3 Ways to Make a Secret Safe

  • Published on Mar 5, 2015
  • Thieves are everywhere. It's a good idea to have a secret safe to keep your valuables.
    It does not have to be a real safe, it can be something where you can drop your change, so it's not easily found.
    In this project, I show you how to make a safe in a tin can, CD-ROM and a Vase.
    Bottle Cutter used in the video:►amzn.to/1ORrvoj
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    Tools I use ►amzn.to/2guylsx

    Drops of H2O ( The Filtered Water Treatment )
    by J.Lang
    featuring Airtone
    CC Attribution (3.0)
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  • Tagline Smokes
    Tagline Smokes 2 months ago

    2:29 “Oh shit Mike, company is coming over in 20 minutes hide the carrots in the DVD player!”

  • scar face
    scar face 6 months ago

    Instructions for taking a number two.
    Step 1:
    Now empty
    Step 2:
    And wash your can.
    This video is hilarious. Lmfao

  • Süleyman bayram
    Süleyman bayram 11 months ago

    ovv yeaaa sfsdfsdf

  • jjgcgjxhjvj
    jjgcgjxhjvj Year ago

    So fucking cringy

  • Alex Florczyk
    Alex Florczyk Year ago

    may I ask, ...............what is in that candy that makes it precious enough to hide in a safe?....................

  • Dawn Rankin
    Dawn Rankin Year ago

    Lol u are a an idiot

  • optic killer456
    optic killer456 2 years ago

    u sound like grew from despicable me

  • yoanne legentilhomme
    yoanne legentilhomme 2 years ago

    Hello, you set what as size of jar, thank you

  • young Hadene
    young Hadene 2 years ago

    check this video this guy is glowing up you might like it

  • Julia L
    Julia L 2 years ago

    where to get safe can opener\

  • Inf3n0
    Inf3n0 2 years ago

    were you the voice actor for Gru in Dispicable me?
    Just kidding lol

  • SaekoLemon
    SaekoLemon 2 years ago

    "No one will steal my carrot"

  • cris rose
    cris rose 2 years ago

    and if you want something to be super hidden then put it in the can part of the vase...

  • Jamimu
    Jamimu 2 years ago

    for the first one wat if it was a homeless person looking for food lool

  • ThePotatoBee
    ThePotatoBee 2 years ago

    The bottle is good

  • Diego's game stuff
    Diego's game stuff 2 years ago

    The funniest part of this video is at 1:35

  • SandPaperToYourDickTip

    0:49 oh yeah indeed

  • i want straws
    i want straws 2 years ago

    okay! I won't touch you're carrot man! Just don't hurt me!

  • Daniel Jakob
    Daniel Jakob 2 years ago

    that one direction joke made me cringe so badly

  • Kilisiano
    Kilisiano 2 years ago +1

    Now I can stash my weed.

  • blurry vessel
    blurry vessel 2 years ago

    I got it 😂😂

  • Tech Space
    Tech Space 2 years ago

    Congratulations you officially invented the worst joke in the history of the world 🌍

  • john gault
    john gault 2 years ago +1

    Genius. MacGruber!

  • Jenni Lopez
    Jenni Lopez 2 years ago

    😂😂😂the carrot

  • Bossness Septickdude
    Bossness Septickdude 2 years ago


  • layne reeves
    layne reeves 2 years ago

    wow!!!! its so cool, I don't know who you are, but if these ideas are really yours then you seriously have a talent. it is like nothing I've ever seen. good going!!!!!

  • Dragon RA Open
    Dragon RA Open 2 years ago +1

    This is good for drugs xD

  • HeadPhones In
    HeadPhones In 2 years ago

    I loved this vid,but one small problem,the dvd safe,I know if someone broke into my house,then they'll steal that first. Probably a shock selling the bones of a dvd player lol

  • Hannah Jade
    Hannah Jade 2 years ago

    Your voice is kinda weird. Its ridiculous.

    • Hannah Jade
      Hannah Jade 2 years ago

      :) But you have an amazing video.
      Keep it up.Haha

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future  2 years ago

      +Hannah Jade
      That's the only voice I have.

  • apurture world 101
    apurture world 101 3 years ago

    When said joke: waaaaa? I dont get it man. 20 sec later: LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OOOOHHHH!

  • crushedz
    crushedz 3 years ago

    Nice ideas.Nice execution.Thanks.

  • Justine Alcaraz
    Justine Alcaraz 3 years ago +2

    His voice sounds like Dracula from hotel Transylvania

    • Kouttexr
      Kouttexr 3 years ago

      +Justine Alcaraz So he sounds like Adam Sandler?

  • Thedosaguy
    Thedosaguy 3 years ago

    what was that sound in 1:43 lol it was like sooo funny

  • E Games
    E Games 3 years ago

    I bet Shake the Future wont reply to this he never replys to comments

    • E Games
      E Games 3 years ago

      +Shake the Future I just wanted to see if you would reply to this xD

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future  3 years ago

      +E Games
      Since when I never reply to comment? :)

  • R3ddoKebab
    R3ddoKebab 3 years ago

    are you spanish?

  • Nelson D Cunha
    Nelson D Cunha 3 years ago +1

    Of course if the thief want to steal the food or the computer parts that safes don't work that well but thanks...

  • Dani
    Dani 3 years ago

    Can you do a secret wallet? A wallet that doesn't look like a wallet - but looks like something we carry in our bag?!?

    • Dani
      Dani 3 years ago

      +Shake the Future Yay! That way I can make my valuables burglar-safe AND pickpocket-safe home and away.

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future  3 years ago

      +Danielle Stormborn
      That's an interesting suggestion. I might make it. Cheers!

  • cojelo variado
    cojelo variado 3 years ago

    this is amazing thanks by the way you sound a little bit like Christopher Walken jejejeeje

  • BrickfilmPT
    BrickfilmPT 3 years ago

    I knew he was portuguese just by the accent...
    But when I saw the "Santander Totta, um Banco qualquer coisa"

    • CologneCarter
      CologneCarter 3 years ago

      +BrickfilmPT What would you say if I told you he was Latvian currently living in Spain?

  • Deathmetal 2468
    Deathmetal 2468 3 years ago

    The can safe works great my mom never found snacks

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future  3 years ago

      +Deathmetal 2468
      Usually it's other way around :-) I am glad it worked!

  • Mariah Johnson
    Mariah Johnson 3 years ago

    the can safe is stupid because someone will try to make the beans and see what's in the can!!!, obviously

    • CologneCarter
      CologneCarter 3 years ago

      +Mariah Johnson How often do thiefs break into houses to cook themselves some beans? Just to be safe you could use a can of dog or cat food.

  • Nasif Dewan
    Nasif Dewan 3 years ago


  • Rich
    Rich 3 years ago +2


  • HardstyleZ GER
    HardstyleZ GER 3 years ago

    that pun tho

  • Gurnoor Bedi
    Gurnoor Bedi 3 years ago +5

    You are simply "amazing"

  • Jojo & Roro
    Jojo & Roro 3 years ago +32

    " no one. Will steal. My carrot!" Lmao XD XD XD

    • Derek Cozart
      Derek Cozart 2 years ago

      +john gault rather have those than beans

    • john gault
      john gault 2 years ago +3

      lol no one will steal those valuable miniature Hersheys either.

  • dope dongus
    dope dongus 3 years ago +6

    that last one was the most random shit ever

  • Fabian Salinas
    Fabian Salinas 3 years ago +3

    Secret safe wasn't secret enough, my drugs were found and my house and family were taken from me.

    • God the Almighty
      God the Almighty 3 years ago +2

      +Fabian Salinas did they rape your pit bull guard dog named sparkles?

    • alyssa escamilla
      alyssa escamilla 3 years ago

      if that was true u wouldn't have nothing like a phone tablet or computer BC that happen to one of my family members

  • enzoVanBergen
    enzoVanBergen 3 years ago +1

    Iam gonna steal ypur carrots 😜

  • Jds Wolf
    Jds Wolf 3 years ago

    Eres Español?

  • 윤하. KANG
    윤하. KANG 3 years ago +1


  • courtnry salamone
    courtnry salamone 3 years ago +1

    what is wrong with you morons does everyone sound like gru now?

    • Josephine Devine
      Josephine Devine 2 years ago

      Courtney Salamone hey it's not his fault he has an accent

  • sage osho
    sage osho 3 years ago

    I have some friends once that had $500 in a stereo. the thief took their stereo. I wouldn't go with the CD player.

  • sage osho
    sage osho 3 years ago +2

    I have some friends once that had $500 in a stereo. the thief took their stereo. I wouldn't go with the CD player.

  • Malachi Venturini
    Malachi Venturini 3 years ago +1

    don't worry no body wants to steel your candy lol

  • Ahmed Taiseer
    Ahmed Taiseer 3 years ago

    okay guys i know i iwll say something stupid but is playstation considered as a cd rom ?

  • Aren Rome
    Aren Rome 3 years ago

    Great ways to hide the candy from the children. Thanks Denny!

  • Τζουλιανο Χοτζα

    Now we know where to search for your money.At your local bank xD

  • Aldo Santos
    Aldo Santos 3 years ago

    I werly like the lastwone! :)

    VEI DORJE 3 years ago

    second item is something the scumbag may want to steal also the first and third have more chances to remain where they are

  • john Sefcik
    john Sefcik 3 years ago +1

    Give me some candy

  • jade likes doors
    jade likes doors 3 years ago +1

    this was posted on my B-Day!!!

  • Ty Sayahi
    Ty Sayahi 3 years ago

    0 subs

  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil 3 years ago +5

    Whats up with russian and or eastern european guys doing these types of videos?

    • Holly Karbo
      Holly Karbo 10 months ago

      Dr. Phil whats up with dr phil looking up stash containers??? What you really trying to hide?

    • enoch462
      enoch462 Year ago

      dont trust the banks. look at greece.....phil

    • Snuffy Smif
      Snuffy Smif 3 years ago +1

      +Luke Lewis: Putin!

    • Dloweification
      Dloweification 3 years ago

      +Luke Lewis Why does it matter?

  • ririhashtag
    ririhashtag 3 years ago

    If u see this commet please subscribe I have awesome videos!! :D

  • annaisnotpretty
    annaisnotpretty 3 years ago

    He sounds a bit like gru from despicable me

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future  3 years ago

      Ouu yeah!
      That's what people tell me all the time :)

  • Jack Torrance
    Jack Torrance 3 years ago

    "Ohyeaaaahhh!" These are great ideas. I will have to tryout your tips. Thanks for sharing.

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future  3 years ago

      +Jack Torrance
      Thanks Jack!
      It's always nice to read these kinds of comments.
      They are motivational :)


    • Jack Torrance
      Jack Torrance 3 years ago

      I would have never figured this out.But the tips are great to hide valuables, money and even ammunition. But of course most people do it to hide the hard cold cash. Thanks Bud! And please continue to make awesome videos as these. Dude you rock!

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future  3 years ago +1

      +Jack Torrance
      Thank you!

  • Typical Type
    Typical Type 3 years ago +3


  • Dave Bridges
    Dave Bridges 3 years ago

    that was pretty cool. for the wine bottle one I wonder if you could spray the inside of the bottle instead of the outside and just stick an extra cork in the top so it looks more like a regular wine bottle.. maybe cover the cut with a printed out fake label with several thin black lines or cuts in the paper to hide it.

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future  3 years ago

      +sage osho
      Then we have a problem :)

    • sage osho
      sage osho 3 years ago

      what if the guy is an alcoholic

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future  3 years ago +1

      +Dave Bridges
      Absolutely! You can spray it from inside if that's the effect you're looking for. I have tried to spray it black from inside and it looks like a bottle filled with wine.

  • Eamonn Doyle
    Eamonn Doyle 3 years ago

  • ririhashtag
    ririhashtag 3 years ago +19

    No offense but you sound like Gru from despicable me

    • Snuffy Smif
      Snuffy Smif 3 years ago +5

      +rianah hastings : Well, all I know is that God-forbid anything happens to Steve Carell. But if so, we're all set for STF, to voice Gru in Despicable Me 3!

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future  3 years ago +9

      +rianah hastings
      You are not the first one to tell me that :)

  • Gabija Anskaitytė
    Gabija Anskaitytė 3 years ago +5

    The one direction joke tho 😂😄😃

  • Khyle be busy
    Khyle be busy 3 years ago +1

    No one will steal my carrot :-)

  • Richard Blakely
    Richard Blakely 3 years ago +5

    They will want to steal a dvd player

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future  3 years ago +4

      +Richard Blakely
      Then I will have to wait a few years more, for DVD-Roms to become a worthless history :)

  • Reiley Hampson
    Reiley Hampson 3 years ago +1

    This guy's food must be stolen a lot to go to these measures

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future  3 years ago

      +Reiley Hampson
      Not really, but I know people who shared rooms in college and their thing used to disappear.

  • LilSauce
    LilSauce 3 years ago

    HouseholdHacker used the can one and didn't even give you credit :(

    • Shake the Future
      Shake the Future  3 years ago

      It's OK. He might have seen it somewhere else :) Thanks

  • 738polarbear
    738polarbear 3 years ago +5

    Thank God at last .The whereabouts of the carrot.

  • Hayden Banks
    Hayden Banks 3 years ago +43

    What happends if the thief likes beans? o_O

    • Mohammad Nouman
      Mohammad Nouman Year ago +1

      The one who's hungry 😂

    • God the Almighty
      God the Almighty 3 years ago +4

      +Hayden Banks well it narrows down who stole it then my 3 guesses of who would steal a can of beans would be and in no order
      1. an australian
      2. an englishman
      3.a mexican

    • iChest123
      iChest123 3 years ago +4

      You're fucked

    • Benjamin Franklin
      Benjamin Franklin 3 years ago

      +Hayden Banks make it spinach

    • Kolat Sauce
      Kolat Sauce 3 years ago

      +Hayden Banks you take a tuna can xd

  • Marcus Tullius Cicero
    Marcus Tullius Cicero 3 years ago +1

    that last one was really cool

  • Type1D
    Type1D 3 years ago +20

    Haha "no one will steal my carrot"

  • Grandmaster Dinner Roll

    This guy is so corny, but this channel is amazing regardless!

  • Janko Vidačković
    Janko Vidačković 4 years ago +1

    these are just fancy ways to use things there are not really a secret

  • Viktor
    Viktor 4 years ago

    Great video and Great music this time

  • حسن رياض حسن

    nice and good work

  • Andrea's Workshop
    Andrea's Workshop 4 years ago +1

    That was cool Denny!

  • joshuastabs
    joshuastabs 4 years ago

    haha all of your safes have awesome thing inside

  • Shake the Future
    Shake the Future  4 years ago +14

    It's obvious that the money is in safe. But where is the safe? :)

    • Kai Cawdell
      Kai Cawdell 3 years ago +2

      +Kai Cawdell this made me nearly kill myself 1:27. Hey does anybody have some bleach that I can drink?

    • Kai Cawdell
      Kai Cawdell 3 years ago +1

      +Aliana Welth this made me cringe sooooo bad I nearly had a fucking stroke... holy fucking shit... phooo *whipes sweat of forehead*

    • Martha wholikespinacoladaandgettingcaughtintheraun
      Martha wholikespinacoladaandgettingcaughtintheraun 3 years ago

      +Shake the Future this is incredible

      and now i know all your secret ;)

    • Mahogany Lee
      Mahogany Lee 3 years ago

      Your so cool

    • Samuel Keane
      Samuel Keane 3 years ago

      JK XD