians" he said somthing like im gonna hide the moon if you dont give me all your food and gold , an then he did "the Indians" went cray fuck

  • Kronus
    Kronus 20 hours ago

    3:07 Why the Bulgarian prime minister though? A bit random but I suppose that's the point

  • Joey Ghazal
    Joey Ghazal 20 hours ago

    3:50 but. If u go back to 1400,they will say ur a wizard and hang you..and we will not have exurb1a😭

  • August Gremaud
    August Gremaud 20 hours ago

    This is a problem I’ve always had with traditional descriptions of time travel and it feels REALLY good to hear it from someone else! Great video man

  • August Gremaud
    August Gremaud 20 hours ago

    This is a problem I’ve always had with traditional descriptions of time travel and it feels REALLY good to hear it from someone else! Great video man

  • Matheus Lopes
    Matheus Lopes 20 hours ago

    Legenda em PORTUGUÊS, por favor

  • Jordan Genov
    Jordan Genov 21 hour ago

    Някого очевидно харесва мляко с ориз :D

  • Henrique cz
    Henrique cz 22 hours ago

    Exurb1a, go public and be truthful about your rape and abuse accusations. Explain to your fans that the police is searching for you. Be honest, and stop hiding all of it!

  • Praxitilies
    Praxitilies 22 hours ago

    The true origin of Big E

  • baba babo
    baba babo 23 hours ago

    In order to become the God Emperor of Time, you gotta face the Most Majestic power of all in the Universe(s).
    Your Mother.

  • Butt Head
    Butt Head Day ago

    Why Earl grey tea?

  • James Mantovani
    James Mantovani Day ago

    That song was fking amazing.

  • T. Herrmann
    T. Herrmann Day ago

    Alt. Title: "How to become the God-Emperor of Mankind"

  • Ruslan Sokolov
    Ruslan Sokolov Day ago

    by creating this video,exurb1a,you just proved that time travel is impossible

  • Theshadowlichking

    Milk with no sugar you monster

  • Hafizzudin Hamzah

    I can make movie out of this..but too complicated

  • Jason Lu
    Jason Lu Day ago

    Anyone have the knowledge to the URL to the photo at 8:33, it looks really cool!

  • Lockie M
    Lockie M Day ago

    *special biscuits*

  • stonehenge771
    stonehenge771 Day ago

    What a lovely channel to discover at 3:08 in the morning!

  • Darth Bane
    Darth Bane Day ago

    the amount of times i have watched this is concerning but meh....

  • Toyo Masauce
    Toyo Masauce Day ago

    I was sold at unlimited rice pudding.

  • Tobi Onabajo
    Tobi Onabajo Day ago


  • Nevin
    Nevin Day ago

    Thanks for the tips. I'll use this video once I somehow manage to get a non existent time machine!

  • Daniel Crewe
    Daniel Crewe Day ago

    Mate I love your chanel

  • Tyler Hardy
    Tyler Hardy Day ago

    Start the Industrial revolution sans fossil fuels!
    This future of yours sounds pretty dark.

  • Tommy Parisi
    Tommy Parisi Day ago

    RT, Surreal and Jesus!?!!! Aaaaaaah

  • Gabriel Shepard
    Gabriel Shepard Day ago

    If advancing tech wouldn’t cause a paradox, then you can repeat this process with the new technology you obtain from this loop

  • ratichocc
    ratichocc Day ago

    why don't you just like write it down

    and you do realise that you can bring tons of stuff with you on the time machine?

  • belle hattie
    belle hattie Day ago

    you make awesome videos... pretty sure I subbed around your first video (well its the only one I watched) and I forgot about your channel. You came up on recommended and don't disappoint. Love your work!

  • tbomb 233
    tbomb 233 Day ago

    good to know your country has weed cake too

  • Nathan Bradshaw
    Nathan Bradshaw Day ago

    If god existed, this is exactly how he/she/it got to where he/she/it is at

  • martinpogi05
    martinpogi05 Day ago

    This would be a dope anime

  • Sweaty Nerd
    Sweaty Nerd Day ago

    Instructions unclear Soviet Union still fell

  • Annettes edits
    Annettes edits Day ago

    I’m a clever little sausage?

  • Charles Bartowski

    But gravity might keep you bound through time movement..

  • Daryl Wendel
    Daryl Wendel Day ago

    That was interesting

  • Hekate Hekate
    Hekate Hekate Day ago

    U make a solar elicps they kill u for being a witch or wizzard but its all ok

  • Justin Wolf
    Justin Wolf Day ago

    Best reverse click bait ever

  • Brandon Huynh
    Brandon Huynh Day ago

    I came for rice pudding. :C

  • Ramyun Doodles
    Ramyun Doodles Day ago +1

    Ugh these videos are so rich

  • Communsim For Sale
    Communsim For Sale Day ago +2

    Universe is weird, yo

  • Daniel Lavaly
    Daniel Lavaly Day ago

    I have only one question..Why rice pudding?!??

  • InsertAwesomeNameHere

    Dude, what is up with you and Bulgaria references?!?! Just watched your video where you included "BOZA" on the background of Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. And here you include that dickhead out prime Minister...TF!?!

  • elit fıçı
    elit fıçı Day ago

    join the *DISCORD* cult *NOW*
    we got!... um... *MEMEZ*...
    and ugh...
    yeah... SURPRISES...

  • Pino K. K.
    Pino K. K. Day ago

    Step 2: I don't have to get clever, I don't have to remember that shit, I can just take a notebook or a couple... fuck, I just did step 2 by accident

  • bryce volnick
    bryce volnick Day ago

    Actually how the emperor of man made the imperium

  • Samwich417 Uselton

    SPECIAL BISCUITS PLEASE! I think I just found the title of my next mixtape.

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury Day ago

    It's been month and I still remember the number

  • Accuracy 4
    Accuracy 4 Day ago +1

    This needs more views

  • Tendo
    Tendo Day ago

    can anyone drop a link to the outro song?

  • Mattfluffy
    Mattfluffy Day ago


  • Muller-Fall, the piece of paper

    *Hmm Delicious*

  • Doctor Frankenstrike

    When you realise you accidentally just created the Imperium Of Man.

  • X Star
    X Star Day ago +2

    To be honest...
    A nuclear explosion forming when I time travel would be awesome...

  • Mihail Alexsandrov

    По скоро 10 идиота :/

  • TheCloudMiner
    TheCloudMiner Day ago

    Error 404 - Space-time not found.

  • Creme Puff
    Creme Puff 2 days ago +2

    Rice pudding at 8:32

  • Sweet Johnson
    Sweet Johnson 2 days ago

    Ok so in the last one he mentioned Boza with a clear picture of Bulgarian Boza. In this one he used Bat Boikos face. Please someone tell me what this mans affiliation with Bulgaria is.

  • Mason Welch
    Mason Welch 2 days ago

    Where the fuck has TVclip taken me

  • Charlie Grieves
    Charlie Grieves 2 days ago

    How smart is this guy i love everyone

  • Codes320
    Codes320 2 days ago

    I love how Orwellian that got.

  • Palea
    Palea 2 days ago

    How to become the ultimate dictator: