Unlimited Rice Pudding

  • Published on Oct 31, 2018
  • Oh and happy Halloween you big sillies.
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    The obvious question is: Why wouldn't you just take weapons back in time? Well this all felt like a bit more fun if we stayed Doctor Who about it and tried with just knowledge and nylon. Arbitrary, I know.
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  • Holly McNamee
    Holly McNamee 2 hours ago

    wow I’ve never seen this episode of black mirror

  • Brea Mahoney
    Brea Mahoney 11 hours ago

    1:28 Well, I guess that explains the Tardis’s noises.

  • Inverted Shadow
    Inverted Shadow 18 hours ago

    And... can you bring the special biscuits in please?

  • squid face
    squid face 18 hours ago

    anyone know the 8 bit background music ?????

  • Hat _
    Hat _ 20 hours ago

    This is basically just a how to guide on being the Emperor of Mankind.

  • Sublimująca Drożdżówka

    You could just stop christianity and islam from spreading... and all the scientific wonders of rome and the islamic countries woukd be saved...

  • Salvatore Vulcano
    Salvatore Vulcano 2 days ago

    Yeah so time travel is and always will be impossible, too bad :(

  • the al'jannah official channel

    Gotta love the doctor who reference.

  • KJ Grey
    KJ Grey 2 days ago

    ...slooowly puts the marijuana away

  • Kevin U
    Kevin U 2 days ago

    4:35 I'm afraid I'm going to need a full version of it

  • E. P.
    E. P. 2 days ago


    • E. P.
      E. P. Day ago

      @squid face 9999*

    • squid face
      squid face Day ago

      @E. P. but 99999 is a bigger number than 10000

    • E. P.
      E. P. Day ago

      @squid face Nah there were just 99999 comments when I watched the video so I am the 10000th

    • squid face
      squid face Day ago

      more years of the scientific method

  • Parvati Nair
    Parvati Nair 2 days ago

    I want to meet you. Please.

  • Melissa_he
    Melissa_he 3 days ago

    Hmmmmmmm seeems simple enouph.

  • Dr Bright
    Dr Bright 3 days ago +1

    You need much more recognition for these videos. They are fantastic.

  • Smoke Screen
    Smoke Screen 3 days ago

    Fucking genious u r a reincarnation of the most honorable mind

  • BIG smoke
    BIG smoke 3 days ago

    Instructions not clear. Didn't work

    C4NADIAN N1NJA 3 days ago

    I loved that irony at the end, he's talking about being the greatest and most powerful being in the entire galaxy only to be interrupted by his mom asking if he wants a simple cup of tea, to which he answers yes. So good

  • Isaiah Jacob
    Isaiah Jacob 3 days ago

    SMH this is such clickbate I came here to see UNLIMETED RICE FREAKING PUDDING but nooooo I have to see something about time travel.

  • Someone Peculiar
    Someone Peculiar 3 days ago

    i swear to god this gets me as high as weed

  • Christian McCarthy
    Christian McCarthy 4 days ago +2

    Exurb1a: Who could stand in your way now? Who would f@#>ing dare?
    *Whirring sound is heard*
    Guy with a cool bow-tie: *Laughing* Yes..... *Who?*

    • Mask
      Mask Day ago

      Bow-ties are trendy-

  • Christian McCarthy
    Christian McCarthy 4 days ago +1

    Davros with the hand of Omega: Hold my bear

  • River Putnam
    River Putnam 4 days ago

    I'm a clever little sausage

  • Lilly like da flower

    I would probably go back in time and call myself The Doctor...not gunna lie

    The laws of time are mine! *AND THEY WILL OBEY ME!*

  • deangelo mcclain
    deangelo mcclain 4 days ago

    1:37 wait isn't that fission not fusion?

    • squid face
      squid face Day ago

      @deangelo mcclain you can't be wrong with a question, if you find you have an interest in this stuff just research it a little bit.

    • squid face
      squid face Day ago

      @deangelo mcclain nuclear fusion bombs work by first fission to create the temperatures required to fuse hydrogen.

    • deangelo mcclain
      deangelo mcclain Day ago

      @squid face oh sorry just i thought like fission was something in nuclear wepons and fusion was the sun job this is by memory so sorry for being wrong

    • squid face
      squid face Day ago

      no fusion is the fusing of hydrogen, fission is the splitting of 2 main isotopes being U235 and P239

    • Winged Scapula
      Winged Scapula 4 days ago


  • Praise The Sun
    Praise The Sun 4 days ago

    Trust me dude I've thought of that a year ago not exaggerating literally all of the video lol

  • Prismancy
    Prismancy 5 days ago

    Thanks dude, really helped. 10/10.

  • Oliver Sharratt
    Oliver Sharratt 5 days ago


  • Willy Wanka
    Willy Wanka 5 days ago

    Instructions unclear
    Turned into rice pudding

  • Zakhele vox Gamede
    Zakhele vox Gamede 6 days ago

    This sounds like the plot of Emperors Domination

  • sarah N
    sarah N 6 days ago +1

    ok so exurb1a has a plan to become God and I kind of believe he can do it, what else is new?

  • K. K.
    K. K. 6 days ago

    I don't wanna go back that far in time because maybe I won't exist.

  • jack killed anti
    jack killed anti 7 days ago

    The special biscuits--?

  • Reesespuffs Productions

    A masterpiece

  • emily shadow
    emily shadow 7 days ago +1


  • PossiblyExisting
    PossiblyExisting 7 days ago


  • Wizard of LoL
    Wizard of LoL 7 days ago +1

    8:35 that " who wolud fucking dare" got me laughing so hard

  • lailie taylor
    lailie taylor 7 days ago +1

    Thanos is that you?

  • nopity nope
    nopity nope 7 days ago

    this would be an amazing book! insert main character who finds someway to access their own time machine and travels back to the century that started it all.... it becomes a power struggle of politics and modern tricks and propaganda in a medieval time, between this almighty 'god' and the main character, both battling for the future of the human race, one for free will and one for absolute control.

  • blossom
    blossom 8 days ago

    This video felt like 28 minutes

  • Ni_ nickel
    Ni_ nickel 8 days ago

    well actually, since you exist in the universe and always have been, you been traveling at 1.3 million kilometers an hour your whole life so it's quite easy to travel faster than the universe. Even just by jumping you have exceeded the speed of the universe!

  • JimXInfinity13
    JimXInfinity13 8 days ago

    2:06 fuck you death

  • JimXInfinity13
    JimXInfinity13 8 days ago

    Here’s some infinite rice pudding

    🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮 🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮 🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮 🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮 🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮 🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮 🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮 🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮 🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮 🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮🍚🍮

  • Martin Wols
    Martin Wols 8 days ago

    This end song is so incredible. Does anyone know the title to it?

  • ian one
    ian one 9 days ago

    entertaining a.f. but it was the chinese who invented the printing press. 💢

  • justaguy
    justaguy 9 days ago

    earl grey with milk???? this man really is a sociopath!

  • FUGiiBoi
    FUGiiBoi 9 days ago

    8:32 I literally screamed here.

  • epykness
    epykness 9 days ago

    What if I travel back in time and the older people have pieces missing from them? After all , we’re all made from the same stuff, just recycled over time

  • Bronte Eden
    Bronte Eden 9 days ago

    Sign me up

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 9 days ago

    i just watched see you yesterday last night, thanks fbi agent for eavesdropping and putting this in my recommended

  • tyg
    tyg 10 days ago

    what's the music at the end?

  • Obama Pranks
    Obama Pranks 10 days ago

    Great intro you little sausage

  • Christin 2378
    Christin 2378 10 days ago

    This shit is epic

  • bepis
    bepis 10 days ago +1

    this man is gonna rule the world one day

  • J Kay
    J Kay 10 days ago

    Kay I mean this is good and all, but offers no practical advice on how to acquire unlimited rice pudding, going to have to downvote. But then, I really liked the clever little sausage bit, so never mind no downvote for you.

  • ledwxrds
    ledwxrds 10 days ago +1

    *_special biscuits_*

  • The SpaceBar Broke
    The SpaceBar Broke 10 days ago

    I'm fucking doing this for the rice pudding

  • Sabie Aldover
    Sabie Aldover 10 days ago

    ok basically turn the earth into a dystopian society

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 10 days ago

    8:00 Its not slavery, its just... "tough love"

  • Sterre D'Agata
    Sterre D'Agata 11 days ago

    Imma just steal a TARDIS tho

  • The ledgend 27
    The ledgend 27 11 days ago +1

    Earl Grey with no sugar? You truly are a mad man

  • Brock Sorensen
    Brock Sorensen 11 days ago

    Is the only way for humanity to transcend its basal nature to sacrifice that which makes life worth living upon the altar of peace and progress? Is eternity worth the loss of our soul? Is our soul worth the suffering we endure? Is our freedom worth the tyranny of war and cruelty?

  • David Gurrola
    David Gurrola 11 days ago

    I introduced the sugar beet to Europe earlier

  • Juliette Lingle
    Juliette Lingle 11 days ago

    Came for the rice pudding, was not disappointed

  • Brio Brio
    Brio Brio 11 days ago +1

    His song kills me....

  • Noah Blaine
    Noah Blaine 11 days ago +2

    Oh you know...

    _Nuclear Fusion_

  • Abner Perez
    Abner Perez 11 days ago

    7:40 That took a dark turn...

  • kaneki ohaia
    kaneki ohaia 11 days ago

    the end killed me now i want to run threw the wall

  • Mr Meme
    Mr Meme 11 days ago

    Why would u want to re do the industrial revolution

  • Connor Clark
    Connor Clark 11 days ago

    This guy better have gotten his special biscuits

  • LiquoriceLover
    LiquoriceLover 12 days ago

    Don't forget you will have to be a white male, otherwise you will probably be burned at the stake.

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 13 days ago

    3:06 what.. is Boyko Borissov doing here?

  • Chronos
    Chronos 13 days ago

    Awesome video! I couldn't find the last music you on your SoundCloud, it was really epic. What is the name of it? :)

  • Alena Kirillova
    Alena Kirillova 13 days ago

    Oh, I would LOVE to see Doctor Who episodes he could write!

  • Sgt Jupiter
    Sgt Jupiter 13 days ago

    outlander is pretty good

  • Joffre Gunson
    Joffre Gunson 13 days ago

    He needs to write a book

  • Notsure
    Notsure 13 days ago

    i kee forgetting to use rhe term “megalomaniac”

  • X
    X 13 days ago

    go back to right before the black plague, say something stupid that makes the monarchs hate you, threaten to unlease a great death upon their lands, give them the solution to ending your great death, more cats, secretly pour the grinded up medicine in the water or find some other way to dissolve it, heal the sick type of shit boom profit, people think you're a living god. they told you to fuck off -> you "brought" about a great dark age killing millions -> you ended it -> no monarch is going to challenge you like the romans did with jesus.

  • Pain Keks
    Pain Keks 13 days ago

    So gay Fascism with out the good parts except perpetual preparation for war?

  • venomdaboi
    venomdaboi 13 days ago +1


  • Patrick Coenraad
    Patrick Coenraad 14 days ago

    Clever little sausage

  • SammyTV
    SammyTV 14 days ago

    this is the best channel ever

  • Liam Johnson
    Liam Johnson 14 days ago

    This is really good, congrats.

  • Dandy Rua
    Dandy Rua 14 days ago

    i dont like bread and butter pudding. especially if it has raisins.

  • GamingIndo990 GI990
    GamingIndo990 GI990 14 days ago

    My weeb mind :
    So that how isekai work

  • Blook the blook
    Blook the blook 14 days ago

    very good video very cool

  • Meme Daily
    Meme Daily 14 days ago +5

    Or for same effect, kill whoever invented "First" comments.

    • Prismancy
      Prismancy 5 days ago

      Or people commenting "Who's watching in X"?

  • Roy K Ald
    Roy K Ald 15 days ago

    Isn't this just Warhammer setting for God Emperor?

  • Optics Online
    Optics Online 15 days ago

    Please make full version of song

  • LCB 444
    LCB 444 15 days ago

    I love Earl Grey tea too !!!

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way 15 days ago +1

    That is equally awesome and really terrifying 😂

  • u no
    u no 16 days ago

    I would go back in time to stop nothing from happening in Tiananmen Square, as nothing ever happened there, therefore I will be doing nothing

  • berk ziya
    berk ziya 16 days ago

    When you are travelling to the place where the earth will be in 5 hours, you don't have to be faster than the galaxy You are already a part of the galaxy so you move with it and will travel relative to It. Don't hate me..

  • General Dissatisfaction

    I identify as the God Emperor of Time.

  • lord of the bananas
    lord of the bananas 16 days ago

    Holy shit that title is misleading

  • ShotgunLlama
    ShotgunLlama 16 days ago

    You really should probably learn up on the Haber process too

  • Lightwing games
    Lightwing games 16 days ago

    There needs to be a book abt this.

  • CraftyMovies Channel
    CraftyMovies Channel 16 days ago

    Wow me and him have everything in common!
    -Earl Grey no milk
    -great scientific mind
    -same taste in tea
    -same taste in tea
    -*same taste in tea*

  • Ekin
    Ekin 16 days ago +1

    I would never have believed that my most favourite video of all time would be called "Unlimited Rice Pudding"

  • Bruce Benik II
    Bruce Benik II 16 days ago

    Coming summer 2020

  • Camila Crespo
    Camila Crespo 16 days ago

    Clever little sausege is probably the nicest thing ive heard today